Stephen Colbert Brags About Beating Jon Stewart and The Daily Show

“I won! I won, Jon! In your face!!!”
Stephen Colbert broke Jon Stewart’s 10 year reign by taking home the Emmy in the Outstanding Variety Series category on Sunday, September 22, 2013, and on September 24th the two were face-to-face on The Colbert Report to discuss Colbert’s victory. Colbert kicked off his show apologizing for thanking anyone but himself and then called up Stewart to brag about his win. But the call was short-lived as Stewart showed up on stage and congratulated Colbert on taking home the Emmy this year. Colbert kept trying to convince Stewart that he was not in fact fine with losing this year, but Stewart showered Colbert with compliments – something Stephen wasn’t ready to accept. However, Stewart had a very good reason (in addition to their friendship) for being happy about The Colbert Report‘s win…
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