‘Manifest’ Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: “Duty Free”

Manifest Season 3 Episode 11
Shannon DeVido as Sandra Rayhall and Josh Dallas as Ben Stone in ‘Manifest’ season 3 episode 11 (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

The net has been cast over the passengers of Flight 828 and Michaela has to make a choice on how best to help Ben and serve the callings in season three episode 11 of NBC’s Manifest. The episode begins with Ben (Josh Dallas) in jail awaiting arraignment. Grace (Athena Karkanis) brings him a suit to wear and he apologizes for going overboard in trying to carry out the last calling. Grace believes it doesn’t help anyone if he saves Cal, Michaela, and the other 828 passengers if he himself ends up lost. They agree he needs to find a better way of following the callings.

Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) checks in on Cal (Jack Messina) to see how he’s doing. She tells him not to worry; Ben will be home soon. As she’s about to explain that Ben just went about trying to follow the calling the wrong way, Cal finishes her sentence. It appears they’re of the same mindset. Cal heads upstairs to his room, armed with lots of food.

Michaela calls Saanvi and leaves her a message saying she’s upset about her dodging her and that she needs to turn herself in. Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) promises she’ll be back in six hours.

Ben, Michaela, Cal, and Angelina (Holly Taylor) each have a calling that features burning and silent screaming. After it’s over, Cal opens his closet door and asks Angelina – who’s been hiding in it – if she felt the calling. They talk and he reveals the callings want her to be with him and his family.

Over at Eureka, Vance (Daryl Edwards) tells Dr. Gupta (Mahira Kakkar) that losing the Noah Ark driftwood moves the research in a new direction, meaning the tailfin of 828.

Ben and his lawyer agree to a plea deal during his arraignment. He’ll admit guilt and will do community service. The judge, however, isn’t interested in any deal because Ben and all the 828 passengers keep getting into serious trouble. Realizing the judge has it out for him, Ben pleads not guilty and the judge sets his bail at half a million dollars. Everyone in the courtroom, especially Michaela, is shocked by the judge’s actions.

Ben returns to his cell and Michaela pays him a visit. He’s understandably upset about the amount of bail and fears he won’t be able to help solve the calling if he’s trapped in jail. Michaela tries to calm him down and lets slip about needing to go get Saanvi. Ben pushes for an explanation and she reveals Saanvi killed the Major and she’s going to arrest her for it.

At first Ben’s upset Michaela didn’t tell him earlier but then argues she shouldn’t arrest Saanvi because he knows she must have been in fear for her life. Michaela believes it’s part of Saanvi’s salvation and that it’s her job. Ben thinks Michaela has to decide if she’s a cop first or a passenger.

At the Stone home, Angelina tells Cal he’s been chosen by God to solve the calling and that she’s supposed to help him. Cal’s convinced he needs to tell Ben and Grace about the calling. Angelina notices Cal has a burn mark on his body from the calling and says she’s convinced they’re supposed to solve the calling together.

Michaela talks to Captain Kate Bowers (Andrene Ward-Hammond) and Jared (J.R. Ramirez) and before she can get a word out, she’s told by Bowers a new mandate has been handed down by the government instructing them to crack down on any incidents involving 828 passengers. All of Michaela’s cases are being reviewed by the FBI.

Michaela walks out and Jared follows her. She’s upset and says she’s a good cop and that following the callings has helped her to save lives. Jared says he’s got her back, declaring, “It’s us against the world.” Michaela replies, “It hasn’t been us against the world in a long time.”

Vance visits Ben in an interrogation room to warn him something’s coming and that the viewpoint of the world toward 828 passengers is changing. He claims it’s beyond his control. Jared interrupts to inform Ben he made bail and is free to go.

As Ben heads out with Vance he sees Eagan (Ali Lopez-Sohaili) being put into jail. Eagan sees Ben with Vance and starts yelling that he’s in bed with the NSA and is a Judas to the passengers.

Eagan speaks with Michaela and rants about Ben betraying the 828 passengers and being a tool of the NSA. Michaela tells him he’s wrong; he made bail and that’s why he left jail. Eagan claims he’s going to be the new leader of the passengers and warns her not to stand in his way.

Over at Eureka, Vance confronts Saanvi about switching the Noah Ark’s driftwood. He demands to know where it is and she confesses she dropped it into the lava and it’s gone. She needs him to order the scientists to stop running tests on the tailfin. Vance reminds her he works for the government and since she destroyed the driftwood he has to fire her. Vance adds that she’s lucky that’s all he’s doing.

Ben returns home and is under house arrest. He asks Grace how she got the money for the bail and she confesses she took out a second mortgage on the house. Plus, she also used the money she was going to start the restaurant with.

Cal comes downstairs and tells his mom and dad he needs to follow the calling. Ben volunteers to go with him but Grace reminds him about the house arrest and ankle guard alarm he’s wearing. Cal insists he can do it on his own and Grace suggests they let Michaela take the lead on it. Cal becomes upset and heads back upstairs.

Cal begins drawing and explains to Angelina it’s an answer to the calling.

Michaela visits and finds Grace lying on the couch, depressed. She tells Michaela that Ben is in the garage going over 828 stuff and that she can’t continue like this. Michaela believes she can and agrees it will probably get even tougher. However, in three years when they have all beat the death date and she has Ben and Cal in front of her safe, it will be worth it.

Michaela speaks with her brother and suggests he needs to pay more attention to Grace. She shares that Grace is worried and feels the world is falling apart. Ben reveals he’s talked to dozens of 828 passengers and they all had the burning calling. Michaela tells him to lean on her.

Up in his room, Cal reveals his burns are starting to hurt and thinks he should probably tell his dad. Angelina argues that Ben can’t help him and that the only way to beat the burns is to follow through on his drawing of the calling.

Manifest Season 3 Episode 11
Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in ‘Manifest’ season 3 episode 11 (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

A little later Michaela meets up with Saanvi. Saanvi’s ready to turn herself in but makes Michaela promise she’ll find a way to stop Vance and the scientists from testing the tailfin. Michaela promises and takes her to the precinct.

Michaela’s told that from now on she’s on desk duty. Captain Bowers also tells Michaela that things are getting worse for 828 passengers and that in Singapore an 828 passenger was executed. Michaela pleads her case, stating she’s been a good cop and followed orders by the book but her value is being erased because she’s an 828 passenger. She thinks the rules are changing for the passengers of 828 and she didn’t sign up for this. Michaela resigns!

Michaela walks out and tells Saanvi to go outside and wait for her. Jared tries to talk to Michaela but she cuts him off, confirms she resigned, and leaves.

Cal and Angelina sneak out and take a cab to follow the calling. Angelina’s convinced this calling is for him to do alone. She compares him to Moses and being chosen by God. Cal gets out of the cab and Angelina remains inside as it drives off.

Ben and Grace have a talk and he starts to apologize but Grace cuts him off. She explains she wants him to risk it all to make sure the lifeboat saves all the passengers including him and Cal.

Michaela and Saanvi join them and Grace leaves so they can talk. Saanvi gets a little upset and apologizes to Ben for lying and not telling him about the Major and the tests at Eureka. He gives her a hug and assures her it’s okay. Michaela wants to focus on what their next move is when suddenly she, Ben, Angelina, and Cal all have callings of themselves on fire and silent screaming.

Eagan also experiences the calling as does Adrian (Jared Grimes) who’s in another cell. Adrian says something is coming.

Back at the Stone home, Ben, Michaela, and Saanvi talk about the different callings they’ve had recently. They’re able to trace them back to the resurfacing of the plane’s tailfin. Ben realizes it was never supposed to resurface. They agree they need to destroy it.

At Eureka, Dr. Gupta is just about to touch the tailfin when she gets called away to look at something. Dr. Gupta heads outside and walks to the main fence where Cal’s waiting. He says he needs to see the tailfin.