‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 2 Episode 12 Recap: “Crash Into Me”

Roswell New Mexico Season 2 Episode 12
Jeanine Mason in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 2 episode 12 (Photo © 2020 The CW Network, LLC)

Max (Nathan Parsons) is outside lighting up bulbs as The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico season two episode 12 (part one of a two-part finale) begins. The phone rings and Liz (Jeanine Mason) rushes into his house. While looking for a pen she discovers Max has taken a full vial of her antidote. She warns him that could be rough on his heart but he assures her he’s fine.

Liz apologizes about the lab and didn’t mean to hurt him. She wants to make sure they’re still a team and will make big life decisions together. Max says he still loves her and is willing to help her box up all the evidence at her lab. The subject changes to Michael who they haven’t heard from yet. He and Isobel would know if Michael was in trouble. That leads to the revelation that Helena was in contact with Mimi DeLuca, but they haven’t been able to reach Maria to see if she knows what’s going on.

Max wonders if Helena found out her daughter Rosa was killed by an alien and wants revenge. Liz wants to immediately call her mom and tell her an alien brought Rosa back. But Max asks her not to talk to Helena until he gets back from stopping by the hospital to meet with Kyle.

They set a meetup for 4pm at The Wild Pony to compare notes.

Maria (Heather Hemmens) apparently received Liz’s messages and confronts her mom. She demands to know if Helena was the one who abducted her and if she’s covering for Liz’s mom. Mimi (Sherri Saum) swears it will be fine and promises Helena won’t hurt their friends.

Mimi tries to leave when Isobel (Lily Cowles) shows up having been summoned by Maria. Isobel does her Jedi mind trick thing and peers into Mimi’s memories. She sees Helena (Bertila Damas) meeting Mimi and discussing Rosa. They both saw Rosa alive, and Helena reveals when she returned to Roswell when Jim Valenti was dying, he told her Rosa was preserved and could live again. Now, she believes him and believes Rosa is alive.

Helena is now certain aliens are real and Jesse Manes possesses a weapon capable of killing them. She declares she’s going to war.

Mimi forces Isobel out of her memories.

Kyle (Michael Trevino) shows Max the flash drive he found at Flint’s. Kyle reveals he figured out the password is Rosa’s birthday but the only thing on it is a romantic note to Helena and a map to a storage unit. Since Kyle’s busy at work, Max is going to have to investigate the storage unit on his own.

Meanwhile, Michael (Michael Vlamis) is hard at work on Helena’s bomb. She reminds him time is running out. Charlie Cameron’s (Jamie Clayton) nearby working on a project and she confesses Helena’s also forcing her to do so by threatening to kill her sister. She reveals Helena’s making her work on a poison that she invented when she was 17. Helena’s weaponizing the poison which targets specific DNA (alien) and was part of Project Shepherd.

Rosa’s hanging out while Liz works in her lab and neither sister knows where their mom is. Suddenly, Rosa (Amber Midthunder) figures out CrashCon would be the perfect place for their mom and Flint to get revenge on aliens. There will be tons of alien conspiracy theorists and media in town.

Jenna Cameron (Riley Voelkel), who’s back on the force, accompanies Max to Jim Valenti’s storage shed. The only thing inside it is amniotic fluid from a pod and a locked chest. Inside that, they discover a clue – letters to Jim from Helena. She kept writing to him for decades after their affair ended. But then they discover a receipt for $1,000 paid to the county coroner.

Max tries to connect this receipt to Noah contacting Jim about Rosa and Jim being in the possession of Rosa’s pod up until the time of his death. He thinks maybe Jim knew he was an alien when he told him he should be a sheriff after he graduated high school.

Jenna recognizes Max is agitated and sort of manic – actually he’s acting high as a kite – and he admits he’s been taking an antidote Liz made. He thinks it’s rebuilding his memories, even making him almost able to read symbols from his old language. He then admits he’s out of the antidote, hinting she should steal some from Liz. Jenna absolutely refuses.

Back at The Wild Pony, Isobel heads back into Mimi’s mind. Mimi explains she slips into other times occasionally and even saw Isobel as a baby. Isobel tries to focus Mimi on her time with Helena. It all sounds innocent…except Helena wanted to trigger her visions. And then once again Isobel loses her connection with Mimi.

“Maria, you just have to look for the sign in the water. You have to believe,” says Mimi to her totally confused daughter.

Michael finishes with the bomb and Helena reveals she’s not going to erase Michael’s memories. He wonders why she’s not testing Charlie’s poison on him, and Helena admits her agenda doesn’t match Flint’s. She’s going to take the bomb to CrashCon but doesn’t intend on killing aliens.

CrashCon’s crowded with alien enthusiasts and Arturo’s slammed at his churros stand in the carnival area. Liz wants him to close down and return to the café, but he claims he’s too busy. She confesses she has a bad vibe just as Diego shows up. Arturo reluctantly agrees.

Michael’s allowed to reunite with Alex (Tyler Blackburn) who seems okay even though he’s chained up. He describes Helena as being motherly toward him and then Michael actually laughs when Alex reveals they took his leg because he used it as a weapon against his brother.

Alex is frantic to get loose but Michael can’t use his powers to free him because of Helena’s injection. Michael explains Alex’s dad’s going to release a toxic that will kill any alien at CrashCon. He also reveals Helena got ahold of Jesse’s DNA and had Charlie create a poison that specifically targets him because he killed her love, Jim Valenti.

Speaking of the alien hunter, Helena’s disguised herself as a maid and slipped into Jesse’s house. She switches the bomb in Jesse’s briefcase with the one that will kill him.

Unfortunately, the bomb will also kill anyone in Jesse’s direct line which means Alex needs to stay away from CrashCon. He’s safer locked up at Helena’s where Michael leaves him, promising to come back for him later.

Over at The Wild Pony, Rosa, Liz, Isobel, and Maria look through the letters Max retrieved. Michael shows up in a good mood and Isobel gives him a slap to the head for making her worry. He fills the Scooby Gang in on what he’s learned – Helena is avenging Jim’s murder, not killing aliens.

Helena brings the bomb with the alien DNA back to Charlie and asks her to destroy it. After she’s done, she can leave. Oh, and Flint’s rifle only shoots blanks so she doesn’t have to worry about him.

Liz and Max sit down for burgers at the café, burgers that Rosa insists her sister eats. Max reminds her Helena is not a villain and is only targeting the man who killed Jim. They both agree it’s okay if Jesse is the target, but Liz is pissed her mom built a bomb that targeted alien DNA in the first place. She also thinks if her mom gets caught it will lead to more discrimination against Mexicans. “But, hey, maybe the president will talk about my family at his rallies. That’s gonna be fun,” says Liz.

Max assures her the deaths would be covered up like all other murders in Roswell. However, Liz points out those cover-ups don’t protect Mexicans. Liz tries to explain anything she does wrong reflects on every Mexican. That’s just the way the country is right now. But, she was hoping she could change that with her research involving alien DNA.

Max becomes angry that she could expose his family, and once again she swears she would never allow that to happen. The discussion becomes more heated when Max claims Liz wants the glory and for the president to talk about her saving the world. Liz fights back by saying she wants recognition and to be an example for others. As they discuss wanting glory, Liz figures out they’re missing part of Jesse’s plan. A couple of twentysomethings dying wouldn’t get him the attention he craves.

Max and Liz think Jesse must be planning something violent that he’ll blame on the aliens. After he paints aliens as terrorists, he’ll emerge a hero for killing them.

Flint (Kiowa Gordon) visits Alex before heading to CrashCon where he’s going to watch the “rocket launch.” Alex gets Flint all riled up by talking about the abuse they all suffered at the hands of their father. Flint becomes so angry that he attacks Alex, which is a stupid move on his part. Even chained up Alex is able to knock out his brother and retrieve the keys to his handcuffs.

Roswell New Mexico Season 2 Episode 12
Michael Vlamis, Lily Cowles, Nathan Parsons, Jeanine Mason, and Amber Midthunder in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 2 episode 12 (Photo: John Golden Britt © 2020 The CW Network, LLC)

Liz and Max locate Michael, Isobel, and Maria among the CrashCon partiers on the midway and warn them to leave. They’re interrupted by Grant Green (Peter Diseth) announcing he has proof of aliens on Earth. He opens the curtain on stage and reveals an alien structure that’s made from the same material as the pods. The crowd murmurs in surprise.

Walt rushes up to warn the group that Michael’s mother built it in the barn and it’s explosive. Isobel can’t figure out how that blowing up would be blamed on aliens when it’s in Grant Green’s possession. Max reveals his bank notified him of a $10,000 deposit this morning which Jesse Manes could have done to set him up.

Liz wants them to clear the area while she works on a way to diffuse the bomb. Because it’s part organic, she believes it can be killed.

After Liz rushes off to her lab, Max and Michael talk with Grant. Grant confirms Max sold it to him and Max tries to play it off, saying he has even more to sell. After Grant leaves, Michael explains that since its pieces want to be together, if they break it it will explode. Max reaches out to touch it and hears voices whispering. The alien thing reacts to his touch and Max thinks it’s a remote that controls the spaceship.

While they’re talking Walt interrupts to ask if the stage feels sticky. It does, and they realize it’s varnished so it will go up in flames during the fireworks that night. That will in turn set off the bomb. Since Max is getting worked up, Michael sends him away so he doesn’t accidentally set off the bomb with his sparks.

Before he leaves, Max grabs a photo with symbols he recognizes from the display.

Flint places a gun to Charlie’s head and demands the atomizer.

Night’s fallen by the time Maria and Rosa work on their plan to clear the area before the explosion. Before they can do anything, Maria spots Greg Manes and wants to warn him to leave because the bomb will destroy everyone with Jesse’s DNA. It turns out he’s there with a dozen of his students. Maria quickly covers their appearance by telling Greg that Alex wants to treat him and the kids to free milkshakes at the Crashdown Café.

Maria volunteers with Rosa to help Greg round up the kids and get them on the bus.

Over at her secret lab, Liz is working on a formula to use against the alien technology.

Flint arrives at CrashCon and tells Helena he cleaned up the mess at the house. And by that he means he lit a fire to destroy the place with Charlie inside chained to a radiator.

Liz rushes out of her lab and doesn’t notice Diego running in when she exits.

Flint pulls the alien-killing atomizer from his bag as he walks through the crowd.

Jesse Manes arrives at the carnival in full uniform and carrying his briefcase when Alex approaches and asks to speak with him.

Maria and Rosa notice the Pisces constellation in the sky and Maria figures out that’s the sign in the water her mom warned her about. Max rushes up and tells Maria she needs to get to safety but as they’re talking, she spots Flint carrying the atomizer. Max urges her again to leave as he chases after Flint.

Flint and Max get into a fight and Flint gets the best of Max. Flint turns on the atomizer and throws it before running off. Maria didn’t leave as instructed and instead sees this go down. She’s searching for the atomizer when she spots an alien sign with “Do You Believe?” on it – another part of her mother’s cryptic message.

The atomizer’s at the foot of the sign and Maria grabs it.

Max catches up to Flint in the parking lot and they exchange punches before Flint draws his gun. Max easily disarms him and Flint laughs, “What are you going to do, Evans? Shoot a soldier at the busiest event of the year?”

Flint reveals he already set off the atomizer and Max probably only has another minute to live. Max tosses the gun aside and places his palm on Flint’s chest. If Max is going to die, then so is Flint.

Michael and Isobel are busying patrolling the area around the bomb, putting out attendees’ cigarettes and making sure there aren’t any heat sources near the stage. Right after Michael warns it will only take a spark to blow up the place, the fireworks light up the sky.

Nearby straw goes up like a torch and Michael realizes there’s accelerant in the straw. No one’s listening when Michael yells at people to leave and suddenly Isobel reveals she feels cold. Max is in trouble and she sends Michael off to find him while she puts out the flames with her powers.

Alex confronts his dad, revealing he knows Jesse plans to kill innocent people and let the aliens take the blame. Jesse thinks he’s making history and collateral damage is just a side effect of war. Alex warns him that if he sets it off, he’ll die because Helena has this atomizer set for his DNA. Alex says it will also kill all his brothers if it goes off.

Greg runs up as their arguing and spots the atomizer. He demands to know what’s going on.

Liz arrives back at the carnival’s parking lot just as Max zaps Flint. It takes all of Max’s strength and he falls to the ground clutching his chest. Liz holds him as he passes out.

Maria runs as far as she can from the carnival and then throws the atomizer away. After she’s tossed it, she notices she’s bleeding from an eye. She sinks to her knees as Jenna runs up to check on her.

Alex warns Greg to leave but Greg realizes his dad is holding a weapon. Michael races up and Jesse draws his gun, but Greg places himself in the line of fire.

Liz is performing CPR when Rosa finds her in the parking lot. Liz tries to get Rosa to take her bag and mix the chemicals to defuse the bomb, but Rosa can’t. Rosa tells her sister she’s the only one capable of that, but Liz doesn’t want to lose Max again. She’s still desperately performing CPR as the episode ends.