‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: “What If God Was One of Us?”

Roswell New Mexico Season 2 Episode 4
Michael Vlamis as Michael and Tyler Blackburn as Alex in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 2 episode 4 (Photo: Karen Kuehn © 2020 The CW Network, LLC)

The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico season two episode four picks up back in time where episode three left off, with Michael’s mom, Nora (Kayla Ewell), hiding out after escaping from the military. Tripp (Jason Behr from the original Roswell series), hot on the tail of the two female aliens who fled the scene of the crashed spaceship, shows up at the door of the stranger who took them in.

Tripp’s suspicious because the man’s got blood on his shirt, but a child runs up and explains the blood’s from a coyote.

After Tripp leaves, the good Samaritan says he can only hide the ladies out for one night. He has an inkling there’s something weird about the women but that doesn’t stop him from helping them as much as possible. He’s not sure they understand him, yet he explains he’s going to be fired because the crops won’t grow and needs them to leave before getting him in more trouble.

The following morning the kid returns, excited about something in the field. Overnight Nora’s made the crops flourish! The kind man believes it’s a miracle and the kid thinks it was the women’s way of saying thanks.

And now to current events… Kyle (Michael Trevino) can’t believe Michael’s using pinball parts and a car battery to charge Max’s pod. He and Liz (Jeanine Mason) chat while whipping up breakfast, and they plan out the open-heart surgery Kyle will have to perform. They toast to “a groundbreaking achievement no one can ever know about,” and actually seem pretty optimistic.

Grant Green (Peter Diseth) makes quite the appearance at the café, inviting all the customers over to his place to learn about aliens and grab a malt. Isobel (Lily Cowles) is taking it all in from a nearby booth and locks the door just so Grant runs into it as he’s being ushered outside by Liz.

Liz, who looks like the weight of the world is no longer resting on her shoulders, is impressed by Isobel’s new talent. Isobel’s also got a real positive vibe going on, but Liz wonders why she’s been hanging out so much. Isobel reveals she’s been kind of following Liz’s dad, Arturo, around and has figured out that just maybe with her influence she can get him to understand and accept Rosa’s resurrection. Liz is skeptical but Isobel really wants to help, especially given how much Liz is trying to bring Max back.

Michael (Michael Vlamis) is hanging out by himself when Alex (Tyler Blackburn) shows up. Michael jokes he doesn’t have many friends and Alex reveals Maria told him she’ll keep his secret. Alex wonders if Mimi DeLuca was actually abducted and has been telling the truth all this time. Michael confirms he’s looking into it.

The subject changes to research Michael’s been doing on the photo from the old newspaper. The man who rescued his mom turns out to be Roy Bronson and the farm he worked on experienced record-breaking crops during the summer of 1947.

In October 1948 right after the article ran, the farm was destroyed by a fire caused by a bolt of lightning. It happened the same day Michael’s mom was locked up in prison. He’s desperate for more information on what happened all those years ago.

Back at the café, Isobel begins her plan to use her powers to get Arturo (Carlos Compean) to accept Rosa’s been brought back from the dead. When she gets inside his head, she learns what it is he wants the most: forgiveness for how he treated Rosa.

Another flashback reveals the two women are healed, happy, and can now speak English proficiently. Roy’s the perfect host and everything seems to be humming along just fine. However, the kid – whose name turns out to be Walt – notices Nora’s looking a bit sad. She admits she’s missing her son who she says owns her whole heart and is both smart and brave. She indicates Walt’s going to meet him as soon as it’s safe.

Decades later, Alex and Michael look around the same barn where Nora and her friend hung out with Roy and Walt. Alex and Michael notice notches on a post and it appears Nora, Walt, and Roy measured their heights together. Plus, there’s a mark for Louise – Isobel and Max’s mother – which is the first solid confirmation she’s the other woman who was rescued with Nora.

Their talk’s interrupted by the arrival of a guy who calls Michael “Alien Guy.” Michael responds with “Nazi Guy,” which leads Alex to call himself “Totally Confused Guy.” The “alien guy” and “Nazi guy” labels come from what they’re looking up at the library when they both happen to be there at the same time. Anyway, Nazi guy – who’s real name is Forrest – says back in 1947 it wasn’t aliens Roy was hiding in the barn…it was Nazi spies!

He further explains there was a Nazi internment camp in Roswell and the iron crosses around the city were left by Nazi prisoners who built half the city. It turns out this property’s been in his family for ages, and it was his great grandfather’s foreman who hid the women in the barn.

Forrest also reveals everyone thought the Nazis were building a bomb in the barn. The Air Force set the place on fire to cover up the massacre that happened when they discovered the weapon.

Back at Liz’s place, Rosa (Amber Midthunder) has just shorted out the blender when she hears someone come through the front door. She decides the best course of action is to launch the blender at the intruder. Thankfully, Isobel’s able to bat it away before it makes contact.

Isobel’s surprisingly understanding as to why Rosa would want to hit her, but Rosa explains she’s fully aware it was Noah who murdered her. She doesn’t blame it on Isobel at all.

Isobel lays out her plan, explaining she’ll use her powers to get Arturo to understand and accept Rosa’s returned from the dead. Although they both know Arturo believes in miracles, Isobel’s sure he doesn’t think he deserves one. She asks for Rosa’s help in making the plan work.

Over at the hospital, Kyle continues to put himself in danger of getting fired by helping Isobel. When she needs to steal something, he helps out and only Liz kissing him seems to save him from getting busted by his boss. He confesses he’s always doing something for her, including risking his job and medical license. He always puts her first while she always puts Max first. He has feelings for her but she loves him like family. But, no matter what, he’ll help her save Max. After that, they’ll just have to see where it goes. He can’t always be her rock.

Later, Kyle meets his mom at her office to celebrate her birthday. She won’t let Noah’s death go and has now settled on the theory Max must have poisoned Noah before he took him to the desert. Plus, Isobel was somehow in on it. Kyle wants her to accept that Noah was struck by lightning and that’s all there is to it.

Michael and Alex sit around a campfire and Michael’s a happy camper. It turns out that part of what Forrest showed them helped Michael understand something he’s been trying to figure out for years. Nora wasn’t working on a bomb; she was working on a ship to get them home. It would have been big enough for Nora, Louise, and Michael to use to escape.

Alex has his own news to share. Tripp was his great uncle and he personally led the assault on the barn. Apparently, he hunted Nora and Louise for a year. He shot Roy point blank while he was unarmed and with the women in the barn. Nora was taken into custody and tortured in the alien prison for decades.

Tripp set the barn ablaze, despite being told there was a boy inside.

Alex apologizes but Michael knows he didn’t have anything to do with it. Alex turns over the piece of Michael’s console he’s been secretly in possession of for months. He confesses he didn’t want to give it to Michael before because he was afraid he’d use it to leave. Alex didn’t want him to go.

He hands it over and says, “I will not be another Manes standing in your way.”

The café’s closed when Isobel’s plan is put into action. Arturo hears Rosa’s favorite song and then finds his should-be-deceased daughter standing by the door. Isobel uses her powers to tell Arturo that he may not believe he deserves this miracle, but he needs to believe Rosa does deserve it. “She deserves a second chance. She deserves a million second chances. You’re her miracle, Arturo,” says Isobel.

Rosa and Arturo only stop hugging when Liz arrives. She confesses she’s known about Rosa’s resurrection but didn’t think Arturo would understand. He decides when God grants you a miracle, you don’t question it. You give thanks.

The Ortecho family share a group hug as Isobel watches from the sidelines. Liz has tears in her eyes when she glances at Isobel. She’s beaming with happiness and the look she gives Isobel expresses her gratitude better than any words.

Jenna (Riley Voelkel) is leaving town after learning more about her sister from Jesse Manes. She stops abruptly when she spots a dead deer in the center of the road. She gets out to take a look and almost immediately a bright light appears overhead. It seems she’s about to be abducted by aliens!

Isobel visits Max’s pod and has a lengthy one-sided discussion about God. She promises if he grants this one little miracle, she’ll never ask for anything again.

The episode ends with the battery hooked up to Max’s pod malfunctioning and then going out. Inside the pod, Max opens his eyes.