‘Lucifer’ Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: City of Angels?

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 11 Recap
Tom Ellis and D.B. Woodside (Photo: Fox)

Fox’s Lucifer returns from its winter break with a throwback episode devoted to exploring the beginning of Lucifer’s vacation on Earth. Season three episode 11 titled “City of Angels?” begins in Los Angeles in 2011 with Lucifer (Tom Ellis) strutting down the street in full swagger mode while wearing a Saturday Night Fever-ish white leisure suit. Women smile as he walks by and he assumes it’s because he looks amazing.

As he gazes at his reflection in a window, his wings spring out and startle a homeless dude. Lucifer admits he forgot wings aren’t something people normally see and he retracts them before causing a major scene. He’s finally confronted about his out-of-style suit, thanks to a gorgeous young woman who compares it to one her grandfather owned.

Suit gone, Lucifer gets down to serious semi-naked partying which is interrupted by Amenadiel (DB Woodside), disturbed Lucifer’s toying with humans. He wants to return his brother to Hell, and they argue over who’s the strongest of their dad’s children. Amenadiel finally agrees to give his brother 10 minutes to say goodbye. As he waits on the street, he’s shot by a robber and left for dead. Of course, he’s not dead, but the robber does manage to steal his necklace when he’s temporarily knocked out.

Coming to and angry his necklace is gone, Amenadiel shows up in Lucifer’s bedroom and strips down to his undies while the ladies and Lucifer watch. He then quickly dresses in random discarded clothes near the very full bed. Lucifer wonders why his brother’s dress has a hole in it, and without going into detail Amenadiel lets the Devil off the hook for a few hours. He just wants to get his necklace back; that’s priority #1.

Amenadiel shows up at the police station and runs into Officer Chloe Decker (Lauren German) who takes the info about his stolen necklace. He even has a very rudimentary drawing to help her (it’s just a ski mask) and when Chloe wonders if a Jack O’Lantern stole his necklace, Amenadiel is clueless to the reference and believes Mr. O’Lantern is indeed the suspect. Decker gets distracted by a phone call from her husband Dan (Kevin Alejandro) who explains he’ll be home late. Dan’s going to be busy with a body very near the location where Amenadiel was robbed.

Talking to the police didn’t help, so Amenadiel has no choice but to turn to Lucifer for assistance in recovering his necklace. And, of course, Lucifer’s super happy his brother needs his help.

Chloe heads to where Amenadiel indicated the robbery took place and it’s just around the corner from Dan’s crime scene. She finds a clue and hands it over to Dan, and it even has blood on it. Dan’s not sure there’s a connection because he believes his victim was a random mugging victim. Chloe doesn’t think so and wants permission to do some more snooping. She reminds him it was his suggestion that she had to show initiative.

Meanwhile, Lucifer and Amenadiel show up at a classy outdoor bar and Lucifer immediately loves the music provided by a live piano player. He reveals music in Hell is mainly just for torture and that Justin Bieber’s songs are currently the favorites in Hell.

Lucifer shoos the piano player away and takes over playing. Amenadiel finally realizes Lucifer isn’t helping him but instead just wanted to drink and have a good time. Lucifer doesn’t believe Amenadiel will ever find his necklace, but then Amenadiel sees the news report on Aidan Scott, Dan’s murder case, and is sure he saw the victim right before he was shot and his necklace was taken. He’s positive the two crimes were committed by the same masked man.

Lucifer finally decides to help after noticing a large pair of breasts on the woman standing next to the murder victim. He makes a deal with Amenadiel to help in exchange for more hours on earth. And because he can’t think of what else he wants, he requests “a blank check” to be cashed at the time of his choosing.

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 11 Preview
Tom Ellis and D.B. Woodside in season 3 episode 11 of ‘Lucifer’ (Photo: Fox)

Lucifer and Amenadiel show up at a porn shoot, with Lucifer explaining it’s all about boobs. He recognized the woman in the photo as Misty Canyons (Taylor Black) because of her mole and her curves. Lucifer’s positively giddy when he recognizes the porn actresses, revealing no porn stars reside in Hell because they did such good work on earth.

When Lucifer introduces himself to Misty as a fan, she confesses she loves being a porn star and loves sex. She suggests if you want to be happy and free, you must move to LA.

While Lucifer’s meeting Misty, Amenadiel’s being mistaken as a porn actor and is dressed up as a window washer. Amenadiel ends up in a scene with Misty who has no idea he doesn’t realize what’s going on. Only when he mentions Aidan Scott’s dead does she figure out Amenadiel isn’t her co-star.

Amenadiel and Misty have a serious talk and she confirms Aidan was a decent guy. However, he did anger some people who wanted him to throw a fight. He refused to lose on purpose, even though they offered him a lot of money. Amenadiel thinks that person may be the killer, and Misty thinks he should talk to the people organizing the fight.

Chloe pursues her lead and interviews Gil (Chris Mulkey), the owner of the gym where Aidan trained. She wonders if Aidan ran the same route every day and then drops the bombshell that it wasn’t a random killing. Gil gives Chloe the name Tio Sorrento, saying Tio and Aidan butted heads.

Lucifer and Amenadiel show up at Rico’s where women are fighting in the ring. Lucifer instantly falls in love with the place but then he senses something… Chloe is standing within a few feet watching the same fight.

Lucifer decides to grab a drink as Chloe spots a person of interest and gives chase. Lucifer orders a Scotch and learns Tio looks after the fights. When Lucifer approaches Tio (John Charles Meyer), Tio immediately assumes Amenadiel wants to take Aidan’s spot and that Lucifer is his manager. Tio’s unimpressed until Amenadiel knocks out the former heavyweight champ with a single punch.

Later, Lucifer explains the plan to Amenadiel, saying he wants whoever wanted Aidan to throw the fight to try and make the same deal with Amenadiel. Amenadiel can’t believe Lucifer wants him to train, given that he’s their father’s finest fighter. Lucifer suggests that in order not to draw undo attention, he needs to learn to fight like a human. Needless to say, that doesn’t go well but it does lend itself to a pretty entertaining training montage.

Tio approaches Lucifer while Amenadiel’s training and offers him the same deal as Aidan. Lucifer replies by punching him out.

Back at the station, Chloe tells Dan about the guy she’s brought in and that he works for Tio. Tio could have tried to fix Aidan’s fight and he refused which led to his death. Dan reminds Chloe she doesn’t have any proof, but she has a gut feeling she’s right. Dan warns her to be patient.

Lucifer relaxes for a bit and pops in Chloe’s Hot Tub High School DVD. He’s about to pleasure himself to the video when Amenadiel arrives, destroying the mood. Amenadiel reveals Tio claims not to have the necklace so now he needs Lucifer to torture the information out of him. Lucifer figured Amenadiel would request that and so he made a quick jaunt to Hell to retrieve the best torturer: Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt).

Tio’s tied to a bed and claims to know nothing about Aidan’s killer. Maze laughs and introduces herself as a demon sent to torture him. Maze, as always, is very happy to get to do her work. In fact, she’s so turned on that she has sex with Tio instead of ripping off his testicles.

Afterward, Maze lets Amenadiel know Tio didn’t kill anyone and doesn’t know about the necklace. Apparently, Tio wouldn’t stop talking after they had sex. Someone else placed a half a million-dollar bet on Aidan losing, and that person is probably the killer. Tio doesn’t know who the man is, and Lucifer and Amenadiel decide to fix the fight and then wait at the location where the money is supposed to be exchanged to learn the killer’s identity.

And now we get another flashback shocker… Tio’s attorney is Charlotte Richards! Chloe wants to make a deal to speak with Tio since Tio is a suspect in Aidan’s murder. Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) explains nothing Chloe has to offer is worth getting Tio to talk. Chloe’s not easily dissuaded and figures out she can hold the fact Charlotte is representing warring crime families to get her to help. It works, and Charlotte is mildly impressed at Chloe’s spunk.

Amenadiel thanks Lucifer for his help as he’s about to step into the ring to lose. However, when Amenadiel calls Lucifer “evil,” Lucifer’s taken aback. In fact, Lucifer’s so angry he takes Amenadiel’s opponent’s spot in the ring.

Shirtless Amenadiel and shirtless Lucifer square off. “You wanted the Devil. Well, you got him,” says Lucifer, eyes flashing red. Lucifer taunts his brother, while Amenadiel thinks it’s all pointless. Amenadiel also reminds Lucifer the result of this fight doesn’t prove anything since he has to lose to reveal the killer.

Lucifer seems to relish the fact Amenadiel can’t let himself win the fight. “I’ll make sure I tell everyone in Heaven and Hell how the undefeated warrior lost to his loser, evil little brother,” says Lucifer. However, all bets are off after Lucifer calls Amenadiel “daddy’s boy.” Amenadiel and Lucifer get into it for real, not holding anything back. Lucifer’s getting the worst of it but Amenadiel can’t deliver the final blow. Instead, he tells Lucifer he’s better than he his and won’t stoop to his level.

Lucifer refuses to stop and gets Amenadiel in a chokehold. He taps out and Lucifer wins.

Elsewhere, Chloe and Dan are on stakeout duty waiting for Tio to drop cash in a locker. Charlotte said Tio promised to help them find Aidan’s killer, and Chloe believes he’ll do it because it will clear his name. Dan’s not so sure and thinks her visit to see Charlotte will set back her career. Chloe insists on following her gut, and she’s quickly proven right. Tio drops off the bag into a locker.

Amenadiel and Lucifer are still pissed at each other, but they’re also on stakeout duty. They watch Gil pick up the cash and then see Chloe chasing after him, ordering him to drop the bag of cash. When she follows him around the corner, the bag of cash is there but Gil’s gone.

Lucifer and Amenadiel snag Gil and he’s confused how he was running from Chloe one minute and somewhere completely different the next. Gil admits he shot Amenadiel and can’t believe he’s alive. He offers to get Amenadiel a new necklace, but Amenadiel is furious and demands the necklace his father gave him be returned.

Gil, still confused, confesses he didn’t mean to kill Aidan. Gil needed money, Aidan wouldn’t throw the fight, and he shot him in a panic when he fought back. He shot Amenadiel because he was a witness.

Gil claims he put Amenadiel’s necklace in his safe and Amenadiel wants to retrieve it. But first, Lucifer decides to flash his Devil face since he’s the King of Evil and Gil is most definitely evil.

The feuding celestial brothers drop Gil back on the beach where he confesses everything to Chloe and Dan.

Day over, Lucifer reveals he’s not going back to Hell. Walking through Rico’s, Lucifer tells his brother he’s realized he’s no longer an angel. “If that’s true, then why am I still trying to please father?” asks Lucifer. He doesn’t want to play a part in his dad’s play any longer and instead he’ll accept the fact that he’s the rebel everyone believes he is. Amenadiel demands Lucifer return to Hell with him, but Lucifer reminds him they made a deal. Amenadiel can’t break his vow and Lucifer says what he wants is to be left alone. Amenadiel reminds him their dad will be upset and he’ll end up suffering his wrath.

Lucifer has found his new home at Rico’s. All it needs is a piano.

Lucifer and Maze meet on the beach and he unfurls his wings. Maze, crying, cuts them off and they fall to the sand as Lucifer looks up at Heaven and smiles.

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