‘Mayans M.C.’ Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: “Chapter the Last” Season Finale

Mayans MC Season 3 Episode 10
JD Pardo as EZ Reyes and Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 3 episode 10 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

It’s a damn good thing FX already announced Mayans M.C. has been renewed for a fourth season. Season three episode 10 has a misleading title – “Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write” – as the episode’s ending makes it obvious there’s a lot more story left to tell. The season finale ends with the series’ biggest cliffhanger to date, one that’s going to keep Mayans fans guessing the fate of the Mayans M.C. Santo Padre charter.

Episode 10 opens with EZ (JD Pardo) and Gaby (Sulem Calderon) in bed. Their relationship appears to have grown stronger overnight following EZ’s declaration that he’s leaving the club and going with her to Lodi. He promises that after he ties up loose ends he’s all hers.

Angel (Clayton Cardenas) is also in bed with his girlfriend/baby mama, Nails (Justina Adorno), although he’s definitely not as into his relationship as his brother is into his.

Miguel’s (Danny Pino) world is rocked when he scans the headline revealing Governor Sederica Palomo was assassinated.

Emily (Sarah Bolger) wakes up alone in bed, confused about the preceding evening’s events. She notices fresh bruising under her lower lip and is out of it as she looks at herself in the mirror. Her shirt’s on inside out and her medication’s in a different place than where she normally keeps it. Opening the bottle, she discovers there are a lot fewer pills than there should be.

Emily glances at the bathtub and retrieves her wine glass. She looks at the small amount of liquid remaining and notices remnants of the pills clinging to the nearly empty glass. As she adds up the clues, she realizes Miguel drugged her.

Marcus (Emilio Rivera) solemnly prepares for his day. Nestor (Gino Vento) greets him outside, acting on Miguel’s orders to join him to ensure he kills EZ.

EZ, Angel, and Gilly (Vincent Vargas) wait outside an auto repair shop as Bishop’s plan is set in motion. A woman drops off her car and secretly arms a bomb in the trunk before leaving the shop. She calls EZ to inform him it’s done but Canche wasn’t inside the shop when she left.

Angel complains about stakeout duty and suddenly has to urinate after Gilly mentions he hopes no one has to pee. EZ hands his bro a bottle to take care of things since they’re stuck in the car.

Back at the Mayans’ clubhouse, Creeper (Joseph Raymond Lucero) can’t figure out why Steve committed suicide. Hank (Frankie Loyal) doesn’t want to talk about it and, uncharacteristically, he loses his patience with Creeper and storms off. (Steve’s death plus Nails’ return to Angel has him in a foul mood.)

Bishop (Michael Irby) and Taza (Raoul Max Trujillo) can only sit at the table and wait for EZ to call in with updates. While they’re waiting, Taza receives a call from Palo’s sister, Laura (Natalia Cordova-Buckley), revealing Palo paid her a visit. She asks for a gun, fearing Palo will return. Taza apologizes for putting her in this position and reluctantly agrees to get her a gun.

Elsewhere, Adelita (Carla Baratta) takes a seat opposite Anna Linares (Efrat Dor) at a restaurant, shocking Potter’s former assistant. Anna admits they all believed Adelita was going to be killed as soon as she was released in Mexico. She also confesses she turned into a whistleblower and that caused the powers that be to exile her to a crappy post.

Anna confirms they accidentally killed Adelita’s baby.

Anna asks to be allowed to make a call to say goodbye, and Adelita says no. Anna apologizes again for not doing more while Potter was abusing her in custody.

Adelita asks if Anna’s a mother and Anna says she is. Adelita reveals she’s not going to kill Anna, but instead demands to know Potter’s location.

While waiting for Canche to arrive at the auto repair shop, Gilly tries to get EZ to explain what Steve meant by not being able to “put it away” before he killed himself. EZ texts Gaby to meet him at the butcher shop later and doesn’t really offer much in the way of a reply to Gilly.

Their conversation about Steve’s cut short when Canche shows up. Unfortunately, he has his young son with him and Angel’s adamant they wait until the kid’s gone. “I ain’t killing a kid today!” says Angel.

EZ doesn’t think they can delay the attack and leaves the car to go look in the shop’s windows. He takes the phone that will trigger the bomb with him, and Angel chases after him. Gilly can’t believe what the “f*cking Reyes brothers” are up to.

EZ approaches the shop and peers in a window. He’s spotted by Canche and forced to activate the bomb. (The kid’s not next to the car as it explodes.)

The shop explodes, setting off car/motorcycle alarms as flames burst through the windows.

Angel retrieves his brother and pushes him into the backseat of the getaway car.

EZ, Angel, and Gilly receive congratulatory hugs back at the clubhouse. There were multiple casualties and Hank says Canche is dead.

Ibarra (Mike Beltran) explains he’s going to call a meeting with the other presidents and get Tucson reinstated.

EZ slips out as the rest raise their glasses and toast the one king – Bishop.

Angel joins him outside on the steps and EZ finally reveals he’s going to head up north with Gaby. EZ takes the blame for almost everything that’s happened in Angel’s life over the past couple of years. He hopes he’s made everything up to both Angel and the club now, and confesses he’s worried if he stays he knows there will be more killings in his future.

“Nails is your second chance. I’m afraid Gaby is my only chance,” says EZ.

Angel says he understands but EZ clears up any misconceptions. EZ confesses the club fits him too well; killing isn’t hard for him but it should be. He even admits he would have blown the kid up if he had to.

“This club is my family, but I only have one real brother,” replies Angel. He tells EZ when they’re together, everything is right. That said, he understands why EZ has to make this decision to leave.

“I don’t think this is what would have made mom proud of you – even if you were her favorite,” admits Angel.

EZ believes Angel was their mom’s favorite, and that she saw too much of Felipe in him. He thinks Angel got their mother’s heart.

Angel doesn’t want anyone from the club trying to talk EZ out of his decision, so he volunteers to tell Bishop and the guys after EZ’s gone.

Leticia (Emily Tosta) rushes up to Gilly as he’s getting ready to take off on his bike. She explains she’s worried about Coco and since Gilly’s his best friend, she wants him to help retrieve her dad from “meth mountain.” Gilly refuses to become involved in Coco’s junkie life and suggests Leticia just accept that Coco’s gone.

EZ’s packing up his trailer when Emily shows up out of the blue. She’s agitated and upset, mentally still working her way through the previous night’s events. Emily believes Miguel did something to her but she’s not positive about what happened. She stops talking about what might have gone down long enough to ask why EZ’s packing. EZ explains he’s going to leave with Gaby, and Emily can’t believe he would leave without saying goodbye to her. She quickly apologizes for making it about herself and then confesses she feels like the girl in the book One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez he used to read to her.

EZ remembers the story and Emily believes it fits their relationship. She thinks they were supposed to have a family and grow old together.

As she’s talking EZ finally gets a good look at the bruises on her neck. Emily tries to play it off, claiming it was an accident. She apologizes for showing up and then gives him a gentle kiss on the lips. She hopes he has a family and dies of old age in Gaby’s arms, acknowledging it’s too late for them to be together.

“We missed our shot,” says Emily, quietly, before leaving.

Gaby arrives at Felipe’s shop before EZ and he hands her her final paycheck. He also gives her a necklace that belonged to his wife and features her favorite saint. Felipe (Edward James Olmos) believes Gaby’s made the right choice to leave, but then he realizes she’s got a secret.

Even though she’s supposed to wait for EZ to break the news, Gaby can’t help herself and tells Felipe EZ’s leaving with her. Gaby thinks his reaction means he’s upset EZ’s leaving, but Felipe quickly reveals he doesn’t think Gaby’s making the right decision. She can’t save EZ and will be pulled down just for trying.

Gaby doubts that’s true and Felipe responds, “I know my son and I know what’s inside of him – and I know what’s inside of you. You’re so much like his mother.”

Felipe says his family is broken – EZ is broken – and she needs to leave him behind to make a real life for herself. He admits he’d be devastated if anything happened to her.

“Please, save yourself,” begs Felipe.

Ibarra meets with the other charter presidents, explaining Bishop only wants peace now. Those gathered at the table appear to agree to move forward with forgiveness, with Oakland’s president, Diaz (Alex Fernandez), shaking his head yes.

Before Ibarra can call Bishop, Diaz leaves his seat to give him back his jacket. Ibarra turns around as Diaz places it on his shoulders and doesn’t see Canche enter the room and stand in the doorway.

Diaz says, “F*ck your trespasses and f*ck your king,” as he shoots Ibarra in the back of the head.

Miguel’s crappy day gets worse when he receives a call from Potter (Ray McKinnon). After a rambling monologue, Potter – who’s seated on a beach catching some rays – explains Adelita’s rebels who were captured after Palomo was assassinated are pointing the finger at the Galindo cartel. They claim to be working for the cartel and were taking orders from Miguel.

Potter happily announces they’ve seized all of Miguel’s property and there’s a murder warrant out for his arrest. He also warns federal agents will be at Miguel’s door in 45 minutes. Miguel wonders why Potter’s telling him this and Potter actually doesn’t have a good reason. He suggests Miguel get busy as the clock is ticking.

Emily’s at a restaurant with Cristobal and ignores Miguel’s call. Miguel’s forced to call one of his wife’s bodyguards who passes the phone to Emily. Miguel fills her in on what’s happening, explaining she needs to follow the plan and leave now. He wants her to go to the safe deposit box immediately.

Emily hangs up and rushes out of the restaurant.

Nestor and Marcus park outside Felipe’s butcher shop and wait for EZ. Nestor speaks to Miguel by phone and admits he’s not sure Marcus is up for killing a Mayan. He confirms he knows what to do if Miguel doesn’t shoot EZ.

EZ eventually pulls up outside the butcher shop. Marcus says they’re going to wait until he leaves to do the hit since Felipe’s been through enough.

Inside the shop, EZ’s shocked to learn Gaby has decided to move away without him. It takes a while for this to sink in and, ultimately, he realizes his dad sent her away.

EZ’s upset as he leaves Felipe’s shop and calling Gaby only leads to her voicemail. Marcus, in the driver’s seat, chambers a round and then takes off after EZ.

Nestor thinks EZ’s trying to ditch them and also chambers a round.

EZ stops at a stoplight and Nestor wants Marcus to pull up alongside him. He’ll shoot him once the light changes. Marcus doesn’t react and instead just sits at the light, cars honking behind him. Marcus puts the car in park as Nestor places a gun to his head. Marcus’s loyalties are to the Mayans while Nestor’s loyalties are with Miguel.

Marcus aims his gun at Nestor and suggests Nestor choose between being an errand boy or his own man.

EZ arrives at Gaby’s house and finds a piece of paper addressed to him stuck in the screen door. He sits a spell and then reads its contents: “When summer returns and the roses bloom.”

EZ leaves the note behind as he rides off.

Taza arrives at Laura’s place and hands her the gun, warning her it’s loaded. He wants her to come with him in order to keep her safe…but it’s too late. Palo (Gregory Cruz) has been there all day holding Laura and her son hostage while waiting for Taza to show up. Taza’s disgusted Palo’s patched over to the Mayans M.C., but Palo insists they won’t be brothers for long.

Palo hints at a big surprise coming to Santo Padre and then moves Taza into the living room where a plastic sheet’s been laid out on the floor. When Taza declares his love for Palo’s brother, David, Palo moves in for the kill. He gets on top of Taza and is about to shoot him when Laura shoots her brother. He looks up in shock and she shoots him again.

Laura screams at Taza to leave, blaming him for all the death caused by his desire to keep his bisexuality a secret.

Before Taza goes he strips Palo’s dead body of his Mayans jacket.

Potter’s girlfriend is cutting up meat as his young son does his homework at the kitchen table. She sends him off to get more avocados and wine, and he quotes Romeo & Juliet as he leaves.

Potter returns home and discovers his girlfriend and son are gone. Adelita appears in the kitchen wearing a blood-stained shirt and holding a knife behind her back. He demands to know what she did with his family and she explains she knows what it’s like to lose a child but she also knows mercy. She’d never make a child live through what she had to live through when she was young – watching a parent get butchered.

Potter claims she’s mistaken; her baby is alive. He’d have had no reason to kill her son. He figures out she spoke to Linares and assures Adelita her son didn’t die. It would have been stupid of him to have eliminated the only leverage he has over her.

Adelita appears confused. She wants to believe her baby is alive but she’s equally aware she can’t trust Potter.

Marcus and Nestor have come to a truce and watch news reports of the raid on Miguel Galindo’s estate. They don’t answer the phone when Miguel calls.

Miguel’s waiting by his helicopter, refusing to leave until Emily and Cristobal arrive. He’s certain they’re almost there.

Emily’s bodyguard arrives with a message from Emily. He hands Miguel a few pills and her wedding ring. Emily and Cristobal are not joining Miguel as he flees the country! Instead, Emily heads over to her sister’s place. Erin (Holland Roden) answers the door and Emily confesses she needs her.

The helicopter lifts off with just Miguel on board as a passenger.

And now with 15-ish minutes left to go in season three we finally check in on Coco (Richard Cabral). He’s tied up and suspended from the ceiling as one of the series’ most bizarre characters – Isaac (JR Bourne) – dances to heavy metal around his body. Isaac pounds his own chest as he prepares to take Coco’s life.

Isaac’s hand shakes as he takes inspiration from the song. He appears ready to shoot Coco in the face when suddenly there’s an explosion outside. Isaac leaves Coco to check on it as Gilly sneaks into the trailer and frees his friend. Coco’s barely alive but still too concerned about finding Hope to want to leave.

The meth mountain cult members try and put out the fire just as another trailer explodes. Isaac realizes he’s been lured outside so that Coco can escape.

Coco calls out to Hope in her trailer but she’s not there. They step outside and Isaac, Butterfly (Spenser Granese), and the rest of the gang assemble in front of them. Gilly’s ready to fire his high-powered weapon if they make a move, warning “Crystal Meth Jesus” he’ll kill him if he doesn’t back off.

Coco wants Hope to go with them and Isaac teases that it’s her choice. She whispers to Coco that they’ll never let her leave and returns to Isaac’s side. Coco and Gilly start to walk away as Isaac says he loves Hope and is going to hate watching her burn.

Coco runs back and as Isaac’s spouting off again Coco shoots him along with another of his followers. All hell’s about to break loose when Butterfly yells at his people to stop, declaring it’s over.

Coco grabs Hope and leaves. No one attempts to stop them.

Butterfly cradles Isaac as he gasps out his last bloody breaths.

Mayans MC Season 3 Episode 10
Michael Irby as Obispo “Bishop” Losa in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 3 episode 10 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

Taza returns to the clubhouse and has a one-on-one with Bishop. Before he opens up, he hands Bishop his gun and warns that he may want to use it on him. He confesses everything he’s done, including murdering Riz, and says Palo’s set something big in motion.

After leaving Gaby’s place, EZ shows up at the clubhouse and Angel pulls him in for a brotherly hug. EZ’s the one to break the embrace. “This is who I am. This is where I belong,” says EZ.

Felipe visits the border, places his hand through an opening in the wall, and releases his wife’s ashes. He believes it’s time for her to go home.

Bishop can’t believe Taza killed their brother, Riz, to cover up that he was in love with a man. Taza says he’s not ashamed of being in love or anything he’s done. He’s sorry so many got hurt and confesses he’s worried it’s not over yet.

Bishop picks up the gun as Taza says, “I love you, brother.” Taza closes his eyes and adds, “Do what you have to do.”

The scene cuts to EZ sitting on the steps outside the clubhouse. A gunshot from inside makes him jump but he doesn’t have time to consider its source before Molotov cocktails are launched from outside the fence. EZ rises and watches as something big outside crashes into the gate.

The camera pans up and over the gate to reveal dozens of Mayans ready to fight. A vehicle’s ramming the gate as Mayans from assorted charters scream and prepare to attack.