‘Filthy Rich’ Season 1 Episode 10 Recap: “1 Corinthians 3:13” Series Finale

Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 10
Melia Kreiling and Aubrey Dollar in ‘Filthy Rich’ season 1 episode 10 (Photo by Scott Saltzman © 2020 Fox Media LLC)

The first – and only – season of Fox’s Filthy Rich comes to an end with episode 10, “1 Corinthians 3:13.” And since this is the finale, it’s time for the Sunny Club to finally launch. Margaret (Kim Cattrall) takes a moment to remember those who’ve passed (Reverend Paul and Eugene) as they celebrate the opening of Sunny Club.

Eugene (Gerald McRaney) is with Ginger (Melia Kreiling) watching the broadcast and claims that’s all part of his past. Ginger’s not with her siblings to celebrate and notes that Antonio and Mark (no longer pretending to be Jason) now have ownership stakes while she doesn’t, even though they wouldn’t have much of anything without her.

Tina (Rachel York) is more upset by this turn of events than Ginger, and mom and daughter argue about it away from Eugene. Tina doesn’t understand why the boys ended up with half of Eugene’s company while Ginger got practically nothing. (I guess $6 million is nothing.) Ginger warns her mom they’re going to protect Margaret and Rose at least for a few more days by keeping Eugene’s resurrection a secret.

Meanwhile, Margaret’s getting used to Mark (Mark L. Young) lying about being Jason. She’s accepted it, mainly because Rose is so obviously in love. Margaret warns Mark to toe the line or else she’ll haul him off to jail.

Briefly catching up with Franklin (Steve Harris), he reveals he’s set for four or five lifetimes and is done worrying about Margaret, Sunny Club, and the Sunshine Network. He’s decided to retire now that Margaret knows about his dirty deeds.

Margaret puts Antonio (Benjamin Levy Aguilar) in charge of Praise Per View and Mark will run the fraud division now that she’s given them spots on the Board of Directors. Eric (Corey Cott) is looking pretty unkempt as he questions her decisions and wonders if Franklin knows what’s going on. She informs her son Franklin’s moved on.

Eric figures out the only reason why she’s accepting Mark and Rose’s upcoming marriage is because she wants to keep Mark’s shares in the family. Margaret claims she’s protecting Rose, but Eric disagrees. He’s done being the nice guy in the family.

Margaret takes a file on Mark Conley and locks it in the safe away from prying eyes.

Becky (Olivia Macklin) is having a hard time dealing with finding her brother’s dead body and can’t sleep. She confesses to Eric she sees his dead body every time she closes her eyes.

After leaving Becky’s bedroom Eric runs into Rose (Aubrey Dollar) who’s super happy to be getting married. Eric calls her crazy and tells her Margaret’s only okay with it to keep Mark’s shares in the family.

Rose rings up Ginger, needing her help since everyone else seems to be going crazy in their family. When Ginger says something about a wedding present, Eugene’s ears perk up. He can’t believe Ginger was keeping Rose’s wedding from him and Ginger explains his appearance would steal the attention away from Rose at her own wedding. He’s adamant he should walk his daughter down the aisle, but Ginger reminds him he doesn’t want/need attention.

Eric can’t live with the fact he killed Luke and signs a confession stating he committed murder. Seconds later, a very much alive Luke Taylor (Cranston Johnson) comes into the interrogation room. He’s actually an FBI agent – not a reporter – and is now in possession of Eric’s confession. He demands Eric where a wire and suggests that when Eric looked at the crime board, he probably zeroed in on Reverend Paul and other family members. But Luke thinks the devils you don’t know are far more dangerous.

Luke’s aware the 1820 club is international now and believes they’re coming for Margaret’s business. By being more successful, she’s now a legitimate target. Eric’s unwilling to spy on his family and Luke gives him 24 hours to decide. If he declines, he’s going to jail.

Mark and Antonio have a friendly brotherly conversation at the kitchen table, and Mark warns Antonio not to fall for any golddiggers. Ginger arrives looking all sparkly and she reminds them she couldn’t be on the stage since she’s not a shareholder. They toast her, well aware they wouldn’t be rich or own stock in the company if it wasn’t for her.

Ginger replies, “Let’s be honest. If it weren’t for the women in your lives…Veronica, Yopi…you two would still be broke.”

Shortly thereafter, Antonio tells Margaret he wants to give Ginger some of his shares. He believes she needs a seat at the table. Margaret completely disagrees and shuts that suggestion down.

Business talk over for now, the family begins the wedding rehearsal without Eric. Rose makes her way down the stairway as Margaret recalls the first time she walked down those stairs into Eugene’s arms. Ginger realizes Margaret wasn’t 18 when she married the 23 or 24-year old Eugene.

Tina’s been babysitting Eugene and mistakenly talks him into doing right by his daughters when he was supposed to stay put.

Eugene heads over to Franklin’s place and Franklin reacts as if he’s seen a ghost. Eugene wants Franklin to make him “alive” again and reveals only Ginger and Tina know he didn’t die in the crash. He wants Eugene to prepare Margaret for his reappearance and warns he has business to do that might upset her.

Margaret reminds Ginger she offered her a stake in the company, but she walked away. Only Antonio and Mark have really listened to her, according to Margaret. Ginger reveals she could have destroyed Sunny Club this week but chose not to because she actually cares about the family.

Margaret threatens Ginger that she’ll never have a seat on the board.

While Ginger helps Rose get ready for her wedding, Rose confesses she’s been praying her dad’s spirit would visit her for her wedding. Before Margaret can reveal her secret, Franklin calls and warns they’ll discuss her keeping Eugene’s secret later. Rose grabs the phone and begs Franklin to come to the wedding. He refuses.

Eugene bumps into the other resurrected season one character, Luke. Eugene agrees to testify in court against the powerful 1820 players. He turns down the offer of witness protection because he’s protected by God.

Night falls and Eric’s outside drinking and rehearsing. Yopi (Alanna Ubach) and Rachel (Aqueela Zoll) arrive, and Antonio rushes out to hug Rachel. Eric wasn’t unaware until now there’s something going on between the two, and Yopi hangs back to fill him in. “If you love her, you’ll let her move on,” says Yopi.

In a quiet moment before the wedding, Eric tells his mom Becky asked for a divorce. They both cheated and now he’s wondering if he’d known about his dad’s philandering ways, things might have been different.

After he leaves, Margaret grabs Mark’s folder from the safe. She hands it over to Rose, but Rose doesn’t want to know what it contains. Margaret explains she wants Rose to completely understand who she’s marrying.

Becky’s asleep in bed when Ginger wakes her for the wedding. Becky wants to escape from this and Ginger offers her a place to stay. Eric enters the room just as Ginger’s gently kissing Becky and he realizes his sister is Becky’s lover.

A short while later as they wait for Rose to come down the stairs for the ceremony to begin, Ginger whispers an apology to Eric. “My wife is sleeping with my sister and my brother is hitting on my girlfriend. I think I’m the sorry one,” says Eric.

Rose descends the stairs, pausing halfway down to stare at Mark. After an uncomfortable moment, Rose blurts out, “Everyone please go home!” She tells Mark to pretend he never knew her.

Mark chases her upstairs and Rose reveals she knows Mark killed Jason twice. He was high and crashed the car which put him in a coma, and then he euthanized Jason in the hospital. Mark becomes emotional as he confesses they did crazy things while selling weed and getting by. He loves her and is happy that, no matter what, he allowed her to drag him back into this family after he returned to Colorado.

He suggests they get married at City Hall, but Rose needs time to think. She doesn’t want him to wait for her and he leaves, heartbroken.

Eugene, looking spiffy in a tuxedo, stands outside and stares at the house.

Eric, Ginger, and Antonio discuss the shocking turn of events. Eric’s drunk and picks fights with his siblings, even going as far as to repeatedly push Antonio. He takes a couple of swings and Antonio takes him down, grabbing him in a chokehold. Eric is pleading for Antonio to just kill him when Eugene walks in and breaks things up.

Ginger can’t believe he’s there; he was supposed to remain at her place.

Margaret’s outside when Franklin arrives and she reminds him he’s supposed to stay away from her family. He’s done something to protect the business and reveals total chaos is coming. Before he can deliver the bomshell, Margaret hears Rose scream.

She rushes in and discovers Rose in Eugene’s lap, sobbing.

Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 10
Gerald McRaney and Kim Cattrall in ‘Filthy Rich’ series finale (Photo by Skip Bolen © 2020 Fox Media LLC)

After comforting his daughter, Eugene takes a seat at the other end of a ridiculously long dinner table across from Margaret. She demands to know where he’s been and he claims he was on a spiritual quest. The ghosts of Franklin’s mother, his mother, and Margaret’s mother guided him.

Margaret’s justifiably upset, furious he never reached out to her or their children during this quest. Eugene claims he’s given up material things and doesn’t care that Margaret’s made him richer since taking over the business. He says he’s made amends to his sons but hasn’t done so with his girls.

Eric, Rose, Ginger, and Antonio discuss Eugene’s resurrection, and Ginger confesses she was harboring him until after the wedding. Rose and Eric can’t believe she hid this huge secret. “He was my father! He was just your sperm donor,” snarls Rose, adding, “We’re done.”

Ginger joins Eugene and Margaret as he lays his cards on the table. He believes Ginger’s more like Margaret than either will admit and he’s realized there’s only way to satisfy his daughter. He’s giving her his ownership stake in Monreaux Limited.

Ginger’s shocked and assures Margaret she didn’t want this. Margaret believes Eugene’s insane and then becomes confused when he says he has six children. Just then Becky walks downstairs cradling her baby girl.

In a deeply grotesque and disturbing twist, it turns out Eugene’s the father of Becky’s baby. The family gathers, shocked into silence. “You are a monster,” says Margaret, speaking for everyone on the planet.

Eugene’s fine with giving away the business but is going to keep the Monreaux plantation. Becky and Eugene walk off and neither looks back. Franklin tells everyone to leave but it’s Margaret who gets them moving when she screams, “Everyone out now!”

Margaret and Franklin stare at each other and then Franklin begins making a pile of kindling out of portraits and furniture. They don’t say a word as he pours alcohol on the pile. He tosses a lighted candle onto the pile and smiles at Margaret as the smoke and flames rise.

Margaret is the last to leave the house. She turns and stares as the fire spreads throughout the plantation. The family’s gathered nearby and she joins them to watch it burn to the ground.

Filthy Rich deserves its cancellation. What a complete waste of time and talent, although I do feel vindicated for hating the Eugene storyline throughout the entire season.