‘Lucifer’ Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 3 star Lesley-Ann Brandt
Lesley-Ann Brandt in ‘Lucifer’ season 3 episode 3 (Photo by Michael Courtney / Fox)

Fox’s Lucifer season three episode three is the Maze-centric episode fans have been waiting for. The episode opens with Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) and Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) drinking at the bar, with Linda wondering how Maze is able to party every single night. Maze says it’s fun, adding, “No rest for the soulless.” That leads Linda to ask if that’s literally true, and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) overhears and confirms that’s the way it is with demons. He also thinks humans could learn a thing or two from demons…and from the Devil.

Maze admits she’s enjoying her time on Earth, in particular her new job hunting humans. In fact, her latest target is coming to her, thanks to a setup involving a coupon for a free Margarita. She doesn’t have to do anything to snag this latest target, but it’s getting so easy to bring in her targets the job is losing its thrill a little. Linda suggests she take a breath and relax a bit, but Lucifer counters that suggestion by challenging Maze to hunt the most challenging human possible. Linda, meanwhile, passes out on the bar. It’s impossible to keep up with a hard-partying demon.

Maze watches a video of a man describing a crime scene while she props her feet up on an office desk. It turns out the office belongs to Lt. Herrera (Marco Sanchez) of the Organized Crime Unit and he has no idea what she’s doing in his chair. She reveals she wants to find Ben Rivers and when she mentions her name, he recognizes it as the bounty hunter who’s earned quite a reputation. Maze knows Ben is in Canada and Lt. Herrera warns her he’s considered very dangerous and not to underestimate him. He also reveals every bounty hunter who’s attempted to bring him in has failed.

As Maze packs for her trip, Chloe (Lauren German) asks if she knows what she’s getting into and if she’s aware Canada is very different than the United States. Maze isn’t worried – same humans, different city (or country, as Chloe points out) – and then Chloe notices she hasn’t packed any cold weather clothing. Plus, the bag with Maze’s whips and knives is moving.

They open it and discover Trixie’s inside. Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) doesn’t want Maze to go alone, but Chloe puts the kibosh on the idea of her daughter traveling with Maze to Canada. Maze reminds Trixie she has to stay and watch her mom. “That’s true. Without the two of us, she’s defenseless,” says Trixie. Trixie does, however, provide Maze with a little support for her trip by giving her her alien stuffed toy to take on the trip. They bump knuckles and mirror each other’s movements, ending in a slicing of the throat motion. It’s apparent Chloe thinks they’ve both lost their minds.

After Maze leaves, Trixie wants to know why her mom looks worried about their roommate. Chloe explains she’s not worried about Maze, she’s worried about Canada.

Maze, dressed in inappropriate black leather, arrives at a ski lodge in Canada. She’s chilly and when a guy laughs after snow’s dumped on her, she steals his ski parka. Problem solved.

At the police station, Dan (Kevin Alejandro) gives Chloe his itinerary in case anything happens to Chloe. Dan’s going on vacation to Hawaii, and Lucifer can’t believe Dan’s flight involves three layovers. The sexy Devil jokes about how he has money to burn, literally. After he notices Dan and Chloe’s reactions, Lucifer figures out “money to burn” is just a saying.

Lucifer and Chloe are keeping tabs on Maze by tracking weird crimes committed in Canada, fingering Maze for an assortment of crimes including a brawl with a curling team and a bear attack. Lucifer admits he’s the one who suggested Maze hunt a difficult target, but Chloe’s concerned Maze needs their help. Lucifer insists Maze can handle herself.

Maze visits another ski lodge and shows the clerk, Norm (Haig Sutherland), Ben’s photo. He refuses to say if he’s seen the guy, so Maze asks if he’s familiar with torturing people. She tells him she knows how to torture humans, threatening to break his fingers. When he mentions his wife, Maze jumps on Norm, sitting in his lap and holding his head while calling him a faithful husband. A woman walking by takes a photo in what must look like a compromising position for Norm. Maze asks for a copy of the photo and Norm spills the beans on Ben. Ben’s in Whistler with a rich lady named Beauregard, according to Norm.

Maze impersonates a masseuse to get the goods on Muffy Beauregard (Stephanie Bennett). Muffy says Ben has a secret and Maze asks, “That he’s a dangerous killer on the run?” Muffy laughs and reveals Ben’s a prince but he doesn’t want anyone to know that. She’s rich and happy this guy doesn’t just want her for her dad’s money. Muffy adds Ben’s taking her to his castle this weekend, and that she’s seeing him tonight.

Maze massages Muffy’s breasts and they both enjoy the experience.

Chloe and Lucifer meet with Ben’s attorney, Athena (Erica Cerra). She claims she hasn’t heard from him in two years, but Chloe says they know she’s been talking to him by phone. Chloe wants to bring him in safely, however Athena calls an end to the conversation. Lucifer’s fine with that, knowing that the longer it takes to catch Ben, the angrier Maze will get. Chloe explains Maze is a bounty hunter and Lucifer says when she catches Ben, she’ll tear him “limb from bloody limb.”

Lucifer wonders if it’s okay if Maze just brings back the head or if they’ll have to superglue it on when she brings him in. Athena seems upset that they might hurt Ben, and then Lucifer uses his whammy powers to get her to confess she loves her client. She also admits she’s been sending him money and helping him allude the police. She says Ben’s charming and handsome, and one look from him can render you defenseless.

Meanwhile, Ben (Chris McKenna) approaches Maze at a quiet bar and she handcuffs him to the railing. She then looks him in the eyes and something seems to spark between them. She even agrees to having a drink instead of immediately bringing him in. They discuss how she tracked him down and she admits she’s disappointed he didn’t put up a fight and doesn’t seem worried about being caught. He says he always wondered who would catch him, and then calls her a “runner” just like he is.

Maze assures him he won’t get into her head. He wants to know if she hurt Muffy, saying she means well. Maze adds, “And she’s great in the sack.” Maze finishes her drink and it’s time to bring him in or to fight. But, while they’ve been talking Ben has taken off the cuffs and now Maze is the one handcuffed to the bar. She laughs as she breaks the cuffs off after he leaves.

While she’s still sitting there, Chloe calls her to find out how she’s doing. Maze admits Ben is harder to catch than she thought and that she had him but he got away. Chloe’s worried Ben Rivers is emotionally dangerous, thinking Maze probably isn’t prepared for that.

Lucifer reminds Chloe she’s not Maze’s mom. He’s not worried about Maze, believing she can handle anything. He texts Maze the address where Ben’s staying against Chloe’s advice.

Maze shows up and makes herself at home as Ben is packing to flee. He tries to make a run for it but she gets him in cuffs again and this time Maze cuffs him to her arm. He pulls a gun and she easily disarms him. They get into a fist fight and Maze gets in most of the hits. He grabs the gun again and confesses he doesn’t want to shoot her. He also reveals he was framed. Maze doesn’t care, but that changes when he says Lt. Herrera will betray her, too.

Lucifer season 3 episode 3
Tom Ellis, Lauren German and Kevin Alejandro in ‘Lucifer’ (Photo by Michael Courtney / Fox)

Back at the station, Lt. Herrera thanks Chloe for her help on the case. However, he wants to bring it home since Ben Rivers is the one who got away. Chloe agrees and turns over what she’s found on the case.

Ben Rivers tells Maze he used to work for Lt. Herrera as a bounty hunter but when he quit, Herrera got mad. Room service interrupts their discussion and we finally hear the episode’s title, “Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith,” uttered by Ben in response to the waitress’ appearance.

Maze recognizes the room service waitress who begins shooting at them almost immediately.

Back at the station, Chloe calls Maze but Maze is in the middle of a gunfight and can’t answer. Chloe thinks there’s something weird about the case and after leaving Maze a message, she calls someone else and asks for a favor.

The fake room service waitress continues shooting at them and Maze seems absolutely giddy about this development. She and Ben are hiding behind a table, and when she whips out a knife her prisoner can’t believe she brought a knife to a gunfight. Maze, without looking, tosses knife over her shoulder and it strikes the woman in the chest. She doesn’t die but she does leave the room. Unfortunately, Ben has been hit.

Lucifer visits Dr. Linda, telling her about how concerned Chloe is about Maze. He tries to play off Chloe’s anxiety, saying he and Maze have been through the plague and even the Dave Matthews Band, but Dr. Linda is so good at reading him she realizes something’s up. Dr. Linda concludes Maze is trying to prove that her life has meaning and it’s not really about the bounty. She thinks Maze wants to connect to someone.

Dr. Linda and Lucifer’s chat is interrupted by Maze on a video call. Maze shows them Ben’s injury and Lucifer’s proud of her for shooting him. She explains she didn’t – the psycho from room service did – and now she needs help. Linda says to take Ben to a hospital and then begins to help when Maze shows her how bad the wound looks. Maze jams her fingers in Ben’s wound to see if the bullet went all the way through, per Linda’s instructions. It didn’t and now Maze will have to remove the bullet and stitch up the wound. When Lucifer says she doesn’t have to, Maze says he’s her bounty and she’s bringing him in. Linda tells her to find alcohol and get the hotel room’s sewing kit.

Since Ben doesn’t have drugs, Maze knocks him out by punching him in the face. Lucifer and Dr. Linda watch via video as Maze fluffs Ben’s pillow and gently touches his hair. Maze decides she doesn’t need their help anymore, leaving an incredulous Lucifer to marvel over the most skilled torturer Hell’s ever known acting in such a way. He thinks Ben’s broken “his” Maze.

Ben comes to clutching Trixie’s alien. His head hurts but otherwise he’s good, and Maze is ready to take him back. Ben says if she does, he’ll be killed. Lt. Herrera wanted him to kill two teenagers and he refused to do the job because “when you kill, you lose a piece of yourself.” He thinks she understands, but Maze says she doesn’t have a soul. He begs to differ.

Dan arrives out of the blue, still dressed in the Hawaiian shirt he’s wearing for his flight to Hawaii. Maze throws a knife his direction when he enters the room before realizing it’s Dan. (Good thing it didn’t hit its target!) Chloe called and asked him to check on Maze while he was on a layover in Vancouver, and Maze wonders what Chloe’s worried about. He says Chloe thinks there’s something weird going on with Herrera, exactly what Ben’s been saying.

As Dan and Maze talk, Ben escapes.

Dan calls Chloe and fills her in on Ben’s story. Dan wants to know why Ben ran, and Maze says no matter what they have to get to Ben before the room service psycho tracks him down again. She wants Dan to help her, but he doesn’t have his gun. He tells her to turn the case over to the Canadians and she asks if that’s so they can “nice” the bad guy to death. She acts like she agrees, and Dan says that shows growth. As Dan calls the Canadian cops, Maze sneaks out to track Ben.

Lucifer tells Chloe that she’s right and that Ben worked his magic on Maze. But now Chloe doesn’t believe that anymore because there’s something off about the case, and she thinks Ben might be an innocent man forced to go on the run. Lucifer thinks they need to go to Canada now but Chloe’s completely changed her mind and thinks Maze needs another kind of help. “What? Some strong drugs and a lobotomy?” asks Lucifer. Chloe’s happy Lucifer is concerned but she thinks Maze needs to know they trust her. Lucifer laughs and Chloe throws his words back in his face, saying he’s the one being the overprotective mother now.

Lucifer agrees to go with Chloe to interview the security guard who Ben says Herrera paid to say he witnessed Ben killing the two teenage victims.

Lucifer and Chloe talk to Pete the security guard (Andy Nez) about Ben, and he insists he witnessed the shooting. Lucifer wants to go to Canada, but when Chloe asks how many bullets Ben fired, Pete claims his memory is foggy. Lucifer tries to help, saying Ben would have shot every bullet in the clip. Pete agrees with Lucifer and he also agrees when Lucifer says Ben shot the teens in the back. Chloe points out Pete testified they were shot in the front, and Pete admits he’ll agree with whatever they want him to say. He thinks they’re working with Herrera and Lucifer’s confused when Chloe deduces Ben is actually telling the truth. Chloe says Maze is right and she’s in more trouble than she knows.

Maze tracks Ben through the snow and spots the room service psycho and three burly associates pointing guns at Ben’s head. Maze insists the psycho back off and Ben tries to act like he’s got the situation under control and that he likes the gun to his head. Ben’s trying to get Maze to leave to save her life but she doesn’t, calling him her bounty.

Room service psycho thanks Maze for saving them the work of hunting her down since Maze was next on their list to kill. Maze is happy psycho brought back up. After psycho tells them to kill Maze, Maze is hit in the head with a snowball. The distraction works and Dan attacks one of the men as Maze goes for the psycho. Ben tries to help but he’s still handcuffed, and when Dan hits the largest man he barely reacts. Dan, who was going on vacation, doesn’t have a gun but that’s all right as Maze begins disarming the men, even using one as a human shield. He takes the bullets meant for her as she continues her attack. Psycho gets back on her feet and is about to shoot Maze, but Ben uses a tree limb as a bat and knocks her out.

Ben worked his way out of the handcuffs and tries to act like he had this covered. During the fight, he opened his stitches and is in pain but able to go on. As they’re collecting themselves, they hear sirens and a helicopter. Dan offers to handle the situation and tells Maze and Ben to leave.

Back at the station, it’s Lucifer’s turn to prop his feet up on Lt. Herrera’s desk. Lucifer informs Herrera it’s not his office anymore, given the fact he’s a murderer. Chloe offers further explanation into what they’ve learned. She knows about the murders, framing Ben, and how he almost got their friend, Maze, killed. She places him under arrest while informing him the hitmen he hired have been taken into custody in Canada. Lucifer wanted to beat Herrera to death but he’ll have to be satisfied knowing he’ll be able to torture him in Hell.

Chloe gives Maze a call to let her know Herrera is under arrest. Maze passes the info on to Ben and he’s glad he’s not a fugitive anymore. Maze thinks Ben doesn’t have to run and can return home, but Ben says the people Herrera works for will never stop chasing him. He also thinks those people know about Maze, but she doubts that.

Ben admits he can’t stop running and takes Maze by surprise by asking her to come with him. They can be on the road together, hitting a new city every week. He wants her to join him and it looks like Maze is actually considering it.

Her decision is revealed when the next scene shows her enjoying a glass of wine with Dr. Linda, Chloe, Lucifer, and Trixie. They toast to Maze’s return, and Maze hands Trixie back her alien which now has Ben’s blood on it. Trixie’s response to the blood stain is “awesome,” but Chloe decides they should stick the stuffed alien in the wash.

Lucifer asks Maze if she’s all right and she replies, “I’m exactly where I want to be.” She told Ben she has roots, and he warned her to be careful because Herrera’s bosses know more than she thinks.

A mysterious figure places 8x10s of Ben and Maze into a folder and then places the folder labeled Mazikeen of the Lilim in a file cabinet. The file cabinet also contains folders labeled Lucifer Morningstar, Amenadiel/Dr. Canaan, Charlotte Richardson, and Gaudium!

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