‘Lucifer’ Season 3 Episode 14 Recap: My Brother’s Keeper

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 14 Recap
Tom Ellis and Lauren German in ‘Lucifer’ season 3 episode 14 (Photo by Jordin Althaus / Fox)

Fox’s Lucifer season three episode 14 puts Ella’s family in the spotlight, with Chloe (Lauren German) and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) investigating a murder that may have been committed by Ella’s older brother. Of course, dealing with Ella’s brother provides Lucifer plenty of opportunities to comment on his own relationship with his dad’s favorite son, Amenadiel.

The episode titled “My Brother’s Keeper” begins with a man’s phone ringing, indicating it’s the LAPD on the other end of the line. The call comes at the most inopportune time as he’s picking up a suitcase of diamonds, and the man in possession of the gems isn’t happy about any possible connection to the LAPD. It turns out the call is coming from Ella (Aimee Garcia). She’s dialed up her brother, Jay (Rey Valentin), and is not pleased to be sent straight to voice mail.

At the police station, Lucifer wants Cain (Tom Welling) to take off his shirt so he can look at the mark his dad left. It’s just a circle now because the skull and spears tattoo has healed and Cain hasn’t reapplied it yet. Lucifer doesn’t understand why Cain hates being immortal, and he’s pissed that his research – which amounted to watching Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code – hasn’t led to a way to kill him.

Cain and Lucifer agree that Amenadiel (DB Woodside), the brainy one, might have the answer.

Ella pays a visit to Chloe’s place and she and Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) high five after realizing they’re both wearing sushi shirts. Chloe’s out but Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), who’s busy eviscerating a dummy, is actually who Ella’s there to see. While Maze talks to Ella, Trixie takes over with knife practice. (No way would Chloe allow this!)

Ella explains she can’t reach her brother and Maze, being Maze, doesn’t care. That is until Ella says she’ll pay for Maze to find him.

Back at Lux, Amenadiel refuses to help Lucifer kill Cain. Dad placed the curse and there had to be a reason. All Lucifer wants his brother to do is look at Cain’s mark, but Amenadiel wants none of it. He’s about to leave when Lucifer says, genuinely shocked, “We’ve been through a lot, you and I. I thought we were getting along. I thought we were brothers for once.”

Amenadiel agrees but reminds Lucifer their dad placed him on Earth as his test, and he’s there to protect Lucifer from himself. Amenadiel doesn’t care that Lucifer gave his word.

Maze and Ella make it over to the diamond dealer’s place and Ella explains that her brother is a diamond authenticator so it makes sense he would be there. When they enter the room, they find the diamond dealer, Fahrid Nasser, dead. Maze points out that means Ella’s brother might be the killer.

Ella calls in Chloe, much to Maze’s disappointment. Chloe and Lucifer arrive to investigate, and Ella explains that Jay is her older brother. He’s also the “good one” and they all look up to him. Lucifer, of course, makes the discussion about himself, saying older brothers are never there when you need them to help you kill someone. (It’s amazing how everyone just skips over Lucifer’s bizarre comments.)

Maze found Jay’s wallet in the room, so it’s obvious he was there and was probably the killer. Ella, attempting to clear Jay, points out powder burns indicate the killer was left-handed. Her brother is right-handed.

Chloe thinks Ella should excuse herself from the case, but Ella is determined to go find Jay with Maze. After they leave, Chloe says she trusts Ella’s instincts so she’ll pursue other angles. However, Lucifer’s just as sure that brothers can not be trusted. As he talks, Chloe finds what could be a piece of evidence – a loose diamond.

Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) pays a visit to Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) after getting a recommendation from Lucifer. Dr. Linda, however, is obviously stunned and frightened to have Charlotte sitting on her couch. She’s not Lucifer’s mom anymore, but Linda struggles to see her as the old Charlotte Richards.

Charlotte’s never been to a doctor to talk about her feelings before and thinks Dr. Linda’s reaction is normal. She spills her story, saying she felt like she was in Hell during her near-death experience. Finally, Dr. Linda finds her voice and kicks Charlotte out. “I can’t help you. You need to leave now,” says Dr. Linda, leaving Charlotte to believe she’s beyond help.

Back at the station, Lucifer wishes he was able to kill his brother, like Cain did. Lucifer calls his brother a d*ck and Cain wonders how Lucifer knows Amenadiel is God’s favorite. Long story short, Lucifer reveals a book said it and therefore it must be true. However, he still thinks he can bring Amenadiel around.

Dan (Kevin Alejandro), Chloe, and Lucifer discuss Fahrid’s death, and Dan and Chloe are looking for someone other than Ella’s brother. Dan has learned the diamond Chloe found was reported stolen and it turns out diamonds have serial numbers laser etched in them. It’s possible the dead man is the one who stole it since he was a diamond broker for the store it was stolen from.

There wasn’t any surveillance camera footage or any witnesses at the store where the theft occurred, but Chloe thinks their victim may have been the thief. If he had a partner, that person might have killed him.

Chloe and Lucifer head to the store where the burglary occurred and Lucifer confesses he believes diamonds are huge practical jokes someone played since they’re just lumps of coal. Chloe and Lucifer pretend to be engaged and claim to be looking for a ring. (Lucifer had no idea Chloe was going to pull off this charade.)

After Chloe insults the diamonds on display, the salesman heads off to retrieve more expensive merchandise. While he’s gone, Chloe shows Lucifer all the surveillance cameras and points out that they’re not new. She thinks the theft was an inside job.

The salesman returns, shows off more unacceptable rings, and then Chloe whips out the bag with the stolen diamond. She lies and says Lucifer gave it to her for Valentine’s Day, and she thinks he’s cheap. She asks the salesman for his opinion and he tells them the diamond was stolen. Chloe cusses out Lucifer and makes a scene as the salesman begins to call the cops.

The salesman’s stopped in mid-dial by Tiffany James (Jackie Geary), the owner of the store. She doesn’t want the cops involved and swears she’ll find them the perfect diamond.

In Tiffany’s office, Chloe reveals she’s a detective and wonders why Tiffany robbed her own store. After clearing up that he’s not cheap, Lucifer asks Tiffany how she helped Jay Lopez murder Fahrid Nasser. Tiffany claims not to know Jay and not to know Fahrid is dead.

Chloe whispers to Lucifer that he needs to stop making everything about his fight with Amenadiel. She adds that she wishes she had a brother to fight with.

Tiffany admits to knowing Fahrid and then Lucifer does his Jedi mind trick. Tiffany’s biggest desire is to punch every millennial in the face. Sales are down because of them. She admits she was in on the robbery with Fahrid and that he was supposed to sell the diamonds back to her after he cleaned them. It was all just a big insurance scam because of the millennials.

Maze and Ella visit a cheap hotel and Ella believes her brother would never stay in such a place. Maze threatens the clerk and he turns over the guestbook. Ella recognizes her brother’s fake name, Michael Knight, the name of the lead character in Jay’s favorite show.

Lucifer shows up at Dr. Linda’s after receiving a text that she needed to see him. She’s pouring herself a drink when Lucifer barges in, and Linda reveals Charlotte came to see her as a client. Lucifer thinks that’s a good thing since Linda’s the best. Linda explains that when Charlotte sat in front of her, all of the horrible things that happened to her came back.

Lucifer patiently explains Charlotte did nothing wrong and his mother is gone for good. He calls her an innocent woman who needs Dr. Linda’s help.

Insurance adjuster Don Zeikel (Ed Kerr) visits the station and thanks Chloe for catching Tiffany James. He admits it’s not often they catch insurance fraud. He says it’s almost an untraceable crime because “cleaners” can get rid of the serial numbers on diamonds. Chloe and Dan realize Ella’s brother is once again a suspect.

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 14 Recap
Aimee Garcia in ‘ Lucifer’ season 3 episode 14 (Photo by Jordin Althaus / Fox)

Maze and Ella continue to track down Jay, with Ella breaking into his hotel room. Surprised, he swings a bat at Maze…never a good idea under any circumstances.

Over at Lux, Cain and Amenadiel finally meet and Amenadiel still won’t help him. Cain explains that being an immortal human being is boring, nothing surprises him any more (Amenadiel helpfully suggests watching Game of Thrones), and it’s been a literal Hell on Earth. Amenadiel is not sympathetic, and then Cain asks if he’s the one who marked him. Amenadiel admits he did it, so Cain threatens to shoot him. He demands to know how to get rid of the mark.

Back at the hotel, Ella tells her brother his wallet was at Fahrid’s murder scene. He claims not to have known the diamonds were stolen and says Fahrid was jumpy. When Jay used the bathroom, he heard the gunshots and then took off running when he saw the dead body. Ella, angry at her brother, beats him with her shoe while cussing at him in Spanish.

Chloe calls while Ella and Maze are with Jay, and Ella lies and says she hasn’t located him. When Chloe hangs up, she knows Ella was lying. Lucifer and Dan try and figure out where Ella would take her brother, with Lucifer suggesting a strip club and Dan suggesting Comic Con. Chloe, once again the voice of reason, thinks Ella will take Jay back to the crime scene to try and prove his innocence.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel continues to refuse to help Cain. Cain then threatens an innocent bystander to get Amenadiel to remove the mark, and finally Amenadiel reveals he doesn’t know how to remove it. Amenadiel was only the messenger.

Cain actually believes Amenadiel but that doesn’t stop him from clearing the club and kicking Amenadiel’s “angelic ass.” The two engage in hand-to-hand combat and it’s pretty even. Finally, Amenadiel’s had enough and he shoots Cain just to get a little rest. After he recovers, they return to fighting.

Maze and Ella have Jay walk them through Fahrid’s murder. Jay says he peeked out of the bathroom and saw the murderer standing over Fahrid’s body. He had a ski mask and Jay only remembers him wearing red wingtip shoes. When Ella tries to reenact Jay’s version, she determines it could not have gone down that way.

Maze finds Fahrid’s hidden stash room which has laser engraving equipment. Chloe and Lucifer arrive just as Maze breaks into it, and Chloe explains that that equipment’s used to clean stolen diamonds. Jay admits he was in that hidden room doing just that when Fahrid was murdered. He also claims it was a one-time thing.

Panicking, Jay pulls a gun on Chloe. He won’t put it down and Ella gets in the way, allowing Jay to make a run for it.

A short while later, Ella tries to convince Maze to continue to help her find Jay and get him out of trouble. Maze agrees but will only do so for a price. Ella’s disappointed Maze is only doing this for money, and she can’t believe her brother would lie to her like this.

Maze leaves and Ella, disappointed in pretty much everything and everyone at this point, taunts Lucifer to say he was right all along. Lucifer won’t and actually seems concerned. Just then Chloe yells from the stash room that maybe Ella’s brother wasn’t lying about seeing the killer.

The room is equipped with video surveillance equipment and Jay could have seen something. Ella tells Chloe what her brother said he saw, including the red wingtip shoes. That seems to ring a bell with Chloe and she thinks she knows who the killer is.

Jay also thinks he knows and confronts insurance adjuster Don Zeikel, telling him he won’t get away with Fahrid’s murder. Jay refuses to take the blame for the murder and Don says they can go to the cops and he’ll tell the truth. Unfortunately, it’s a ruse and Jay is easily disarmed. Don demands Jay clean the diamonds and then he’ll kill him.

Chloe and Lucifer make Ella stay outside the hotel as they head to Don’s room.

Once more back to Lux we go and Amenadiel and Cain are still going at it. Amenadiel wants Cain to just accept his punishment for killing his own brother. Cain reminds Amenadiel he also planned to kill his own brother, reminding him that he pawned the job of killing Lucifer off on someone else. Cain wonders what punishment Amenadiel deserves.

Ella waits outside as she was told and sees Jay leaving with Don. When she tries to stop them, Don turns the gun on her. Ella warns Don the LAPD are onto him, and Don admits he was working with Fahrid but Fahrid got greedy. Jay tries to get Don to leave Ella out of it, but he refuses. As Don’s about to shoot Ella, Maze tosses a knife and kills him. She leaves before Ella can even thank her.

As Don’s dead body is being taken away, Ella sticks to her story that the knife just came out of nowhere and anyone could have thrown it. However, Chloe knows it was Maze because she recognized the knife. Chloe assures Ella that Maze isn’t in trouble because she was just trying to save her life.

As Ella and Jay have a happy reunion, Chloe lets Lucifer know Jay’s probably not going to be charged. Lucifer compliments Chloe on keeping Jay out of jail, and she can’t believe it. “I’m sure if you had a brother, he would be very proud of you,” says Lucifer.

The bag of stolen diamonds has not been located, but Chloe’s sure they’ll show up.

Dr. Linda shows up at Charlotte’s office and apologizes for refusing to treat her. Charlotte realizes she must have hurt Linda during her lost time, but she doesn’t want a hand-out. She lets Linda off the hook, telling her she doesn’t need to treat her. Linda, however, believes she does. But first she stabs Charlotte’s hand with a pin to make sure she bleeds and feels pain. That accomplished, Linda relaxes.

Later that night, Lucifer catches Jay with the bag of diamonds. Lucifer calls him “Evil Lopez” and knows it wasn’t just a one-time thing. Jay explains he has to look out for everyone and it’s tough. Jay reveals it started small, helping out his family with one thing after another. He admits he takes a little bit for himself, too, and he wants to know if Lucifer will tell Ella what he’s learned. Lucifer says no because that would hurt Ella and he won’t allow that to happen. Jay turns over the bag of diamonds as Lucifer warns him he’ll be watching to make sure he never disappoints Ella again.

Lucifer arrives back at Lux to find the place destroyed. Amenadiel’s still around and he tells Lucifer he’s the one who gave Cain the mark. He continues to claim the mark is supposed to be there and he can’t remove it. Amenadiel warns Lucifer that Cain only has one goal and if he works with him, that will incur God’s wrath. Lucifer laughs, saying that’s the whole point.

Lucifer tells Amenadiel he doesn’t need protecting and warns his brother to stop meddling. Amenadiel doesn’t agree to leave his brother alone, saying he’ll continue to get in Lucifer’s way.

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