HBO Teases True Blood Season 6

Have you had time to digest all the bloody goodness that was the True Blood season five final episode? Yes, but you still want more? HBO’s feeding your True Blood appetite with a bonus scene teasing season six. The extended scene with “enhanced elements” is available on HBO Go, with a tease of the promo available here:

Alan Ball, who ended his tenure as show runner with the season five finale, wrote the extended scene and said, “True Blood fans love to interact with the show and each other. I’m excited to give them something extra to talk about even after the season 5 finale credits roll.”
Ball also took part in a Q&A via following the finale, with the full transcript now available online. During the Q&A when asked how his vision for the show changed, Ball replied: “It’s definitely gotten bigger. But I think that’s the nature of the fact that the show is ongoing and once it opens up and larger things start to happen, you can’t go back. It’s also become more of a metaphor for things we see going on in the world without being too on the nose or opinionated about those things in and of themselves.”
Source: HBO