BTS “Permission to Dance on Stage” Concert Recap and Review

BTS Permission to Dance on Stage
BTS takes the stage on Sunday, November 28, 2021 during their “Permission to Dance on Stage” Concert (Photo Credit: Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC)

After nearly two years of not being able to tour, let alone hold a concert with people present due to COVID-19, Grammy-nominated Kpop group BTS is back! On September 28, 2021, the septet thrilled fans by announcing they’d be back in LA to perform for the first time in two years. The wait was well worth it as the group performed two out of four sold-out shows at SoFi stadium this past weekend.

The group’s riding high after their wins at the American Music Awards where they took home top honors for Artists of the Year, Favorite Pop Song, and Favorite Pop Duo/group. And during Sunday, November 28th’s show there was a buzz in the air as fans gathered early, well before the group was set to take the stage. The feeling was electric as fans fortunate enough to grab a ticket lined up to buy merch or just to hang out with friends while eagerly awaiting the return of BTS to the live stage.

BTS fans, known as ARMY, were on their feet the second the lights turned off and they knew it was go-time. After the intro played out, BTS could be seen in what appeared to be jail cells from which they were eventually freed. (The cells were likely a metaphor for finally being free to perform concerts.) After exiting their cells, the group launched into a jaw-dropping performance of “ON.” BTS has previously expressed their disappointment in not being able to perform that song off their Map of the Soul: 7 album, released in February 2020. Member Taehyung, better known as his stage name V, has been particularly vocal about wanting to perform the song in front of fans. And the Korean group didn’t hold back during their performance of “ON,” leading right into a nice remix of their song “Fire” while literal flames leapt out of the jail cells.

After an electrifying performance of their song “Dope,” BTS took the opportunity to say hello and introduce themselves to their passionate fans – an introduction that earned a deafening round of cheers.

Throughout the night BTS performed a mix of their older songs as well as newer ones including their smash hits that earned number one spots on the Billboard Hot 100. During “Life Goes On,” fans were shown snapshots on the jumbo screen of each member as they performed while on a bed, giving the song a nice cozy vibe.

“Dynamite,” which earned them their very first number one on Billboard’s Hot 100, was delivered with a show-stopping performance. The group was accompanied for the song by a live band and back-up singers, giving it an extra burst of energy and making those in attendance want to take to their feet and dance along with BTS.

BTS and Megan Thee Stallion
Megan Thee Stallion joins BTS on stage during the “Permission to Dance” tour (Photo Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC)

The concert was at its zenith when, while BTS was performing their latest hit “Butter,” Grammy Award-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion came out all decked beautiful one-piece pink outfit to do her part in the “Butter Remix.” The crowd went absolutely wild the moment she stepped on stage. It was a fantastic surprise and nice treat for fans of both BTS and Megan Thee Stallion.

Before closing the show, the seven members took the time to talk to the fans who were all on their feet listening intently. One speech in particular that stood out for me was member Suga saying, “For me – and for all seven of us – this ‘Permission to Dance’ performance was a big challenge. Let me tell you why we set this up with no solo songs and just our group songs. We prepared everything from the cue sheets to the devices, the stages, because we’ve been away for two years and we wanted your full attention and your full focus on all seven of us.”

BTS closed the show with “Permission to Dance” which left the audience energized as giant purple and white balloons and confetti floated around, while a stage full of backup dancers danced alongside as BTS performed their iconic dance (which includes sign language).

Additional Concert Highlights:

– “Black Swan” was hands-down one of their best performances of the night. Their backup dancers appeared on stage wearing white feathers on their arms which transformed into wings as each member did a different intricate move/dance ending with member Jin being lifted into the air as his wings flapped. That led into the performance of “Black Swan.” It was delicately beautiful and graceful, and for a moment you forgot you were in the middle of a concert and not at the theater.

– During their song “Telepathy,” the members got into two different moving, decked-out carts as they wheeled around the stadium singing and greeting fans in sections further back from the stage.

– The energy for “So What” and “Idol” was epic. BTS left no stone unturned with those performances, giving the already hyped crowd even more fun-loving energy.

– Lastly, a medley of fan favorite songs “Blood Sweat & Tears” and “Fake Love” gave off a sexy, yet cool vibe.

The members of BTS are truly stunning performers. Each member poured 100% into each performance and they’ve proven once again what true showmen they are. Witnessing a Korean boyband not only sell out four nights at SoFi Stadium but looking around at the diversity of the crowd was remarkable. People who may not know Korean but were singing Korean lyrics at the top of their lungs was a beautiful sight to see. From seeing a woman with a sign that read “89-year-old Army” to kids with their parents all brought together by their love of BTS, the “Permission to Dance on Stage” concert was an unforgettable experience.

Full Permission to Dance on Stage Set List for Night 2:

Burning Up (Fire)
Blue & Grey
Black Swan
Blood Sweat & Tears + Fake Love
Life Goes On
Boy With Luv
Airplane Pt. 2 + Silver Spoon + Dis-ease
Stay + So What
Save Me + I’m Fine
Epilogue: Young Forever
Spring Day
Permission to Dance