Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 10 Recap: “Hunahpu” Season Final

Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 10
JD Pardo as EZ Reyes and Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 1 episode 10 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

Season two episode nine of FX’s Mayans M.C. ended with Taza secretly cutting off Riz’s air supply in the hospital, leading to his death. The penultimate episode also revealed Miguel’s mother, Dita, was behind the murder of EZ and Angel’s mother, Marisol. As episode 10 – the season finale – begins, it’s obvious Angel (Clayton Cardenas), EZ (JD Pardo), and their dad have had a rough night.

EZ confesses he should have let his obsession to learn the truth about his mother’s death go nine years ago. Angel has his own confession to make. He confesses he should have been there for EZ all those years ago and never should have let him deal with things by himself.

The conversation’s barely getting started when Felipe (Edward James Olmos) decides he’s heard enough and doesn’t want his sons taking this burden on themselves. He believes their mother is only dead because of what he did. He’s convinced the only appropriate course of action is for him to talk to Dita to get the truth.

As they’re talking, Angel answers his phone and learns Riz has died. Even after that devastating news, Angel holds himself together enough to warn his dad not to take matters into his own hands. “We’ll figure this shit out together,” says Angel.

Meanwhile, Adelita’s giving birth to a baby boy while in handcuffs.

Over at the clubhouse, Bishop (Michael Irby) and the club comfort Riz’s mom. It’s disturbing to see Taza (Raoul Max Trujillo) has seated himself next to Riz’s mom on the couch, his arm around her shoulders. Given the fact he finished the job the Vatos Malditos started and took Riz’s life…and the fact Taza is a former member of the VM…his choice to be the one Riz’s mom leans on is odd, to say the least.

The two other Mayans M.C. “kings” – the presidents of the Yuma and Stockton charters – are also in the clubhouse and inform Bishop they’ll be waiting for him at the table when he’s free to talk. Bishop questions what’s left to discuss and is told the other charters got word of what’s about to go down. Before this goes any further, the two kings want to speak to Bishop alone to make sure he’s grasping the full picture.

After the kings leave the room, Bishop explains away their continued presence by saying they’re only sticking around to finish paperwork.

Bishop joins the kings and is reminded the other charters are dependent on this new gun business to get by. The Portland and Spokane charters are prepared to split off and wear a fringe badge, if necessary. “You know what happens to an MC if that shit goes down. Rocks the faith, brother – inside and out. We lose the unity. We lose everything,” says the Yuma president.

The Yuma president wants Bishop to have a one-on-one with Palo, the president of the Vatos Malditos. Bishop agrees to a meetup at Palo’s grandmother’s house. He’ll take Tranq (Frankie Loyal) as backup, but he doesn’t want the kings to say anything to his charter about this turn of events.

Coco (Richard Cabral) realizes the other charters want Bishop to change his mind about retaliation. Angel’s up on Mayans gossip and tells Coco, EZ, and Gilly that Portland’s threatening to split. (Portland is the second biggest charter.) Coco’s pissed and reminds the guys they’re the ones who are in the thick of it day in and day out – not Portland or the other charters.

Coco firmly believes in an eye for an eye, literally.

The episode’s first visit with the Galindos confirms the atmosphere’s still tense in that particular household. Emily (Sarah Bolger) and Miguel (Danny Pino) are preparing for the groundbreaking ceremony when he brings up everything that’s happened to Iliana. Emily claims Iliana’s fine. Other than that short exchange, Emily and Miguel barely speak.

And speaking of Iliana, she’s packing up her office when Emily arrives at the county building. She’s taken another job in San Diego and when Emily tries to convince her she doesn’t need to leave, Iliana hints she’s only doing so because of something Miguel did.

While at the county building, EZ and Emily have yet another secret meeting and Emily voices her concern about Felipe. She then hands over an envelope full of info on Bishop’s ex-girlfriend, including photos of the woman and her child. She makes EZ promise, again, nothing will happen to Miguel. He agrees that if they use the info, nothing will happen to her husband.

EZ takes the info straight to Angel. Angel realizes Miguel gathered it to use against Potter to get Adelita back. However, he doesn’t understand why Emily turned it over to EZ. EZ confesses Emily saw a text from Potter and offered this info to help Felipe in exchange for making sure no harm comes to Miguel. (Rock meet hard place!)

EZ believes it’s Angel’s call. Will they use this to help their dad or to set Adelita free? EZ will support his decision either way, firm in his belief Angel should know the options and ultimately make the decision on their next move.

As EZ’s leaving Angel says, “Call Potter. Set a meeting.”

And speaking of Potter, he’s watching through a window as Adelita is allowed to snuggle with her newborn. He orders blood drawn to find out who’s the dad.

The episode’s second secret meeting occurs when Dita (Ada Maris) and Felipe return to the roof of the doctor’s office for what’s likely the last time. When he says his wife’s name, Dita reacts by taking a deep breath. He asks if she had Marisol killed or hired someone to kill them both. Dita walks him through what happened, confirming she saw him and Marisol at a local festival.

Dita then explains she didn’t want to lose Miguel, believing she would at some point since Felipe suspected he was Miguel’s actual father. She didn’t want Felipe to connect with her son. That, and the fact she was jealous over how much Felipe obviously loved Marisol, caused her to want them dead.

Dita now wants Felipe to kill her. She believes it’s how she needs (and deserves) to die.

Bishop and Tank arrive at Palo’s grandmother’s house, and Bishop and Palo head inside for their one-on-one talk after leaving their guns outside.

In an episode full of important meetings, next up is the one with EZ, Angel, and Potter. As the Reyes brothers wait for Potter to show up, Angel explains how he came to his decision. He confesses that since that day in the desert when Adelita sent him away, he’s changed. He now considers what she would do or say before he makes decisions. In short, she’s made him a better man.

Angel believes Adelita would say to use the information to help Felipe.

Potter arrives in a decent mood but that quickly changes when they show him what they’ve discovered about his Mexican girlfriend and son. EZ confirms they have all the details they need about this girl, including the fact she was a witness for the prosecution he slept with. “If we send this to your superiors in the DOJ…pretty sure knocking someone up is considered manipulating a witness. Your career’s f*cked,” says EZ.

Angel has another option to throw on the table. “Maybe we just visit mama. She’s pretty hot. I’m sure it’d be worth the commute,” teases Angel which sets Potter off. He tries to attack Angel but EZ easily holds him back.

Potter barely manages to collect himself and EZ advises him he better throw out anything he has on Ignacio Cortina. Then, he needs to create new records for Felipe and Marisol Reyes that confirm they’re American citizens.

EZ gives him 24 hours to get it done. Potter starts to explain that’s too short a time frame, but EZ cuts him off. He wants a letter confirming their citizenship delivered to Felipe by tomorrow night. Or else.

“You f**ked with me and my family enough. It’s over,” warns EZ.

Bishop and Palo’s meeting finally ends and apparently they worked out a deal which Bishop will take back to the other kings. They shake on it and Palo even smiles.

Bishop and Tranq talk quietly as they walk to their bikes. Bishop says he played it the way he had to but then he throws us a clue as to what’s really going on by asking if Tranq talked to Palo’s grandmother. He did and she’s excited about her birthday party planned for the following night.

The Reyes brothers return home after a busy day and Felipe delivers the news Dita confessed and wants to die. Surprisingly, Felipe seems to have settled on killing Dita as the right thing to do. He wants to deal with the sins of the past without his sons’ involvement.

They’re supposed to be meeting up with the club but Angel and EZ refuse to leave. An angered Felipe tells his sons not to disrespect his decision and to leave him alone. He’s got to do this to settle things.

They finally leave and neither EZ nor Angel explain what they just sacrificed to keep their dad alive and in America.

Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 10
Clayton Cardenas and Raoul Max Trujillo in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 2 episode 10 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

Bishop and Tranq return to the clubhouse where the club learns Bishop wasn’t meeting with Galindo. He lied and Coco’s furious but Bishop warns him not to interrupt him again or he’ll gouge his eyes out. He calls the club to the table for an immediate meeting.

We’re not privy to the first few minutes of the meeting and join it in progress. The men listen as Bishop says he “navigates the best way” he can as the shot-caller for the Mayans M.C. “I know you hate doing it this way, feels like you’re betraying the patch, but we’ll figure it out. I promise you that,” says Bishop.

Bishop asks his men to play it smart around the other two kings.

They leave the meeting and as soon as Coco sees the kings, he loses control. He calls them traitors and curses as he’s hustled out of the room. But once he’s outside, Coco’s back under control and doesn’t need to be restrained. He even hugs Chucky and apologies for being short with him earlier in the day.

As the kings ride away, Taza asks Bishop if he’s sure about his decision. Bishop admits he’s not.

The following morning EZ wakes up, spots the box filled with information he’s collected on his mother’s murder and puts it away in a cabinet. He’s done obsessing over her death. Her killer’s fate now rests in his father’s hands.

Speaking of Marisol’s murderer, Dita tricks her driver and Nestor into exiting the car at a pharmacy. Once she’s alone, she takes over as driver and speeds away alone.

Emily delivers a speech at the groundbreaking ceremony and then joins the mayor and Miguel in the ceremonial shoveling of dirt. While that’s going on, Angel and EZ receive a note – delivered to them by Chucky – from Dita.

Potter’s working on getting Felipe citizenship when he learns the blood tests have confirmed the identity of Adelita’s baby’s father. He instructs an agent to remove the baby from Adelita after she’s finished feeding him.

Dita and Felipe meet in the middle of nowhere. Dita’s sure what they’re doing is the right thing, but Felipe explains he will not kill her. As they’re talking EZ and Angel pull up and ignore their father when he tries to send them away. Instead, they ask Dita directly what she wants.

“Karma,” replies Dita. She believes one of the Reyes men has to right a wrong. She took care of covering her tracks, leaving notes to Miguel and others explaining she killed herself. She doesn’t want to get any of the Reyes men in trouble.

EZ volunteers to kill her, but Felipe chimes in that he’ll do it. EZ explains he was the one “who pulled this thread” and needs to see it through. EZ has Angel accompany his dad back to his truck before he approaches Dita. EZ tells her she destroyed his family and she kneels in front of him. He struggles to remain in control as she prays.

EZ joins her in kneeling and holds her head in his hands. One hand clasps her throat and she struggles for breath. She tries to fight him off, but he doesn’t loosen his grip. Once she’s dead Angel joins him and they light her lifeless body on fire.

Later, the club returns to the table to vote on EZ’s patch. Angel speaks up and admits he didn’t want this for his brother. However, he now believes EZ belongs to this family and that this family needs him.

Angel retrieves his little bro who’s anxiously waiting for the results of the vote. Angel looks sad as he apologizes and has EZ follow him back into the room where the club’s seated around the table. Everyone looks solemn as EZ’s told to remove his jacket and place it on the table.

Taza stands next to EZ and slaps down his new patches while Bishop officially welcomes him to the tribe. Hugs all around as EZ has earned his way up from prospect to a legitimate member of the Mayans M.C. Santo Padre charter.

Bishop points to the new patches and tells EZ, “Sew that on. We’ve got a party to go to.”

EZ receives one last congratulatory hug from Angel. As the club prepares to head out, Angel reminds his brother he never wanted this for him but now this is who they both are. “There’s no one else I’d rather have on my side,” says Angel.

“I love you, Angel,” responds EZ.

The touching moment ends when Angel says, “Shut up, Ezekiel.”

Night falls and the Galindo household’s in an uproar as they try and figure out where Dita has gone. Emily finds a letter from Miguel’s mother and they all head out to the location Dita chose to end her life.

Miguel sinks to his knees next to his mother’s burned body and Emily kneels to comfort her husband. Miguel doesn’t show any emotion when he finally stands up.

Marcus must suspect there’s more to Dita’s death than suicide. He uses a flashlight and spots motorcycle tire tracks nearby. He instructs Nestor to “tell Paco it’s time” and then rubs the tracks out with his foot.

Potter comes through and has citizenship documents delivered to Felipe.

And now with just three minutes left in the season two finale, the time has come for the Santo Padre chapter to get revenge. As the VM celebrate Palo’s grandmother’s birthday, the Mayans bust in through the front door and immediately open fire. Anyone with a pulse inside the house is fair game.

In the minute prior to their arrival, Palo had escorted his grandmother outside. Palo makes sure she’s safe as inside Bishop commands his men to locate the VM’s missing president.

Angel and the men look around in the dark outside the house, and as they’re searching Angel receives a texted photo of his baby and a call from Potter. Potter congratulates him on his son and adds, “We share a common bond now. We both know the unbearable loneliness of losing the woman we love and we both feel a primal familial pain every time we realize that our sons will never know who we are. Welcome to the tribe.”

Angel stares at his son’s picture, tears in his eyes, but then shakes it off.

EZ calls for the club to see what he’s found. It’s not Palo. Instead, EZ’s standing over the dead body of a Sons of Anarchy club member inside the house. It appears the dead SoA is VM friend, Allesandro Montez (Jacob Vargas).

The episode ends with Bishop declaring, “F**k me.”