‘Filthy Rich’ Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: “Romans 12:21”

Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 9
Kim Cattrall in the “Romans 12:21” episode of ‘Filthy Rich’ (Photo © 2020 Fox Media LLC)

Fox’s Filthy Rich season one episode eight ended with the death of Luke Taylor, an attack on Becky, and the kidnapping of Antonio’s young son, Jesús. It’s the kidnapping that occupies the opening minutes of season one episode nine, “Romans 12:21.”

Margaret (Kim Cattrall) addresses her audience, requesting their help in the search for Jesús. A phone bank is set up to assist in the hunt for Hagamond Sheen, with family members helping to man the phones.

Rachel (Aqueela Zoll) confesses to Rose (Aubrey Dollar) that it’s all her fault since she left Jesús alone in the hotel room. Rose insists God will forgive her.

Yopi (Alanna Ubach) is also blaming herself but Antonio (Benjamin Levy Aguilar) is sure his baby’s alive. He begs Yopi not to give up on Jesús.

Meanwhile, Hagamond (Thomas Francis Murphy) prays over Jesús as Jesús tosses food in his kidnapper’s face and giggles.

Ginger (Melia Kreiling) plays Luke’s voicemail and Franklin (Steve Harris) attempts to decipher what it means. Ginger reveals Luke believed Eugene was murdered and had a massive crime board connecting different members of the 1820 club and the Monreaux family. Franklin admits Luke tried to tell him the same thing. Ginger blames herself for Luke’s death and Franklin assures her they’d both be dead if she had responded to his message.

Becky (Olivia Macklin) is recovering from Hagamond’s attack and has delivered a healthy baby girl. Eric (Corey Cott) believes Becky and the baby are safe because God wants them to work things out. Becky disagrees, certain they’re not meant to be a couple. When Eric says he loves her, Becky doesn’t respond.

Veronica (Gia Carides) bails Mark/Fake Jason (Mark L. Young) out of jail and before he can come clean about his true identity Veronica reveals she’s aware he’s Jason’s brother, Mark Conley. The police told her the truth and she’s not angry. She wants Mark to share what he knows about Jason since he was the person closest to her real son. “I lost my child and I found you,” says Veronica.

Ginger pays a visit to Becky at the hospital, upset she didn’t protect her pregnant lover. She assumes she was the target of the attack, but Becky reveals Hagamond was actually looking for her. He wasn’t in the least bit surprised she was the one in the room.

Becky explains she hasn’t named the baby yet. A name will define her and she wants her baby girl to be free as long as possible. Ginger hopes Becky makes room for Eric in her baby’s life.

Franklin walks with a cop through Luke’s apartment. The cops believe it was a robbery and Franklin notes all of Luke’s charts of the 1820 and Monreaux family have been stripped from the walls. Only thumbtacks and a few scraps of paper remain.

Reverend Paul (Aaron Lazar) is ready to go on air, assuring Margaret he’s there for her in this time of need. She’s having none of it but he won’t leave and insists Hagamond would never harm Jesus. He explains Hagamond thinks Jesús is the savior.

Margaret wonders how Reverend Paul could possibly know about Hagamond’s intentions. Reverend Paul tries to push all the blame on the 1820 and off of himself. Margaret responds by firing him. He threatens that if she goes through with it, his followers will leave. Margaret doesn’t care. She wants nothing more to do with Reverend Paul, his people, or the 1820 club.

Reverend Paul’s next stop is to visit his sister, Becky. She reminds him where they came from (they were dirt poor growing up) and that he’s inspired millions. He asks his sister not to blame him for what Hagamond did, and she admits it will take time before she can trust him again.

Margaret goes back on air with a plea to Hagamond to return Jesús. She explains he’s misguided and Jesús is just a child, not the savior. God wants the child returned.

Rachel can’t handle the stares from other phone bank workers and races off, only to run into Eric. He tries to hurry by without stopping but she forces him to talk to her. She begs for his forgiveness and apologizes for what they did and what she caused. Rachel needs him to tell her she’s not a bad person. Eric replies, “Rachel, you’re an angel. You’re the only good person I’ve ever known.”

Ginger takes over Rachel’s spot next to Rose on the phone bank and Rose confesses all of her emotions are wrapped up in Jesús’ kidnapping and not what happened in New York. (Remember, they headed to New York at the end of episode eight. Rose wanted to get an abortion after discovering she was pregnant.)

Mark’s the next to try and fill the space by Rose and she thanks him for beating up “that jackass” to defend her honor. Mark reveals he gave the cops his real name because the lie was killing him inside; he couldn’t continue with it. When he asks about New York, she answers the phone rather than answer him.

Reverend Paul’s at home praying when he gets an unexpected visitor. After a brief argument over Hagamond’s role in their arrangement and his duties to God, Hagamond shoots Reverend Paul in the middle of his confession.

Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 9
Benjamin Levy Aguilar and guest star Alanna Ubach in ‘Filthy Rich’ season 1 episode 9 (Photo by Alyssa Moran © 2020 Fox Media LLC)

Antonio and Yopi appear on the Sunshine Network to thank everyone for looking for Jesús. Antonio’s overcome with emotion and Yopi speaks directly to Hagamond. She says her heart and spirit have been broken, but she doesn’t hate him. Yopi begs Hagamond to bring Jesús home.

Rose and Mark get a quiet moment away from everyone to discuss their relationship. Rose confirms she had an abortion.

There aren’t any viable leads but Margaret refuses to give up. She gathers up her kids and declares she’s about to make a miracle. They take the stage together and Margaret leads a prayer asking God to bring an innocent home to safety. She prays Hagamond’s heart will be softened so he can see the error of his ways.

Margaret includes in her prayer all lost children the world over. “Show them your love. Bring them peace, bring them home, bring them to a place where they are nurtured, dignified, and sanctified. Amen,” says Margaret.

Eric takes the mic and sings “Bless the Beasts and the Children.” (Corey Cott has a beautiful voice.)

Rachel’s made it to the bus station and is prepared to leave town when she spots Hagamond and Jesús. She moves quickly, hits Hagamond over the head, and grabs Jesús.

And now Eugene’s portion of this tale connects some dots. Earlier in the episode, Eugene (Gerald McRaney) ran into a man in an old abandoned church, a church he used to attend as a child. The man remembered Eugene’s mom leaving groceries in his car after a service because he was poor and needed help. They discuss those days and question their purpose on Earth. Eugene requests a ride in the man’s car into town.

They’re driving down the road when they run into – quite literally – Hagamond Sheen. Hagamond was chasing after Rachel and didn’t see the car coming. Rachel runs off with Jesús while inside the car, Eugene declares they’ve found their purpose after spotting Rachel running away with Jesús.

They drive off without checking on Hagamond. Blood spreads around his head as he whispers, “I’m ready,” before dying.

A short while later Margaret and her kids erupt in joy, with the choir singing as everyone celebrates the return of Jesús. She thanks everyone who helped in their search for her missing grandson. Antonio holds his son tight as Yopi thanks Rachel for being a badass. Rachel tries to blame herself again for Jesús’ kidnapping but they shut her down, grateful she fought for the boy’s return.

As they’re celebrating, Yopi tells Antonio and Rachel that Antonio now owns 16% of the Sunshine Network. She made a deal with Don Bouchard and took his shares.

Margaret suggests she and Ginger head out to the camp for the weekend to get to really know each other. Ginger accepts the invitation.

Mark confesses to Rose that Jason told him he saw Eugene the minute he came out of the coma. He then asked to see him again and Mark realized Jason wanted his help to die. Mark assisted him, knowing he was ready. He wonders what God would say and Rose wouldn’t dare speak for him. However, she believes Mark’s generous and loving and wonderful. “The world is a scary place, isn’t it?” asks Rose.

They kiss while crying.

Eric’s the next Monreaux to offer up a confession. He dumps a bag full of paperwork on Margaret’s couch and explains it’s all off of Luke’s wall. He demanded Margaret be removed from the wall of guilty people, but Luke wouldn’t listen. While Eric was taking a picture down, he shoved Luke and there was blood everywhere. He ran and just left him there without telling anyone.

Eric sobs as he admits he left Luke to die alone. He asks what he should do, and Margaret tells him he needs to be with Becky and the baby. She warns him to stop crying and claims he’s not a killer. (The facts would seem to disagree.) Margaret promises to fix this and sends Eric home.

After he leaves, Margaret sorts through the photos and paperwork which includes the print outs from Eugene’s accounts. After she’s put things in order, she shows Franklin the material and reveals she got it from Eric. Franklin believes if Eric keeps his head down, he’ll get through this.

Franklin wants to get rid of the paperwork, but Margaret says she’ll take care of it. She’s looked through everything and wonders why Eugene paid his pilot $15 million the day before he died. Margaret’s figured out who made the payment and Franklin, now on the defensive, recalls a day long ago when they were teens. He was savagely beaten by Eugene and his friends the same night she was dancing with Eugene at a ball. He claims everything he’s ever done is in her best interest.

Margaret says she’s always done her best for him, but Franklin’s furious she never named him CEO. He would have been the obvious choice. She confirms she passed him over because he’s not blood.

Franklin warns her if she tries to take him down, he’ll take Eric down with him. It seems they’ve reached a stalemate.

Ginger encounters Franklin shortly after his fight with Margaret and confesses she’s not sure Hagamond killed Luke. She doesn’t believe Hagamond would have knocked, given that he was a professional. Franklin reminds her the simplest answer is usually the answer. She then reveals she’s excited about spending the weekend at the camp (Margaret’s home in the country) but Franklin reveals Margaret won’t be there. He warns she’ll just be wasting her life waiting around for Margaret.

Ginger, who believed she was at a new stage in her relationship with Margaret, is crushed.

It seems Antonio and Rachel are becoming a couple. Yopi realizes they’re millionaires and shouldn’t be living in a dumpy motel.

Eric drives Becky and the baby to Reverend Paul’s place where they discover his dead body leaning against the piano.

Ginger reunites with Tina (Rachel York) who just finished up her stint in rehab. They’re at the house she just bought her mom and Ginger’s shocked her mom is cooking. She’s also shocked to see three place settings on the table.

Eugene enters the room and it takes Ginger time to process what’s going on.

It’s the dark of night as Margaret burns all the paperwork Eric stole from Luke’s home. She prays to God for another sign. “I need you to show me that a mother’s way is right,” says Margaret. At just that moment Rose arrives with news she’s getting married. Margaret sees Mark (who she still thinks is Jason) step from the car.

The episode ends with Margaret looking confused.