Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: “Camazotz”

Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 3
Michael Irby as Obispo “Bishop” Losa in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 2 episode 3 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

FX’s Mayans M.C. season two episode two ended with Angel and EZ checking in with the Stockton chapter during their road trip. They’re hanging with the club, relaxing and enjoying dinner, when a member’s murdered by two dirty cops. EZ (JD Pardo) is the first on the scene as the undercover cop car sped away.

Season two episode three, “Camazotz,” kicks off with Bishop (Michael Irby) and a few members of the Santo Padre chapter at the Stockton clubhouse viewing footage of the murder. The video’s on a cell phone dropped by one of the cops and retrieved by the girl who was performing a sexual act on the other officer seconds before the murder.

The girl, Hope, came to the Stockton chapter’s clubhouse for help because the cops are either after her now or will be soon. Bishop’s watches the shooting and is firm in his belief the cops need to pay for what they’ve done.

“It’s got to happen now so it lands on what they did,” says Bishop. “It can’t be seen as random.”

Stockton’s a little fired up when Bishop says Santo Padre will take care of it, but he quickly squashes any rebellion. Bishop doesn’t want the Stockton club to experience any blowback so they need to distance themselves from what goes down.

Coco (Richard Cabral), the club’s go-to babysitter, is keeping an eye on Hope with EZ’s assistance. After the meeting’s adjourned, EZ (JD Pardo) learns it’s likely the dirty cops will also be coming after him to cover their tracks. They won’t want to leave any possible witness standing.

EZ volunteers to be used as bait, but Bishop thinks Hope’s a better choice to lure them in.

Once again to the clubhouse we go and Bishop’s taking the death hard. It turns out he was Medina’s sponsor. EZ uses the mention of sponsors to tell Angel (Clayton Cardenas) he asked Bishop to be his. Angel knows and is hurt by his brother’s decision, but he doesn’t want to talk about that prickly subject now. His attitude indicates it will be addressed soon enough.

Hope’s agreed to help with the club’s plan which involves her dealer passing on info about her location to the cops. The dirty cops will be lured to a rundown area of town and taken care of.

Angel tells his little bro that Medina will be buried in two days and Sons of Anarchy will be there to pay their respects. Will Happy? The brothers aren’t sure, but it might provide an opening for them to do what has to be done to their mother’s murderer.

EZ has some time alone for a conversation with Bishop, and Bishop reveals he voted no on Medina’s patch the first time he was up for it. “He had this naïve, romantic idea of what a club was. 1960s Easy Rider bullshit, looking for rebels and rock stars,” says Bishop. “We were just a bunch of f*cking gangsters. I was afraid he was going to get himself killed.”

A short while later the plan’s put in motion. Hope’s taken to the meeting location with the club and as they wait, Coco approaches EZ. He’s worried EZ will be triggered by what they’re about to do and warns him they’re about to cross a line with the murder of a cop. “You cross it, there ain’t no walking it back,” says Coco.

Angel interrupts and when EZ waxes philosophical about what’s about to go down, Angel can only shake his head in wonder at what Coco’s been teaching his brother.

Bishop gives Hope her instructions again. She’s high and panicking – a bad combination. Her job’s to wait outside and tell the cops she left the phone inside the building. Bishop promises they’ll keep her safe and she trembles as she realizes she doesn’t know any of the guys charged with watching over her.

EZ calms Hope down by kneeling in front of her (to look less threatening) and introducing himself. Angel follows his brother’s example, introducing himself as EZ’s big brother. Coco and Taza (Raoul Max Trujillo) also introduce themselves.

A Jeep pulls up but it’s just one of the cops, O’Grady. Hope crosses the street to meet him which wasn’t part of the plan. O’Grady becomes suspicious when she asks where his partner is and pulls out his gun once she says the phone’s in the building.

O’Grady demands Hope retrieve the phone and she refuses. Panic’s once again set in and she’s confused about what to do. The cop grabs her and forces her into the building. He’s holding her firmly, gun pointed at her head when he encounters Bishop inside the building.

He threatens to kill her if Bishop doesn’t hand over the phone. As they talk, the rest of the club surrounds O’Grady. They ask about his partner, Pollen, and Angel reminds him when the video goes viral, everyone will know what happened.

Bishop spells out what’s about to go down. Bishop explains Coco was a Marine sniper who will shoot him in the head if his finger moves on the trigger.

O’Grady makes a wise decision and lets Hope go. Bishop knocks him out.

He comes to as Bishop and the men are discussing the best way to grab Pollen. They’ve moved the Jeep out of sight, and Angel suggests they send the partner a text from O’Grady’s phone. They decide that’s not a good idea because he might try calling O’Grady back.

They continue to run through their options and ultimately decide to take Pollen at his house. O’Grady tries to speak through his gag and they finally remove it to find out what he wants. He explains the address in the phone is his partner’s wife’s place. The guy’s currently staying at his mom’s in Lodi.

That evening, Pollen receives a text saying O’Grady’s outside. He grabs his gun and stops watching a Trump rally on TV long enough to look out the window. He steps outside when he spots Hope. As he exits the house, the club barge in the backdoor and are surprised there’s a woman in the kitchen.

They assure her they’re not there for her, but she’s not having it. She swings a knife and is successful at stabbing someone but dishes shatter in the process. Pollen rushes back inside and starts randomly firing into the kitchen without really aiming. (Obviously, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.)

He calls out to see if his mom’s okay. They threaten to show his mom the video and he swears it was an accident.

Hope sneaks up behind Pollen as they’re talking and knocks him out with a crystal bowl. That sets mom off, not because her son’s injured but because that was her best piece of crystal. She grabs Hope by the neck and begins strangling her but is shot dead by Coco.

The guys can’t believe he killed the mom. Coco responds in typical Coco style, “My bad.”

Bishop doesn’t have any problem with Coco taking out the cop’s mom.

Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 3
Richard Cabral and Clayton Cardenas in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 2 episode 3 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

Bishop and the club return to O’Grady with instructions on what comes next, if he wants to live/stay out of jail. He’s going to come up with a cover story that places the blame for his partner’s death on some other party. If the cops stay away from the Mayans, everything will be fine. If there’s any blowback on the club, then the video will be released.

O’Grady’s dirty partner’s taken out and strung up by his feet. His dead mom’s lying nearby and he looks in her eyes as the club opens fire.

Over at the Galindo estate, Miguel’s worried the hitch in the contract negotiations is tearing Emily (Sarah Bolger) up. Marcus, concerned, asks if he can help and Miguel (Danny Pino) tells him not yet. (I wouldn’t want to be in the Mayor’s shoes right about now.)

Strangely, Emily wakes up the next morning in a much better mood. She’s going to get her friend at the county to tell her about the other bids. Miguel describes what she has planned as a bribe. Emily prefers to think of it as two old friends helping each other out.

Emily’s mood sours and she yells at Miguel and his mother, upsetting the baby.

Miguel’s day continues its downward spiral when Potter and a handful of agents show up at his door. Potter politely demands Miguel come with him – alone – without knowing what’s planned. As Miguel’s leaving he asks Marcus to check on Dita’s new friend (Felipe).

They drive across the border and then need to switch cars out in the middle of nowhere so as not to cause unnecessary attention. Miguel points out this is where seven farmers were gunned down, correcting an agent who describes the event as an uprising of radicals. Miguel says they were simply farmers protesting the new tariffs.

They finally reach their destination after four and a half hours. Miguel’s in a foul mood and Potter finally explains the purpose of the trip. There are pockets of rebels scattered throughout Northern Mexico in locations where Adelita’s group has cells. He thinks the increased activity means Adelita’s given birth and is back out stoking fires.

A large group’s gathered holding candles. Children sing and then a woman is welcomed to the stage. Miguel instantly recognizes her as Montserrat Palomo, “Mexico’s favorite daughter.” She’s taken up Adelita’s cause as she prepares to run for governor.

Miguel doesn’t think Adelita would ever have anything to do with Palomo. However, Potter believes Adelita has been building her network and bringing in powerful people. Potter wants Miguel to get Palomo “bloody.”

Meanwhile, Emily shows up at the county building and offers Ileana a ride home. Ileana’s shocked but accepts, and they have a heart-to-heart during the ride. At first, Emily doesn’t try and get info from her friend.

Emily knows Ileana’s struggling right now after having her home destroyed in the fire. (She’s borrowing money from Emily’s mom to get by.) Nestor’s driving as they arrive at a hotel where Ileana’s temporarily staying, and he exits the car to give them some alone time.

Emily hands her friend a check for $50,000, confessing she knows Ileana is broke. Of course, Ileana realizes this $50,000 comes at a price and that it has to do with the bid Emily’s submitting. She returns the check and moves to get of the car when Emily stops her. Emily’s changed her mind and now says she doesn’t want anything in exchange for the money; she just wants to help her friend.

“Right now, I think I need to give you this more than you need to take it,” says Emily. She apologizes and jokes that at least it’s a way of undermining her mother.

Ileana accepts the check, no strings attached.

Later that night, she calls Emily and wonders if they can work out an arrangement. She needs a little more help to get on her feet, and in exchange she will help Emily with the bid. Emily got what she wanted without having to be the one who put the deal in place.

Marcus pays Felipe a visit, thanking him for taking care of Dita. Marcus wonders why Dita showed up at his shop, but Felipe stays silent on the subject. Marcus warns him that next time Dita stops by, Felipe should call them to retrieve her.

At home, Felipe pulls out old letters Dita wrote to him. They’re love letters in which she admits the chasm between she and her husband is widening. She was deeply in love with Ignacio and after reading the letters, Felipe apologizes to his dead wife’s ashes.

Medina’s funeral’s well attended. As expected, members of SAMCRO show up to pay their respects. Happy’s one of them and Angel gives him the death stare as he walks around the funeral. Angel tells Bishop he and EZ still have to finish the parole stuff they came to Stockton to take care of.

They ride off together. Sons of Anarchy fans, tell me you didn’t get a chill as they rode past the boulder with “J.T. 11-13-93” written on it along with an anarchy symbol. (It’s a reference to Jax’s dad, John.) The feels…the chills…we miss you, Jax and SAMCRO!

Happy arrives at his place and his dog’s inside, barking. He calls out to his dog to relax and as he closes his front door and flips on the lights, EZ and Angel step out of the shadows. They’re inches away as they point guns directly at his head.

EZ says, “I think he missed you.”