The Chicks Release ‘Gaslighter,’ Their First New Album in 14 Years

Multi-Grammy Award winning The Chicks just released their fifth studio album, Gaslighter, and dropped the music video for their new single, “Sleep at Night.” Gaslighter is the group’s first new album in almost 14 years and the first to be released since they dropped “Dixie” from their name.

The Chicks’ new album was produced by their friend, Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter and record producer Jack Antonoff. Natalie Maines, Emily Strayer, and Martie Maguire collaborated with singer-songwriters Sarah Aarons, Ben Abraham, Annie Clark, Teddy Geiger, Ross Golan, Ian Kirkpatrick, Charlotte Lawrence, Julia Michaels, H.G. Penne, Ariel Rechtshaid, Joe Spargur, Justin Tranter, and Dan Wilson on the much-anticipated album.

The Chick Gaslighter Album


  1. Gaslighter
  2. Sleep At Night
  3. Texas Man
  4. Everybody Loves You
  5. For Her
  6. March March
  7. My Best Friend’s Weddings
  8. Tights On My Boat
  9. Julianna Calm Down
  10. Young Man
  11. Hope It’s Something Good
  12. Set Me Free

The Chicks have sold more than 30 million albums and rank as the biggest-selling U.S. female band in history. They’ve earned 13 Grammy Awards, six Billboard Music Awards, and four American Music Awards over the course of their lengthy career. Recently, they teamed up with Taylor Swift for “Soon You’ll Get Better.” That song made it to the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and gave The Chicks their first song on that chart in 12 years.

In support of their fifth album, the award-winning group announced a new alliance with female visual artists. Per the official announcement:

“The Chicks are proud to announce the ‘For Her Alliance,’ a collection of female visual artists who collaborated with the band to create visualizers for select tracks off the album. The talented artists whose work is represented in these videos include Miranda Burke on ‘Tights On My Boat,’ Lucy Dyson on ‘Texas Man,’ Cosima Elwes on ‘Everybody Loves You,’ ‘For Her,’ ‘Set Me Free,’ ‘Hope It’s Something Good,’ ‘Julianna Calm Down,’ and Paloma Grim, Sam Cutbush and Milly Constanti on ‘For Her.’

The Chicks collaborated on the visualizers for ‘My Best Friend’s Weddings’ and ‘Young Man.’ The ‘For Her Alliance’ Creative Director is Seanne Farmer, Executive Produced by Natalie Maines, Emily Strayer and Martie Maguire and Produced by Mindi Pelletier. Watch the videos today via The Chicks’ official YouTube Channel here.”