‘Lucifer’ Recap: “Once Upon a Time” Bonus Episode Takes Place in an Alternate Dimension

Lucifer Season 3 Bonus Episode Recap
Lauren German and Tom Ellis in the “Once Upon a Time” bonus episode of ‘Lucifer’ (Photo Credit: FOX)

What could possibly be the final episode of Lucifer aired on Fox on May 28, 2018 as part of a two-hour block. The first episode, “Boo Normal,” was set several episodes after the events of the season three finale. The second part of the two-hour block, “Once Upon a Time,” took place in a world in which Lucifer and Chloe didn’t know each other, Dan was never married or had a child, and Ella moved to LA to run an illegal business and never joined the police force. “Once Upon a Time” marked series star Kevin Alejandro’s directorial debut and only aired because of the efforts of fans who took part in the #Save Lucifer / #PickUpLucifer Twitter campaigns.

The episode kicks off with Chloe (Lauren German) chasing after a bad guy and then being gunned down by three men with automatic weapons. A voice over by God (Neil Gaiman!) tells us that once upon a time there was a world like ours but with one small change that changed everything.

As Chloe’s dying, we learn her name is Bonnie – and then we learn Chloe’s an actress playing a cop named Bonnie. She’s excited about the scene and the project she’s working on, but she’s bummed to hear stunt man Stryder Novac is leaving the film. He invites her out to celebrate with his friends, and after a little bit of convincing she finally says yes.

Over at Lux, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is playing the piano and singing “My Way” while a packed crowd looks on. Maze (Lesley Ann-Brandt), wearing the mask from the comics, tends bar. After singing, Lucifer spots Chloe coming down the stairwell. She passes him by and heads straight to her friend.

Lucifer and Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) still know each other in this world. Apparently, she’s his attorney and he’s working on expanding Lux to Vegas. They head off to his penthouse and God informs us in this world Charlotte was never inhabited by Lucifer’s mom. Still, Lucifer can’t get in the mood with Charlotte despite the fact she’s gorgeous. He blames it on being in LA too long, and they decide maybe he needs to move to Las Vegas. They seal the Vegas deal with a kiss before preparing to he hand over the down payment in cash.

Chloe visits Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) in this twisted world and talks about shooting Weaponizer 5 and being bored with her work. Linda listens and suggests maybe she should try playing something different. Linda reminds Chloe that she’s always wanted to be a role model and that she inspires little girls.

The camera pans out and we see Linda’s office is a set. Chloe used to be Linda’s patient, but now Linda has her own Doctor Linda television series. They compliment each other on what they’ve accomplished.

God admits he was controlling, but that he wants us to see what would have happened if he never put Chloe in Lucifer’s path. “Would they still get together?” asks God.

Lucifer finds Chloe’s friend dead in his nightclub. The police arrive and God lets us know that since Dan never married Chloe, his moral compass is different. His new partner found cash on the body and Dan’s okay with him keeping it.

In this world, Lucifer and Dan interacted on Delilah’s case and Dan never found her killer. Lucifer’s nickname for Dan in this alternate universe is Detective Dildo. Dan thinks Stryder was killed in a bar fight and Lucifer doesn’t believe that’s true. Dan tells him to stay out of police business, but Lucifer is determined to find the killer because the murder has stalled his Vegas deal.

God tells us that no matter what timeline, he and Lucifer’s relationship is complicated.

Chloe heads over to the police station to visit her dad, Lt. John Decker, who didn’t die in this revised timelime. She wants him to investigate the murder because Stryder wasn’t looking to fight and was just celebrating getting a job driving for NASCAR. She asks to speak to the detective handling the investigation, but her dad won’t let her. He reminds her police work is more dangerous in real life than in the movies.

Lucifer pays a visit to a tattooed, gun-toting Ella (Aimee Garcia). She runs a garage and he wants to know about the weapon used to kill Stryder. Ella says it’s a T-handled Torx driver, but it’s been sharpened to poke a hole in something. When Lucifer reveals it poked a hole in a body, Ella can’t believe he let her touch a murder weapon. She wants no part of this until he threatens to tell the cops about her operation.

Ella gives in and provides more details on the tool, describing it as from a pro-racer tool kit. It has a number stamped on it and a red label. She’ll work on figuring out what used to be inscribed on it.

Lucifer pays her for the info and heads off to the race track. He’s given a VIP pass by security when he says he’s looking for answers on a murder, and he’s ushered over to Chloe. She’s pretending to be a detective and Lucifer’s happy to see her instead of Detective Dildo. Chloe lets Lucifer believe she’s an actual detective, introducing herself as Bonnie. He turns to leave but then compliments her on her previous busts from the Weaponizer movies. He mentions the hot tub film, and she asks him not to, and then wonders if he’s on camera right now.

Lucifer Season 3 Bonus Episode Recap
Lauren German in the “Once Upon a Time” episode of ‘Lucifer’ (Photo Credit: Fox)

Chloe confesses she worked with Stryder and believes he was murdered. She thinks the killer was Rex Wilson, the driver Stryder was going to replace. Rex is still driving since Stryder is dead. As Lucifer heads off to find Rex, Chloe asks who he is. He introduces himself and Chloe’s not impressed. She doesn’t want to leave this murder investigation in the hands of a boozy nightclub owner. She wants to stay on the case because she can handle it better than he can. To prove her point, she gets a special pass to visit the pits.

Back in the evidence locker, Charlotte busts Dan while he’s stealing cash. She tells him about a safe with hundreds of thousands of dollars in it, and she has the combo. He’s all in when he learns it’s Lucifer’s place. “I’d love to screw over that douchebag,” says Dan.

Charlotte’s plan is to go in and get the money while Dan watches to make sure no one catches her. They short of flirt as they reveal they don’t trust each other.

Rex is on his practice run when Chloe asks to speak with him. Lucifer doesn’t care about that and stands in the middle of the track, summoning Amenadiel (DB Woodside) to stop time to keep the car from hitting him. They play catch up and Lucifer can’t believe how quickly Amenadiel arrived. He jokes that Amenadiel’s been flying around like a “feathery homeless men” since he can’t return to Heaven. Amenadiel admits he can’t go home and face their dad or their siblings with Lucifer still on Earth and refusing to return to Hell.

Amenadiel won’t mix with the humans and Lucifer suggests he try talking to one sometime. On Lucifer’s cue, Amenadiel starts time. Lucifer pulls Rex out of the car which speeds off without its driver. Security arrive to haul Lucifer off the track as Chloe walks away with Rex.

Once she has him in his trailer, Chloe pushes Rex into a chair. She demands to know about Stryder’s murder, but Rex claims not to know anything about it. She threatens him with bodily harm and Lucifer arrives to blow Chloe’s cover. The speech she was giving to Rex is one from Weaponizer 3 and now Rex is completely confused.

Lucifer uses his Jedi mind trick to get Rex to admit what he wants is a good story. Fans follow drivers now, not cars. Stryder was a client and Rex arranged for him to replace him. Stryder apparently needed the money to get him out of trouble with a guy from work.

After they leave the trailer, Chloe wants to know how Lucifer got Rex to talk. She thinks he’s psychic, but he explains he can’t read minds and isn’t a Jedi. “People just like to tell me things,” says Lucifer. Chloe thinks they want the same thing and Lucifer agrees they should have sex. She corrects him, suggesting they team up to investigate since she knows who Stryder was fighting with at work.

Doctor Linda talks to two-time Oscar nominee Nathan Fury and as they take a break, Linda learns Nathan’s new wife was just caught cheating. She doesn’t want to incite a breakdown on camera, but she’s told her ratings really need the boost.

Chloe and Lucifer arrive on set and watch Erika Dunlap, Chloe’s co-star, arguing with stunt coordinator Ben Rogers (Brian Tee). Chloe asks why Erika’s arguing with everyone and Ben says she’s just dealing with grief. Chloe then tells Lucifer Erika got hurt and was looking for a settlement when eyewitness Stryder refused to testify. They think Erika killed him out of anger, and Chloe suggests Lucifer have a chat with her and do “his thing.”

Chloe’s dad arrives on set and he’s heard what she’s been up to. He’s also heard she’s been investigating with Lucifer. Just then they both hear Erika and Lucifer having sex in Erika’s trailer, and Chloe can only shake her head.

While Lucifer’s out playing detective, Charlotte sneaks into his apartment and opens his safe. It’s full of stacks of bills and gold bars. As she begins removing them, she finds out she’s not alone. Maze is right behind her, along with her mask-wearing army.

Maze says she doesn’t care about the money, she just wants to know why Charlotte wants it. At first Charlotte says Lucifer needs it to finish the Vegas deal but then admits she deserves it. When Maze asks what she’ll do with it, Charlotte snaps, “Whatever I damn well want.”

Maze cuts her loose from the chair where she’s been tied up and allows her to leave. She tells Charlotte to embrace all that darkness, warning her that the more she sins, the more fun it will be when they meet again someplace hotter.

Charlotte grabs the money and steps into the elevator. Maze sends her off with one final warning, “If I ever see you and that boy toy in Los Angeles again, I will gut that pretty belly of yours. Everyone knows you don’t steal from the Devil.”

Lt. Decker continues to berate Chloe until Lucifer emerges from Erika’s trailer, rumpled and covered in lipstick. He claims to have pumped the suspect and Chloe reminds him he was supposed to use his mind trick. Lucifer says she should have been more specific. Lt. Decker tells Chloe to go home, and she can’t believe she thought he’d be proud of her.

After he leaves, Lucifer reveals he believes she can solve a murder. While having sex, Lucifer learned that Erika is so flexible she could put her ankles around her neck. Therefore, she wasn’t injured. He also learned Erika needed money and Stryder told her he could help her out because he and a partner were going to steal something valuable from the set. Stryder probably backed out of the heist so he could take the NASCAR job. They just need to figure out who was Stryder’s partner.

Chloe and Lucifer head over to Ella’s to find out more about the murder weapon. She fangirls over Chloe, saying Chloe inspired her to steal cars. Ella then reveals the murder weapon had “Last Lappers” filed off the handle. Lucifer recognizes it as being from an ‘80s racing film and Chloe knows stunt coordinator Ben Rogers worked on that film.

Chloe and Lucifer show up on another Weaponizer set looking for Ben Rogers. He’s not around so they try and figure out what Ben and Stryder would have attempted to steal. Just then Lucifer spots Ben driving off in a $6 million car.

They hop in Lucifer’s car with the Fallin1 license plate and take off after Ben. Chloe cuts Ben off before he can even leave the set. Lucifer and Chloe confront Ben, informing him they’re aware he killed Stryder. Chloe says they found his prints on the murder weapon and Ben acts guilty. “You did?”

Chloe and Lucifer are sure by his reaction that he killed Stryder. Ben makes a run for it and they give chase. Lucifer catches up to him first and Ben’s ready to pull the trigger. He shoots Lucifer repeatedly and is stunned to see the bullets don’t affect Lucifer. Chloe sneaks up behind Ben and knocks him out.

Chloe’s dad arrives on set and Lucifer informs Lt. Decker he underestimated his own daughter. Lt. Decker calls Chloe brave and says he’s never underestimated her. He’s only kept her away from his job because she’s smarter than him and it scared him that she might want to become a cop. He knew she could handle it, but he didn’t think he could. He assures her he just wanted what was best for her. They hug, and the lieutenant takes off to clean up the crime scene.

God provides more voice-over as we watch Ella hang her new autographed The Weaponizer poster on her wall. He wonders if giving someone different options and circumstances will make that person end up different. Will they still essentially be the same person?

Maze brands her new follower with a mask as God says the potential is still there down deep inside. The conscience remains the same, but will people choose to listen to it?

Dan and Charlotte head off to Vegas as God declares, “Some people find love in the strangest of situations and are somehow happier for it.”

Lucifer and Chloe relax at night, looking out over the lights of the city. Lucifer had a fun time on the investigation and Chloe calls their day fulfilling. She thinks she might want to be a real detective. Lucifer laughs, but Chloe is serious. He then suggests he might tag along. When she says it won’t ever happen, he asks if she’d like to make a bet.

God tells us that no matter how you shake things up, some people make the same choices and are drawn to the same people and passions.

The episode ends with God asking us if we’d make the same choice about placing Chloe with Lucifer. “Wouldn’t you do the same in my shoes? After all, a parent just wants what’s best for their child.”

And that’s it for Lucifer on Fox. Hopefully these two episodes that would have aired in season four will not be the last we’ll see of Lucifer, Chloe, Amenadiel, Maze, Dr. Linda, and Dan. There’s so much more story to tell and so many relationships still to delve into. It’ll be a shame if Lucifer didn’t have at least one more season to explore the new dynamics in the relationship between the Devil and his partner.

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