‘Ozark’ Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: “Su Casa Es Mi Casa”

Ozark Season 3 Episode 6
Julia Garner and Tom Pelphrey in ‘Ozark’ season 3 episode 6 (Photo by Steve Dietl © 2020 Netflix)

Episode six of Netflix’s Ozark season three finds Marty and Wendy at Sue the therapist’s house discussing “hiring” Maya. Sue is on Marty’s side, for the time being, and when the couple begin to argue, Marty (Jason Bateman) asks her to help him out. Wendy (Laura Linney) would like Sue’s input as well since she also bribed therapist. After both demand Sue jump in she becomes exasperated and says, “What does it say about a marriage when a husband and wife both try to bribe the therapist?”

Sue adds, “You’re both paying me off. There, I said it.”

Marty and Wendy start to really let each other have it, and Wendy’s ego raises its ugly head. She reveals she thinks Marty’s jealous of her. Marty calls her arrogant. Marty brings up the fact she had Cade killed and when she insists she did it for their family, Marty replies, “You’ll say anything to justify what you did. I don’t know how you live with yourself.”

Wendy’s response is to call him an ungrateful prick. After Wendy accuses him, again, of being jealous, she tosses in that he’s narrow-minded for good measure. Marty’s had enough and lets her have it. “Right, yeah, and you’re just a f*cking scary, selfish, power-hungry f*cking b*tch.”

After Wendy storms out, Marty turns to a very shocked Sue, realizing they just let everything about drug lords and murders out of the bag.

Marty finds Wendy walking down the road and tries to convince her to get in. She says home is a 43-minute walk from there and she wants him gone by the time she gets there. Marty drives off leaving her behind.

Sam (Kevin L. Johnson) gets chips at the casino and Ruth (Julia Garner) attempts to give him a pep talk because he’s nervous. After Ruth walks away, Frank Jr. (Joseph Sikora) shows her a bill from the autobody shop for the repairs to his paint job after pigeons made a mess of it – thanks to Ben. After Ruth gets smart with him, he threatens her.

Following that tense exchange, they discuss a new drop-off spot. They argue again when Frank Jr. says no to the new spot because he already told his guys where to go. Ruth tells him that’s too bad because the last time she met up with his guys they messed with her. With that, Ruth leaves a very pissed-off Frank Jr. behind.

Wendy shows up at the office and asks Helen (Janet McTeer) if she’s heard from Navarro. Helen replies, “If you’re wondering if he is still angry with you, then yes.” Wendy then feels the need to inform Helen that she and Marty are taking some time apart. Naturally, Helen wants to know why and Wendy admits they had a big fight. Helen says, “You’re not splitting up, I hope.”

Their conversation’s cut short when Darlene (Lisa Emery) shows up demanding to talk to Helen alone. She informs Helen she replanted her crops and they’re back in business (the drug business, of course). Helen thinks she’s out of her mind; she can’t plant poppies that close to a casino. Darlene claims she can because it’s her land. And, they will be up and running in four months. Helen reminds her she killed 57 people when she spiked the dope and their deal was over the minute she crossed the cartel.

Before leaving the office, Darlene threatens Helen. Helen seems to relish the idea of a fight and suggests she bring it on.

Marty drives around talking to himself. He eventually parks and leaves the car. An SUV is following him.

Marty tells Special Agent Maya Miller (Jessica Frances Dukes) he and Wendy got in a fight and he might be staying at the same hotel where she’s staying. Maya hands him a paper and it’s his confession. All he has to do is sign it. He hands it back and says he needs to check with Wendy first. He confesses he doesn’t trust her and Maya understands why since he hasn’t had good agents on his case. He wonders if there are any – Evans is out for blood and Petty was a sociopath who got Rachel hooked on drugs. She insists she’s not like them. He insists he can’t work with her until she proves she’s trustworthy.

Darlene meets with Sheriff Nix (Robert C. Treveiler) and asks how many people he has working for him. She wants his officers to help her sell her drugs. He refuses, but like always she throws whatever they did for him in the past in his face so he reluctantly agrees to help. She adds that whatever agreement he has with the Byrde family is over. There will be no more protecting the Brydes.

Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz), Jonah (Skylar Gaertner), and Erin (Madison Thompson) show up at the lake and find Tommy and his friends already there. Charlotte gets out of the van to talk to Tommy about staying away from Erin. He reveals Erin called him, and Erin gets mad at Charlotte for acting like her mom.

Tommy suggests they play a drinking game and brings out a gun. Charlotte grabs Jonah, insisting they should leave. Tommy takes the opportunity to talk crap to Jonah, who’s only 14, and asks if he knows how to shoot a gun. Unbeknownst to him, Jonah does in fact know how to shoot a gun very well. Targets are set up and Jonah shoots three bottles. After Tommy takes the gun from him, he points it at Jonah.

Soon after, the cops show up and they’re all arrested.

Marty and Wendy wait at the sheriff’s station for the kids, and Wendy asks Marty where he’s staying. He informs her the same hotel as Maya Miller and Wendy scoffs at that choice.

While Wendy’s lecturing the kids, Helen asks if she can have a word in private. Helen attempts to blame Charlotte and Jonah for what happened but Wendy’s not having it. She explains Charlotte tried to keep Erin away from that boy but she couldn’t exactly tell her why. Helen says Erin has never been in trouble before. Wendy, smugly, lets her know the first thing Erin said to Charlotte was that she wanted to lose her virginity and asked if Charlotte would help her. Helen doesn’t want to hear it and suggests they may have dipped their toes in the friendship pool but she’s not sure they are going to swim. Wendy agrees and says, “Fine by me.”

Tommy attends a meeting with Agent Trevor Evans (McKinley Belcher III) and Evans’ only advice for Tommy is not to knock up Erin. It appears Agent Evans has no ethics left.

Ruth and Ben (Tom Pelphrey) have a drink at her place and talk about Frank Jr. After she assures him Frank Jr. can’t touch her they kiss. They try to be intimate with each other but it doesn’t quite work out.

Charlotte gives her brother a pep talk about how someday he’ll meet a girl he won’t need to shoot a gun to try to impress. Jonah changes the subject and asks if she thinks their dad is moving out for good. She admits she doesn’t know.

Marty and Agent Miller leave their hotel rooms at the same time. As they’re chatting, she brings up that she’s due in six weeks. She says it’ll be good to know Marty’s safe before then. With that, they go their separate ways.

Marty notices an SUV parked like someone is watching him.

Helen tries to talk to Erin about Tommy but her spoiled brat daughter is not only getting mouthy with her but also cursing her out. Helen ignores her snide comments and informs Erin she’s not allowed to see him again. Helen tells her she’s grounded and leaves.

Wendy calls Jim and explains she wants to set up a foundation like Charles Wilkes. Jim asks what she wants from him and she explains she needs the names of people who have turned down Wilkes before. He agrees to give her the names of those people as well as a list of people she can’t go after.

Ozark Season 3 Episode 6
Laura Linney in ‘Ozark’ season 3 episode 6 (Photo Credit: Steve Dietl/Netflix)

Wendy goes down to the basement and discovers Ben flushed his bipolar disorder medication down the toilet. After arguing about it, she warns him he can’t mess things up.

Marty meets with Sheriff Nix about Charlotte and Jonah being arrested. Marty realizes something’s going on and asks Nix if this is how he wants to play it now. Nix informs him it is.

Wendy has a talk with Ruth about her brother suffering from bipolar disorder. She explains he needs to be on his medication. After describing what Ben’s like when he’s not taking it, she asks Ruth to help her get him back on it.

Three (Carson Holmes) has an awkward dinner with his brother Wyatt and Darlene. Wyatt offers to let Three live in a cabin on the property and Three asks Wyatt where he’s staying. Wyatt confirms he’s staying in the main house and Three notices Darlene’s touching Wyatt in an intimate way.

Three shows up at Ruth’s trailer, banging on the door. He’s concerned something weird is going on between Darlene and Wyatt and tells his sister he thinks they’re sleeping together.

Darlene and Wyatt are sitting around when Ruth shows up demanding to talk to Wyatt. Wyatt comes to the door and Ruth immediately tells him to come home. She asks him if he’s having sex with Darlene and he doesn’t answer. He does, however, say that he’s happy now and was miserable before. He suggests Three come live with them.

Ruth begins to tell him he doesn’t know who Darlene really is – she kills people, she spikes heroin, etc – and he cuts her off. “And you killed my dad so where does that put you?” asks Wyatt. He tells her she ruined his life and shuts the door in her face.

Marty’s leaving a store when he notices that SUV again. He calls Helen and she assures him it’s not them, meaning the cartel. She asks for his location and instructs him to go back inside. She’ll send someone to pick him up at the store’s back door and take him home.

Ruth shows up to talk to Ben and Wendy doesn’t seem happy but lets her in anyway. Ruth tells him she just wants to talk and explains she saw Wyatt today and now believes she ruined his life. She begins to cry and Ben hugs her.

Marty arrives at the house and Wendy demands to know why he’s there. He informs her he’s being followed and doesn’t know by who, but it’s probably best he spend the night at home. The kids come in and want to know what’s going on and Marty explains no one can leave the house. Charlotte asks if they can go to their rooms, but Wendy wants them where she can see them.

Meanwhile, Ruth and Ben are in the basement having sex while this is going on.

The Byrdes begin to play a board game and Jonah wonders if they survive the night are they still grounded. The answer is yes. Wendy takes this opportunity to bring up that she forgot to tell them they (meaning her because Marty has no clue what’s going on) are starting a charity foundation. They should think about some of the causes they’d like to support. Jonah thinks they can hide dirty money through it but she insists that’s not what it’s for.

Marty starts making the couch into a bed while asking Wendy if she thinks grounding the kids actually works. He then brings up memories of when the kids were little. Wendy thinks he shouldn’t sleep on the couch since the house has so many windows. He sleeps in the loft instead.

The next morning Helen informs Marty whoever the SUV belonged to left and has headed toward Chicago. Ben and Ruth emerge from the basement to find everyone staring at them. Ruth claims she was tired and fell asleep. Marty changes the subject saying the drop is still on and asks if she knows where it is.

After everyone leaves, Wendy lets Marty know Ben’s off his meds.

Speaking of Ben, he asks Jonah what the range is on his drone. He then asks Jonah to take a ride with him. They follow Ruth to the dropoff place and use the drone to spy on her.

Ruth’s sitting there waiting when the truck arrives but drives past her.

Before she can get to the truck, three SUVs show up and the occupants kill Frank Cosgrove’s men and set all the money on fire. While this is taking place, Ruth hides around the corner and watches.