Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space”

Roswell New Mexico Season 2 Episode 2
Amber Midthunder as Rosa in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 2 episode 2 (Photo: Ursula Coyote © 2020 The CW Network, LLC)

The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico season two episode two kicks off with Isobel, Liz, Michael, Alex, and Kyle meeting up at an abandoned Indian boarding school – along with what remains of Noah. Alex (Tyler Blackburn) has set up the place with top of the line, unhackable security, but Isobel (Lily Cowles) seems less than thrilled. However, Liz (Jeanine Mason) is sure this is where they’ll save Max.

Later back at home, Rosa (Amber Midthunder) is super curious about her death. She‘s attempting to look up her funeral when Liz convinces her to leave it alone.

And once more back to the Scooby team’s new secret lair we go. Things are getting cleaned up and readied for their top-secret #RescueMax operation.

Clips flash by with scenes of everyday life…Isobel boxing, Rosa spray painting aliens on walls and accidentally spotting her dad coming out of the café, and Maria putting up Missing Person posters hoping to get info on what happened to her mom, Mimi.

Rosa’s apparently so rattled by everything she sneaks into the bar for a drink. She’s interrupted by another vision of Max (Nathan Parsons) begging her to convince Liz not to save him. He reveals he’s burning alive from the inside.

It turns out the bar thing was just a bad dream. Nevertheless, she wakes up upset and disturbed by the vision. She asks about her sketchbook but unfortunately Liz hasn’t been able to find it. She needs it as a coping mechanism and Liz promises she’ll find it.

Speaking of promises, Rosa makes one and says she’ll stay hidden. However, Liz lets on she knows her now-younger sibling has been sneaking out and graffitiing walls.

Michael (Michael Vlamis) is working in the makeshift lab (which I really prefer to call the lair and so I will from now on because, well, it’s my recap) when he has a vision of his alien mom. It’s vivid enough to shake him up a bit.

Over at the hospital, Kyle and Alex wake Alex’s dad, Jesse (Trevor St. John), from his coma. Alex warns his dad they have a video of him feeding Kyle’s dad to an alien, but Jesse doesn’t seem worried despite the fact he’s recovering from a coma Kyle induced and could easily slip him back into again. He’s pretty sure they won’t publicize the video since there’s no way they’d want to reveal there are aliens in Roswell, New Mexico.

Kyle assures him he doesn’t really care about that; he’s willing to reveal aliens to the world if necessary.

Maria’s papering the town with flyers and stops by Michael’s to leave one on his trailer door. She’s so worried her mom’s been missing for two weeks that she doesn’t really care she caught Michael making out with a random woman at the bar. There haven’t been any signs of Mimi and the police don’t have any leads.

Maria can’t stop thinking something horrible happened. Michael empathizes, revealing he found out something about his mom that’s made it difficult for him to concentrate.

Liz uses Isobel’s blood to learn about alien physiology. Isobel wonders what Michael’s role is in helping Max, and Liz explains he’s engineering nanotech. Their not exactly friendly but semi-close to it bonding moment sours when Isobel opens a box and realizes Liz is holding onto the alien death serum. Liz assures Isobel that Noah’s dead and the serum is just for research.

While Liz is distracted, Isobel steals a syringe of the poison.

Back to Rosa and she’s wandering around the graveyard in broad daylight while sporting a disguise of a baseball cap and hoodie. She spots her grave and is shocked to see it’s been vandalized. Someone’s spray-painted “Murderer” across the marker.

She leans against it and watches a video on her phone of Wyatt Long. Wyatt’s launching a fundraising campaign to build the wall in his murdered sister Kate’s honor. The racist jerk rants on about Rosa’s parents being illegals and that Rosa was just another drunk Mexican who killed his sister. He believes if her family had stayed in Mexico, his sister would be alive today.

Alex’s brother, Flint (Kiowa Gordon), visits their dad in the hospital. He knows Kyle and Alex did something to him, but Jesse says it’s not important. Flint reports in on the demolition of the prison, taking with it all evidence of alien presence there. Jesse believes that it was the right thing to do since any revelation would have been labeled fake news. They need more concrete evidence that allows them to make a bigger statement.

Isobel’s at home using an app to figure out how big her baby is and learns it’s the size of a lentil. (She’s worried it’s an evil body-snatching bundle of joy.) Before she can dwell on that her mom arrives with an invitation to a “Woman as Warrior” class. Isobel’s not in the mood and just wants to be alone. She blows up at her mom when she suggests she talk to a doctor. But then to soothe the situation Isobel reluctantly agrees to a little mother-daughter bonding time.

Liz tracks Rosa using her phone – Rosa thinks this aspect of the future is creepy as hell – and Liz can’t believe she’s out and about during the day. Rosa angrily argues she knows how to sneak about this town. She then reveals she knows that no one came to her funeral and the deaths of her friends caused a race war.

The cops arrive at just that moment and Rosa runs off, leaving Liz to explain the spray can she’s holding while standing next to freshly painted graffiti.

Liz is taken to the station and her one call goes to Michael Guerin who just so happens to be locked up in a cell mere feet away. (How did she not notice the sexy alien kicking back in a nearby cell?) Anyway, he’s not going to be much help in getting her out of trouble.

Michael’s a fountain of doom and gloom as Liz worries over ruining the experiment since they’re both currently incarcerated. If the experiment fails that will suck. Michael reminds her life isn’t fair. He also explains he punched Wyatt Long for using one of Maria’s Missing posters to clean his boot.

It turns out Maria isn’t just a bartender, she’s also the leader of the Woman as Warrior group session. Her card claims she’s a spiritual leader, psychic reader, and social media revitalizer. Isobel’s reaction to that is priceless. She looks around, wondering if she’s being punked.

Sheriff Valenti (Rosa Arredondo) interrupts their conversation. It appears she’s doing a little investigating into Noah Bracken’s death…

Kyle receives Rosa’s completed lab reports and she’s healthy. However, there’s a protein showing up that isn’t supposed to be in a human body. He catches up with Rosa – who is not listening to anyone about staying hidden – after she texts him to meet her at a church. She demands to know if the town hates her and Kyle fills her in on the truth. Max and Michael put Rosa and her two dead friends in a car and staged an accident. The town believes Rosa got high and caused the crash. Rosa becomes upset when she realizes her sister went through all those years believing she was responsible.

Sheriff Valenti questions Liz about the position of the lightning bolt strike on Noah’s chest; he would have had to already been laying on the ground when it hit. She also wonders where Max has been since that day and why she found Liz’s necklace outside Max’s place. Liz claims she’s hoping to someday tell Max how she feels and has visited his house hoping he’ll come home so she can tell him the truth.

Roswell New Mexico season 2 episode 2
Lily Cowles as Isobel and Claudia Black as Ann in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 2 episode 2 (Photo: Ursula Coyote © 2020 The CW Network, LLC)

Isobel and her mom have been in the Woman as Warrior session for hours. Night’s fallen and Isobel’s reached the limit of her patience even though her mom’s really enjoying herself. Maria made them write down their biggest fear at the beginning of the session and she instructs the attendees to toss their fear into the fire. Isobel hesitates even after Maria promises her she can leave once she symbolically gets rid of her fear.

Maria says Isobel can choose to set herself free and that finally gets to Isobel. She truly believes it as she places her slip of paper on the fire. (Her biggest fear is the baby she’s carrying which she now refers to as “the lentil.”)

Rosa sneaks into her family’s café and her old room. It still has some of her belongings, and she even finds an old bottle of tequila she’d hidden away.

Michael admits he can’t stop thinking about his mom. He’s patiently waiting for Alex outside his house and needs to know if he has any more info to share about his mom. Alex reveals Michael’s mom’s name was Nora Truman and she wasn’t admitted to Caulfield until a year after the crash. That means people in the town might have known her and some of those people could still be alive.

Although Alex wants to help, Michael turns down his offer. He says he likes Maria and he and Alex shouldn’t be hanging out. Alex takes it surprisingly well.

When Liz finally arrives back at her place later that night, Rosa’s in no mood for her sister’s blame game. She tells Liz to go help Max, the guy who led everyone in town into believing she was a murderer. Rosa’s furious her sister chose to love Max.

Liz admits she never believed Rosa drove drunk and caused the accident. Rosa remains pissed her sister’s with the guy who staged the accident and placed her – the only “brown girl” involved – in the driver’s seat. That act led to hate crimes against their family.

Liz defends him by reminding Rosa that Max was just a kid then. She tries to explain Max has spent years trying to atone for his actions. Rosa knows everyone hates her and it’s his fault. “It was better when I was a ghost,” says Rosa.

Liz needs to stay in Roswell, but she and Kyle can find her an apartment elsewhere. Rosa’s anger doesn’t allow her to listen to her sister’s solution.

Michael’s waiting for Maria outside the bar late at night. He confesses he learned she’s been sleeping there and that’s why he’s moved his trailer to the bar’s parking lot. He’ll be sticking around to keep an eye out and make sure she’s safe.

They both let down their guards for a minute and say what they really think. He misses her laughter and doesn’t want her to hate him. “Then don’t make me hate you, Guerin,” says Maria.

She will allow him to “guard the parking lot” on a casual, non-exclusive trial basis. But, he can’t hook up with any more random girls. “Deal,” responds Michael as he moves in for a kiss. She initially pulls away but then surrenders.

Liz returns to the lab/lair to redo her experiments.

Alex and Flint meet up unexpectedly outside their father’s hospital room door. As they watch, their dad begins convulsing and falls off the bed. Flint runs for help while Alex just stands and watches his dad suffer.

Isobel’s finally back home after a weird day with her mom. She holds the alien poison and says, “I can choose to set myself free.” She squeezes a drop onto her finger and then licks it. She smiles.

Rosa climbs onto the café’s roof with the bottle of tequila. She sets it next to her without taking a drink.

She falls asleep on the roof and dreams of visiting Max’s pod in the cave. She slams her fist on it, demanding he leave her alone. He appears and reiterates how much pain he’s in. She tells him to man up, ticking off a list of things that have gone wrong in her life. He still wants her help and asks her to pull him out of the pod and then leave. “You won’t be killing me, Rosa. I’m already dead,” begs Max.

Max reminds her that as long as she has his handprint, he can contact her. She’s okay with that and says she’s an expert at quieting voices. She wakes up and gulps down tequila.