‘Filthy Rich’ Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: “James 4:1”

Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 8
Melia Kreiling and Kim Cattrall in ‘Filthy Rich’ season 1 episode 8 (Photo by Skip Bolen © 2020 Fox Media LLC)

Margaret (Kim Cattrall) has found another way to rake in money from her flock as Fox’s Filthy Rich season one episode eight begins. She announces the launch of Praise Per View which will apparently be the streaming home of Antonio’s big fight. Antonio “Warrior for Christ” Rivera will be making his dream come true in front of half a million subscribers who signed up immediately after the subscription service’s launch.

Becky (Olivia Macklin) helps Ginger (Melia Kreiling) pick out a house for Ginger and her mom, Tina. The sparks are still flying but neither are openly admitting what’s going on between them. Becky, however, does confess Eric never really loved her.

Meanwhile, Eugene (Gerald McRaney) is telling his story – and that of the 1820 club – to reporter Luke Taylor (Cranston Johnson). He reveals there are 1820 chapters all over the place but doesn’t understand why Luke’s mapping of the Louisiana organization’s members includes Margaret. Still, Eugene believes his plane crash was an accident while Luke seems to be pointing the finger at Reverend Paul.

Yopi (Alanna Ubach) works on assuring Antonio (Benjamin Levy Aguilar) he’ll be allowed to win the second fight but has to throw his first. Don Bouchard’s son Brett joins them to introduce Antonio’s opponent, the Chechen Bear. He goes over the plan, including when Antonio should throw the fight.

Rose joins them with the outfit she made Antonio for the fight. It turns out Brett is Rose’s ex-fiancé who slept with all of her bridesmaids. Brett seems to miss being with Rose, but Rose is happy to be done with her cheating exe.

Eric (Corey Cott), Margaret, and Franklin (Steve Harris) speak with Reverend Paul (Aaron Lazar) and Don Bouchard (Kenny Alfonso), and Eric’s concerned about Luke’s investigation. Eric believes they need to open the books, get ahead of the story, and admit to past corruption. He also declares he’s upping the money going to the missions from 20% to 50%. This pisses off Don who threatens to pull all his money.

Rose (Aubrey Dollar) catches sight of Fake Jason/Real Mark (Mark L. Young) hanging out with Veronica and assumes they’re together, romantically. A short while later Mark finds some alone time with Rose and confesses Veronica’s his mom. Rose is, understandably, confused. She can’t believe her dad had an affair with “Aunt Veronica.” Rose reminds Mark he’s lying to Veronica, and he hits back saying it’s pretty much the same lie he’s been telling the whole time – a lie she was fine in helping to spread while concealing their own relationship.

Margaret’s the next to confide in Rose, telling her she’s proud she’s taken control of her life. Rose seems a little off, but she blows it off as just being tired from working on her clothing line.

Back at the motel, Rachel (Aqueela Zoll) has the girls organized and ready at their computers to make bets on Antonio’s fight as soon as they receive the go-ahead from Yopi. They’ll be betting a total of $6 million on the fight.

And speaking of the fight, Antonio doesn’t make weight. Yopi reminds everyone Antonio has an hour to lose it before being disqualified.

Rose learns from a PA announcement that her clothing line will be sold exclusively via Sunny Club. That used to be her dream, but she informs her mom that’s no longer what she wants. Ginger’s set up meetings with buyers and she’ll be looking for other outlets as well.

Margaret changes the subject and asks if Rose is pregnant.

A short while later Ginger arrives with a pregnancy test. Rose assures her mom it will come back negative.

It doesn’t. Rose is pregnant!

Margaret calls it a blessing and assumes the father’s Brett. Rose doesn’t correct her and asks her mom for some time to think. When she’s alone with Ginger, Rose breaks down and calls herself stupid for allowing this to happen. Rose isn’t sure what to do next and needs alone time.

Reverend Paul snags Jason away from Brett who’s just asked him to put in a good word with his sister. Paul believes Jason’s the future of the 1820 club and with Jason’s shares combined with Don’s they can take back ownership of the Sunshine Network. Jason’s not into the family business and Reverend Paul wants to have his Power of Attorney, threatening to expose Jason for killing his brother, Mark.

After exercise and laxatives, Antonio makes weight and the fight is on.

Margaret confronts Brett and wants him to do right by Rose. Brett reveals he’s not the father and doesn’t know who is.

Becky shocks Eric by asking for a divorce. He blames it on her hormones which earns a threat against his life from Becky. Eric admits neither is happy in this relationship and they’re both making sacrifices. Becky doesn’t think their relationship will be healthy for the baby.

They’re still arguing when Reverend Paul barges in. He calls his sister selfish for wanting a divorce, and then Eric takes responsibility for their problems by admitting to his affair. Becky then confesses she also had an affair and Eric’s blindsided – again.

Reverend Paul suggests they keep this to themselves until after the launch in a week.

Back with the Eugene and Luke storyline, Eugene confirms Hagamond’s role and confesses they use the missions as banks. The missions are the key to the 1820’s criminal activities. And, Eugene has receipts.

Eric calls Rachel and fills her in on the state of his and Becky’s marriage. Eric says he’s heading over to the motel to watch the fight with her.

Ginger confesses to Mark that she knows about him and Rose. As they’re talking Brett barges in and reveals Rose is pregnant.

Mark’s next stop is to visit Rose where he declares he wants the baby. If she doesn’t want to keep it, he suggests she should give it up for adoption. Rose is done with all this advice – she’s making her own choice.

Ginger and Becky have their own relationship talk, and Ginger wants to see where things go moving forward. Becky reveals she left Eric and Ginger offers her motel room as a place to crash. They kiss and agree this relationship is a “possibility.”

Reverend Paul warns Luke to stay away from the Monreaux family. He also lets Luke in on the fact Eric’s cheating on his pregnant wife. Reverend Paul hands Luke ledgers detailing corruption in the Monreaux family for over a decade. He promises he has even more evidence and will hand it over because he thinks there’s a cancer growing on the Sunshine Network.

Rose informs her mom she’s going to New York to have an abortion. Margaret doesn’t take the news well.

Luke encounters Becky and reveals he has a huge story to write. He thinks Becky’s getting away from the Monreaux family just in time before it all goes south.

Hagamond Sheen (Thomas Francis Murphy) watches Becky from the parking lot and talks to himself about the final hour and the Anti-Christ.

Rose informs Ginger she wants to go to New York now before she changes her mind.

Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 8
Benjamin Levy Aguilar in ‘Filthy Rich’ season 1 episode 8 (Photo by Skip Bolen © 2020 Fox Media LLC)

Margaret checks in with Antonio before the fight. She tells him to listen to God’s voice and be their Warrior for Christ.

Yopi realizes something’s changed with Antonio immediately prior to the fight. She calls Rachel and tells her to bet all $6 million.

Eugene’s watching the fight on TV at Luke’s place as Luke arrives with news Reverend Paul paid Eugene’s pilot to crash the plane. Apparently, the pilot was sick and was going to die anyway.

Eugene’s printed out transactions from his shell companies up until the day he died. “I treated my life like a balance sheet. Sins on one side, good works on the other. Never could make them add up though,” says Eugene. He confesses to knowing all about Hagamond’s attacks years ago on both Tina and Yopi. He never went to the police because he enjoyed being rich too much.

Luke suggests Eugene speak with Ginger before the story breaks. He offers to call her to come to his place.

Becky calls Eric and reveals her brother, Reverend Paul, has been talking to Luke. She thinks Paul is setting up Eric and Margaret to take a fall for the 1820 club’s illegal activities.

Mark makes his own big move during the fight. He turns down Reverend Paul’s blackmail offer and outs himself as Mark. He calls the cops on himself before attacking Brett.

Luke leaves a voicemail for Ginger informing her he has big news about her dad. As he hangs up, there’s a knock on his door.

The cage match isn’t going Antonio’s way but as a voiceover of Margaret plays, Antonio takes over the fight. Much to Don and Reverend Paul’s dismay, Antonio comes alive in the ring.

Antonio wins the fight. Yopi rushes into the ring and they hug as Antonio apologizes. She confesses she knew he wasn’t going to throw the fight and bet everything on him to win. They quadrupled their money and now they have Don right where they want him.

She’s got one more move left to play.

Hagamond busts into the motel room where Becky’s hanging out, disconnects the phone, and slams her over the head with it.

Ginger and Rose are on the plane heading to New York when Ginger finally listens to her voice mail and hears the message from Luke. Margaret gets on the plane right before take-off and will accompany them to New York.

Over at the hotel, Rachel checks on Antonio’s son, Jesus, who’s sleeping peacefully. She leaves him in the room and encounters Eric in the hallway. He came to say goodbye because he’s trapped in his marriage and will never be free.

Eugene returns from buying flowers for his visit with Ginger to find Luke’s place is roped off, with an ambulance and squad cars in the driveway. Luke’s body is being covered by a sheet as Eugene watches.

Eric, who didn’t leave even though he’s not sure what’s going to happen next, and Rachel are cuddling in bed when they hear someone cry out. Rachel goes to check on Jesus while Eric follows the cries to next door. He finds Becky injured and laying on the floor.

Rachel discovers Jesus is gone.