‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: “Como La Flor”

Roswell New Mexico Season 2 Episode 7
Jeanine Mason as Liz, Nathan Dean as Max, Amber Midthunder as Rosa and Lily Cowles as Isobel in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 2 episode 7 (Photo: John Golden Britt © 2020 The CW Network, LLC)

The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico season two episode six featured a three-way, Isobel spreading her wings, and the reunion of Liz and Max as a couple. Season two episode seven, “Como La Flor,” is less about romance and more about dysfunctional families and betrayals.

Isobel (Lily Cowles) gives Rosa (Amber Midthunder) a lesson in powering up a light bulb but so far she’s unsuccessful. Rosa thinks maybe the whole zapping Max back to life thing was just a fluke. Max (Nathan Parsons) suggests a different approach but Rosa’s quickly out of control. She doesn’t want Max anywhere near her and in her anger, she busts a bulb.

When she stomps away mad, Liz (Jeanine Mason) admits she’s worried her sister’s going to hurt herself…or someone else.

Lesson over, Liz is working her shift at the café when in walks her mother, Helena (Bertila Damas). Liz, stunned, doesn’t embrace her return. Helena tries to make a joke, but it falls flat. Liz finally asks why her mom’s decided to grace them with her presence and she reveals a call from Liz’s dad prompted her visit.

Arturo (Carlos Compean) apparently contacted Helena just to get her to sign over her part of the diner to Liz as part of his process for obtaining residency. Helena showed up because she didn’t want to just sign it over; she wants money for her half. But she won’t discuss it until they all sit down for dinner later that day.

Max, Isobel, and Michael (Michael Vlamis) discuss Isobel hooking up with a female bartender at Planet 7 while drinking beers at The Wild Pony. Isobel comments on the woman’s “thoughtful” manicure and admits she might see her again. She suggests if Max and Liz don’t work out, he should ride a cowboy. Aliens don’t really care about human gender constructs.

Max just isn’t into this conversation and they finally ask what’s up. He confesses he thinks the nightmares he had as a kid about being chained up might have been memories from the pods. Isobel thinks he should just forget about it and Michael agrees. No one needs any added stress right now.

Rosa thinks she’s going to join her family for dinner to keep her sister safe from their mom. She calls her mom Liz’s kryptonite, but Liz thinks if Rosa puts in an appearance Helena will find some way to profit off it.

Michael and Maria (Heather Hemmens) get at flirty while she’s behind the bar. They discuss dinner and then suddenly Maria has a vision of Kyle (Michael Trevino) trapped in a beam of bright light. “I think Kyle Valenti’s been abducted,” says a shocked Maria.

Max heads over to see Sheriff Valenti to beg for his job back. He reminds her he’s never had a vacation or taken a sick day and has worked there since he was 18. She takes him back, but he’ll be on desk duty for the next six months.

Max joins Liz and Arturo for dinner with Helena and Liz wishes Max would have worn his uniform. It turns out Helena hates cops.

Helena shows up and seems to really enjoy Max. She’s happy Liz has found such a good guy and reveals she didn’t like Liz’s old boyfriend. It turns out Helena hasn’t been in contact, but she has been cyberstalking Liz over the years.

Liz doesn’t take it easy on her mom. She reminds her how she used to drive drunk and Helena shows off her 10 years sober token. She stopped drinking when Rosa died and believes Rosa got the best and the worst of her personality traits.

Rosa’s been eavesdropping on their dinner and races back to her room, causing the lights to flicker all over the café as she becomes emotional.

Max suggests a toast to Helena’s sobriety as Rosa picks just that moment to crank the radio upstairs. She shorts it out soon after it begins blasting.

Liz takes a break from dinner to check on her sister. Rosa’s upset and blames everything on Max screwing with her DNA. Liz tries to get her sister to stay calm, but it’s obvious Rosa isn’t going to stay in her room much longer. She doesn’t like to feel locked up.

Liz texts Isobel who shows up fairly quickly to hang out with Rosa. Rosa doesn’t want a babysitter and Isobel suggests they get into some trouble. Rosa seems up for that.

Isobel and Rosa head out to do a little graffitiing. Isobel writes ‘In Pod We Trust” while Rosa paints something that looks like a black hole. Isobel thinks Rosa’s painting is actually Rosa looking into her own doom. Rosa believes it’s in her DNA to be screwed up and she was broken long before Noah. She thinks Isobel was also broken, that’s why Noah also preyed on her.

Dinner continues and Helena convinces Max to dance. Liz is over this whole evening and unplugs the jukebox, demanding they discuss the diner. Liz wants a number – any number – so they can finish the deal. As they argue all the lights go out again.

With Helena and Arturo temporarily out of the room, Liz tells Max to go home and rest. Rosa is gone so he’s actually the one who made the lights go out this time. Liz thinks her family makes him anxious which isn’t good for his heart.

Arturo and Helena return and Arturo wants Max’s help to look at the wiring. That leaves Liz alone with her mom which is not a healthy thing for her. Helena keeps pointing out a present she brought for Liz and finally Liz agrees to open it. It’s a pair of pink sneakers and Helena’s proud she was finally able to get these shoes that Liz wanted years ago.

Helena moves closer but Liz doesn’t budge. She does, however, agree to retrieve some prom photos her mom wants to see. The lights come on as she returns with the photos and Liz spots a jar of Space Jam on the counter. It’s the same jar she placed in front of the safe before her mom arrived.

Liz left the dial of the safe on three and now it’s close to 80. Furious, Liz wants to know how much Helena just stole from the safe. Liz can’t believe her mother would steal from the family and grabs her mom’s purse.

Liz discovers Helena stole Arturo’s mother’s ring and is absolutely stunned at her mom’s treachery. Liz yells at her mom, reminding her she lost all rights to the family heirloom when she deserted them. Helena fights back claiming Rosa forced her to leave, but Liz is having none of it. Rosa was only a teenager and wasn’t responsible.

Meanwhile, Rosa has just tossed a brick through her mom’s car’s window. She looks through it and finds a bottle of Oxycodone. She douses the car with lighter fluid but decides against lighting it at the last second.

Rosa watches through the diner’s front window as Liz and Helena argue. Helena believes she pushed Liz to be extraordinary yet she’s slinging burgers and dating a white cop. Liz reveals she felt she was never good enough for her and that her mom’s a selfish woman. She blames her mom for destroying their family and the Valenti family. Liz, no longer able to filter anything, also admits she knows Rosa isn’t Arturo’s daughter and that Helena was about to be exposed and that’s why she left town. It’s all Helena’s fault that Rosa relapsed and was going to leave town.

Arturo and Max return at the end of the argument just as Rosa’s anger takes over and she causes Helena’s car to go up in flames.

Roswell New Mexico Season 2 Episode 7
Bertila Damas as Helena in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 2 episode 7 (Photo: John Golden Britt © 2020 The CW Network, LLC)

The police arrive and no one knows who lit the car on fire. Liz makes the snide comment that given her mom’s reputation it could be anyone. Arturo wants Helena to take the ring and sign the papers. He just wants her out of their lives. Surprisingly, Helena agrees.

“Don’t come back. There’s nothing left for you here,” warns Liz.

After she’s gone Arturo and Liz sit down for dessert. He’s happy that now he’ll be able to get his green card. The mood turns serious when Liz apologizes for revealing Rosa isn’t his daughter. Arturo confesses he always knew but it didn’t matter. Rosa is his – no matter what.

Maria and Michael head to the hospital to speak with Kyle. Maria’s worried she might have a degenerative brain disease since it runs in her family. That might have caused the hallucination. Kyle offers to run a scan and asks for Maria’s mom’s other test results.

A short while later, Kyle delivers the news that Maria’s not an alien. She tentatively thanks him and then Kyle delivers a bombshell. Maria’s grandmother had the same fake insurance company that his dad had listed when he was treated for cancer caused by aliens. It’s an insurance company set up by Project Shepherd to cover personnel injured by aliens at Caulfield Prison. That would mean Maria’s grandmother got sick at that prison, too.

Max catches up with Helena as she’s renting a car. He demands the ring but she calls him a con, a nobody, and someone who’s unworthy. She thinks he’s just playing at being a hero. Max, who looks like he could kill her in second and not think twice about it, reveals he dug into her background and knows she’s dating a politician named Dierk who apparently doesn’t know about Liz and Rosa. He wonders if Dierk knows anything about her and threatens to fill him in on her Roswell ties.

Helena turns over the ring. “I was wrong. Maybe you do have huevos,” says Helena.

Over at The Wild Pony, Maria and Kyle toast to not being abducted and not being aliens. Michael joins them and he has news about Maria’s grandmother. There wasn’t a Patricia DeLuca at the prison but there was a mention of a Patricia Harris (her maiden name) who signed up for an experimental trial. Maria’s grandmother was one of the first human subjects in an experiment to create super-soldiers with alien abilities. The experiment was a failure and it shut down when people died.

Kyle gets up to leave and rips his sleeve on something sharp. Maria has another vision and in it Kyle’s sleeve is torn when he’s abducted by aliens.

Kyle drops his keys in the parking lot and Maria runs after him. She yells at him to watch out as a bright light hits him when he stands up. It turns out the light is actually headlights from a car speeding right at him. Michael uses his powers to send Kyle flying out of the way so he’s not run over. Unfortunately, he lands on a broken beer bottle and a large chunk of glass is protruding from his stomach when they arrive to help him.

Michael returns to the bar after dropping Valenti off at the hospital. He thinks now that they know Maria’s illness is related to Caulfield they can find a cure. But Maria’s not so sure. She likes the idea that she saw the future today. “What if my genetic inheritance isn’t just injustice – it’s also actual superpowers?” she asks.

She’s pleased with herself for saving Kyle which means in turn he’ll be around to save even more lives as a doctor.

Liz and Rosa settle in on the roof of the café and Rosa admits she was going to start the fire but couldn’t do it. However, she got angry Helena made Liz cry and couldn’t stop her powers. The sisters lean on each other as they realize their mom didn’t need them. But Liz points out if their mom can stay sober for 10 years, then Rosa can also pull through.

A short while later Liz is back inside cleaning up when Max shows up. He hands over the ring and Liz doesn’t ask for the details.

Max reveals he’s learned Cameron’s car was impounded just a couple hours from Roswell. He’s going to check it out since she’s his friend. Liz understands but says she can’t lose him again.

Isobel and Michael are drinking at the bar when she asks if Noah chose her because she’s broken. Michael thinks that couldn’t be farther from the truth. She explains she really needs to understand more about herself know and wants to look into their past, even though they agreed to leave it behind. Michael feels the same way. He wants to look forward but keeps getting sucked back in. He wants to dig for answers and find a cure for Maria’s illness.

Rosa’s alone on the roof when she pulls out the bottle of pills. She pours one out and pops it into her mouth.