‘Filthy Rich’ Season 1 Episode 7 Recap: “2 Corinthians 3:17”

Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 7
Corey Cott and Kim Cattrall in ‘Filthy Rich’ season 1 episode 7 (Photo © 2020 Fox Media LLC)

Season one episode six of Fox’s primetime soap Filthy Rich ended with the death of Townes Dockerty at the hands of Hagamond Sheen. Fortunately for Hagamond, Townes’ death is being labeled a suicide and as episode seven kicks off a sparsely attended funeral is just wrapping up.

Margaret (Kim Cattrall) and Franklin (Steve Harris) are there to support the grieving widow, Veronica (Gia Carides), and after they send her off to rest, Franklin warns Margaret they need to keep Reverend Paul Luke Thomas from snapping up Townes’ shares of the Sunshine Network.

Becky (Olivia Macklin) shows up at the motel and demands Ginger (Melia Kreiling) reveal who’s sleeping with her husband, Eric. She shows Ginger the note she found in Eric’s glove compartment and Ginger scans it, noting it’s not a list of women – it’s a list of hurricanes.

Becky’s shocked to see reporter Luke Taylor (Cranston Johnson) in Ginger’s room and snatches back the note before leaving in a huff.

The Monreaux siblings – minus Fake Jason/Mark – show up as requested to collect their $6 million checks. Margaret gives them each their checks but offers them a choice first: take the money or remain involved in the Sunshine Network and possibly collect an even larger payout.

Eric (Corey Cott) rips up his check, Antonio (Benjamin Levy Aguilar) signs his, and Ginger announces both she and Rose (Aubrey Dollar) are accepting the money. Rose will be launching her fashion line that evening with Ginger’s backing. “I couldn’t wait for you anymore. I’m sorry,” says Rose in response to Margaret asking if she’s ready for this big step.

Fake Jason arrives as they’re all still discussing the checks and reveals his brother Mark (the real Jason) has passed away. Rose is rendered speechless but recovers to ask to speak with him privately after he announces he’s taking the check and leaving.

In private, Rose says she’s sorry about Jason’s death. She realizes he can be with her publicly if he declares he’s Mark, not Jason. Mark’s down on himself, saying he’s a loser who doesn’t want to reveal who he actually is. He wants to return to Colorado with the money, knowing it means the end of their relationship.

And speaking of relationships, Townes’ widow tells Franklin she wants to be with him. He reveals he’s only there to pass on the news Margaret wants to buy her shares, and Veronica’s upset he’s relegated himself to just being Margaret’s lackey. She turns down the offer to buy her out.

Rose and Ginger prepare for Rose’s debut show planned for that evening at the motel. As they chat, Ginger admits she’s sure Rose has a thing for Jason, explaining sibling attraction isn’t unusual. Rose opens up and apparently reveals the truth about Jason’s identity as the scene cuts away.

Margaret attempts to stop Veronica from leaving, but Veronica’s too upset about Franklin and his refusal to be with her to be persuaded to stay. Mark asks to hitch a ride into town and Margaret assumes Veronica’s found a new boy-toy. Franklin finally lets Margaret in on the secret Jason’s Veronica’s son.

Antonio finds Margaret in the kitchen and says his goodbyes. There are things he needs to handle and he wants her to understand he’s not being disloyal. Margaret hopes he’ll let Franklin put his $6 million payout into an account Yopi can’t access, and Antonio says he needs to talk to Yopi first.

Next, Margaret meets one-on-one with Eric – the only child who ripped up his check. She’s naming him CEO and she’ll take on the role of chairwoman. She wants Eric to monitor the 1820 club in Eugene’s place and make sure they never pull off another stunt like they did with Ginger. It’s now Eric’s turn to reveals secrets…

Eric divulges the details of the 1820 club’s grift involving the missions. “We got rich by intentionally building homes for the poor that were meant to fail,” says Eric. “This problem is so much bigger than you and me, mama.”

Margaret asks to keep this a secret until she develops a plan. Eric confesses he doesn’t want to end up like his dad – and not just in business. He reveals he’s trying to fight off the urges to cheat on Becky and she reminds him he must heed the Lord’s word. She genuinely believes he can be a better man than his father.

Antonio catches up with his mom at the hotel and she tells him to get ready to fight. He’s about to get his shot.

Ginger and Rose invite Becky to help with the fashion show, but Eric doesn’t believe the motel’s a good place for his pregnant wife. Becky’s undeterred, reminding him he’ll just be spending time in his room with his laptop anyway.

Rose and Ginger are on their way out when Margaret stops them for a peek at Rose’s clothing line. It’s obvious Margaret doesn’t approve. She also doesn’t think Rose making her clothing line debut using sex workers as models at a sleazy motel is the right way to kick things off. It sends the wrong message.

Ginger doesn’t care. Good or bad reviews – either way they’re getting noticed.

Throughout the episode, Margaret’s been having flashbacks to her teen years and her early relationship with Franklin. The flashbacks also reveal Margaret wasn’t wealthy and her pushy mom wanted her to marry up. She pushed her teenage daughter, who was serving as a waiter, into delivering a tray of food during a debutante ball to Eugene in his bedroom. It’s also revealed the elderly woman who rescued Eugene in the swamp after the plane crash is Margaret’s mom. (Did we know already know that? I don’t think so, but I try and tune out Eugene’s miraculous survival plotline so it’s possible.)

Reverend Paul (Aaron Lazar) pays a visit to Franklin and tries to pull him over to the dark side. Franklin remains loyal to Margaret and turns down Reverend Paul’s offer to join him.

Another flashback finds Franklin interrupting and stopping Eugene from kissing Margaret in his bedroom during the party.

Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 7
Aubrey Dollar and Melia Kreiling in the “2 Corinthians 3:17” episode of ‘Filthy Rich’ (Photo by Alyssa Moran © 2020 Fox Media LLC)

Over at the motel, Rose is panicking as showtime approaches. Meanwhile, Becky is laser-focused on figuring out which of Ginger’s ex-employees is sleeping with her husband.

Yopi (Alanna Ubach) sits with Reverend Paul and Don Bouchard watching Antonio practice for his first big fight. She reveals she hasn’t told her son they want him to throw a fight.

For some inexplicable reason, Margaret’s dusting a chandelier when she topples from the step ladder and injures herself. Hours – and a little whiskey later – Franklin discovers she’s been hurt. After helping her onto a sofa, Franklin confesses he still feels like a servant even though he’s now a wealthy man. Margaret says he’s everything to her, but Franklin can’t continue this way. He’s considering leaving and they discuss their mutual mistrust of each other right now. (Margaret’s sore Franklin kept Eugene’s baby mamas a secret.)

There’s something else bothering Margaret and Franklin asks what’s really going on.

Antonio refuses to fix his first big fight, even though his mom promises he’ll win his second one. The third planned fight will be fair – he wins or loses on his own. Antonio demands to know what happened to all the money she made years ago, and she explains she was paid $1 million to have an abortion and disappear when she was pregnant with him. After they learned she kept the child, they broke her hand so she couldn’t fight again and stole her money.

Yopi believes everything she went through was worth it. Antonio gives his mom a hug and it appears he’s going to bend to her wishes.

As the crowd pours into the motel parking lot, Becky confronts Ginger’s sister, Rachel (Aqueela Zoll), about Eric. Rachel apologizes and confesses she never thought about her as an actual person. They’re both in tears as Becky explains it’s not Rachel’s fault. She claims Eric doesn’t see her and then admits she likes it that way.

Ginger’s been eavesdropping and suggests there’s a way to make everyone see Becky.

Back at the Monreaux place, Margaret’s confessed to Franklin the secret that could ruin their company. She’s not really up to it but thinks she should head to Rose’s show. Franklin suggests Margaret set her children free to fly and allow them to fail or succeed on their own.

And once more to the motel we go. Hagamond (Thomas Francis Murphy) is among the crowd in the parking lot. He stares at Antonio’s son and appears to believe he needs to save him from Yopi.

Catching up with Mark/Jason, without revealing his true identity he shares his feelings about his brother’s recent death with Veronica while hitching a ride into town. She suggests he speak with a spiritual advisor and he agrees, so she brings him back to the network to talk with Reverend Paul. She then drops the bombshell that if he lets God lift him up, she’ll give him her 32% ownership of the Sunshine Network.

Mark/Jason’s very confused as Veronica reveals she wants to get to know him better. He’s stunned to learn she’s Jason’s real mom.

Over at the motel, Rose is continuing to panic and becomes upset over Margaret’s absence. Rose wonders if Eugene’s watching from Heaven. (Eugene is actually watching from not far away.)

The fashion show begins and Ginger’s set it up so that the live broadcast of Reverend Paul’s The Word is streaming on the big screen as the models walk the runway. Reverend Paul’s singing provides the soundtrack to the event and then suddenly it’s Mark/Jason on the screen with Veronica asking Reverend Paul to heal her only son.

Rose doesn’t notice what’s on the screen and misses Veronica revealing Jason’s her son. What’s on the screen when Rose looks up is Veronica and Mark with their arms around each other on The Word.

The crowd cheers Rose’s designs as the final model hits the runway. It’s the very pregnant Becky wearing a wedding dress and angel wings. Okay, now wait a minute… Rachel was supposed to model this dress but instead it’s Becky, a move pulled off by Ginger so that Eric’s wife will feel “seen.” I can go along with that but how does the wedding dress suddenly change sizes and fit over Becky’s big baby bump? Seriously?! It’s not bad enough that the writers inserted Eugene back into the mix, again, now they want us to believe Rose had a backup wedding dress hanging in the wings to fit over Becky’s belly. Utterly ridiculous.

Hagamond watches from his car and determines Becky is carrying the beast.

Rachel finds Eric in the crowd and comments on how amazing Becky looks. Eric agrees and is totally confused about what he’s doing. He informs Rachel they need to stop messing around. Rachel begs him to stay with her, saying she feels in her heart that he’s not meant to be with Becky. He leaves a devastated Rachel to search for his wife.

Luke tries to grab an interview with Eric, but Eric warns him to leave his family alone. Eugene walks up after Eric storms off and tells Luke he wants to testify. Luke’s stunned to learn Eugene’s not dead.

Later, Rose reads positive reviews and gives Ginger a hug for pulling this off.

Becky admits to Ginger she doesn’t want to go home, and Ginger suggests they get her out of the wedding dress. Returning to her motel room, Becky locks the door and asks Ginger to set her free. Ginger unzips the dress and kisses Becky’s neck from behind.

Rose returns home to find her mom’s arm’s in a sling. She either doesn’t care or doesn’t notice since she’s so pissed off about her mom skipping her big debut. Rose reveals she’s going to sign the check and go into business with Ginger. Plus, she’s going to move out and leave her mother’s shadow behind.

As Rose walks away, Margaret whispers, “Fly, my little bird. Fly.”

Fake Jason confesses to Reverend Paul that his brother (the real Jason) asked him to end his life because he was in pain. Mark reveals he didn’t want to and Reverend Paul grabs him to pray. Once it’s done, he asks Jason to breathe in the Lord’s forgiveness and holds him close in a hug. (Mark’s confession gives Reverend Paul some powerful ammunition to use against Margaret and her family.)

It’s late and Margaret makes Franklin promise he won’t leave. He does, and they gently kiss. As Franklin pulls away, Margaret continues holding his hand. They kiss again, this time with actual passion behind the action. They stroll off to her bedroom and Franklin warns her this will change everything. “I hope so,” replies Margaret.