Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: “Tohil”

Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 7
Vincent Rocco Vargas, Antonio Jaramillo, Clayton Cardenas, Raoul Max Trujillo, and Michael Irby in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 2 episode 7 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

Season two episode six of FX’s Mayans M.C. ended with EZ leaving a guy he was supposed to just talk to dead on a couch, gunshot wound through his head. EZ (JD Pardo) is exceedingly jumpy the morning after his meeting with Marlon – and for good reason – as season two episode seven begins.

EZ rinses out his bloody T-shirt, ignoring a call from Emily. Meanwhile, cops are all over Marlon’s house, shooting photos of the death scene and beginning their investigation into the clerk’s death. The mayor arrives and cops inform her it’s looking like Marlon was deeply in debt, was being hounded by bill collectors, and took his own life.

Angel (Clayton Cardenas) finally has a heart-to-heart with his dad, Felipe (Edward James Olmos). Angel reveals he knows Felipe’s real name and Felipe gives him a CliffNotes version of his history with the Galindo cartel. Angel confides in his father that Adelita’s having his baby and Felipe congratulates his oldest son, assuring him he’ll be a good father while warning that the worry over the job he’ll be doing raising a child never ends.

Angel’s worried he’ll never see his child since Adelita’s currently in Potter’s hands. Felipe drops some (cryptic) pearls of wisdom. “Potter, he’s a slippery, arrogant f**k. But he’s got weaknesses. He makes mistakes, like we all do,” says Felipe.

Coco’s teenage daughter, Leticia (remember her?), is living at his place and is also apparently helping a friend’s family cross the border. Coco (Richard Cabral) only learns of this when the friend, Gabriela, appears in his kitchen and Leticia (Emily Tosta) is pretty much forced into showing off bruises she received while dealing with the coyotes on this side of the border. The family’s being held by another club acting as coyotes and demanding more money. And even though she name-dropped her dad’s a Mayan, the club only laughed and refused to let the family go.

Coco takes this info and meets with Bishop (Michael Irby) and the club, presenting his case to help out Leticia’s friend’s family. When Bishop asks why the club should get involved, Coco explains the coyotes are a Mexican M.C. That club normally runs their operations out of Tijuana and shouldn’t be operating on this side of the border, basically in the Mayans’ backyard.

Bishop wasn’t aware they’d crossed the border doing coyote work, and Coco confirms his daughter saw them at the exchange. He gets the table riled up when he adds that Leticia told him the M.C. laughed when she said her dad was a Mayan.

EZ has a flirty chat with Gabriela while Coco’s putting forth his case to help her out. They make a connection over their love of poetry, with EZ able to complete a poem Gabriela has a line from tattooed on her forearm.

Bishop admits the club’s been distracted by the Galindo deal and has forgotten to take care of other business. This TJ club doesn’t have any pride or respect for the patch and is simply after money. They don’t even have a true prospect process the way most clubs do, including the Mayans.

Bishop acts swiftly, dedicating all the club’s resources to hunting down the TJ club and cleaning up this mess.

Coco, EZ, and Angel hit the streets, looking for info on any unusual M.C. activity. Their first contact shows them a bunch of guys on cycles that have nothing to do with what they’re after. However, EZ spots a pizza delivery guy and suggests that if the club has people holed up in a safehouse, they’d need to feed them.

The guys split up and check out the local restaurants that make deliveries. Coco and Angel come up empty, but EZ secures the address of a place that’s had five big deliveries within the last week.

The house’s windows are covered by wood, however the club didn’t post anyone outside on guard duty. EZ knocks on the front door, saying he’s got a food delivery. The ruse works and EZ busts down the door as it’s being unlocked. He’s followed into the safehouse by the rest of the Mayans who joined EZ, Angel, and Coco after EZ obtained the safehouse address.

EZ and the Mayans enter guns a-blazing, and the club inside returns fire. The Mayans have the element of surprise on their side and easily overpower the TJ club. The Mayans find locked doors upstairs and break them all down. There are men and just a few women huddled together scared in each of the rooms, but there’s no sign of Gabriela’s mother or little brother.

Bishop learns some of the immigrants were taken away and moved closer to the border into cages. A woman explains these coyotes traffic the young ones and put down the rest, if they don’t pay. One of the men knows the location of the cages and offers to lead the Mayans to them.

The club arrives at the cages and Bishop sends out a message to other club presidents filling them in on what’s about to go down. He wants them to know he’s taking care of an issue that never should have been allowed to fester in his area.

Bishop takes the blame on himself when he’s talking to Angel, but Angel’s having none of it. He describes everything Bishop’s done for the M.C. in the last year as epic.

Bishop’s happy to have the Reyes brothers in the club, conceding it’s important to have family close in the club. “Do you know what separates us from all the other scumbags, gives us the courage to look into the mirror? (Pointing to his patch) This fucking piece of leather, the history that hangs on it. Means I’ve earned the respect of men, men I love, men I’d die for. Men who’d die for me. The money, the weight, it can’t lead. We have to serve something greater.”

The club gathers to go over the plan. Coco’s sure the M.C. will be on alert after what happened at the safehouse. However, the Mayans have moved quickly and have beaten any backup coming from TJ to the cages. Bishop tells them to prep for an army and pray for a squad.

The Mayans bust into the building and come under pretty substantial gunfire. This group’s better armed than those at the safehouse, but the Mayans have Coco and his sharpshooting skills on their side.

The TJ club’s able to light a fire in front of the cages before being picked off. EZ shoots a lock and the club hurries to free the immigrants and remove them from the building as the fire grows and smoke billows.

Gabriela’s mom and brother are among those rescued. They’ve all inhaled a lot of smoke but otherwise everyone’s fine.

The Mayans bring Gabriela’s mom and brother back to their clubhouse. Leticia watches their reunion and is sad she’ll never have a reunion like that with her own mom. Coco replies, “That’s because I killed her.” He goes on to tell her he’s proud of her, even though she almost got them killed. He gives her a kiss on the head and tells her he loves her.

Despite the bonding moment, it’s still too weird for Leticia to call Coco “Dad.” They decide she should keep calling him by his name.

Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 7
JD Pardo as EZ Reyes in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 2 episode 7 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

The happy reunion has EZ thinking about his own mom and he returns to his trailer to go through the paperwork he collected surrounding her death once again.

Picking up with the Galindo family, Mayor Pena (Alexandra Barreto) has called Emily (Sarah Bolger) and Miguel (Danny Pino) in for a meeting. She tells them Marlon, one of their clerks, took his own life. Prior to his death, Marlon sent an email to the Mayor and other council members confessing he accepted bribes for the agri-park project. (Very thorough job, EZ.)

With the Chinese company out of the running, Emily’s proposal has won the contract.

After they leave the office, in response to Miguel’s query Emily denies knowing anything about Marlon. Miguel’s obviously unconvinced, but Emily attempts to assure him the only thing he needs to know is that Galindo Enterprises – his legacy – is moving one step further away from bloodshed.

Emily leaves in a different car which allows Miguel the opportunity to instruct Nestor to keep an eye on her. Miguel wants to know where she is 24/7.

Later, Emily rings up Miguel and says she has to head to the clerk’s office because Marlon’s death has hit Ileana hard. She enters the building and lets EZ in through a window. They’re meeting in secret so that no one knows she enlisted his help. He explains what went down at Marlon’s place and that he figured out Marlon’s past-due bills would make it appear as though he was depressed and killed himself. He sent the emails to wrap up Emily’s problem.

Emily seems to truly realize for the first time that Marlon’s death is on her hands. EZ corrects her and says Marlon’s dead because of him. “Marlon’s dead because he pulled a gun on me while I was doing a favor for someone I care about,” he says.

They hug as Emily thanks him. She promises she’ll do whatever she can to help if he and his family ever need anything. EZ immediately takes her up on that offer. He pulls out some papers and says, “It’s a family thing.”