Supernatural Season 15 Episode 5 Recap: “Proverbs 17:3”

Supernatural Season 15 Episode 5
Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean in ‘Supernatural’ season 15 episode 5 (Photo: Colin Bentley © 2019 The CW Network)

I’m convinced now that The CW’s Supernatural’s final season isn’t going to have any filler episodes because season 15 episode five, “Proverbs 17:3,” turned what seemed to be a very by-the-numbers plot into a turning point for the story.

We start things off with the usual intro where a monster kills off a group of hapless girls, followed by Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) talking in the bunker. Dean makes a huge mistake by having ghost pepper jerky – he doesn’t like it all.

Before Sam teases Dean over having his mouth go on fire because of the spice, we see him attempting to get in contact with Castiel. By the looks of things, Sam has no clue that Dean was the reason Castiel bailed and the angel isn’t replying to our Sammy’s concerned texts.

Dean brings up a case in Colorado where authorities think a mountain lion has savaged a group of people, and the boys head off after Dean sprays himself with water to get rid of the jerky spice. While they’re on the way, we cut to a shot of Dean at the bunker as he creeps up on Sam.

This white-suited Sammy resembles that season five post-apocalyptic Lucifer version quite a bit and is unfazed when Dean shoots him with the Colt; he then proceeds to set his brother on fire. Sam then wakes up from this “nightmare” and pretends it didn’t happen.

At the town, we hark back to season one times as Dean and Sam assume the identities of agents Ford and Hamill, and nobody believes Dean resembles the picture he has on his fake ID from his 2005 days to be him.

When they track down Ashley, the lone survivor from the attack by the werewolves intro, Dean has a connection with her and she reveals one of the werewolves let her go with the promise she wouldn’t tell anyone about them.

With this knowledge, Sam and Dean figure out where these werewolf brothers live. As it turns out, the younger brother, Josh, is wracked with guilt at what his elder brother Andy’s made them do. When they’re confronted by Sam and Dean in their aliases, the hunter brothers instantly catch on that these two guys are the werewolves they’re after.

Later, Ashley gives Dean a call and asks to be around him because she feels safe that way. Sam heads out to get food while Dean comforts Ashley with her trauma.

However, her choice words over wanting things to be written out for her life hits home hard as Dean remembers how Chuck planned all of his and Sam’s lives out.

Here’s where things start getting weird in the episode; we see the next shot of Sam waking Dean up because he was…sleeping? Somehow, Dean fell in such a deep sleep that Ashley got abducted by the werewolf brothers without him stirring slightly.

They break into the werewolves’ cabin and engage in a fight, where the boys end up on the losing side but Josh has a change of heart because of his guilt and shoots himself and his brother. Now, here’s where the real twist arrives.

As she’s released, Ashley trips and impales herself on a pair of deer antlers, only for her to rise up and laugh the whole thing off. Because she’s not Ashley at all. She’s…(drumrolls)… Lilith!

That’s right, the Big Bad from way back has been resurrected and it was God of all beings who brought her back from the Empty. Except, Lilith has no plans on killing the boys – despite their failed attempt at killing her using demon and angel blades – and she’s there to get the Equalizer gun. She doesn’t dig what it’s called, though.

Dean, being the ever-protective big brother, sees Sam unconscious and makes a deal to take Lilith to the gun provided she only tortures him and not Sam if it comes down to it. Along the way, Lilith tells Dean that Chuck brought her back to set up an encounter between him and Sam so that things end with one brother killing the other. This was Chuck’s grand ending he came up with last we saw him.

Meanwhile, the unconscious Sam has another “nightmare” where Demon Dean (remember him?) manhandles him and uses the First Blade to kill Sam with zero remorse. Waking up, Sam figures out where Dean and Lilith went and follows them.

At the motel, Dean confesses he lied about the gun, and Lilith begins his slow torture by slicing parts of Dean’s skin; Sam arrives in time to shoot her in the head.

However, this is small concern for Lilith as she causes a mini-earthquake that shakes the devil’s trap-bullet out of her head.

Eventually, she deduces that the Impala is the natural place for Dean to hide the gun, melts it beyond use, and bids the boys goodbye by mocking them. At the bunker, both brothers mourn the fact that Chuck is out to get them again.

With Castiel not answering their calls, a tearful Sam and Dean discuss their options, and we see Dean cry his eyes out at the prospect of going against God himself. While Sam shows little fight in him, it’s clear with the way their tears roll out that the boys really don’t have any answers for the time being.

Saim Cheeda