‘Manifest’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: “Tailspin”

Manifest Season 3 Episode 4
Parveen Kaur as Saanvi Bahl, Daryl Edwards as Robert Vance, and Josh Dallas as Ben Stone in ‘Manifest’ season 3 episode 4 (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Warner Brothers)

A new calling and a big secret about Flight 828 drive season three episode four of NBC’s Manifest. The episode starts two months after the last episode took place, with Ben (Josh Dallas) waking from a dream of Flight 828 exploding with him and everyone else on it. He sees that his left hand – the one he touched the tailfin with – is glowing. Ben immediately calls Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) to talk about it and confesses he believes the tailfin is beckoning him.

The next morning, he calls Grace (Athena Karkanis) to fill her in on his dream and that he’s going to see Vance (Daryl Edwards) later that day. Ben and Saanvi are driven to the new secure, hidden base of the NSA where Vance, after giving Ben grief for ignoring his request not to try to help him when he was trapped back in Cuba, shows them a reconstructed Flight 828 – including the tailfin they found in Cuba.

“Welcome to Eureka,” says Vance.

Meanwhile, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) and Zeke (Matt Long) are doing their best to take care of Michaela’s best friend’s mom in their new home. Zeke’s able to connect with her and calm her down, and he reveals he can feel her fear.

The three meth heads who kidnapped Cal – Pete (Devin Harjes), Jace (James McMenamin), and Kory (DazMann Still) – experience a new calling that features them fleeing in the dark and shows a giant clock ticking down.

Angelina (Holly Taylor) visits Pete in prison, explaining she thinks she was chosen to be with him and that the callings can save him. Understandably, he’s reluctant to believe her.

Next, Angelina visits Michaela and Zeke and asks them to help with Pete’s new calling. Zeke and Michaela head to the prison to visit Pete and, once again, Zeke’s able to make a connection and actually feels Pete’s fear and guilt. Pete tells them about his calling and reveals the big clock is like the one he remembers at his high school when he played football. It seems he and Jace got kicked off the team years ago.

Vance is now in charge of the NSA again and uses his position to show Ben and Saanvi around the testing/rebuilding area of Flight 828. Ben says he needs to see the tailfin.

Olive (Luna Blaise) decides to skip her prom and spend the day researching clues in Egyptian mythology involving the callings. Angelina offers to help.

Manifest Season 3 Episode 4
Shaun O’Hagan as Terry Hannity, Matt Long as Zeke Landon, and Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in ‘Manifest’ season 3 episode 4 (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Warner Brothers)

Michaela and Zeke speak to high school football coach Terry Hannity (Shaun O’Hagan) to find out what happened to Pete. Terry explains it broke his heart to do it, but that Pete sold drugs to a kid who overdosed and died. As Michaela and Zeke leave, they fail to spot Jace on the other side of the field watching them.

Back at the new Flight 828 hiding place, Vance shows Ben and Saanvi the tailfin. He says the tailfin’s condition is relative to it having spent seven years underwater.

Over at the precinct, Jared (J.R. Ramirez) talks to the Major’s daughter, Sara, who’s continuing her search for her missing mom. Sara reveals sometimes her mother would go for walks in the park at night to clear her head. After a little digging, Jared discovers a reported disturbance at a park on the night the Major disappeared.

Jared speaks with the cop who responded to the disturbance and asks for her notes to be faxed over to his precinct.

Back at the Flight 828 hideout, Ben tells Vance about the three meth heads returning from the lake alive. Vance gets annoyed Ben didn’t tell him sooner. Saanvi bumps into Troy, who she thought was killed by the Major, and he confesses he’s been replicating her work at this new site.

Vance takes Ben to the tailfin and he touches it with his left hand expecting something to happen, but nothing does. Vance shows Ben and Saanvi a video of the tailfin vanishing at the same exact time the Major died.

Michaela and Zeke return to the jail and tell Pete what they found out about why he got kicked off the team. Pete starts crying and tells them he didn’t want to sell drugs, but the coach made him. Zeke can feel how terrified Pete was of the coach. Michaela believes the callings want her to arrest Coach Hannity.

Back at the Stone home, Olive and Angelina find a story in the mythology of the lord of the underworld who died but was brought back to life by his wife. While she’s researching, Olive keeps looking at photos sent from her classmates getting ready for prom.

Ben and Saanvi are about to leave when Ben’s hand starts to glow and he sees a door to a level they haven’t been allowed into. He tells Saanvi to cover for him and he sneaks in.

Saanvi explains to Vance that the tailfin vanished at the exact same time she let the Major die in the park, confessing she now believes she won’t survive the death date because of it. Vance accuses her of jumping to conclusions and suggests she join the team here investigating the mystery of Flight 828.

Jace meets up with Kory and they head over to confront the coach. Kory is freaking out over the new calling.

After sneaking into the other level, Ben’s hand leads him to the body of a woman who was a passenger on Flight 828. She died of a gunshot wound and her body’s being preserved. Ben asks Vance about it and Vance explains both she and the tailfin showed signs of being at the bottom of the ocean. Ben believes he and the other passengers have been resurrected, yet Saanvi’s skeptical.

Ben doesn’t tell Vance about his hand lighting up at first because he’s afraid he will be treated like a lab rat by the scientists doing the research.

Michaela and her partner decide to visit the coach at home and find Kory lying on the floor, shot. It turns out Jace shot Kory who was trying to stop him from shooting the coach. Michaela asks the coach if he has any drugs in the house and Kory tells Michaela to check the coach’s vent. She quickly locates them and places the coach under arrest.

Michaela gives Pete a rundown of what happened. After a brief hesitation, Pete says he thinks he knows how she might find Jace.

Saanvi decides to join the research team while Ben keeps working his Flight 828 connection and resurrection theory at home.

Angelina talks Olive into going to her prom stag, and then heads out to visit Pete again.

Episode four’s final scene shows Jared, who’s searching the park where the Major died, being tailed by one of Vance’s men. He calls Vance and informs him Jared’s getting too close to the truth.