Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: “Muluc” Ends on a Shocking Note

Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 6
Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes and JD Pardo as EZ Reyes in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 2 episode 6 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

FX’s Mayans M.C. season two episode six opens with EZ (JD Pardo) having spent the night watching over his older brother following the rescue attempt that ended with Adelita choosing to remain in custody. Angel (Clayton Cardenas) wakes to crows cawing outside his window and grabs what looks like a gun. He pulls the trigger and, fortunately for bird lovers, it’s a water gun that leaves the birds unharmed while effectively chasing them away. In Angel’s state of mind, it wouldn’t have been shocking to find some crows had cawed their last caw after choosing to land outside his window this particular morning.

Speaking of the aftermath of Adelita’s choice, Potter’s informed she’s now in custody at a military base in San Diego. That’s the good news. The bad news is there are two dead agents inside a burned-out car. No one’s quite sure who attacked the car, but it’s believed if the rebels or the cartel did, Adelita wouldn’t have been left behind.

Elsewhere, Miguel Alvarez’s vehicle dies and he calls on Nestor for an assist. Before Nestor arrives, the mercs appear on the scene. They immediately shoot one of the men in the leg and then grab Marcus (Emilio Rivera), forcing him into their vehicle.

Nestor (Gino Vento) and another of Miguel’s men actually pass the mercs on the road as they roll up to the scene. They’re quickly filled in on what went down. Nestor heads back down the road on his own, chasing after the mercs.

The mercs quickly realize they’re being followed and their two vehicles split up. Nestor follows the correct vehicle, after the second vehicle (a tow truck) breaks off. Unfortunately, it’s a trap. The tow truck reappears from the side and T-bones Nestor’s car. The impact sends Nestor’s vehicle off the side of the road and tumbling down an incline.

Nestor’s able to get out of the vehicle and watches as the Clearwater Towing truck pulls away. He uses his finger to write 243 on the sand covering his destroyed car. 243 is part of a phone number that became visible when the magnetic sign on the tow truck slipped as a result of the impact.

EZ and Angel arrive at the garage and Angel’s no longer on the outs with the club. After Angel walks away, EZ tells Bishop (Michael Irby) his brother’s messed up but hasn’t been broken. “Something’s shifted,” explains EZ. Bishop instructs EZ to keep Angel close. (Even without the warning EZ doesn’t appear to be drifting far from his brother’s side.)

Meawhile, Emily (Sarah Bolger) visits Ileana’s hotel room after receiving a phone call from her friend. Ileana breaks the news that another bidder – China – has placed the best bid for the project. China’s offer was submitted at the very last minute and is a substantially better deal for Santo Padre. Ileana has no idea how this happened, but Emily surmises someone fed them info on the bids. Emily believes it’s Ileana’s assistant Marlon who provided the top bidder with information, but Ileana doesn’t think that’s possible.

Emily reminds Ileana she accepted the bribe and now she needs to know everything about Marlon. If she can prove Marlon helped China, then their bid would be disqualified. Whatever plan Emily cooks up must be implemented quickly before the bids are voted on.

In a show of control, Emily leaves another packet of money with Ileana – just to rub it in her face.

Happy (David Labrava) shows up at the Mayans’ garage for a face-to-face with EZ and Angel. They meet in EZ’s trailer and Happy reveals he lied to Packer and was able to get more info on who ordered the hit on their mom. According to the copies of the paperwork Happy was able to obtain, the payment was sent via Western Union from the Hermosillo branch in Sonora, Mexico. That narrows it down to two possibilities, one of which is the Galindos. Because Miguel Galindo’s father would have already been cooperating with the DOJ at that time, making five smaller payments through Western Union would have been the best option to move a large sum of money without getting it flagged.

The meeting breaks up when Tranq (Frankie Loyal) comes to collect EZ and Angel to help with the Alvarez situation. Bishop looks concerned when Happy exits the trailer with the Reyes brothers, but they cover their meeting with a workable lie.

Bishop asks Happy for an assist on rescuing Alvarez and he’s happy to oblige. They can’t fill him in on the real details but Happy’s fine with minimal knowledge of what went down. Referencing SAMCRO’s Jax Teller and his relationship with Alvarez, Happy says, “Jax would want me to help. I’m in.” (We’re all in on any and all references to Jax and Sons of Anarchy.)

The mercs attempt to torture information out of Alvarez, demanding to know who attacked the station wagon carrying Adelita. Alvarez is busted and bloody, but not ready to talk. They continue punching him in the face, but he remains loyal to Miguel Galindo, the cartel, and the Mayans.

The torture ramps up and the mercs become convinced Alvarez is close to breaking. They begin ripping off his fingernails, promising it’s the little fingernails that hurt the most. Alvarez begs them to stop and says it was the brothers. He offers to provide the mercs with numbers to text, assuring them the brothers will call back.

Miguel and a few of his men meet up with Bishop to figure out who could have taken Alvarez. They don’t believe it’s a rival cartel and Miguel finally lands on Potter and the mercs as the likely candidates. Angel thinks it’s possible it’s the mercs acting on their own to get revenge on whoever killed their men.

Emily arrives unexpectedly at the meeting and demands to speak with Miguel. He’s pissed she showed up at the dress warehouse and yells at her to go home. Nestor’s in bad shape as he enters the building, and Emily’s immediately upset to see him injured. Miguel instructs his men to remove Emily from the building since she’s not leaving on her own.

It turns out Clearwater Towing doesn’t exist, but the 243 Nestor saw proves useful. Coco (Richard Cabral) and Riz (Antonio Jaramillo) are tasked with figuring out the phone number and who it belongs to.

Miguel heads off to confront Potter’s right-hand woman and she can’t believe he actually thinks Potter would have kidnapped Alvarez. Miguel thinks Potter’s testing his security, but he’s not around to confront directly.

Coco and Taz come up with 28 possible phone numbers, some of which belong to farms and others to businesses.

Miguel returns and he and Bishop receive identical text messages addressed to the Molino twins. The messages instruct them to call a burner and meet Miguel about a very important job. Angel figures out since Molino means windmill in Spanish, Miguel wants them to meet at somewhere with turbines. (Angel’s quite the detective in this episode.)

The 243 number matches a few farmlands. Now they just have to narrow that list to ones that have turbines.

After being kicked out of the meeting, Emily shows up at Felipe’s butcher shop again. He closes it down and she promises no one knows they talked. She’s not going to share the info she learned about his true identity.

Emily’s actually there to secretly meet with EZ. She admits Miguel was right to kick her out of the meeting, and then confesses she needs EZ’s help. She explains about the Chinese bribing a clerk and edging them out of the project. She can’t quite ask the question and then admits this project is all she has right now. She can’t tell Miguel because he’ll bring his other world into the business.

Emily lies about her own illegal activity, saying she only found out about the Chinese bidder because a friend told her. She asks EZ to talk to Marlon and get him to tell the truth about how he helped the Chinese. She doesn’t want him hurt and doesn’t think the guy would risk going to jail.

EZ steps away from the meeting when Angel calls with the news they know Alvarez’s location. Before heading out, EZ agrees to help Emily.

The leader of the mercs tells Alvarez they sent the text and still haven’t heard back. Alvarez asks if Potter ordered his kidnapping. Alvarez reveals he knows who these guys are, calling the leader by his name. The leader puts a spike through Alvarez’s hand and threatens to put one through the other hand if the brothers don’t call soon. After that, he’ll chop both hands off.

Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 6
Richard Cabral as Johnny “Coco” Cruz in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 2 episode 6 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

The club and cartel members arrive at the hills immediately above the farmhouse. Coco takes up a position and uses his sharpshooting skills to put a bullet through the forehead of a merc on guard duty. Miguel’s also with the group, and Nestor warns he shouldn’t be there. Miguel’s not worried because he knows Nestor would take a bullet for him.

Coco’s unable to spot the location of other mercs from this distance. Angel volunteers to get closer, however Coco and EZ follow in his footsteps. “The three of us moving together kind of defeats the whole stealth things,” says Angel. “I’m not suicidal you f**king morons! Just let me do something right.”

He continues moving forward, now without his two compadres. Angel makes it to the brick wall not far from the recently deceased merc. He hunkers down behind a tow truck before making his move closer to the building. He steps on something metal which causes a clatter, however no one emerges from the building.

Peering through a window, Angel spots the group with Alvarez. Just as Angel turns from the window, another merc on outside guard duty spots him. Coco takes care of that guy with a bullet to the head before he can even raise his gun.

Angel moves away from his perch by the window.

Time’s run out inside the building as the mercs now call bullsh*t on the phone numbers Alvarez provided. They are, however, impressed with how tough Alvarez is and how long he’s held out.

Before they can finish off Alvarez a glass shatters nearby. The mercs head toward the noise as suddenly a tow truck drives through the closed garage door, hitting a few of the men. The Mayans and Miguel’s people follow it in, and a gunfight breaks out. Happy’s a brave ally as he takes one merc down and the club and cartel handle the rest.

Miguel and Nestor pull up the rear and enter the building after the action’s quieted down. Alvarez is freed. He’s in poor shape but still alive.

The leader of the mercs is still alive but Alvarez waves away a gun they try and hand him to finish the job. EZ understands what’s needed and gives Alvarez one of the tools they used to torture him. Alvarez is helped over to the merc’s injured body where he tells the man he should have learned a little Spanish. He then proceeds to bash his head in.

The Mayans regroup at their clubhouse and EZ and Angel take a minute to say goodbye to Angel. They assure him it’ll all be over once they find out the identity of the person who ordered their mother’s murder.

After getting a hug from his little brother, Angel heads out to see their dad.

As Alvarez is getting fixed up by the club’s doctor, Bishop warns him to never scare them that way again. Nestor arrives and Alvarez says what he did “gives loyalty a whole new meaning.”

“I’m proud of you and I thank you, my brother,” says Alvarez.

Miguel arrives home for a much-needed conversation with Emily. She admits she messed up and shouldn’t have shown up at his meeting. She also confesses she’s enjoyed getting closer to him since Potter and Adelita entered the picture, but the boundaries between Miguel’s worlds have become less defined. He offers an apology and she accepts. She also assures him she made one call and handled the problem she wanted to discuss with him earlier that day.

Potter calls the mercs and the phone just rings. The camera pans and shows six dead mercs lined up on the floor, backed by the sound of a ringing phone.

Potter asks an agent to get the NSA and ICE to hand over everything they have on Ignacio Cortina and Felipe Reyes.

EZ shows up at Marlon’s house, announcing himself at the door (using his real name). And in a late in the episode plot twist, Marlon recognizes EZ from high school. Marlon’s a few years younger but they both played ball.

Marlon’s currently living with his mom but just put down a deposit on a new condo. Marlon suddenly decides to ask why EZ’s there, and EZ confesses he’s there about the agriculture park project. Marlon tries to kick him out, but EZ reveals the cops are going to pull his email and phone records. The only way to stay out of jail is to tell his boss the truth.

EZ slips up and uses the word “we” during their talk and Marlon realizes who EZ’s representing.

Marlon makes a critical mistake and calls Emily a cartel whore. EZ punches him in the face in response and then says, “The only person I’m doing this for is you, Marlon. It’s your ass on the line.”

EZ demands Marlon’s phone and laptop but Marlon won’t turn them over. EZ warns him that even a guy living in his mom’s basement should be smart enough to know this won’t go his way.

EZ asks one more time for the phone and laptop. Marlon acts as if he’s agreeing and instead retrieves a gun from a desk drawer. EZ acts quickly and punches Marlon again in the face. They struggle over getting control of the gun which has fallen to the floor. Marlon has it in his hands when EZ hits him again, causing Marlon to shoot himself under the chin. The bullet explodes out of the top of his head as he falls back on the couch. From the position of his dead body and the bullet’s entry wound, anyone investigating could easily assume this was a suicide.