‘Lucifer’ Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: The Sin Bin

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 10 Recap
Lauren German and Tom Ellis in ‘Lucifer’ season 3 episode 10 (Photo by Michael Desmond / Fox)

The season three fall finale of Fox’s Lucifer begins with a woman running for her life. Season three episode 10 then swiftly changes to Lux where Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) are having a drink. The party’s raging at Lucifer’s club and he’s happy he’ll be getting answers soon from the Sinnerman. Maze isn’t so sure that a human jail can hold this killer, especially if he took away Lucifer’s Devil face and returned his wings. Maze then observes that if someone really wanted to hurt him, they would have taken away his life in LA – and Chloe.

Lucifer’s convinced he can learn the Sinnerman’s weaknesses, even without using his special ability. Now that the killer’s blinded himself, Lucifer’s mind trick is ineffective.

At the station, Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) warns everyone not to meet with the Sinnerman alone. Chloe (Lauren German) and Ella (Aimee Garcia) listen in, and Chloe mistakenly reveals Marcus’ brother was murdered by the Sinnerman. Chloe asks Ella not to bring it up, saying it’s not her secret to reveal.

Chloe’s certain they have the right man and that he won’t get off, telling Marcus she knows she has what she needs to lock him away for good. Lucifer arrives, ready to interrogate the prisoner who he’s decided needs a new nickname. However, Marcus tells Chloe and Lucifer he’s the only one who gets to talk to the Sinnerman. While he and Lucifer argue over that decision, Chloe heads into the interrogation room alone.

The Sinnerman quotes Hannibal Lector’s fava beans line to Chloe and then chuckles. Chloe hopes he’s aware he can’t plead insanity, assuring him they have enough to put him away. Just as the interrogation is beginning, Ella barges into the room with the Sinnerman’s ringing phone. Lucifer and Marcus follow her as the Sinnerman alerts them they should answer the phone. It’s a video of the screaming woman, Maggie Cole, trapped in a reservoir rapidly filling with water.

Marcus demands to know who the Sinnerman’s working with and where the woman’s located. The Sinnerman reveals the woman can only survive if he shows them where she is. Lucifer’s up for a field trip, but no one else is.

The team analyze the video and are certain Maggie was abducted while the Sinnerman was in custody. They’re stymied in their investigation because they can’t track the phone number. Lucifer still believes they should let the Sinnerman out since it’s the fastest way to find Maggie. “Obi Wan Can’t See Me is Maggie’s only hope,” declares Lucifer.

Marcus refuses to let the Sinnerman out, and Lucifer’s frustrated. Lucifer tells Chloe they have to hurry up and investigate, but thinks they’ll still wind up following his suggestion at the end.

Elsewhere in the station, Trixie’s coloring crime scene photos at a desk because Dan (Kevin Alejandro) couldn’t get a sitter.

Ella spots a design on Maggie’s shirt on her driver’s license, and Chloe immediately knows Maggie spends time at a roller derby. It turns out Chloe’s kind of an expert in the sport. Chloe and Lucifer head over to the roller rink and question some of Maggie’s friends, quickly learning Maggie hasn’t been around since getting into a fight with Helena Handbasket the prior day.

Lucifer and Chloe try to interview Helena, but she refuses to stop skating. When Chloe tells her she’s LAPD, Helena makes a run for it…or, more accurately, a “skate” for it. Lucifer takes her down by spilling his beer and making her slip.

They place Helena in the Sin Bin (the penalty box and the episode’s title) and learn Helena did rough up Maggie because she stole her spot. However, Helena has an alibi so she’s not the kidnapper. Lucifer still thinks letting the Sinnerman lead them to Maggie is the best idea, so he gleefully hurries Chloe away from this dead end.

Dan’s working on trying to find a babysitter when Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) walks up. Trixie calls Charlotte pretty and Dan tries to explain they work together and are friends. Charlotte thinks her new job is dull, and surprisingly she and Trixie kind of hit it off.

Chloe and Lucifer hunt for Maggie’s car in the lot Helena suggested. They locate it, but Lucifer’s too impatient to wait and opens the driver’s door against Chloe’s orders. It’s booby trapped, a grenade explodes, and the car goes up in flames.

Back at the station, Chloe explains the grenade was rigged to make sure there wasn’t any trace evidence. She admits it’s time to allow the Sinnerman to lead them to Maggie. Lucifer’s happy she finally came around to his suggestion.

Chloe lays out an elaborate plan involving tricking Ella into distracting Marcus while they find the key to unlock the Sinnerman. The plan also involves a fake bomb in a box delivered to Dan, and then Chloe and Lucifer will dress in bomb squad gear and break out the Sinnerman – also in bomb squad attire – without anyone knowing.

The plan doesn’t go off without a hitch as Marcus has figured it out. Marcus won’t let them go without him.

Meanwhile, Charlotte’s playing babysitter. Trixie isn’t impressed with Charlotte’s office because she doesn’t have any toys. They discuss Charlotte’s kids and she explains her ex has custody and her kids don’t want to see her. Trixie reminds Charlotte that she’s the mom and she makes the rules. Then Trixie blurts out, “Are you and my dad having sex?” That leaves Charlotte speechless.

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 10 Recap
Tom Ellis, Lauren German, and Tom Welling in ‘Lucifer’ season 3 episode 10 (Photo by Michael Desmond / FOX)

Marcus, Chloe, and Lucifer lead the Sinnerman through the woods. Lucifer wonders why Marcus is helping them and Marcus admits it’s the best way to find Maggie. Marcus does, however, believe this is an ambush and that they’ll be attacked by the Sinnerman’s accomplice.

They hear Maggie screaming and Marcus and Chloe are able to save her before she drowns. They take their eyes off Lucifer and the Sinnerman, and when they look for them, they’re gone. Chloe assumes the accomplice has taken Lucifer.

Backup and an ambulance arrive, and before Maggie’s taken away Chloe and Marcus ask her everything she knows about the accomplice. She explains she was thrown in a van and the man was wearing a mask. When Chloe mentions that it sounds like it happened fast and wonders when he rigged the car with explosives, Maggie gives herself away by mentioning the grenade. Chloe never said there was a grenade, forcing Maggie to admit she made everything up. She abducted herself because she wanted to be her team’s jammer. She visited the Sinnerman because he grants favors and he made her fake her kidnapping in exchange for taking out her competition.

Chloe figures out Lucifer actually kidnapped the Sinnerman.

The Sinnerman comes to and Lucifer’s happy because now’s the time for the fun to start. Lucifer took him to his special hill house because he wants answers and he doesn’t want to be interrupted. The Sinnerman claims he won’t tell Lucifer anything, so Lucifer reminds the Sinnerman he had him kidnapped, brought his wings back, and took away his Devil face. The Sinnerman doesn’t respond, so Lucifer holds him off the ground against the wall. The Sinnerman begins talking, but it’s all fake witchy rubbish. He laughs as Lucifer lowers him to the ground.

When the Sinnerman asks if Lucifer’s going to punish a feeble blind man, Lucifer brings in Hell’s most brutal torturer, Maze, to do the job for him.

Maze finishes up her torturing, including playing Nickelback on repeat, but gets nowhere. He’s not a celestial being and Lucifer’s frustrated Maze can’t get any answers from a puny human. Lucifer wants to take over trying, but Maze reminds him angels aren’t allowed to kill humans. But then Lucifer asks, “Or are they?” He decides killing the Sinnerman is exactly what he needs to do.

Back at the station, the team try and figure out where Lucifer would have taken the Sinnerman. Dan has a file full of Lucifer’s real estate holdings in So. California, and explaining he only has them because he checked up on his wife’s new partner. He was being protective, but Ella calls him a stalker.

There’s a lot of properties, but Chloe figures out the right one immediately.

Maze and Lucifer continue to argue over whether Lucifer can kill a human. Maze reminds him Amenadiel lost his powers and he wasn’t the one who actually killed anyone. Lucifer thinks this is a win-win situation because if he kills the Sinnerman, he’ll lose his wings. He’ll also get his Devil face back.

Maze reminds Lucifer his dad will be pissed since the Sinnerman was apparently doing his dad’s bidding. Lucifer counters with the argument that if he doesn’t kill the Sinnerman, he might take someone else from him. That gets through to Maze and she hands over her knife. She doesn’t want to stick around to watch and teases this will bring on a plague of locusts.

The Sinnerman’s not in great shape as Lucifer prepares to behead him. Of course he can’t do it, and he yells at the Sinnerman for not looking threatening enough. Lucifer wants the Sinnerman to stand up and face him, trying to guide him into the knife. Lucifer decides he’ll give the Sinnerman a last meal and the Sinnerman thinks Lucifer is stalling. Lucifer laughs, saying he wants the Sinnerman to feel his failure.

The Sinnerman taunts him, telling him he doesn’t have what it takes to kill a man. He calls Lucifer a coward, and Lucifer still can’t bring himself to actually kill his enemy. He decides he’s going to boil the Sinnerman and then the Sinnerman asks him why he doesn’t drown him with a flood or strike him with lightning. When the Sinnerman says, “Like father, like son,” Lucifer’s had enough. Lucifer grabs him and puts his knife to the Sinnerman’s throat, and then Lucifer figures out what the Sinnerman really wants. His desire is not only to die, but to have Lucifer be the one to kill him.

Lucifer’s holding the Sinnerman still at knife point and demanding to know why it has to be him when Marcus busts in and shoots the Sinnerman. He’s dead and Lucifer’s pissed.

As the cops take away the Sinnerman’s body, Marcus announces he believes this is the only way it could end.

Chloe meets with Lucifer out on his patio and she can’t believe he’s not thanking her for saving his life. He claims he wasn’t in danger and that something wrong is going on here. Lucifer tries to explain he was the pawn all along. He tells Chloe the Sinnerman wanted to die, but she’s not having any of it. Chloe’s angry because she had his back on this play and he screwed her over by kidnapping the Sinnerman. She doesn’t believe he did any of this for the team.

Dan returns to pick up Trixie and she’s given Charlotte a matching hairdo. Dan asks Charlotte for coffee, but Trixie suggests dinner would be more romantic. As they leave, Dan tells Trixie she’s the best wingman.

Charlotte calls her ex and says she wants to see her kids.

Lucifer looks through the evidence as Ella races out of the room to compliment Marcus on killing the Sinnerman. Marcus is short-tempered and yells at Ella to stop talking. Lucifer watches this and then spots a photo in evidence of a young Sinnerman. It appears the man hugging him is Marcus!

Later that evening, Lucifer invites Marcus over for a one-on-one meeting at Lux. Lucifer points to the photo and the tattoo that matches Marcus’, and then asks if maybe the Sinnerman was actually the accomplice all along. If the man in the picture is alive, he’d be very old – or else he’s immortal. Marcus scoffs at the idea of an immortal crime boss, so Lucifer plunges his knife up to the hilt in Marcus’ chest.

Marcus lays still on the floor for a while as Lucifer drinks. He finally comes around and begins pulling the blade out of his chest. As he does, Lucifer says, “I wonder why I didn’t figure it out sooner? The world’s first murderer, marked by God and doomed to walk the earth alone for a tortured eternity. It’s quite the moniker. Still, nowhere near as ridiculous as the Sinnerman. Wouldn’t you agree, Cain?”

Cain/Marcus joins Lucifer at the bar for a drink.

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