Supernatural Season 15 Episode 4 Recap: “Atomic Monsters”

Supernatural Season 15 Episode 4
Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam in ‘Supernatural’ season 15 episode 4 (Photo: Diyah Pera © 2019 The CW Network)

By this point, fans should be well aware that The CW’s Supernatural makes sure every action has a consequence even if it takes years for it to be apparent. Season 15 episode four, “Atomic Monsters,” should be the first of many episodes that build up to Chuck (Rob Benedict) and Sam’s (Jared Padalecki) supposed connection following their shared wound inflicted by the Equalizer’s bullet.

We start off with a rugged and refugee-like Dean (Jensen Ackles) heading into the Men of Letters bunker, which is in danger mode. Who does Dean find nearing his death? That would be his old pal Benny, the vampire he’d befriended in Purgatory. We don’t get to reacquaint ourselves with Benny, though, as his death comes about to reveal an evil Sam.

As it turns out, Sam’s given back into his thirst for demon blood, and the image of a devious Sam that Castiel saw in the season premiere is shown in full as Sam’s eyes turn jet black like a demon’s and who proceeds to snap Dean’s neck. Cut to the real Sam waking up, and it’s revealed that all of this was (hopefully) just a dream.

We then get some usual Winchester banter where Dean fools Sam into believing he’s eating veggie bacon, when it’s actually just real bacon because, as Dean puts it, veggie bacon’s for hipsters. Dean then sees Sam’s still reeling from Rowena’s death and convinces him to accompany him for a case in Iowa.

There, Sam isn’t in his usual pro-fake FBI mode, as he gets mouthy toward a couple who believe their son not getting into Yale is worse than the girl who just got killed, telling them that the end of the world is actually the end of the world – not their son getting rejected from college.

Dean figures out they’re dealing with a vampire, but it appears as if this vamp isn’t following the usual rules. But, Sam’s still too distracted by the people in the town’s lopsided view of what’s important. Regardless, he and Dean head over to their suspect, a cheerleader who seems to be the one to benefit from the victim’s death.

However, once they do confront her (and Sam already has intentions of killing her), we find out this girl wears braces, meaning there’s not exactly a chance her fangs would be hidden behind those teeth. Eventually, though, the boys track down who they believe is the killer: that potential Yale kid’s father.

Their theory pans out too, as they arrive at his house to confront the man and he doesn’t deny it. Sam finds a girl bound in the family’s basement, only to have the mother point a gun at him. As it turns out, the dad was just vouching for his son who’s the real vampire here.

In a change from the norm, there’s no big fight scene to end proceedings, as the son admits to his crimes and convinces his parents to step down. Sam and Dean then head out with the boy, taking him deep into the woods where Dean decapitates him and ends the murders.

Later on, while Dean thinks what they went through was a win, Sam doesn’t see it that way. According to him, he still thinks as far back as Jessica’s death and the numerous others they’ve lost. Sam still doesn’t feel free from Chuck, and when he points out that they might have done the same as Yale kid’s parents had to protect Jack when he was alive, the rather uneasy silence between the brothers makes it clear they both have reservations over whether they’re really that selfless.

Over on the other story, we see the return of Becky (Emily Perkins) – you know, that crazy girl who was obsessed with Sam and once even dated Chuck. Well, Chuck seems to remember her, as he turns up at her house begging for Becky to hear him out. It’s shown that Becky’s gotten married over the last decade and is excited to have her husband and kids out of the house for a day so she can catch up on her work.

Becky’s shown to have made a business out of selling “Supernatural” merchandise and written her own fan fiction. She’s not impressed with Chuck’s attempts to feel sorry for him, though, as she wants to forget the times when she was completely cuckoo. When she does start feeling bad for him, Becky convinces Chuck to start writing again to fill that emptiness in him, only she doesn’t realize he wants to start writing right now.

Unfortunately, this new drive only fuels Chuck’s darkest tendencies as he reveals his first draft for the finale of “Supernatural,” something so horrifying that Becky wretches in fear after reading it. It’s here that Chuck confesses he’s actually God, and to prove it he disintegrates Becky’s family before doing the same to her. So, it appears that Chuck intends to have horrible things happen to our heroes, with some gruesome things to follow.

Overall, I enjoyed how Supernatural changed things up by adding some meaning to a general filler-style episode, with my biggest satisfaction coming from the tease of the return of Sam’s demon blood powers, which I think was written out with some mileage still in it.

I also liked that they finally showed the Winchesters did care somewhat for Jack, since the show’s made it appear for quite a while as if they simply forgot what he meant to them. God’s plan was always going to be scary, and this was the right way to justify why he’d want to make the boys suffer.

Saim Cheeda