Kendall Jenner’s Billboard Music Awards Fail

Famous only for belonging to a rich, dysfunctional family, Kendall Jenner proved to be the wrong choice to announce one of the acts on the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Jenner had just a couple of sentences to say in order to introduce 5 Seconds of Summer during the May 18th awards show, and she couldn’t even manage to make it through her few very easy lines.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians personality was unable to read the lines from the teleprompter and apparently believed she was introducing One Direction. What? Don’t they rehearse these things before the live performance? Doing the worst job of introducing a performance since John Travolta butchered Idina Menzel’s name on the Oscars, Jenner completely flubbed her few lines and apologized by saying, “I’m the worst reader ever!”

Prior to taking the stage, Jenner tweeted a photo from the show’s red carpet.

After she completely messed up her moment in the spotlight on the Billboard Music Award, she tweeted:

And here’s the video from the show (which will likely be removed from Youtube in the not so distant future):

By Rebecca Murray

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