‘Filthy Rich’ Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: “Hebrews 9:15”

Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 6
Guest star Gia Carides and Kim Cattrall in ‘Filthy Rich’ season 1 episode 6 (Photo by Sam Lothridge © 2020 Fox Media LLC)

Governor Virgil Love went down after Margaret released Ginger’s videotape, but her war isn’t over with the crooked, powerful men who want a piece of Sunny Club as Fox’s Filthy Rich season one episode six kicks off. The warehouse that was supposed to be full of bottles of her perfume is empty, thanks to Townes Dockerty (Carl Palmer) – one of those powerful men – who just happens to own all the perfume factories in Louisiana.

Franklin (Steve Harris) reminds her releasing the tape also brought down Ginger’s business. Margaret (Kim Cattrall) thinks it was for the best, given the sort of business Ginger was running.

Later, the Monreaux family (minus Antonio and Jason) are assembled and Ginger (Melia Kreiling) gives each a dressing down. She shows them a photo of all the women they’ve put out of work, and Margaret says she wants to make amends. Margaret offers Ginger a job, but Ginger’s having none of it. “You think Saint Wagon is dirty? Doesn’t even come close to how disgusting all of you are,” says Ginger.

Ginger’s attempting to walk off in a huff when Rose (Aubrey Dollar) stops her. She believes Ginger’s always wanted to be a part of the family and now’s the chance. Ginger suggests Rose join her mother in hell.

As she’s leaving, Antonio (Benjamin Levy Aguilar) – who’s now her #1 protector – asks if she’s okay. Ginger’s thankful for his concern and Antonio confirms he’s not leaving her side. Not after she was kidnapped and threatened.

Over at the motel, Yopi (Alanna Ubach) is teaching the newly unemployed Saint Wagon women how to play poker. Don Bouchard (Kenny Alfonso) arrives to interrupt her lesson, confirming her son’s fight is off. He threatens her and Yopi only laughs in his face. She has stories about him she could tell, but he doesn’t appear concerned.

Mark (Mark L. Young) catches up with Rose and reveals the real Jason is awake. The doctors say it was a miracle and he suggests they take the family’s new plane to Colorado to visit him.

Over at the Sunshine Network’s headquarters, Townes has moved his things into an office. Margaret and Franklin are shocked to see him there, and Reverend Paul Luke Thomas (Aaron Lazar) announces Townes scooped up Virgil’s stock. He’s now going to have a larger presence around the network.

Margaret suggests since he’s got more to lose, he should help her find a new warehouse. Reverend Paul says all decisions about the network should now be run by both of them first.

Seconds after leaving the meeting, Margaret puts in a call to Towne’s wife, Veronica. She’s actually the one with the money and half of Townes’ shares belong to her.

Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 6
Rachel York, Melia Kreiling and Cranston Johnson in ‘Filthy Rich’ season 1 episode 6 (Photo by Sam Lothridge © 2020 Fox Media LLC)

Ginger and Antonio head over to Luke’s place with Ginger’s secret recording of her kidnapping. While Luke (Cranston Johnson) agrees the kidnapper’s guilty, attacking him doesn’t get them closer to the bigger story. Antonio disagrees when Ginger says this has everything to do with Margaret and her investors. He thinks Margaret’s innocent, but Ginger believes she’s the one in charge of everything and gladly accepted the money from these despicable investors.

Ginger wonders if Margaret and these men did something to Yopi, but Antonio doesn’t want to consider that.

Luke rings up Franklin while Ginger and Antonio listen in. Luke explains he’s writing an exposé on Margaret’s involvement in a criminal syndicate and wants a comment.

Meanwhile, a crew’s busy at work at the bayou missions which are now overseen by Eric. Eugene is, of course, one of the crew because he turns up everywhere. He doesn’t let on his identity to his fellow workers and when he spots Eric (Corey Cott), he turns away so Eric won’t see him.

Eric’s wife, Becky (Olivia Macklin), asks her brother, Reverend Paul, for advice. She feels trapped and doesn’t want what she actually has. (She’s realized she’s attracted to Ginger and doesn’t know what to do.) It’s revealed she and Eric had a shotgun wedding because she was pregnant. Paul suggests she just keep her husband on track at the missions. He’s absolutely no help at all and doesn’t care she’s bringing a child into a loveless marriage.

Margaret meets with Veronica (Gia Carides) at a restaurant and immediately dives into Townes and his shares of network stock. Veronica confirms she gave him the money to purchase the shares and asks Margaret to give her a heads up if she plans on exposing Townes the way she did Virgil. Margaret asks for a 10-year lease on one of Veronica’s Alabama factories and after initially declining, Veronica agrees if Margaret swears she won’t go after Townes.

Lunch over, Franklin calls and delivers the bad news about Luke’s investigation.

Mark and Rose visit Jason in his Colorado hospital room, filling in the pieces of the story he’s missed since being in a coma. Rose prays for him and claims they have so much in common. She’s glad to have met him and excuses herself so Mark and Jason can have private time together.

Becky joins Eric at the mission and watches him work, even though she hates the place.

The child who showed him her dilapidated apartment a few episodes back hands Eric a note. It’s from Eugene – but he doesn’t know that – and it reads:

“A gift for Eric…

Franklin and Luke meet face-to-face, with Franklin claiming he speaks for Margaret. Luke asks, “My question for Margaret is how a female CEO puts up with the abuse of women?” He believes Margaret will eventually have to speak for herself. That’s Margaret’s cue; she opens the car door and asks Luke to take a seat.

Margaret claims she has nothing to hide. Luke asks about the 1820 and why she allowed them to abuse Tina on her watch. She says until recently she was unaware Tina was forced into hiding by her Sunshine Network investors. Margaret claims she’s always tried to aid women and the less fortunate. Luke doesn’t give up and asks why she turned a blind eye to systemic abuse. Margaret hints he should look into Townes Dockerty if he wants more on systemic abuse.

Margaret says she has proof of Townes’ abuse and that he probably sent Hagamond Sheen to terrorize Tina. Margaret claims to have no idea Hagamond kidnapped Ginger during Mardi Gras. Luke reveals Hagamond has been the 1820’s enforcer for 25 years since he beat a murder charge.

Franklin ends the interview even though Luke’s not satisfied with Margaret’s non-answers.

And speaking of Hagamond (Thomas Francis Murphy), he pays Reverend Paul a visit wondering about the next step since Virgil was taken down. Paul fires him because he’s a liability. Hagamond’s enraged and calls himself a witness, not a liability.

Back in Colorado, Mark and Jason discuss their childhood. Jason reveals he’s seen the afterlife. He believes he had a vision of Eugene staring at him and believes Eugene was calling him to Heaven. Jason explains he’ll never walk again and he’s ready to go back to Paradise. He asks Mark to help end his life.

Antonio confronts his mom about her piece of the Eugene story. Yopi refuses to talk, unwilling to throw in with Margaret and the other women.

Ginger visits Tina (Rachel York) in rehab and brings Luke along for the meeting. She wants her mom to talk to Luke so they can get the real story out. Tina’s unwilling to right now because she’s just starting to feel better.

Margaret calls and interrupts their discussion. She’s sorry about what happened to Ginger and swears she’ll have someone guard Tina. Margaret also promises to hunt down Hagamond. Ginger reminds Margaret the men involved actually have offices in her building. These are all men Margaret knows and does business with.

Margaret asks for time and patience to bring them down, but Ginger hangs up.

The conversation prompts Tina to change her mind and sit for an interview.

Eric learns the names on the note are hurricanes that wreaked havoc on the area. Donations they received weren’t used to provide assistance and instead padded the company’s bank account. Eugene assumed Eric would do the right thing because he’s a good man.

Margaret and Franklin are in the middle of a heart-to-heart when news breaks Margaret’s implicated in being party to abuses of women spanning 25 years.

Ginger’s at the motel with her friends and watches the breaking news unfold. The reporter wonders how much Margaret knew and when, and then plays the tape of Ginger’s kidnapping.

Hagamond breaks into Luke’s place and looks through all of his research. He believed he was doing this to help accomplish something holy and realizes he’s been played.

Eric and Rose arrive at the motel’s bar and immediately hug Ginger. They’re so sorry about what Hagamond did and the fact their dad let all of them down. Rose is in shock and enraged, and Eric claims this is not who they are. They offer any help they can lend.

Ginger says she’s pretty much already done what she could to expose corruption on her own. She’s never had people who show up for her and didn’t expect this.

Margaret’s the next visitor and both Rose and Eric demand she stop with the lies. Margaret claims it wasn’t her doing and includes herself as a victim in Eugene’s immoral acts. She has no idea how it all came to this. Margaret asks for forgiveness but will not accept responsibility.

Ginger believes Margaret didn’t know because she was raised in a world that taught her not to know. However, the world has changed. “Women work together or not at all,” says Ginger.

Margaret wants that and wants Ginger to go on air and say she’s not guilty of these crimes. Ginger asks for $6 million for each of her siblings so that each will have the opportunity to walk away and start over.

Margaret says everything she’s done has been for her family.

Later, Ginger’s preparing to go on the Sunshine Network and clear Margaret. She’s in the bathroom reading through her lines when Becky steps out of a stall. Following a short discussion with lots of sparks flying, the two kiss. Ginger’s shocked and Becky leaves without saying anything.

Reverend Paul tries to reassure Townes there will be a path forward. Eric barges in and threatens to kill him if he ever shows his face at the network again. Townes walks off and Eric’s wrath turns on Reverend Paul. “The missions have been failing for decades – decades – and yet somehow Monreaux Unlimited turns a profit year after year. How is that?” asks Eric.

Eric thrusts the ledger at Paul as Paul tries to talk his way out of this. He claims it’s all because they’re going to use the stockpile of money to rebuild after the Rapture comes. Eric now knows they’re profiting off of disasters and wants none of this. He asks if Margaret knows and Paul warns she can never know, confirming Margaret isn’t involved.

Ginger goes on air and clears Margaret, saying Margaret’s been there for her. Margaret’s happy with the performance and in a much better mood as they go to commercial. Ginger again turns down Margaret’s offer to work for the Sunshine Network, but Margaret not so gently reminds her she took the $6 million payoff.

Eric and Rose wonder whether they’re bad people. Eric seems to believe they are, but he’s more comfortable living a lie since he’s been playing this role so long. He doesn’t think they can escape this life, given their last name is Monreaux.

Franklin tells Luke he’ll kill him if he ever runs a story on Margaret again.

Ginger reveals to Rose she’s using her money to invest in her fashion line. Rose is momentarily speechless.

That night Eric heads to the motel to see Rachel (Aqueela Zoll). He apologizes she’s lost her job and she claims to be okay with starting over. She agrees to stay in town if there’s a reason to. Eric confirms there is with a kiss.

Yopi’s walking to her room when Don Bouchard pulls into the parking lot. He demands she get into the vehicle.

Veronica confronts Margaret and demands to know what happened to Townes. Margaret doesn’t know his location and when Franklin joins them the atmosphere becomes tense. Franklin turns down Veronica’s offer to go for a drink. Veronica leaves and Franklin admits all this isn’t sitting well with him.

Reverend Paul finds a dead Townes sprawled on the floor at his place. He believes Townes killed himself but then Hagamond speaks from the shadows and says, “Carry on, false prophet. Carry on.”