‘Manifest’ Season 2 Episode 12 Recap: “Call Sign”

Manifest Season 2 Episode 12
Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone and Matt Long as Zeke Landon in ‘Manifest’ season 2 episode 12 (Photo by: Giovanni Ruffino/NBC)

It seems Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) ignoring the latest calling could have deadly consequences for her family members in NBC’s Manifest season two episode 12, “Call Sign.”

Episode 12 begins with Michaela, Jared (J.R. Ramirez), and Drea (Ellen Tamaki) interrogating Jace and his two cohorts about their meth lab. They’re unwilling to talk and Jace seems to be aware of Michaela’s callings and taunts her that she should have let him go.

Michaela’s worried that if they don’t get one of them to talk, they’ll end up beating the charges. Jared suggests they try again early tomorrow, but Michaela says she can’t. She reveals she’s getting married to Zeke (Matt Long). Although surprised, Jared actually takes the news in stride and even says he’ll be there to support her decision.

A little later Michaela visits Ben (Josh Dallas) and Grace (Athena Karkanis) at their home to get ready for the wedding. The siblings watch a few old family movies and Michaela tells Ben she wishes their mom was alive to see her get married.

Zeke arrives at Michaela’s apartment and takes his shirt off while staring in the mirror. His reflection shows his chest covered in ice. He’s now only two days away from his death date.

Dr. Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur) seeks out her boss to try to get her job back, but he informs her he actually has no say in the matter. It was someone in the government who pulled some strings to get her removed from her position.

Zeke tells Michaela she’s made him so happy and that it means the world to him that she’ll marry him. Michaela keeps thinking back to her mom and flashes on her saying that everyone, even those who have made mistakes, deserves happiness.

At the Stone home, Olive (Luna Blaise) and T.J. (Garrett Wareing) are spending time together when Olive notices he’s acting differently. She tries to talk to him about it but he assures her they can talk later.

Zeke and Michaela arrive at the Stone home for the wedding. Zeke talks to Cal (Jack Messina) who’s upset about Zeke’s death date. Zeke gets Cal’s mind off of it by telling him he’s his best man and has to throw him a bachelor party. They head upstairs to Cal’s room and end up eating junk food and playing Monopoly.

Ben has a calling and sees Flight 828 blowing up. He tells Michaela and Grace about it but doesn’t know what it means. Michaela gets it in her head that it’s connected to Zeke’s death date and Ben has to follow up on it. Ben decides he’ll go to where he saw the plane blow up to see if it leads to a clue.

A little later Michaela sees on television that the meth lab house exploded. She believes the calling wanted her to let Jace and his partners go so they would die in the explosion. By not listening, she accidentally extended their lifespans.

Jace and the other two men are being put on a bus to be transported to prison when Jared once again tries to question Jace, who threatens Michaela as he gets on the bus.

Ben arrives at the airfield where Flight 828 blew up and sees a man he recognizes as involved with 828. The man, Ward Atwood, tells Ben he’s also been seeing the vision of 828 exploding and believes what happened to the flight – the plane’s disappearance – is his fault because he rushed his inspection.

Back at the Stone house Zeke’s mother gives a family broach to Michaela for the wedding. She regretfully informs Zeke she won’t be staying since he invited his father who she still hasn’t forgiven for leaving her. Zeke implores her to stay for the wedding, finally admitting he’s dying. She becomes upset but he tells her that he’s blessed to be marrying the love of his life and wants one great day.

Saanvi calls Vance (Daryl Edwards) at the travel office he uses as a cover. It goes straight to voicemail.

On the bus en route to prison, one of the prisoners fakes a seizure and Jace and his partners are able to attack and knock out the guards. They escape.

Saanvi turns to Ben for help, informing him she was fired. She asks for help getting in contact with Vance. He gives her Vance’s wife address, believing she might know how to get in touch her husband.

Ben and Ward go over notes and data and Ward realizes he’s not responsible for what happened to Flight 828. Feeling he has helped Ward, Ben starts to head back home for Michaela’s wedding when he has the calling of the plane blowing up once more.

Saanvi talks to Vance’s wife and asks her to call her hubby, but the wife keeps insisting her husband is dead and demanding Saanvi leave her alone.

Back at the Stone house, Zeke’s put on his tuxedo and asks his father to be there for his mother when he’s gone.

Meanwhile, Michaela’s having a hard time getting ready and talks to her father about her mom. He confirms her mother would have loved to see Michaela get married.

T.J. picks the wrong moment to inform Olive he’s going to Egypt. He applied for and received a grant to study there. Olive, justifiably, gets upset and walks away.

Jared walks in and sees Zeke. They shake hands and bury the hatchet. Jared gives his full support to the marriage of Zeke and Michaela.

Grace checks on Michaela and finds her pacing. Michaela can’t go through with it and wants to call off the wedding. Just then Ben comes in with their mother’s wedding veil. He explains a calling led him to it and it must be a sign.

Smiling, Michaela finally puts on her wedding dress and her mother’s veil and goes downstairs to marry Zeke.

Seeing Michaela in her wedding dress is too much for Jared and he leaves. Zeke and Michaela exchange vows and become husband and wife. A celebration ensues.

Outside, Jared drives off and doesn’t see Jace and his two partners sitting in a dark van just down the street.

Manifest Season 2 Episode 12
Ellen Tamaki as Drea, Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone, Josh Dallas as Ben Stone, Luna Blaise as Olive Stone, and Garrett Wareing as TJ Morrison in ‘Manifest’ season 2 episode 12 (Photo by: Giovanni Ruffino/NBC)

Everyone’s having fun during the reception, dancing, taking photos, and of course enjoying the cutting of the wedding cake. A little later during the party, Michaela tells Ben she saw their mother sitting in a chair during the exchanging of vows which they wrote themselves. She believes it means she can choose her own path.

T.J. tells Olive part of the reason he wants to go to Egypt is to find more clues to the death date and find a way for him and everyone on Flight 828 to beat it. He invites her to go with him but she declines. She wants to spend time helping raise her baby sister and spend as much time with Ben and Cal as she can.

Saanvi tells Michaela she feels she’s failed Zeke and all the passengers on 828. Saanvi then receives a text from the travel office that her tickets are ready. She understands the coded message and leaves.

Zeke and Michaela say goodbye to everyone and drive off.

Saanvi arrives at the abandoned office and finds Vance who apologizes for getting back in touch so late. He explains the Major is cutting all cords to Saanvi’s research and that, as suspected, she had her fired. He believes she’s made a breakthrough with Saanvi’s research. He offers to help Saanvi disappear but Saanvi is determined to go after the Major.

Cal’s outside the house playing when Ben has the calling again about the plane blowing up. Three large dark shadows loom toward Cal.

The final scene of season two episode 12 shows Michaela and Zeke driving when she receives a phone call. Michaela answers and hear’s Cal yelling for help. Jace gets on the line and tells Michaela to get them back their stash or they’ll bury her nephew.