‘Lucifer’ Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: Off the Record

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 7
John Billingsley and Tom Ellis in the “Off The Record” episode of ‘Lucifer’ (Photo by Michael Courtney/FOX)

Fox’s Lucifer season three episode seven kicks off with Reese Getty (Patrick Fabian) lying in a hospital bed, confused. A nurse reveals he had a brush with death, and Reese takes that to mean he now has a second chance at life. He brings flowers to his wife, who hasn’t visited him in the hospital, only to discover without entering his home that she’s entertaining Lucifer (Tom Ellis).

Tossing the flowers aside, he follows Lucifer. He watches the sexy Devil hanging out with gorgeous women at his club, flabbergasted that this man calls himself “Lucifer Morningstar.” Lucifer knows he’s being watched, and preempts the assumed question by telling Reese no way will he sleep with him. Reese reveals his wife is sleeping with a womanizing piece of garbage, and Lucifer tells him to make sure he punishes the jerk.

Reese admits he wants to punch this sleazeball in the face, and Lucifer has no idea he’s talking about him. Lucifer sees Chloe (Lauren German), calls out to her, and then Reese figures out Lucifer’s with the LAPD. Lucifer winks and tells Reese good luck with the punishing as he’s leaving.

Reese turns out to be a reporter and he wants to do a piece on Lucifer. He’s a Pulitzer Prize-winner and he’s sure Lucifer’s hiding something. He tells his editor the people deserve to know the truth.

Reese shows up at the station, complimenting Lucifer by saying he’s fascinating. He lets Lucifer know he’s doing an article on him, and Lucifer is of course super happy to be getting the spotlight.

Reese interviews people at the station and they all have nothing but nice things to say about Lucifer. Only Dan (Kevin Alejandro) isn’t a fan, saying Lucifer’s been stealing his pudding. He also doesn’t like Lucifer putting Chloe in danger.

Chloe walks up during the interview and Reese lets her in on the news he’s doing an article. He knows about her former career as an actress, and even though she’s not happy about it, he’s there to do ride-alongs with her and Lucifer.

Reese, Lucifer, and Chloe arrive at a crime scene, and Reese can’t believe Lucifer just started showing up and got a job. The dead woman is Poppy Parker, the owner of an organic cosmetic line. She has fake boobs all around her and Lucifer picks them up and juggles them. He calls them low-quality and outdated, noting no surgeon in LA would use them.

The murder looks like someone making a statement about Poppy being a fraud. Chloe points out Lucifer always notices abnormal things, and Lucifer agrees that’s his talent.

Back at the station, Chloe shows Lucifer and Reese photos of a vegan chef killed with raw meat in his mouth. Lucifer makes an inappropriate joke about the dead man’s sex life, and Chloe points out the vegan chef owned a cattle ranch. An environmentalist who had a private plane was also killed, leading Lucifer to believe someone’s killing charlatans.

All victims had the same poisons in their systems, so there’s a serial killer on the loose. Chloe keeps talking but Lucifer’s distracted, leaving the room to give an officer cash in exchange for a folder.

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 7
Tom Ellis and Lauren German in ‘Lucifer’ season 3 episode 7 (Photo by Michael Courtney/FOX)

Reese wonders what Lucifer gets out of this partnership.

After hours, Reese follows Lucifer to a building where he hands off a briefcase. Reese calls his estranged wife, telling her he wants to talk – all while keeping his eyes on Lucifer. The same man hands Lucifer back a bag.

As Lucifer drives off, Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) attacks. She warns Reese to leave Lucifer Morningstar alone or he’ll die. She gives him a swift kick for good measure and then leaves.

Reese returns to the newspaper office and his wife is waiting for him. Turns out his wife is Dr. Linda!

Reese wants to take Linda (Rachael Harris) to dinner, but she wonders why his co-workers are calling her his wife. They’ve been separated for two years and it’s time to end it. She has divorce papers she wants signed. She denies she’s seeing anyone else and asserts once again that it’s over. She also says it’s time for him to move on. He won’t give up and gets angry when she analyzes him. He asks for just 24 hours to see if he can change things. Dr. Linda reluctantly agrees.

Reese has an assistant research the address where Lucifer exchanged bags, and the guy says it’s a hot spot for stolen goods. Reese decides he needs to find Lucifer’s duffle bag and heads over to Lux.

With Lucifer in the club, Reese makes his way into Lucifer’s penthouse. He sees the bag on a table and then hears muffled noises. There’s a woman tied up and gagged on the bed, and Lucifer returns with Champagne just as Reese is about to untie the scantily clad woman.

Lucifer wonders what story Reese is actually digging around for. Reese removes the woman’s gag, and she’s obviously not tied up against her will. Reese wants to know why Lucifer would send a crazy ninja woman after him, and Lucifer immediately realizes he’s talking about Maze. He calls her a tad overprotective.

Reese asks about the duffle bag, and Lucifer says he was buying it because of its fine stitching. When Reese opens it, edible sex toys are all that’s inside. Lucifer bought them illegally because they’re not FDA approved.

Lucifer understands Reese is just doing his job and isn’t angry. Leaves Veronica tied up, Lucifer cheers up Reese by asking him to join him as he meets with Chloe about a clue.

Chloe’s pulled a partial serial number off the implants and they head over to a plastic surgeon’s office in Beverly Hills. Lucifer sees a man with a scar in the office and realizes he resents the pretty people around him.

Back at the station, Dan congratulates Lucifer on piecing the info together.

Reese admits to Chloe he was doing a hit piece on Lucifer and their partnership but has realized Lucifer’s just a charming guy. He also thinks she and Lucifer work well together. He’s going to drop the story.

However, it turns out Barry with the scar isn’t the killer. He sold tainted supplies, but didn’t kill anyone.

Reese watches unseen from behind the glass as Lucifer interrogates Barry without Chloe in the room. He throws Barry around until Barry reveals the killer’s user name: TruthDog21. As Barry falls to the floor, Reese sees Lucifer’s true face! Lucifer doesn’t realize he’s been seen.

Reese visits Dr. Linda at her office and demands she stop seeing Lucifer Morningstar. He explains he was working on a story with Lucifer and has discovered he’s really the Devil. Linda explains Lucifer uses this Devil persona to deal with life. Reese is insistent Lucifer’s the real thing and he can’t believe Linda’s sleeping with him. Linda calls Lucifer completely present in the moment and says he doesn’t demand anything. Linda reveals the sex has been the most liberating experience of her life.

Linda yells at Reese to sign the divorce papers and he does. She then tells him he has things he needs to figure out.

Reese returns to his office and begins working on a whiteboard, laying out the proof Lucifer’s the Devil. His charts are surprisingly accurate, tying in almost everyone Lucifer has a relationship with or deals with on a continuing basis. The boards cover most of the wall space in his office.

Chloe and Lucifer arrive at his office door a year later, needing his help. (It turns out the events leading up to this scene all took place the year prior, and now we’re caught up to 2017. It makes much more sense, given the current Lucifer/Linda relationship.) It’s obvious he isn’t sleeping well, but Chloe wants to talk to him about the serial killer who has gone dormant. Since the victims were in the newspaper’s style section, maybe TrustDog21 was the handle of a person posting comments on those articles.

Comments aren’t showing up under that name, but Lucifer explains how his photos of his penis haven’t been showing up in the comment section of the Roosters of Award-Winning Size website. That gave Chloe the idea that maybe there’s an archive of comments that have been removed.

Chloe leaves to go speak with Reese’s assistant, thanking Reese for offering his help. Lucifer takes the opportunity to ask Reese about destroying the sleazy guy who was sleeping with his wife. Reese hasn’t found a way yet and reveals he thinks the guy is invulnerable. Lucifer suggests he think outside the box and then takes off for his visit with Dr. Linda.

Lucifer’s on the couch chatting with Dr. Linda when Reese barges in. He shoots Lucifer before Lucifer can react after Lucifer calls them “tunnel buddies.” Lucifer’s not dead but he is mad Reese ruined his suit. Reese knows for sure Lucifer is the Devil and assures Linda he realizes that’s a lot to process.

Linda surprises her ex by admitting she knows Lucifer’s the Devil. He’s seen Lucifer’s real face and Linda confesses she’s seen it, too. She found out after Reese learned it, and she admits she didn’t realize what Reese was going through. Lucifer assures Reese he’s only seeing Linda professionally now, and Linda assures Reese it originally threw her for a loop. When Reese calls Lucifer evil and the Devil incarnate, Linda disagrees. She says Lucifer’s actually a good man, something that seems to shock Lucifer. She adds that Lucifer’s her friend. Reese is dismayed she doesn’t care who Lucifer really is, and leaves without any further talking.

Reese’s editor tells him this obsessive hunt for dirt on Lucifer has to stop. He hasn’t been working on much for a whole year which means this guy has won. If he doesn’t stop now, it will end his career.

Reese tears up his research, throwing photos and papers across the room. He stops when he sees Chloe’s photo. He picks it up and then looks at the white board. “Devil = Vulnerable” could mean Chloe is his Achille’s heel. He realizes that when Chloe’s around, Lucifer can be killed.

Reese pays a visit to Alvin Kapitski (John Billingsley), a recluse with covered windows. Alvin is TruthDog21, and Reese wants to know about his comments on Poppy Parker and Daniel Moore, two of the murder victims. Alvin realized this day would come and is ready to surrender. Reese assures him he’s only there to do a story on him, not arrest him. He thinks Alvin can help expose Lucifer for who he is. He calls Lucifer the biggest fraud he’s ever encountered, and Alvin’s suddenly interested.

Lucifer’s drinking at the bar while Reese and Chloe meet at Lux. Alvin’s also in the crowd. Reese is ready to hand over a folder of redacted comments, but first he wants to interview Chloe. (He’s keeping Chloe busy while Alvin is preparing to get to Lucifer.)

Reese asks what Lucifer gets out the partnership. Chloe says it’s that Lucifer’s been wronged by someone and has avoided dealing with it. While they talk, Lucifer puts his drink down not too far away and Alvin pours poison into it. Reese smiles when he sees Alvin’s successful in his mission, and Chloe’s confused as to what is funny about her explanation.

Lucifer and Alvin chat for a moment as Lucifer is about to sip his now-poisoned drink. Lucifer introduces Alvin to some lovely ladies and Alvin, smiling, replaces the drink in Lucifer’s hand with a fresh one.

Reese gives the detective the folder with the comments as one of the women screams and falls to the floor. She drank the poisoned drink meant for Lucifer and she’s dead.

Ella (Aimee Garcia) arrives and confirms it’s the same poison used by the serial killer. Chloe can’t believe the killer was there when they were there, and believes the killer was targeting Reese. She apologizes to Reese for putting him in danger. Lucifer, angry this happened under his roof, heads up to his penthouse.

Reese grabs a knife and enters Lucifer’s apartment. Reese tells him it’s all his fault, sure that Lucifer’s ruined his life. He says the dead girl is there because of Lucifer, and Lucifer says he never makes anyone do anything. Reese thinks Lucifer tricks people into sin and damnation.

Lucifer reveals a secret, something he’s never told a human before. He has no part in deciding who goes to Hell. Humans do that. “You send yourselves, driven down by your own guilt. Forcing yourselves to relive your sins over and over. The best part, the doors aren’t locked. You can leave any time. It says something that no one ever does, doesn’t it?” explains Lucifer.

Reese still blames Lucifer, but Lucifer is now angry and confirms he’s not responsible for Reese’s soul, his actions, or whoever killed that girl downstairs. Reese thinks Lucifer has to be or else what does it all mean?

Lucifer figures out Reese is complicated and does his mind trick. Reese admits he just wants Linda to love him. He calls his ex “his wife,” and Lucifer finally realizes that sleazy piece of garbage Reese has been trying to destroy is him. Reese asks how Lucifer convinced Linda the Devil was good, and Lucifer admits he doesn’t know. He just showed her his true self and he thinks Linda accepted him because of that.

Reese races over to Dr. Linda’s office and confesses he was a bad husband. He takes all the blame on himself and says he’s sorry. He also believes Linda deserves better. Linda says she wasn’t perfect, but they just couldn’t be what each other needed. It’s not working how Reese thought it would, and he asks how she could have forgiven the Devil but not him. Linda thinks Reese doesn’t listen and then he accidentally admits he got a poor girl killed.

Linda threatens to call the police, but Reese stops her. They struggle and he tosses Linda to the floor where she hits her head. Ashamed, he tells her to call Detective Decker, saying he’ll turn himself in. He apologizes again and wants to make it right.

Back at his office, Reese takes a sip from a glass that turns out to be poisoned. Alvin’s there and he’s upset Reese sent him to kill Lucifer who he believes is an honest man. He tells Reese he’s the fraud who tried to get another man to do his dirty work. As Reese is dying, he tries to grab Alvin but Alvin makes a break for it. Chloe chases him down and arrests him while Lucifer bends over Reese. Reese tells him he drank the poison but that he set things right. He hopes this will turn things right with Linda.

The next scene is a repeat of the one that kicked off the episode, with Reese waking up in the hospital and believing he has a second chance at life. The scene transforms to show Reese is in his own personal room in Hell.

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