‘Mayans M.C.’ Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: “Overreaching Don’t Pay”

Mayans MC Season 3 Episode 3
Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes and JD Pardo as EZ Reyes in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 3 episode 3 (Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX)

FX’s Mayans M.C. season three episode three opens with a brief flashback to Coco’s childhood. It’s revealed his mother used to ask him to help her shoot up. Even as Coco was injecting her, she’d beg him never to be like her when he grew up.

Back to current events and Coco (Richard Cabral) wakes to discover a woman informing him she made everything better via a needle. Coco appears stunned as the heroin courses through his body.

Gaby (Sulem Calderon) practically whistles while she works, putting away groceries at Felipe’s place with a huge, peaceful smile on her face. Meanwhile, EZ’s morning is filled with exercise while Angel (Clayton Cardenas) rises from another night of attempting to push Adelita out of his head by having sex with random women.

A short while later EZ (JD Pardo) lays out his plans to crown Bishop the sole king. He and Angel will bring over 200 keys and Taza (Raoul Max Trujillo) warns if anything goes wrong, that’s a massive debt they’ll owe. EZ doesn’t believe there will be any problems and reminds them that’s what they need to supply to Arizona in order to give Bishop the throne.

Bishop (Michael Irby) agrees as Angel walks into the bar. He doesn’t join the table and instead grabs a beer as the bartender, Nails (Justina Adorno), wonders why he didn’t call her the previous evening. He claims to have crashed early but she figures out what really happened when Angel’s latest conquest walks into the bar. Angel brushes Nails off, saying he’s busy with the club later and can’t meet up.

Bishop tells those assembled they need a few days to coordinate with Alvarez. The shipment’s too big to organize quickly.

Insert the episode’s “What the f*ck, Steve?” line as glasses crash to the floor, interrupting the meeting. (This seems to be a running gag in season three.)

Riz’s Aunt Vicki (Elpidia Carrillo) visits Alicia, the woman arrested for transporting drugs, in jail. Vicki suggests Alicia tell the cops who gave her the drugs, explaining the club doesn’t care about anyone. They took what was Riz’s after his death which means they stole from her. Vicki believes Alicia only has one viable option.

Bishop and EZ head over to Marcus Alvarez’s home and Bishop jokes about the suburbs being the place outlaws come to die. Marcus (Emilio Rivera) heard about the meeting with the other kings and Bishop explains he needs to bring 200 keys over the border to fix things. Marcus doesn’t catch on to what Bishop actually has planned and Bishop doesn’t clarify that his plans include toppling the other kings.

Bishop says they need the 250 kilos today and Marcus agrees to work on gathering the product.

After they hug, Bishop walks away and quietly says to EZ, “You and your brother are going over today. F*ck them all…it’s going down tonight.”

Meanwhile, over at the Galindo estate Erin’s still hanging around “helping” her sister with Cristobal. Erin doesn’t have any filter and teases Miguel (Danny Pino) about what he does for a living. Emily (Sarah Bolger) doesn’t think her sister’s funny; the tension apparently hasn’t eased since Erin unexpectedly appeared in her driveway at Miguel’s request.

Emily attempts to explain to Erin they need to be careful as the town’s not exactly on their side right now. They can’t just run out for ice cream because there aren’t any security personnel available.

Coco considers the track mark on his arm and his current situation. He flees the trailer and vomits in the dirt as the group’s leader (played by Teen Wolf and The 100’s JR Bourne) asks him if he slept well. Coco’s soon surrounded by the group who appear to not only be druggies but also in some sort of cult. Coco wants to leave and the leader hands him back his gun. When Coco immediately points it at the man’s forehead, he’s taken down once again.

Coco swats away the leader’s hand when he offers help. He grabs his gun and fires into the air, warning he’ll kill anyone who touches him again.

Coco races off to his car and screams in anger and frustration when he looks at his track mark again.

EZ and Angel walk through the tunnel, and Angel calls his baby bro “Bishop’s boy.” Angel warns that if this doesn’t work, the club will come after EZ. He notes the Mayans M.C. are like a sewing circle full of “jealous-ass bitches.”

“Swing big, miss big,” says Angel.

“I’ve never been afraid of swinging,” replies EZ.

They emerge from the tunnel inside a house and pay off the elderly woman watching TV.

Coco returns to the clubhouse and Gilly (Vincent Vargas) immediately gets in his face demanding to know where he’s been. Coco’s obviously upset and asks for a private moment to talk things out. Coco admits he knows he’s been messing up and Gilly warns they’re tired of covering for him with Bishop. He breaks down, explaining he’s in so much pain he can’t take it without drugs. Coco also admits he just broke a promise and wants to stop screwing up his life.

The club emerges to meet Sons of Anarchy’s Happy (David Labrava) and Allesandro (Jacob Vargas) who’ve shown up unexpectedly. They want to discuss Packer’s cancer and Happy reveals he’s running San Bernardino while Packer’s in chemo. This is just a courtesy call.

The atmosphere’s chilly as Allesandro and Happy warn Santo Padre not to ride through any SoA turf without calling first. Bishop replies that they always call and, turning the tables, says he didn’t receive a call first that SoA was rolling up for this meeting.

Allesandro explains they’re there out of respect to warn the Mayans that actions have consequences. Bishop asks for them to clarify and Happy replies, “A couple dozen dead Mexicans.”

Allesandro adds, “And Jax Teller’s last wishes disrespected.”

SoA confirms they’re doing this with Chibs’ blessing.

The tense meeting ends and Hank (Frankie Loyal) wonders if this was all due to the dead reaper in the desert. Bishop doesn’t think Happy has a clue about anything but warns that Allesandro’s a crafty dude.

Mayans MC Season 3 Episode 3
Michael Irby as Obispo “Bishop” Losa in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 3 episode 3 (Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX)

The discussion returns to the huge drug shipment in the works and Taza reveals he and Hank are worried about EZ and his plan. Bishop disagrees and thinks EZ sees the future. He warns Taza and Hank to get their heads out of the past.

Speaking of EZ, he and his bro arrive to pick up the product out in the middle of nowhere. The guy they’re meeting with introduces himself as Juan Denver and keeps quoting John Denver songs. Angel’s getting pissed off but EZ immediately gets into the spirit of things and tosses lines back at Juan.

“What the fuck is happening right now?!” asks Angel, representing all of us.

Juan grabs a sledgehammer as EZ looks at a shipping manifest. The stuff was supposed to be moved over the border prior to the shutdown. Juan uses the sledgehammer to expose the drugs contained inside a cement divider.

Elsewhere, Felipe (Edward James Olmos) and Gaby do some bonding while he fills her in on EZ.

Emily’s also involved in a bonding experience with her sister who, reluctantly, she’s allowed to convince her to get ice cream. Erin’s worried about her sister’s marriage, noting there’s nothing sexual about the kisses she shares with Miguel.

They’re still involved in the discussion of Emily’s marriage outside in the car when townsfolk toss a milkshake at Emily’s windshield. (Emily doesn’t have a security detail with her.) Erin immediately reacts, jumping out of the car and confronting the man who threw it. He blames Emily and her family for destroying the whole town and putting everyone out of work.

Erin cusses him out, picks up what remains of the shake, and tosses it at the man’s departing car, offering a kick to the driver’s side for good measure.

When Erin returns to the car Emily’s doubled over in laughter. Cristobal’s contribution to the conversation is a huge fart caused by the ice cream.

The club rolls up to Aunt Vicki’s ranch and Bishop instructs her to shut down for the night and give her girls an evening off. Vicki reminds them the girls aren’t theirs and the property also doesn’t belong to the club. Bishop doesn’t back down and Vicki’s forced into submitting to their demands. She’s obviously unhappy about this development.

EZ and Angel wheel the heavy load through the tunnel but the cart breaks down. The brothers are forced to finish the job by carrying the entire load. They finally make it to their destination and Angel warns he’s out of breath and yells for someone else to haul the drugs up to the surface.

EZ basically calls his big brother out for being out of shape. Angel responds with a one-finger salute.

The drugs are brought up from the tunnel and Bishop praises EZ, claiming he may have saved the charter along with a bunch of his brothers’ lives.

Coco has a moment when it appears he’s considering taking one of the packages.

As they’re loading the drugs in a truck, a Border Patrol caravan is spotted coming toward the ranch. Bishop orders everything placed back into the tunnel. They’ve got about two minutes to get it done.

Panic sets in as it’s down to 30 seconds before the Border Patrol arrives. Hank orders Steve to head them off to buy the club more time. As Steve sits in the driver’s seat he says to himself, ”What the f*ck, Steve?” (And there’s the payoff for that running gag.)

Steve pulls his truck in front of the BP, forcing them to stop. He claims not to speak English as they place him under arrest.

The guys make a run for it as the BP pulls up. They search the area as Bishop can only shake his head and utter “f*ck” under his breath. (Maybe pissing Vicki off wasn’t a good idea?)

Later at the clubhouse, drinks are rapidly consumed as Angel suggests EZ not approach Bishop right now to take the blame. EZ wonders what went wrong and Angel admits he doesn’t know.

Hank reveals Taza and Creeper have the drugs and are sitting on them for now.

Hank speaks privately with Bishop and expresses his concern that all of this is going to get back to Alvarez. He doesn’t think they should have lied to Alvarez and isn’t sure how long Taza and Creeper can babysit the drugs now that the club’s exposed.

Hank is also worried this will get back to the other kings.

Bishop storms off without responding.

Over at the Galindo place, Emily tries to get Miguel in the mood for sex. Miguel’s not overly enthusiastic and ultimately pulls away, leaving Emily seated on the floor, confused.

Angel turns his attention to Nails while Coco once again breaks the promise he made to his mother years ago as a child. He’s returned to the drug encampment and after shooting up, the leader sneaks in and takes his photo. He praises the girl Coco’s with and rewards her with more drugs.

Bishop’s drinking and sitting outside Mayor Antonia Pena’s home when she finally invites him in. As they walk to the front door, Bishop observes the flashing needs repair. She notes it’s been that way since he left.

Felipe’s relaxing with a puzzle when EZ stops by to pick up Gaby. She reminds Felipe the leftovers are in the fridge and he barely reacts.

As EZ drops Gaby off at her place he thanks her for looking after his dad. She confesses it’s nice for her too because she misses her mom and brother. Gaby doesn’t invite him in and they say goodnight rather formally. She turns as she’s about to go up the sidewalk and pulls EZ in for a long, passionate kiss.

EZ has a big “I’m in love” smile on his face as he rides off.

Angel’s home naked and kissing Nails when Adelita (Carla Baratta) interrupts, surprising the couple from a nearby chair. Episode three ends with Adelita staring at the father of her child.