‘Manifest’ Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: “Compass Calibration”

Manifest Season 3 Episode 10
Josh Dallas as Ben Stone and Patrick Murney as Cody Webber in ‘Manifest’ season 3 episode 10 (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

Earthquakes and a volcano are at the center of season three episode 10 of NBC’s Manifest. The episode begins with Cal (Jack Messina) in his room looking at his snow globe. The volcano inside it begins to erupt and lava comes out. Cal picks up the globe and burns his hand.

Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) and Zeke (Matt Long) are having breakfast when Zeke notices something’s bothering Michaela. She reveals Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) killed the Major. Zeke’s level of surprise increases when she tells him Saanvi wants to be arrested for it. Zeke can see she doesn’t want to and reminds her of when she wouldn’t arrest him for his crime; he turned himself in as part of his penance.

Over at the Stone house, Grace (Athena Karkanis) talks to Ben (Josh Dallas) about Olive and Angelina. It seems Olive has been staying at Levi’s to avoid Angelina. They decide to just give them space and let time help work it out. Ben feels as though things are off and Grace reminds him it’s the anniversary of hearing Cal had terminal cancer.

Cal comes in looking for glue and asks Ben about a calling of a photo of a passenger on fire. Cal and Ben look at Ben’s board of all the Flight 828 passengers and they spot one in flames. It matches the calling.

At Eureka, Saanvi and Troy (Ed Herbstman) run another test on the Noah’s Ark piece of wood and fear the earthquake they experienced is connected to it. Michaela shows up to take Saanvi in and she begs her to wait until the end of the day because the tests are too important. Michaela receives a page from the precinct and agrees to wait on the arrest. Instead, she heads out to what looks to be a bomb threat.

Ben goes to check on the passenger whose photo was on fire, Astrid (Arianna Esquerre). She’s a shut-in who suffers from extreme anxiety. He assures her he’s come to help her.

Michaela responds to the bomb threat at a store and finds Jared (J.R. Ramirez) coordinating the scene in the parking lot. A woman who works at the store asks Michaela when she’ll be able to leave because she needs to pick up her son. Michaela says she’ll take her statement and as soon as they get the all-clear she can go.

At Eureka, Saanvi and Troy run another test on the wood and everything starts shaking. It’s an earthquake!

Grace, Angelina (Holly Taylor), and Beverly (Adriane Lenox) bake cookies together at Zeke’s. The baby, Eden, starts crying and Angelina goes to comfort her. No sooner does she move than a piece of debris falls where she used to be sitting. She tells Grace Eden is her guardian angel and says she sensed the quake.

Jared gets word the bomb scare was a hoax.

Meanwhile, Ben’s trying to get Astrid to work with him on her calling. She explains she had a calling with an angry skull and a waving checkerboard. She draws it for him and he realizes the wavey checkerboard is actually a race flag. He knows where they need to go.

Zeke gets an emotional read on Angelina and Eden and tells Grace that Angelina really loves Eden and the baby loves her, too.

Back at Eureka, Troy’s scientist buddy Patrick confirms the earthquakes and their testing of Noah’s Ark wood piece are connected. Saanvi takes off to inform Vance.

Ben and Astrid visit a closed car repair shop that has the race flag on it. They go in and Ben is immediately attacked by Cody Webber (Patrick Murney), an 828 hater. Astrid’s able to taze Cody and they tie him to a chair.

Back at the precinct, the woman from the bomb scare shows up looking for Michaela. She thinks her ex-husband called in the phony bomb threat to kidnap their son, Robin. She reveals her ex, Cody, believes a big war is coming between the passengers of 828 and everyone else. Jared and Michaela tell her to go home in case Robin returns and promise they’ll look into it.

At Eureka, Vance (Daryl Edwards) refuses to stop the testing. He tells Saanvi he believes she’s making a big leap by connecting the earthquake and their tests. Saanvi says they’ll see what happens during the next test.

Back at the Stone home, Angelina talks to Cal and again states she believes Eden is her guardian angel. Cal agrees. He also says she’s supposed to be living with them in their home. He reveals a calling told him that.

Over at Eureka, Saanvi and Troy perform another test and an explosion knocks Saanvi off her feet and turns the piece of wood from Noah’s Ark to dust. Vance now believes Saanvi was right and tells Troy to take her to the emergency room.

Astrid receives another calling while at the car repair shop. She informs Ben the calling was of a boy crying out for help. Ben tells Cody his son needs help but Cody hates Ben and doesn’t trust him. Astrid assures them she can feel the boy is dying. Desperate, Ben starts to beat up the restrained Cody, knocking him and the chair he’s tied to over.

Back at the Stone home, Cal and Angelina watch a photo of Ben go up in flames. “Trial by fire,” says Cal, announcing Ben’s being tested.

Michaela and Jared enter the car shop and stop Ben from continuing the beating. “What are you thinking?!” yells Michaela at her brother.

Ben explains Astrid had a calling about Cody’s son, Robin, dying. Michaela informs Astrid she’s a detective and that she needs to work with her to save the boy. Astrid says the boy can’t breathe and describes a few things by him. Cody’s shocked by what she knows and Michaela demands he tell her where he hid Robin. Cody hesitates. “Do you hate us so much you’re willing to sacrifice your own son?” asks a determined Michaela. Cody admits to putting him in a bunker to keep him safe. Michaela asks Astrid to go with her to find the boy.

As Saanvi and Troy leave Eureka Troy hands Saanvi the Noah’s Ark wood. The wood wasn’t destroyed after all. It turns out they faked it.

Michaela and Astrid arrive at the bunker and work together to find Robin who’s pinned under a bookshelf. They’re able to free him and Michaela checks to see if he’s still alive. He starts to moan. He’s alive!

Manifest Season 3 Episode 10
Holly Taylor as Angelina Meyer in ‘Manifest’ season 3 episode 10 (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

At the Stone home, Angelina decides to test to confirm Eden’s her guardian angel. She holds a lit candle just under her thumb but then suddenly drops it. It falls and lights the curtains on fire. Downstairs, Zeke senses Eden’s scared. Grace and Zeke run upstairs and see Angelina standing and chanting to the ceiling as the curtains burn behind her. Grace grabs Eden and runs out. Angelina goes after them while Zeke puts out the fire.

Grace is furious with Angelina and tells her she needs to leave. Angelina claims she was only trying to prove Eden is her guardian angel. Grace again tells her to leave and she walks away to get her stuff. Zeke informs Grace the fire is out and apologizes. He didn’t think Angelina would put Eden in danger. Grace says it’s not his fault and admits she should have listened to Olive.

Outside the bunker, Michaela thanks Astrid and asks her to stay in touch. She notices Jared has arrested Ben for assault and agrees they need to go by the book this time. She sits with Ben in the car and is upset with him for almost killing Cody. He asks if Robin’s okay and Michaela confirms he is. Ben admits it was his fear of not being able to save Cal – and everyone else – that drove him to be so violent.

Michaela explains she has to take care of something and will see him at the precinct.

Back at the Stone home, Cal tells Grace that Angelina is supposed to live with them, but she won’t listen. On her way out Angelina tells Grace that she, Cal, and Eden are connected. She leaves and Cal runs upstairs, upset.

Michaela goes to Eureka looking for Saanvi and is told she left over an hour ago.

Saanvi and Troy find the center point of the earthquake. Saanvi walks over to where there’s a large deep crack in the ground and hot lava is rising. She drops the Noah’s Ark piece of wood into it and the opening closes and seals itself.

The final scene of the episode is of Cal watching the volcano in his snow globe stop glowing.