‘Manifest’ Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: “Wingman”

Manifest Season 3 Episode 3
Ali Lopez-Sohaili as Eagan Tehrani and Josh Dallas as Ben Stone in ‘Manifest’ season 3 episode 3 (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Warner Brothers)

Egyptian symbols, the return of a blue peacock, and some interesting new characters are the focus of NBC’s Manifest season three episode three. The episode begins with Vance (Daryl Edwards) back from Cuba and being interrogated by the NSA. He’s calm, cool, and collected, and knows they actually have very little to threaten him with so he doesn’t answer any of their questions about Flight 828 and what he was doing down in Cuba.

Jared (J.R. Ramirez) visits the Stones and tells Ben (Josh Dallas) and Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) about the Major’s daughter showing up and looking for her missing mother. He leaves after telling them he’s going to bring Saanvi up to date about it.

Michaela and Ben argue, with Michaela worried her brother’s taking on too much and not taking care of himself. Ben explains he has to find the rest of the meth heads to make sure his family’s safe. Plus, he has to follow the callings.

At the cabin where Grace and Cal are staying off the grid, Cal (Jack Messina) has another calling and sees the blue peacock he saw once before. He calls Olive (Luna Blaise) and tells her about it while admitting he really misses spending time with her. She agrees.

At about the same time, Ben has a calling and sees artifacts falling during a violent shaking and a young man lying on the floor of the room. Ben then picks up a newspaper article about a chess player named Eagan and wonders what he has to do with the calling.

Over at the precinct, Michaela interrogates Pete (Devin Harjes) and the only thing he’ll tell her is that he believes seeing Angelina (Holly Taylor) again is fate. He cuts the interrogation short, demanding to be put back in his cell. As Michaela’s walking the hall, she both feels and hears a heartbeat; it’s a calling about her best friend Evie who died.

Meanwhile, Ben goes to the park and finds Eagan (Ali Lopez-Sohaili) playing chess. They talk and Ben’s surprised Eagan knows about the calling Ben had and has been having them too. Ben believes he needs Eagan’s help to save the young man.

They discuss what they saw in the calling and Ben recognizes a funeral urn and a number on it. Eagan thinks the artifacts are in a museum.

Michaela visits Evie’s parents and discovers her father lying on the floor, dead.

Jared shows up at the clinic to inform Dr. Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur) about the Major’s daughter looking for her missing mother. Saanvi’s rattled by this but keeps herself together so Jared won’t notice. When Jared leaves, Saanvi texts Vance to meet her.

Michaela calls Ben to tell him about her calling and Jared and Zeke (Matt Long) show up at Evie’s house to help. Michaela still hears a heartbeat and finds some DVDs of her and Evie playing when they were just kids. Zeke notices another DVD marked “For Michaela.”

They play the DVD and discover it’s a video of Evie’s father saying he has made arrangements for his wife, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, to live in an assisted living facility. He reveals he’s leaving Michaela his house for all the joy she brought to their lives. Michaela is deeply moved.

A short while later Michaela and Zeke try to get Evie’s mom ready to go to her new home, but she becomes upset and confused and starts to panic. Zeke’s able to get through to her and calm her down. While this is going on, Michaela has a calling of Pete saying, “She was brave,” and realizes he’s supposed to talk to Angelina. Michaela rings up Angelina.

Back at the cabin, Grace (Athena Karkanis) talks to her brother, Tarik (Warner Miller), and he’s still upset about having to take care of their sickly father in his last few years alone. He’s still resentful about it.

Manifest Season 3 Episode 3
Luna Blaise as Olive Stone and Holly Taylor as Angelina Meyer in ‘Manifest’ season 3 episode 3 (Photo by: NBC)

Olive and Angelina head over to the campus to look at Egyptian drawings, hoping to find a clue about the blue peacock. While looking at some of the artifacts they spot a peacock feather, and Olive thinks the peacock is a sign of judgment.

Ben and Eagan reach the museum but it’s locked so they’re forced to sneak in through an air vent. They head to what they believe is the right room, but Ben quickly realizes the number he saw in the calling – 601 – was upside down on the urn so it’s really 109. They turn toward that room just as the rumbling and shaking begins.

Ben and Eagan enter room 109 and immediately smell gas. They work their way over and find the young man almost unconscious. Ben asks his name and he says it’s Caleb (Mason Bleu). Ben carries Caleb out of the room while Eagan runs off saying he’s going to try to turn the gas off in the basement.

Ben carries Caleb out of the museum and is met by Eagan who, when he hears sirens, says that’s his cue to leave and runs off.

At the cabin, Grace talks to her brother again and tells him the reason she never reached out before was because Cal had leukemia. Her brother asks how he’s doing now and she smiles as she says Cal’s in remission.

Angelina shows up at the precinct and Michaela lets her talk to Pete. She thinks she’s supposed to save him. Pete reveals he knows he’s supposed to be with her.

Jared speaks to the Major’s daughter and lets her know her mom did some awful things, including torture and abduction. She pleads with Jared that she still wants to find her.

The interrogation by the NSA continues and Vance calls them out, declaring he’s had enough of their questions and reminding them they don’t have any reason to hold him. He’s about to leave when the director of the Pentagon, who has been watching through a one-way mirror, decides to talk to him.

The NSA wants to reinstate Vance but he claims they need him more than he needs them. He refuses their offer until Powell (Tim Moriarty) tells him he needs to see something regarding Flight 828.

Ben takes Caleb home and Caleb apologizes to his mother for running away. She thanks Ben and takes Caleb inside. Once inside she yells it’s okay and one of the meth heads – Kory – appears.

Michaela and Zeke continue to attempt to get Evie’s mother ready to go when Michaela has another calling of the heartbeat. She realizes she and Zeke are supposed to take care of Evie’s mom and live in the house together. She tells Zeke what she thinks and he agrees to do whatever she needs him to.

Ben meets up with Olive at the campus and tells her about Eagan and the fact that he seems better about figuring out the callings. That said, Ben doesn’t trust him.

And speaking of Eagan, he visits a pawn shop to sell some of the artifacts using Ben’s ID which he lifted off of him. As he leaves, he tosses what he thinks is worthless art in the trash can. The paper is actually a piece of the Egyptian peacock puzzle.

Cal holds up a peacock feather at the cabin and takes a photo of it to send to Olive.

In a disturbing, creepy scene, an unseen person has photos of Ben and Michaela and is rubbing out their eyes.

The final scene of episode three is of Vance being let into a large secure area. We’re not shown what it is that Vance sees.