Supernatural Season 15 Episode 13 Recap: Destiny’s Child

Supernatural Season 15 Episode 13
Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean in ‘Supernatural’ season 15 episode 13 (Photo: Jeff Weddell © 2020 The CW Network, LLC)

It’s too bad we’re going to have to wait a long time for the next Supernatural episode to recap, but we did get a good episode to leave us with. Season 15 episode 13 “Destiny’s Child” went a good way in not only bringing us back the Jack Kline we all love but also poked a bit more fun at the show’s multiverse.

We start things off in a weird way, as Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are surprised to come across…themselves. Well, kind of themselves as it turns out an alternate Sam and Dean have escaped from their universe after Chuck ended it. However, these alternate guys – where Sam has a man-bun and Dean talks like a good-natured young boy, along with a Fiat that they drive – don’t stay long as they vanish as inexplicably as they arrive.

Billie (Lisa Berry) arrives to tell them that Jack just might be ready to kill God, but he needs to find the Occultum first and doesn’t really leave any clues as to what it is and where to find it. Castiel (Misha Collins) calls up a favor to find out that the Occultum’s whereabouts are known to Sister Anael, better known as the angel Jo.

Faced with being killed off by Sam and Dean, Jo reluctantly tells them she gave the Occultum to Ruby – Castiel very offhandedly reminds us it’s the same Ruby Sam had a fling with – but she stashed it in Hell before she was killed off.

The brothers head to Hell – it’s weird how casually they stroll in there these days considering it used to be such a huge deal at one time – but find out that Jo set them up as some demons attack the brothers. For once, though, we actually get to see these two win a fight without someone saving them, and they begin their climb back to Earth.

Meanwhile, Castiel has the still-soulless Jack (Alexander Calvert) kill him temporarily so he can go to The Empty and talk to Ruby. Castiel feels Jo’s story was off and plans on directly extracting information from Ruby over the Occultum. Problem is, The Shadow still doesn’t like Castiel one bit and appears in the form of Meg to antagonize him.

After finding Ruby, he learns that Jo had been the one to approach her, proposing that they move the Occultum to avoid the apocalypse. Promising her he’d try to find a way to release her from the Empty once Ruby tells him the location, Castiel is brought back to Earth by Jack before The Shadow can torture him.

Dean comes up with an idea to make the alternate Sam and Dean pose as them in case Chuck drops by to check up on them. Humorously, it turns out these two guys actually made hunting a business back in their reality, and are rich trust fund kids who constantly praise their version of John Winchester. Still, the new Sam and Dean turn out to enjoy the main universe’s lifestyles since they don’t have any surveillance on them and can lounge around doing whatever they want.

When Castiel, Sam, Jack, and Dean arrive at the spot of the Occultum, Jack eats the thing in order for it to transport him to…the Garden of Eden. As it turns out, the safest place to be is this place, and here Jack finally regains his soul.

Back home, Dean sends the alternate version of himself and Sam to Brazil to lay low, although he’s pretty pissed they drove the Impala around while he was gone. In the kitchen, Jack is distraught when his renewed conscience wracks him with guilt over having taken Mary’s life, asking the brothers to forgive him.

That’s that for now, and we have no word yet when Supernatural will return. Let’s hope the Coronavirus situation gets okay as soon as possible and we complete the last leg of this show to see where the finale leaves us.

Saim Cheeda