‘Mayans M.C.’ Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: “What Comes of Handlin’ Snakeskin”

Mayans MC Season 3 Episode 7
Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes and Vincent Rocco Vargas as Gilberto “Gilly” Lopez in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 3 episode 7 Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX)

FX’s Mayans M.C. season three episode six ended with Angel shooting Flaco and then texting EZ alerting him Santo Padre’s going to war with Stockton. Episode seven, “What Comes of Handlin’ Snakeskin,” dives right into the newly declared war, with Angel (Clayton Cardenas) and Gilly (Vincent Vargas) attacking a Stockton guy and demanding the whereabouts of Stockton’s president, Ramos.

Bishop (Michael Irby), Creeper (Joseph Raymond Lucero), and Hank (Frankie Loyal) are the next to launch an attack, pounding on two guys and destroying a tattoo parlor Stockton runs.

EZ (JD Pardo) makes it into town, arriving at Myra’s Motor Inn which is apparently Santo Padre’s makeshift Stockton hideout. (EZ dropped Gaby at her family’s place in Lodi before joining the club.) He claims he’s feeling good and Gilly fills him on Angel “going yard” on someone’s head.

Gilly walks away to take a call and Angel realizes his little bro just had sex. The smile on EZ’s face is a dead giveaway. “I bet it was so romantic,” teases Angel. “I bet there were birds chirping and all kinds of sh*t.” (Treasure these lighter moments – this episode’s going to get really dark fairly quickly.)

More club members arrive and Bishop and Taza (Raoul Max Trujillo) welcome EZ back. Gilly informs Bishop that Tucson’s Lobo just called and said there’s no movement at Ramos’ house. Bishop tells Gilly to call Tucson in so they can regroup. At this point it should be obvious to Stockton that Santo Padre’s coming for them.

While the club gets some rest, Hank yells at Steve the prospect (Momo Rodriguez) for trying to follow them into the hotel. He needs to stay outside and guard the van. But first, Hank demands Steve lose weight immediately by doing burpees.

EZ witnessed the exchange and checks on Steve, advising him not to give up. EZ gets philosophical and says, “Being a prospect is about destroying the ego, learning to exist for the greater good of the group.”

Steve explains being part of the club is all he wants. He’s always been just a punchline and he’s done laughing along. Steve’s in a much better place mentally when EZ walks away.

Meanwhile, Coco (Richard Cabral) returns home and his daughter, Leticia (Emily Tosta), gives him a hug before punching him in the chest. She’s pissed he disappeared and when he asks for something for the pain – he’s obviously in sorry shape – she searches for something to give him. By the time she locates expired Excedrin, he’s passed out on the couch. She gently covers him with a blanket.

Coco eventually awakens to find Leticia sitting on the couch with him. She hands him Mountain Dew and explains that’s all they have. Leticia wants her dad to get clean but Coco claims he’s not on drugs. He looks like he’s dying as he lies and says he’s good. Coco’s ruthless as he tells her he didn’t ask for her help or for her at all.

Leticia calls him out, tells him she hopes he dies, and takes off.

Adelita (Carla Baratta) is also giving comfort to someone in dire need. She embraces Mini while Mini reveals what she’s been through. Apparently, Adelita’s right-hand man, Pablo, made the young girls prostitute themselves. Mini finally ran, realizing there was no reason to stay without Adelita to protect her.

After listening to Mini, Adelita shows up at the group’s new warehouse. She spots a pregnant girl and then shakes her head in warning as Pablo (Salvador Chacon) says they’ve missed her and were worried. Mini joins Adelita and Pablo claims whatever Mini told her is a lie. People were abandoning the cause and he needed to do whatever it took to keep the rebellion going.

Adelita listens but doesn’t say anything until Pablo’s done offering excuses. She caresses his face as she stabs him in the stomach. Pablo falls against her and she stabs him again.

Adelita’s back in charge.

Mayans MC Season 3 Episode 7
JD Pardo as EZ Reyes in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 3 episode 7 (Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX)

EZ’s hanging out outside when the Oakland chapter rolls up. Bishop, Taza, and Hank quickly back EZ up as Oakland’s President, Diaz, suggests Santo Padre go home. They don’t, and instead they have a sit-down inside the hotel. Diaz points out EZ looks better than Flaco and Chepe, and Angel points out Chepe’s kids won’t have to grow up knowing their dad was a piece of sh*t.

Diaz asks Bishop how many dead Mayans it will take to end this. Bishop says just one – Ramos.

Diaz reveals Ramos asked for his backing but he wants to hear Bishop’s side. He recalls the club’s history and how Marcus used to put Bishop up on his bike when his feet were too short to reach the pegs.

Bishop doesn’t have the time nor the patience for this walk down memory lane, claiming he’s always done what’s best for the club. Santo Padre didn’t fire the first shot, but they will not back down. Diaz doesn’t agree and believes Santo Padre did start it by killing the Vatos Malditos. That destroyed the gun deal and Diaz thinks the VM murders were done to keep Santo Padre as the gatekeeper. (The Galindo cartel’s drugs remain their main source of income.)

Bishop lays his cards on the table. He tells Diaz the three kings leadership isn’t working and he wants the club to stop being dependent on Galindo’s drugs. Asked if he’s really willing to go against his cousin, Bishop reminds them Marcus Alvarez is no longer a Mayan.

Bishop asks Diaz to join him and help reclaim who the Mayans really are…”motherf*cking outlaws.”

Diaz wants to know about Stockton and Bishop remains firm in the need for payback after Ramos put a target on EZ. “I want to bring this M.C. back to its glory. But first, there’s got to be a reckoning,” says Bishop.

Diaz takes this all in and then advises his VP to call Stockton and tell them he needs a face-to-face with Ramos. He informs Bishop that Oakland will stick around and then they’ll all ride out together once Ramos’ location is confirmed.

“We’ll see about that reckoning,” says Diaz.

Hours later the Oakland chapter’s getting high and hanging out, while the Santo Padre crew are getting antsy. When Bishop tells Diaz everything’s packed and ready to go, Diaz claims they’re still waiting for Ramos’ exact location.

Outside, Creeper’s in charge of loading the weapons into the van. Steve reminds the club his record’s clean so he can carry a gun while they’re on the road.

EZ checks in with Gaby (Sulem Calderon) during the downtime and she asks if he’s been changing his dressing. He says he has but she giggles, admitting she doesn’t believe him.

Angel and the guys watch EZ on the phone and Gilly notes EZ only knows two people outside the club. Since EZ’s smiling, he must be talking to Gaby.

After he hangs up, Angel checks in to make sure his brother’s head is in the game.

EZ’s claim that he’s ready is challenged as the Stockton club shows up out of nowhere. Oakland played Santo Padre and Bishop for fools.

Before Stockton guys even exit their van, the Oakland guys begin throwing punches. A bunch of Stockton dudes jump Steve and ruthlessly beat him.

Ramos (Ivo Nandi) announces his presence and EZ’s on his way to grab him when he’s attacked. Although he’s still recovering from being shot, EZ proves he’s a badass by delivering more brutal punches than he receives.

Inside the hotel, Diaz and a few of his men get into it with Taza and Bishop.

More Stockton members arrive and Santo Padre’s outnumbered. Fortunately, they have the Reyes brothers on their side.

Angel, Gilly, and a few others who weren’t outside and are unaware of what’s going on are ambushed walking through the hotel. At one point three guys are beating on Angel with their fists and a baseball bat at the same time, yet he’s able to remain in the fight as are Hank, Gilly, and other Santo Padre club members.

Ramos is among the group beating on Steve who’s down on the ground and hasn’t managed to stand since the attack began.

Taza whips out a blade and stabs two of the Oakland guys and then rips another off Bishop’s back. Bishop has Diaz pinned on the floor and uses his forehead to bash in Diaz’s face.

Everyone’s still engaged in the fight as sirens are heard drawing closer. Steve begs for his life as half a dozen guys continue to kick him. A gunshot’s heard and one of Steve’s attackers goes down hard, hitting his head on a cement parking block. If the bullet didn’t kill him, the hard landing did.

EZ’s still beating someone up as Bishop and Taza try to round their guys up to escape before the cops arrive.

Hank checks on Steve who’s in shock and wondering if the man he shot will be okay. Creeper looks around for Pavia, doesn’t see him, and opts to remain behind so Pavia isn’t the only Santo Padre member locked up with a bunch of Stockton and Oakland guys.

The Santo Padre guys get away, driving away from the cops and trouble before finally stopping to figure out their next step. They realize Creeper and Pavia are basically sitting ducks and that Ramos will be posting bail soon. Hank believes the word will spread quickly to other charters and they’ll have to choose sides.

Taza thinks after tonight’s attack more charters will side with Stockton than Santo Padre.

Bishop has no idea what to do next, but EZ says he knows their next move.

Back at the hotel, tons of cops have the bikers who couldn’t escape in handcuffs and kneeling in the parking lot. Creeper asks for a hospital for Pavia and the cops only tell him to shut up. Ramos assures Creeper he and Pavia will soon need a morgue.

Crooked Stockton PD Detective O’Grady arrives and casually pulls Ramos from the lineup, offering the briefest of explanations to the officers present that Ramos needs to be brought in for questioning. As he walks away, one of the Stockton guys brags to Creeper that they own this town.

O’Grady keeps up a running monologue about a song on the radio, recalling his time in a band when he was younger. Ramos is tired of being in his presence and tells O’Grady to pull over and cut him loose. Ramos also orders O’Grady to go back and let his guys out, and O’Grady says he will.

O’Grady pulls over but doesn’t get out. Instead, he continues commenting on the song that’s playing. Ramos is still seated in the car when EZ comes out of nowhere and shoots him in the head.

O’Grady’s pissed EZ shot him in the car instead of pulling him out and then killing him. EZ pumps two more rounds into Ramos as O’Grady says, “Dude, you can’t make someone more dead.”

EZ instructs O’Grady to keep Creeper and Pavia separate and make sure they’re released by tomorrow morning. When O’Grady doesn’t instantly respond yes, EZ aims his gun at the cop forcing him to agree.

As EZ’s walking away, O’Grady wants to know if his debt’s now been paid. He asks if he’s free and EZ replies, “Are any of us?”

O’Grady labels that response existential biker bullsh*t.

In Mexico, Adelita shaves the heads of her young followers as they pledge her their allegiance.

EZ attempts to put the fight and murder of Ramos out of his head as much as possible while seated at the dinner table with Gaby’s family. He’s late but Gaby saved him a plate and the family remains at the table as he enjoys dinner. EZ wipes his face after a bite and there’s blood on the napkin, ripping this peaceful moment out from under him.

Fortunately, no one else seems to notice.

While all this is going down, Coco’s still at home when Hope shows up. She’s upset he left without saying anything and Coco’s more interested in the drugs Hope brought than actually being reunited with his new girlfriend. Hope points this out and Coco claims he wants to see her but he’s hurting and needs relief.

A short while later they’re passed out after getting high when Leticia returns. Leticia immediately attempts to rouse Coco but pounding on his chest and screaming his name don’t elicit any response.