Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: “Xquic”

Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 5
Richard Cabral, JD Pardo, and Clayton Cardenas in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 2 episode 5 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

Season two episode four of FX’s gritty drama Mayans M.C. found EZ and Angel working out a deal of sorts with Happy for information on who ordered their mother’s mother. Angel challenged the loyalty of dog-loving Mayans M.C. fans by threatening Happy’s pooch but, fortunately, the deal was struck without any harm done to the four-legged innocent bystander.

Season two episode four also found Adelita being taken into custody by the mercs, with Miguel forced to pretend he was hunting her down rather than working with the outlaw. Season two episode five picks up not long after Adelita’s capture as Potter (Ray McKinnon) and his minions arrive at the mercs’ headquarters to discover she’s being kept locked in a dog cage. Potter’s pissed about her treatment and apologizes, but Adelita refuses to allow him to think of himself as her savior. After she’s taken to the bathroom to freshen up, Potter asks his second-in-command if she finds it strange Miguel Galindo chose to track Adelita on his own. He’s no longer sure Galindo’s completely on his side.

Potter decides they’ll take Adelita back to the U.S. the following day and asks the mercs to work up a few routes/options. They must be hyper-vigilant in case they’re being watched.

Potter has a chat with Adelita (Carla Baratta) and assures her he won’t put her baby at risk. However, he then proceeds to directly contradict that statement. She’ll be taken to a secure facility until she gives birth. The baby will then be used as leverage to make her talk. He’s fully aware that’s the only option since torturing her won’t extract the truth.

Meanwhile, Miguel (Danny Pino) returns home and explains what happened to Emily. He credits Adelita with saving the situation while sacrificing herself. He’s upset he couldn’t save her, and Emily reminds him it was Adelita’s choice. Miguel knows what Potter’s capable of and gets emotional when he talks about what Potter could do to the baby.

Miguel takes all the blame, despite the fact Adelita is a powerful woman fully capable of making her own choices. Emily (Sarah Bolger) senses there’s a strong connection between Miguel and Adelita and asks if he loves her. He adamantly denies he does. “I went from hating Adelita to understanding her and, eventually, respecting her,” explains Miguel. It’s her selfless need to help the poor of Mexico that completely won him over. He admits he wanted to feel what she does as she helps those in need.

“I wanted to be around Adelita, but it wasn’t about her. It was about me,” confesses Miguel.

With everything going on with Potter, his life has dramatically changed. But, Emily’s not buying it. She used to be his touchstone and now she’s not. She’s observed the changes and how the cartel’s business has increased (as have Miguel’s profits) since making the deal with Potter.

“You haven’t struggled with it, baby. You’ve embraced it,” says Emily.

He apologizes and admits he didn’t see it that way. A call from Potter interrupts their heart-to-heart.

Elsewhere, Angel (Clayton Cardenas) and EZ (JD Pardo) finally make it back to the Mayans’ garage in Santo Padre. Bishop (Michael Irby) immediately confronts them about the Swole Boys and when the Reyes brothers admit they ran into the Boys on the way up the coast, Bishop, Tranq (Frankie Loyal), and Taza (Raoul Max Trujillo) inform them they had a run-in on their way home.

EZ attempts to defend his brother as Bishop lays into him about not thinking before he acts. Angel doesn’t need his brother as backup and tells him to shut up, calling him Prospect rather than EZ. Angel accepts the blame, says it’s not EZ’s fault, and wants to let the table decide on his punishment.

Bishop and his men are pulled away from the dressing down by a call from Miguel Alvarez. When they walk about, Angel lightens the mood by joking with his younger brother about getting his jaw cracked again.

The call was to inform Bishop the Mayans need to provide Miguel backup since the mercs grabbed Adelita.

Felipe (Edward James Olmos) chooses the worst possible moment to show up at the garage. Angel’s just learned his baby mama is in the enemies’ hands. Plus, he’s only had a day to digest the news his father used to be a Federale.

EZ quietly warns his brother not to cause a scene. Instead of screaming at this dad, he sobs and leans into his shoulder for comfort.

The club meets up with Miguel and Alvarez in the tunnel, and Miguel explains that Potter’s request for the cartel’s help in transporting Adelita is a test. Miguel’s figured out Potter’s setting him up. With rebellions on the rise and little actually accomplished from their partnership, Potter should be at a point where he’s questioning Miguel’s commitment to their deal.

The dead mercs and Miguel being on the scene when Adelita was taken into custody are too coincidental. Miguel realizes Potter’s not sure what’s going on.

Paloma and her people greet Miguel and his group in the tunnel. She apologizes they’re meeting under these circumstances, and Bishop introduces himself and his men. When they acknowledge they call her “The Saint,” she assures them it’s Adelita who deserves that title.

EZ and Angel aren’t with the group in the tunnel since they’re in trouble for the Swole Boys mess. They drink beers in EZ’s trailer and EZ assures his brother he’s there for him if he wants to talk about Adelita. (Angel still hasn’t told his family the baby’s his.) Angel changes the subject and asks what they should say to their dad about their mother’s murder. EZ thinks they should wait until they get more info from Happy about who ordered the killing.

The bros retrieve a beer and take it out to their father. They all sit on the tailgate of his truck and drink, and Felipe recognizes there’s something bothering his oldest son. They apologize to each other, and Felipe admits he should’ve paid more attention to Angel.

Angel, in a moment of self-reflection, says it wouldn’t have mattered. He was just looking for something to hate.

Felipe utters the truest line of the episode. “I guess we’re all a little f**ked up.”

Chucky (Michael Ornstein) pulls up and delivers the news Bishop wants everyone at the dress warehouse right now.

Miguel’s learned through his contact with the Mexican police that a unit’s been put on standby for the next 48 hours. Potter’s also manipulated police on the American side. He’s set it up so that there won’t be any cameras or records recording his movement of Adelita across the border.

They figure out the likely location of Potter’s crossing which narrows down the location of the safe house. That area only has a few small plots of land, and Paloma has been successful in using her contacts to narrow the possible locations even further. She was able to learn only three cash purchases of property from outside the state have occurred in the last month. From that, Miguel narrows the list to two likely locations.

Bishop hands out assignments and the only one unhappy is Angel. He doesn’t want to remain in the tunnel handling communications. Bishop reminds him about what happened with the Swole Boys and the fact he’s supposed to take a step back until the club votes on his punishment.

Angel refuses to obey orders. In a rage, he swats papers off the table and says to Bishop, “F**k you! You can’t stop me from doing this!”

Angel tells Bishop he’ll have to shoot him to stop him. Angel’s going to Mexico to find Adelita, no matter what Bishop says.

Bishop pulls Angel off to the side, demanding Angel settle whatever problem he has with him right now. Bishop assures Angel he’ll slice him up if he ever disrespects him again.

Angel, now completely out of control, makes a move but Bishop gets the better of him. No one interferes and Bishop has Angel by the neck when Angel finally blurts out, “It’s my kid!”

No one, not even EZ, had any idea. Bishop hops off Angel and helps him up. Angel apologizes and then explains they fell for each other while they were doing the relief runs. “We didn’t want it to step on business, so we kept it quiet,” says Angel.

EZ looks on in shock as his brother makes his confession. Angel adds that Adelita wanted it kept a secret, so no one knows he’s the father.

Bishop delivers a friendly punch to Angel in the neck (not hard) and calls him a shithead. The mood lightens as Bishop pulls Angel in for a hug.

Angel gets his wish and is given permission to join the group in the field.

Adelita’s right-hand man fills Bishop, Angel, and the guys in on what’s going down at the mercs’ place. They’re set up in a house not far from the mercs and can watch the vehicles coming and going from their position. Bishop instructs the man to gather his people and stay out of sight. The club will take the lead at this point while Adelita’s people remain safe.

Alvarez calls Miguel with the news they’ve confirmed the location of the safe house. He’ll call back later when he has more info.

After being told everyone’s in place, including the cartel, Potter gives the green light to put his plan in motion.

Adelita watches as the mercs prepare for the move. They pay off two local women who are also inside their temporary headquarters.

The Mayans watch from the nearby house and see six mercs on the move accompanied by a woman who appears to be pregnant. She’s covered with a hood so they can’t confirm it’s Adelita. Bishop and the club believe it’s a decoy because they’re heading west.

Angel grows anxious and begins to question their plan. He’s concerned they just let the real Adelita go without following her and thinks Miguel Galindo was wrong about Potter being suspicious of him. Bishop tells him if the mercs don’t leave soon in a second car, then they’ll decide what to do about the first caravan.

Angel’s anger escalates. He wants Álvarez to take down the first transport, but Bishop doesn’t give the order.

Angel steps out to cool off and he and EZ have another heart-to-heart. EZ assures Angel he’s a good brother and will be a good father, too. Angel allows himself to get emotional as he confesses he will probably screw things up. EZ points out that Angel’s ability to carry the secret and fulfill his promise to Adelita means he put his family first.

“Everyone talks about love and family. People don’t do what you’re doing, Angel, in any world,” says EZ. “If you ever forget that or have any doubt about how good you are, I’ll be there to slap you on the back of the head.”

Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 5
Ray McKinnon as Lincoln Potter in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 2 episode 5 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

Meanwhile, Potter meets up with Miguel as he’s leaving a store. (The club had asked Miguel to be out and about in the public while this was all going down.) Miguel pretends he didn’t expect to see Potter, and Potter claims his mind’s at ease now that he’s seen Miguel isn’t where he’s not supposed to be. They make small talk and Potter may actually be telling the truth when he says he feels he’s really in sync with Miguel at this point in their arrangement.

Oh, bad news for Miguel. Potter’s still suspicious. Potter calls his second-in-command and confesses he can’t read Miguel. He decides they may need to change their plans. They are now going to put scenario #3 in action.

Another group of mercs heads out with another pregnant lady. Bishop’s sure this is it and gives the order to the club to get ready to take down the vehicle.

Two vehicles carrying the club get in position and follow the car, prepared to make their move.

The pregnant lady is screaming about her baby in the backseat of the vehicle. Her water broke and the vehicle pulls over to help her. Her face is uncovered as they lay her on a blanket, and the Mayans realize the woman isn’t Adelita. They continue driving and don’t approach the mercs.

The two cars pull over a short while later and Angel can’t believe they followed the wrong car. Angel thinks they have to get Alvarez to move on the first caravan, but apparently that’s not easy given the traffic this time of day.

Suddenly, EZ realizes a station wagon he saw pulling up in front of the mercs’ place just as the club was leaving out the back didn’t slow down because kids were playing in the street. The station wagon must have been slowing down to pick up Adelita and the remaining mercs.

EZ remembers a man and woman inside the car, and Coco suggests the woman was one of Potter’s people. They figure out the station wagon will be heading south while also attempting to stay clear of the club and the cartel.

Once the car clears two towns, it will take route #2 to get over the border. Unfortunately, if Alvarez takes down the transport Potter will realize what’s going down and the cartel will pay the price.

EZ thinks they can catch the station wagon before Alvarez crosses the border. Bishop tells Angel to pick a crew and go retrieve Adelita.

The border wall’s getting a little facelift as Potter’s people attempt to slice open a hole to smuggle Adelita across unnoticed. The station wagon will arrive at the hole by nightfall, and it’s confirmed Adelita’s in the vehicle.

Alvarez continues to follow the first caravan as he receives word Adelita wasn’t in the second car. The men prepare for any action that may come their way.

EZ drives with Angel in the front seat as they attempt to intercept the station wagon. They spot it and fall in line behind it. The agents in the station wagon become suspicious at the two vehicles now following them and pull off the road. EZ and the other car follow them.

The agents call into Potter with the news they’re being pursued. Shots ring out while they’re on the phone. The two vehicles surround the station wagon and continue shooting. Coco (a sharpshooter) takes out the female agent in the passenger seat as the male agent continues to drive. Angel shoots him in the head, leaving no one at the wheel as the car speeds down the road.

EZ and the other driver gently bump the station wagon into place between them. They use their cars to try and slow the driverless vehicle. It’s not slowing and EZ notices a truck and construction equipment up ahead in their path.

He speeds up and turns right in front of the station wagon, forcing it to T-bone the driver’s side of his car. The station wagon comes to a stop and no one’s injured.

Angel races to free Adelita who’s in shock the club found her. She doesn’t want to escape; she’s sacrificing her freedom so that Potter will stop hunting down rebels. Adelita believes if Potter has her in custody, that will be the end of it.

Sirens wail in the distance as Adelita desperately attempts to get Angel and the club to leave. She begs Angel to keep her mission going, to keep helping the poor just as she was doing. She places Angel’s hand on her belly as Coco urges him to leave.

The sirens are getting closer as she holds Angel’s face and tells him she’ll be fine. EZ drags his brother away and the truck races off, leaving Adelita behind with the dead agents.

Elsewhere, Emily pays a visit to her family’s secure storage facility. There are boxes and books, as well as what appear to be antiques. She goes through a box, pausing to look at more photos of a younger Felipe.

Emily’s next stop is to visit Felipe at the butcher shop. He’s genuinely happy to see his son’s ex-girlfriend but then realizes whatever she’s come to talk about is serious. He closes up shop so they won’t be disturbed. She asks him if he knows what’s going on with Dita – Miguel’s mother – because she wants to be able to do the right thing. Emily explains she saw Felipe’s truck at Dita’s doctor’s office and figured out the two have been spending time talking. Felipe won’t reveal what she said, other than to say he knows as much information as Emily does.

Emily unwraps a package with photos of a younger Felipe with Dita. Emily calls him by his real name – Ignacio – and wants to know if he was working protection for Miguel’s father. She confesses she found all this information by looking through the family records in storage. The records included travel itineraries to NY, Venezuela, etc. that showed Felipe was Dita’s protector when she traveled.

Felipe says this info was buried in a box for a reason. The papers and photos should never have been discovered. He tells her to trust him when he says this history will only hurt those she loves.