Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: “Xbalanque”

Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 1
Edward James Olmos as Felipe Reyes and JD Pardo as EZ Reyes in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 2 episode 1 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

Season one of FX’s Mayans M.C. ended with Angel upset his brother, EZ, didn’t keep his promise and quit the club after Potter wiped his record clean. The first season finale also revealed Miguel Galindo and, by default, the Mayans M.C. had worked out a deal to undercut the DOJ by collaborating with Adelita while pretending to be doing the DOJ’s bidding. Season two episode one confirms that moving forward into the new season that deal will play a major role in the club’s activities.

For those who need a refresher, season two episode one, “Xbalanque,” begins with a super short recap hitting the key events of season one. It then immediately jumps into the action, catching up with EZ (JD Pardo) who’s driving a school bus full of kids – and Coco (Richard Cabral) – in Mexico. The kids seem to love Coco, calling him Uncle and giggling while he blows smoke rings.

Also in Mexico, the drive Angel (Clayton Cardenas) is taking is less gleeful but friendly enough. He’s at the wheel of a van with Adelita (Carla Baratta) and a few others in the back.

The school bus drops the kids off in a building where they hand over their backpacks and play with toys. Drugs are being cooked and packaged in the back rooms.

Meanwhile, Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) and Emily (Sarah Bolger) are going over paperwork dealing with rebuilding after the wildfires. Miguel’s called away and heads out with Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) who provides him with the latest updates on what’s going on with the DOJ.

Bishop (Michael Irby) is holding a meeting with the club, including members from the Yuma charter, about some disturbing news of three deaths associated with the drugs they provided to prisoners. Bishop says a large percentage of Galindo’s heroin comes goes through this new Arizona pipeline. They have to figure out what’s going on and shut down whoever’s behind the bad product.

He asks his men to leave, with the exception of Taza (Raoul Max Trujillo), so he can meet with the Yuma representatives. He’s decided they’ll use the next Arizona drops to “see who turns blue.” The men agree. Meeting adjourned.

Tranq (Frankie Loyal) reports in with confirmation Angel’s group has set up the generators and are distributing supplies. It seems Angel’s really into playing Mother Teresa, and Bishop decides the next run will be done with EZ. That’s sure to lead to a confrontation between the brothers which is what Bishop believes needs to happen. It’s the only way they can get over their differences.

Taza gives Coco a call to instructing him to have the Prospect (EZ) do “his thing.” As they’re talking, Bishop wants Taza to pass on the news from Alvarez that Hobart’s running with the intel Galindo passed on about Adelita’s group, Los Olvidados. Also, Bishop and Tranq need to be picked up at the sewer hatch passage.

Taza volunteers to go with Bishop and Tranq, but Bishop wants him to work with Ramos on the EZ play. (What that is is revealed at the end of the episode.)

Bishop gives Riz (Antonio Jaramillo) the job of checking on the transport and reporting in as soon as it’s in the air.

Angel and some of Adelita’s people are handing out supplies to people in need when a new character, The Saint, arrives. Adelita greets her with a hug.

Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 1
Frankie Loyal as Hank “Tranq” Loza, JD Pardo as EZ Reyes, Richard Cabral as Johnny “Coco” Cruz, Michael Irby as Obisbo “Bishop” Loza in season 2 episode 1 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

Coco and EZ pick up Bishop and Tranq and it’s revealed they’re supposed to wait for Potter’s mercs to make entry into a building, follow them in, and then destroy any data they find without the mercs being aware of their plan. After that, they’re supposed to plant intel as the operation wraps up. The planted intel will make Potter and the DOJ believe the mercs have taken down a rebel command post, but the building’s actually being used by human traffickers.

Hobart’s an ex-Green Beret and these mercs were in his unit. Alvarez is waiting with Hobart and the men, and he and Bishop exchange a brief manly hug before they get down to business.

The mercs make entry with Bishop and Coco following them into the building. Alvarez, Tranq, and EZ remain outside, taking down anyone who attempts to flee.

Bishop shots up the computers and then after all the occupants of the building are dead, the Mayans plant the false intel.

EZ also hands over items he claims he got off one of the dead men outside and the mercs “discover” the hard drive and paperwork Bishop and Coco just planted. Bishop lies and says one of the dead men is a guy named Pablo who might be Adelita’s second in command.

Speaking of Adelita, Angel says the plan’s complete and hands her the phone. Minnie’s on the line, confirming everything went down perfectly. As Adelita talks on the phone, she stands up and it’s revealed she’s pregnant.

Unfortunately, one of the mercs has noticed Minnie not far from the building and puts a gun to her head so she can’t talk to Adelita. (Minnie’s only a kid.)

And now 15+ minutes in we finally see the new opening credits sequence, backed by the theme song (“Nunca”).

The merc brings Minnie into the building, explaining to the others she was watching and speaking into a satellite phone. They believe she’s a scout, and the fact she’s packing a gun helps to prove their point.

Hobart reminds his men Minnie isn’t a kid; she’s a killer.

Back in the States, Lincoln ‘Linc’ Potter (Ray McKinnon) pays a visit to Felipe’s butcher shop. He’s impressed by Felipe’s reading material which includes the classics. Felipe (Edward James Olmos), however, isn’t impressed with Potter.

Potter cuts to the chase and reveals he knows Felipe’s real name and all about his past.

Meanwhile, Bishop and the Mayans are trying to figure out what to do about Minnie out of earshot of the mercs. They’re aware Minnie might be forced into telling everything she knows, but the problem is the mercs report into the DOJ so the guys don’t have many options.

They return to the building and Minnie is sitting in a chair, tied up and gagged. The Mayans make the excuse they’re searching for a lost cell phone as EZ tries to make small talk. They’ve decided they can’t let Minnie be tortured, which is confirmed as the plan, and take out two of the mercs by luring them into different rooms.

Another merc enters the building as his fellow mercs are being killed, and EZ immediately takes him on. Coco’s ready to shoot the merc as the fight continues, but Bishop holds him back. (They’re attempting to do this quietly so as not to draw attention.) EZ manages to get on top of the guy and strangles him using a rope around his neck.

EZ stares at his hands after the man dies, and Alvarez and Bishop appear to approve of EZ’s work.

Potter’s provided with an update on the rebel activity and on the status of Adelita who’s apparently been even more off the grid now that she’s pregnant.

They’ll be in trouble for killing the mercs, but that doesn’t stop Alvarez from telling EZ he owes him one. EZ claims he was doing what he had to do. “I thought maybe you did it because you didn’t want to see me dead,” say Alvarez who would have died had EZ not jumped in front of him.

“That, too,” replies EZ.

“Good,” responds Alvarez. “It makes me happy.”

The always stone-faced Alvarez actually smiles as they walk off.

Chucky (Michael Ornstein) accepts 48 guns from SAMCRO, represented by Happy (David Labrava), back at the garage. Chucky wonders why they’re in the gun business after Jax wanted them out, and Happy explains it’s just taking longer to get out than they assumed it would. (Just the mention of Jax brings pangs of sadness over the ending of Sons of Anarchy.)

Felipe drives up as they’re talking and asks Chucky if either Angel or EZ are around. They’re not, and Chucky’s not sure when they’re returning. Felipe wants Chucky to tell EZ he needs to talk and to stay off his cell phone.

Happy asks about Felipe after he leaves, and Chucky explains he’s EZ and Angel’s dad. Happy’s shocked Felipe’s sons are Mayans. He seems disturbed by the news and doesn’t want to talk about it, leaving without saying why he wanted to know about Felipe.

The following day the guys are in the clubhouse and Angel still isn’t talking to his brother. He’s not even making eye contact. Fortunately for Angel, the guys are all called to the table before he’s forced into a conversation with EZ.

Emily and Miguel share a quiet moment as she continues to work on paperwork. She reminds him he needs to take his mother to her doctor at 4pm. She also informs him his mom’s condition is getting worse. He hasn’t been around much and hasn’t really interacted with his mom much recently.

EZ had asked his friend, Officer Franky Rogan (Edwin Hodge), to run a background check on someone and he shows up with the info. Franky hands it over, warning EZ not to make him regret going along with the request for a favor. EZ promises Franky he won’t get in trouble, and they part while jokingly calling each other a dirtbag and a pig.

After Franky takes off, EZ returns to his trailer and sorts through the new information. He’s collecting everything he can about SoA’s Happy Lowman.

Felipe pays his son a visit to let him know Potter came into the shop. They’re not sure why, but Felipe thinks Potter might want something. Felipe’s okay with whatever Potter’s up to as long as it’s about him and won’t hurt EZ.

Felipe confesses he knows EZ saw what was in his lockbox but yet he never brought it up. EZ explains he was leaving it up to Felipe to tell his own story. He also confirms Angel doesn’t know anything about Felipe’s hidden past.

It’s been eight months and Felipe hasn’t heard anything from Angel. Felipe asks if it’s been any better at the club, and EZ says Angel ignores him.

The club discusses what’s going to happen as a result of killing the mercs, and Bishop believes that in the worst-case scenario their deaths will be blamed on Adelita. Angel tries to blame Minnie’s capture on his brother, but Bishop and Coco jump to EZ’s defense.

Angel’s dislike of his brother is palpable. He snarls that of course EZ kept Alvarez safe, calling him the Golden Boy.

Talk turns to the prison drops in Arizona and what will happen if the bad drugs issue turns out to be something internal. Bishop says the charter responsible will decide how that problem goes away.

Potter’s back in his office when he learns about the death of three mercs from Hobart. Potter semi-jokes that the child must have been very dangerous, and then explains he believes the child is why the men are dead.

“These were seasoned warriors, Mr. Potter,” says Hobart. “Whoever did this was trained and had it planned.”

Potter and Hobart believe the kid was a trap to split up the unit. The timing is strange, but Potter theorizes Adelita’s given birth and is ready to get back into action.

Hobart wants to kill Adelita and doesn’t care if the DOJ pays him to do it.

Alvarez tells Miguel the thought is Adelita’s back in play. They’ll be turning up the heat with increased satellite coverage and interrogations of locals.

EZ tries to engage Angel in a conversation but Angel’s not budging. EZ informs him Potter was at their dad’s shop, and Angel reminds his brother who created this problem.

Bishop’s sitting at a nearby table while this uncomfortable exchange is going down. He asks Coco if he knows what the beef’s about, and Coco says it’s “old sh*t, family wounds.” Taza thinks it has to end now because it’s been going on too long.

Miguel ignores a call from his wife reminding him to take his mother to the doctor’s and instead meets with Adelita.

Leaders from the different Arizona chapters meet at the clubhouse to discuss the heroin deliveries. Yuma’s leader explains he pulled the heroin dropped by Tempe, Tucson, and Sahuarita meant for the prisons. When asked why, Bishop says, “One of your last shipments was cut so deep three of the inmates OD’ed.”

That’s bad for business and has to stop. EZ’s called into the meeting and immediately identifies the package that’s been tampered with. His photographic memory allows him to recognize one of the bundles he placed in a backpack has the writing in a different place. (EZ’s memory is what the “play” and “EZ’s thing” referred to earlier in the episode.)

The package is from the Tucson charter and it’s cut open and tested. If it stays clear when dissolved, Tucson’s off the hook. If it turns blue, they’re in trouble because they cut it.

It turns blue.

Two of the Tucson leaders turn on the third. He reaches for a weapon but is immediately grabbed. Tucson apologizes and they’re told to handle the problem before they leave. They agree. The traitor’s taken out and shot up with the drugs he cut.

Angel looks disgusted that once again his brother’s a hero.

After the meeting’s adjourned, Bishop tells EZ to end the fight with his brother. If he doesn’t work it out, then EZ will not have a unanimous vote needed for a patch.

Miguel arrives home late, immediately apologizing for missing his mother’s doctor’s appointment. It appears Emily’s going to get angry about him being with Adelita, but she backs down. She walks away but then turns around to ask, “Has she told you who the father is yet?”

“No. I don’t think she’s told anyone,” he replies.

After eavesdropping on the conversation, Miguel’s mother stands in front of a mirror and removes her wig. Very visible burn scars run from the top of her head down her back.

Happy returns home and unlocks a storage chest, pulling out a manila envelope. Inside are black and white photos of Marisol and Felipe Reyes along with details on their movements.

Angel reluctantly lets his brother in when he knocks. He doesn’t want to talk and thinks EZ’s only there to end their fight because he wants his vote. EZ shocks his brother by saying he’s there to talk about their mom.

“I know who killed her,” says EZ.