‘In the Earth’ Trailer: A Timely, Twisted Horror Film from Ben Wheatley

Neon’s just released a creepy, intense new trailer for the horror film In the Earth from writer/director Ben Wheatley (Rebecca, High Rise). Wheatley’s film is set during a deadly virus and the filmmaker explained he began writing the screenplay in the first weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

“It was around March, so right at the start. It’s been a weird experience making the movie because it projects into the future, but the future keeps catching up to the film. It’s not the first time that I’ve made a movie that had a really fast turn around and I find that quite interesting that you can almost go into that Sam Fuller space, where you’re ripping movies from the headlines and you’re making stuff that does feel like reportage… It’s kind of the antidote to the fact that Disney is already planning films for the next 10 years and announcing them. When they do that it can feel like nothing new is ever going to happen,” stated Wheatley.

The cast of the R-rated horror film includes Joel Fry (the upcoming Cruella), Ellora Torchia (Midsommar), Hayley Squires (Collateral series), Reece Shearsmith (High Rise), John Hollingworth (Rebecca), and Mark Monero (Free Fire). Wheatley’s behind the scenes team includes production designer Felicity Hickson, director of photography Nick Gillespie, composer Clint Mansell, and costume designer Emma Fryer. In addition to writing and directing, Wheatley also edited In the Earth.

Neon will release In the Earth on April 16, 2021.

The Plot, Courtesy of Neon:

As the world searches for a cure to a disastrous virus, a scientist and park scout venture deep in the forest for a routine equipment run. Through the night, their journey becomes a terrifying voyage through the heart of darkness, the forest coming to life around them.

In the Earth Poster
Poster for ‘In the Earth’ written and directed by Ben Wheatley (Photo Courtesy of Neon)