‘Mayans M.C.’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: “Our Gang’s Dark Oath”

Mayans M.C. Season 3 Episode 4
Vincent Rocco Vargas as Gilberto “Gilly” Lopez in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 3 episode 4 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

Secrets are revealed, loyalties are questioned, and relationships are ruined on FX’s Mayans M.C. season three episode four. “Our Gang’s Dark Oath” picks up with Angel (Clayton Cardenas) begging Adelita (Carla Baratta) to say something after she caught him in a compromising position with another woman. When Adelita finally speaks it’s to inform Angel their baby is dead. (She does not deliver this devastating news gently.)

Felipe (Edward James Olmos) finally returns to his store and finds the mail’s piled up and his storage room is buzzing with flies.

Bishop (Michael Irby) wakes up at Antonia Pena’s house and they have a tense discussion rehashing their personal history. They talk about how Izzy and Marcus are still a couple but they’re not. Antonia wonders why Bishop continues to show up on this date every year, and she’s adamant they’re not “those people” anymore. She explains she won’t be there on Friday and wants them to stop recognizing this anniversary. Bishop reminds her it’s not about them, it’s about Aidan.

“It’s about the past. Am I so terrible that I’m finally trying to choose the future?” asks Antonia.

Bishop doesn’t let her off the hook and says she is.

Meanwhile, Coco (Richard Cabral) arrives at the clubhouse and he’s looking exceptionally burned out and miserable.

Hank (Frankie Loyal) does a little one-sided flirting with Nails (Justina Adorno) who’s obviously upset over what’s going on with Angel. She thanks Hank for being so sweet and he assures her he’s there if she needs to talk.

Bishop’s the next to arrive and he’s in no mood for any crap. He calls everyone to the table for a meeting but Angel’s not there because he’s helping Felipe. Bishop’s not pleased and says there’s always something going on with the Reyes brothers.

He demands to know who talked to the Border Patrol and Taza (Raoul Max Trujillo) is sure it was Alicia. EZ (JD Pardo) tries to protest but Bishop shuts him down. EZ then suggests it might have been Vicki because she’s been upset since the club found the tunnel. After Riz died, her attitude toward the club has soured even more.

Bishop instructs EZ to visit Alicia in jail. Bishop’s certain that with 250 keys now in their possession, it’s only a matter of time before Alvarez figures out what’s up. He’s also certain the kings will put the pieces together soon, too. Fortunately, he has a plan. Bishop wants to go old school and says, “Bridge Over the River Kwai.” Gilly (Vincent Vargas) immediately asks him to reconsider, Hank thinks it’s too risky, and even Taza considers this idea to be a suicide mission. Now that the government has drones, they would have to pull this off in just a couple of minutes.

(Just an FYI: Pierre Boulle’s novel The Bridge Over the River Kwai was very loosely based on a real WWII story and was adapted into the critically acclaimed, Oscar-winning 1957 epic war film, The Bridge on the River Kwai.)

Because no one can offer up a better idea, Bishop says it’s a done deal. His plan is how they’ll move the drugs.

Sons of Anarchy’s Allesandro Montez (Jacob Vargas) arrives at a deserted building, walking cautiously through the door with gun out, ready to shoot. Palo wonders why Allesandro’s so jumpy and Allesandro asks what happened to Tommy (his cousin). Palo reminds him there hasn’t been any blowback and Allesandro admits he never told Charming that Tommy was with the Vatos Malditos. “They just think he disappeared,” says Allesandro.

Palo confirms he’s seen Tommy’s dead body and Allesandro becomes enraged, screaming at Palo for not sticking to the plan. Palo should have known Santo Padre would seek revenge after the VM’s attack. Allesandro’s worried about the relationship between the Mayans and Sons now and warns they’ll all suffer financially if a war’s ignited between the clubs.

Palo suggests he might bypass Allesandro and speak directly with Chibs. He threatens to tell Chibs that Allesandro is double-dipping and that the Mayans have killed Tommy without any repercussions. Allesandro asks Palo to be patient and offers him cash since he’s currently strapped. He turns his back to count it out and Palo makes his move, slipping a plastic bag over Allesandro’s head and suffocating him.

Across the border, Governor Sederica Palomo (Mia Maestro) is driven out to a bridge where three deceased bodies dangle.

Later she meets up with Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) and informs him three of her staffers were strung up by the Lobos Sonora New Generation. Sederica reminds Miguel he promised they wouldn’t attack her community and that he was supposed to keep them under control. Instead, the Lobos Sonora seem to be emboldened and unafraid of the Galindo cartel.

Elsewhere, EZ does as instructed and visits Alycia in jail. He has flashbacks to his time behind bars as he waits.

Alicia’s surprised EZ’s come for a visit and he claims he’s just checking on how she’s holding up. He reveals he’s put money in her account and then asks if anyone’s talked to her. She claims she’s been all alone and no one has questioned her. Alicia swears she’ll never spill any secrets and assures him that’s exactly what she told Vicki when she came for a visit.

Over at the butcher shop, Gaby (Sulem Calderon) dances and sings as she helps Felipe prepare to reopen. Felipe’s irritated by her choice of music and turns it off, while Gaby reminds him he’s the one who called her for help. She compliments a photo of EZ’s mom and wonders how Felipe landed such a beautiful woman. (Why does she seem more flirtatious and comfortable with Felipe than with EZ? It’s kind of creepy.)

And speaking of creepy things… Butterfly and the leader of the drug ring (JR Bourne) shock Coco when they show up in the garage’s office unexpectedly. The leader shows Coco the photo he took of Coco shooting up, reminding him that’s enough to get him either booted from the club or killed. If Coco supplies him with a kilo of heroin, then he’ll keep Coco’s secret.

“You want me to not get killed by stealing from my club…which will automatically get me killed?!” says Coco who clearly recognizes he’s wedged between a rock and a hard place at this point.

Coco’s warned he has until Friday to get it done.

Mayans MC Season 3
Michael Irby as Obispo “Bishop” Losa in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 3 (Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX)

EZ returns to the clubhouse and tells Bishop that Alicia didn’t talk to the Border Patrol. She’s in general population and if she flipped, she would have been moved to somewhere safer and less accessible.

Miguel returns home to discover Emily (Sarah Bolger) has packed up some of his mother’s belongings. He’s enraged she had the nerve to touch his mother’s belongings, and he screams at her to never do that again.

Emily’s cradling their young son as Miguel explodes in anger inches from her face. He storms away only after Emily’s sister grabs Cristobal and removes him from harm’s way.

Adelita sits under the shower, her emotional scars as fresh as her dozens of bruises. She eventually joins Angel in his bedroom, taking a seat next to him while wrapped in a towel. Angel wants to know what happened to their baby and Adelita doesn’t say anything for a while. She finally responds when Angel asks her to talk to him so he can help her.

She recalls being taken in by a brothel when she was just a child. When they eventually told her she needed to earn her keep by servicing men, she took a knife and cut her own throat. (She copied what she witnessed happen to her mother and father.) Adelita confesses she’d rather be dead than have anyone else control her body.

“You want to know what happened in there with Potter? I couldn’t get my hands on a knife,” she says, finally making eye contact with Angel.

Angel seems unsure of what to say in response.

“You look like a man, Angel, but you’re just a little boy grown tall,” says Adelita.

That evening in bed, Angel asks if their baby was beautiful. Adelita caresses his face and nods yes.

Meanwhile, prospect Steve shows up to escort Vicki (Elpidia Carrillo) to the clubhouse. She asks for a second to grab her purse and hurries out the backdoor, straight into the tunnel. She’s barely inside it when she’s confronted by Creeper (Joseph Raymond Lucero) and Taza. Vicki only has time for a quick intake of breath before Taza shoots her in the head, instantly killing her. (You’ll recall Taza also killed Vicki’s nephew, Riz, in order to start a war with the VM.)

15 minutes left and we’ve arrived at my least favorite part of this particular episode. I have zero interest in the EZ/Gaby relationship, so I’ll briefly sum up what happens over the next eight-ish minutes. The annoyingly sweet Gaby decides EZ isn’t the guy for her and dumps him because he has baggage. Yes! Please let this mean EZ can move on to someone much more interesting. I’m asking nicely…pretty please!

Gilly asks Coco who the people were that came looking for him and Coco claims they were looking for his daughter. He heads into the bathroom and Gilly barges through the closed door just as Coco’s about to snort a line. Gilly, disgusted and upset, tells Coco they’re done.

Taza informs Bishop he killed Vicki. Taza insists it had to be done but it wasn’t easy. Bishop’s confused why, given the fact Riz was their brother, Vicki would go to the cops. He’s angry no one understands loyalty anymore.

Taza confirms they’re set for moving the drugs and asks how Bishop’s doing given that tomorrow is Aidan’s anniversary. (What happened to Aidan?! Inquiring minds want/need to know.) After briefly lashing out in response to that question, Bishop confesses to Taza he needs him now more than ever.

Taza walks outside and finds Allesandro’s dead body draped over a motorcycle. Taza quickly glances around and then lifts a patch with praying hands off of Allesandro’s shirt. He knows Palo is responsible.