‘Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life’ Season 1 Episode Details

Eli Roth Presents A Ghost Ruined My Life

Season one of Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life will make its debut during discovery+’s Halloween-themed “Ghostober” programming event. The eight episode first season finds the horror filmmaker delving into real-life ghost stories as recalled by those who came face-to-face with an otherworldly presence.

“I was shocked to see how many people experience this phenomenon, and they were grateful to share their stories for the first time on camera,” stated Eli Roth. “It’s no joke – these people’s lives were ruined by the ghost, which seemed to be the spirit’s goal. They couldn’t work, they couldn’t sleep, they didn’t have the resources to move and if they did, the spirit often followed them. It’s a fascinating subject that I’ve never before seen explored in a series.”

Eli Roth executive produces along with Cream Productions’ David Brady, Kate Harrison Karman, and Matt Booi. discovery+’s Cathy Garland is also involved as an executive producer.

“Who better to help tell these real-life haunted horror stories than Eli Roth,” said Matthew Butler, general manager, Travel Channel & Paranormal Streaming Content. “Eli is a master at his craft and working with him has been incredible. He has an unmatched ability to evoke the many layers of fear. Viewers will forget they are watching a television show and instead feel as if they are alongside the subject experiencing every moment. If you enjoy the thrill of being frightened, this is exactly what you want. Having Eli bring his talents to discovery+ this ‘Ghostober’ is an absolute honor.”

Eli Roth began his career with the 2002 R-rated horror film Cabin Fever. He followed that up with 2005’s Hostel, 2007’s Hostel: Part II, and 2013’s The Green Inferno. Roth’s directing credits also include Knock Knock, Death Wish, The House with a Clock in Its Walls, and the shark documentary, Fin.

The Plot, Courtesy of discovery+:

“Taking an entirely new approach to storytelling, the series goes beyond the initial terrifying contact with the unknown. Every unique show aims to reveal the ravaged relationships, lost livelihoods and obliterated sense of self that has plagued the main subject since their first confrontation with a ghost, demon, dark entity or poltergeist. Equal parts horrific and evocative, A Ghost Ruined My Life exposes audiences to the real-life stories of people dragged through hell and back as they struggle to rebuild their shattered lives.”


  • Episode 1 – “Portal To Hell”
    Begins Streaming Friday, October 8 on discovery+
    The premiere episode introduces a mother and her young son who rent an old house in the country. She quickly senses the presence of an evil entity, and after a violent series of attacks, her battle ends with a shocking confrontation.
  • Episode 2 – “Dark Entity”
    Begins Streaming Friday, October 8 on discovery+
    Eli Roth follows a devastating tale of a loving couple that starts having issues after a sudden death in the family. They’re horrified to learn that grief isn’t the only thing pushing them apart. Evil visions and paranormal activity begin driving one of them to the point of madness and their entire family must fight to protect what remains.
  • Episode 3 – “The Asylum”
    Begins Streaming Friday, October 15 on discovery+
    A teenager and his friends dare each other to explore a notorious abandoned asylum and awaken something that follows them home.
  • Episode 4 – “Demon’s Curse”
    Begins Streaming Friday, October 22 on discovery+
    A university student is stalked by a demon and uncovers a dark secret in her family’s history.
  • Episode 5 – “The Hell Hound”
    Begins Streaming Friday, October 29 on discovery+
    After narrowly escaping death, a New Yorker leaves the city in search of a new life, but death isn’t done with him yet.
  • Episode 6 – “War With The Dead”
    Begins Streaming Friday, November 5 on discovery+
    While stationed in Iraq, an American soldier encounters an ancient demon that follows him back to the United States – and attacks his family.
  • Episode 7 – “Invitation To Evil”
    Begins Streaming Friday, November 12 on discovery+
    A teenage girl invites a lonely spirit into her life and regrets it when it turns jealous – and violent.
  • Episode 8 – “The White Lady”
    Begins Streaming Friday, November 19 on discovery+
    A young mother buys an antique vanity that contains a spirit that wants her child.