Supernatural Season 15 Episode 7 Recap: “Last Call”

Supernatural Season 15 Episode 7
Christian Kane as Lee Webb and Jensen Ackles as Dean in ‘Supernatural’ season 15 episode 7 (Photo: Michael Courtney © 2019 The CW Network)

You just know The CW’s Supernatural is gearing up to finish on all fronts when the topic of romance returned after several years, and we got that in season 15 episode seven, “Last Call,” as Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Eileen (Shoshannah Stern) seem to be heading toward being the final couple on the show.

If I’m not mistaken – and I probably am considering the show’s nature of dropping major twists late in the season – it appears that Supernatural might be hinting that Dean will be the brother to die in the end now that this episode’s dropped major hints over his renewed selflessness.

We start off with the girl-of-the-week getting abducted, along with her whole car as the girl simply vanishes by a bar. Over at the bunker, Dean (Jensen Ackles) is feeling uneasy due to a lack of cases coming his way and picks up on the vanished girl missing.

Sensing that Sam and Eileen don’t need him around – the two have a hangover after a night of partying and are in the process of making a hearty meal – Dean chooses to go off on his own to “clear his head.” He does pick up on what’s happening between Sam and Eileen, though, and encourages him to make a move.

Once Dean leaves, Eileen chooses to make her move on Sam first, outright telling him she wants to do “something fun” and we see Sam reaching out toward her – that is, until Castiel (Misha Collins) barges in at the exact moment. After realizing he wants to keep fighting since the previous episode, Castiel shares his theory of Sam’s soul and Chuck’s essence having a connection with the wound of the Equalizer on both of them.

To this end, Castiel tries to probe Sam’s wound to uncover Chuck’s secret but ends up accidentally blasting Sam to the wall and knocking him out. Castiel then summons Sergei, the shaman he’d encountered in season 14, to revive Sam. Sergei, in turn, tells them Sam is about to die because his soul is being stretched out.

Rather than fix Sam’s problem, Sergei attempts to extort Castiel out of handing over Death’s key, which supposedly resides at the Men of Letters bunker. Undeterred, Castiel shows Sergei a picture of his niece, threatening to order Bobby to kill the girl if Sergei doesn’t help with no strings attached. Defeated, Sergei accepts and is able to bring Sam back.

Over on the other story, Dean enters the bar he’d learned about from an officer he’d questioned earlier and finds out an old friend owns it. Lee (Christian Kane), whom Dean had last seen back when Sam was at Stanford, tells Dean that he has no regrets in leaving the hunter life and encourages the latter to do the same.

After catching up over old times, and engaging in a singing duet that lasts surprisingly quite long, Dean happens upon the friend of the girl who’d vanished. Eventually, based on the girl’s tip, Dean locates the vanished girl’s body in the scrapyard off the bar, only to be attacked by – you guessed it – Lee himself.

Waking up, Dean finds himself in the cellar where Lee reveals he has a Marid housed down there. As long as he feeds the monster blood from all the victims over the years, it rewards Lee with whatever he wants.

As you’d imagine, Dean manages to escape his bonds and kills the monster, coming back to the bar to confront Lee. After their shootout ends in an impasse, the former friends engage in a fight to the death where Dean comes out on top by stabbing Lee with a broken pool cue.

Although it’s sad that Dean’s friend sunk so low, the good thing here is that Dean comes to the same realization Castiel had and learns that he truly wants to help people despite whatever Chuck has in store for him.

Returning to the bunker, Dean and Castiel have an awkward reunion as Castiel couldn’t care less over the wounds Dean carries. Sam, meanwhile, is happy with the knowledge that he was able to see into Chuck’s mind and reiterates that he thinks they can beat God.

That all sounds great, but there are still numerous plot holes in play here for the time being as you’ll recall season 11 had revealed that God dying would mean the end of existence. For the time being, I’m excited for next week to finally see the return of the Winchesters’ brother Adam after 10 years. Here’s hoping he makes them pay for leaving him to rot in Hell for so long.

Saim Cheeda