‘Lucifer’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: What Would Lucifer Do?

Lucifer season 3 episode 4
Tom Ellis and Kevin Alejandro in
‘Lucifer’ season 3 episode 4 (Photo Credit: Fox)

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) looks exceptionally sexy as season three episode four of Fox’s Lucifer begins. The Devil’s in bed with a gorgeous blonde who confesses her darkest fantasy is to have sex in a ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese. Ewww, gross! Lexy (the gorgeous blonde) freaks out when her hubby comes home early, but Lucifer assures her he’ll take care of it. And by taking care of it, Lucifer means confronting the husband and acknowledging multiple sexual encounters with his wife. He does, however, apologize when he discovers the husband is a judge.

Lucifer asks the judge what he truly desires, and it turns out what he really wants is a nap. His wife is just too much for him (she’s a yoga instructor) and he’s exhausted. He really wants to return to his ex, Marsha. Lucifer admits he’s also having an identity crisis, and suggests the judge go ahead and call his ex. Lucifer even confirms he’ll keep Lexy occupied so the judge can reunite with Marsha. But, he reminds the judge that now he owes him a favor.

Chloe meets with Lt. Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) and asks to be put up for the union rep position. He turns down her request without giving an explanation. Instead, he hands her a new case to work on.

When she leaves Marcus’ office, Ella (Aimee Garcia) is convinced Marcus is incredibly into Chloe.

Lucifer’s back home and Amenadiel (DB Woodside) is there waiting to tell him he’s discovered Lucifer is his task, but he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do. He only knows he’s supposed to be with Lucifer for a reason. Lucifer suggests Amenadiel needs to walk a mile in his shoes to figure him out and he believes Amenadiel needs a makeover. Lucifer allows him to take what he wants from his closest, and he gives him access to all his social media accounts. He also suggests when Amenadiel is faced with a choice, he should ask himself, “What would Lucifer do?” Or, WWLD for short.

To the crime scene we go and it’s a young woman named Emily Goddard who’s the victim. She was a counselor at the Firehawk Ranch Transformational Center, a high-end reform program for juvenile drug addicts and criminals. Apparently, she fell out of a window after being stabbed with something.

Jerry Blackcrow (Antonio Jaramillo), the center’s founder, arrives to speak with Ella, Chloe, and Lucifer about Emily’s death. She didn’t have any enemies and everyone loved her, according to Jerry. He thinks someone snuck into the center and did this, but Lucifer thinks it’s someone who’s receiving treatment there. Lucifer thinks the place is a scam, but Jerry is positive everyone can change with the right motivation.

Ella interrupts to show them a tool belt found in the office Emily tumbled out of, and the sheath for the pruning saw is empty. The residents receive these tool belts, so it has to be one of them. The belts are numbered and as they check the log, Lucifer notices one of the residents has a badge with wings on it. Jerry explains the Firehawk wings are sought after and are only given out as rewards. Lucifer, who doesn’t share that point of view about wings, listens as Jerry explains wings are only given to those who are truly reformed. Lucifer thinks this whole place is a vile manipulation of people’s free will. (Project much, Lucifer?)

The tool belt was assigned to Tyson Chase (Rickey Eugene Brown) and when they enter his room, all the drawers are open and empty. “It appears Tyson used his wings to fly the coup. Still think people can change?” asks Lucifer.

Back at Lux, Amenadiel’s taking this whole walk in Lucifer’s shoes thing seriously. He asks a gorgeous brunette what she desires, but it doesn’t work for Amenadiel the way it does for Lucifer. He approaches another lovely lady at the bar and says, “Guess what? You get to have sex with me!” She, justifiably, throws her drink in is face. The third time proves to be the charm. As he’s leaning against the bar, a woman asks if he wants to buy her a drink. Bingo!

Back at the station, Chloe and Dan (Kevin Alejandro) look up Tyson Chase and find he was in and out of juvenile hall and he’s in the foster system. His record is sealed, and Dan thinks it looks like Firehawk Ranch is Tyson’s last chance before heading off to a real prison.

Lt. Marcus checks up on Chloe’s progress on the case, and she tells him about Tyson Chase being a suspect. Marcus is disappointed no one is in custody yet. Ella, watching from another room, mimes Marcus being hot for Chloe. Chloe looks completely confused by Ella’s assumption. She believes she’s actually getting extra servings of Marcus’ “dickishness,” and Dan comforts her by reminding her he’s like that to everyone. Chloe wants to find out his problem and fix it so he doesn’t screw up her career.

Chloe’s not in the least bit receptive when Lucifer arrives and offers her spiked coffee. She’s pissed he’s not concentrating on the case, and Lucifer takes that to mean she relies on him a lot. Lucifer thinks Tyson’s just up to his old tricks because people don’t change, and he assumes they’ll find him doing what he used to do. Dan points out they don’t know what that is since Tyson’s record is sealed. Chloe’s going to call a judge and get it unsealed, but that will take a few days. Her tone is extra icy when she tells Lucifer she doesn’t want him cutting corners on this case after he suggests he might be able to hurry up the process.

It’s time for Lucifer to call in the favor, so he visits the judge who’s spending time with his ex.

Lucifer times Tyson as he tries to hotwire a car. Lucifer informs the juvenile delinquent he knows that’s his MO – stealing vintage cars to pay for drugs. This is the third time he’s tried to rip off this particular place and Tyson clams up when Lucifer tries to get him to talk. Surprisingly, he’d rather die than go back to Firehawk ranch. It’s not surprising that Lucifer’s ready to accommodate that request.

Lucifer speeds out of the parking lot in the stolen vintage car as Tyson begs him to stop. Lucifer does stop, only to dangle Tyson out the passenger door over the edge of a cliff.

Lucifer brings Tyson into the station and as Chloe’s about to interrogate him, Tyson demands Lucifer leave the room since he’s a psycho. Lucifer stays and Chloe tells Tyson they found his tool belt at the murder scene with the pruning saw missing. Tyson’s shocked Emily’s dead and can’t believe they think he killed her. He confesses he loved her and also that since he turned 18, he didn’t have to stay at the ranch any longer. He wanted her to leave with him, and they kissed one time. Emily said that was a mistake and she wouldn’t leave the ranch.

Lucifer thinks the rejection led to Emily’s death, and Tyson does say he feels responsible. If he hadn’t left, Emily would still be alive. She was expelling a resident and said everything had gone to hell, and that’s why they were having an argument right before Tyson left.

While Tyson waits in the interrogation room, Lucifer, Dan, Chloe, and Marcus discuss his guilt or innocence. Lucifer says Tyson’s lying, but Chloe admits her gut says it’s not him and she believes he’s telling the truth. She wants to look into the mystery resident, and just then Dan gets a text and laughs. Marcus doesn’t take the interruption well and is pissed when Dan says he has to go help a friend.

Marcus isn’t happy about the lack of consensus and Chloe says without the murder weapon, they have to cut Tyson loose. That prompts Lucifer to return to the interrogation room, demanding Tyson tell the truth. He grabs Tyson and Chloe has to apologize to Marcus for her partner’s actions. Marcus is fine with Lucifer’s approach, and commends him for being a good influence. Lucifer’s insulted by Marcus’ characterizations of his actions. “I’ll show them a good influence,” says Lucifer, plotting his revenge.

Lucifer season 3 episode 4
DB Woodside and Tom Ellis in ‘Lucifer’ season 3 episode 4 (Photo Credit: Fox)

Back at the ranch, the residents are sweeping up the stalls and cleaning up the barn. Lucifer introduces himself as their substitute counselor, taking a drink before teaching them about “pure deviance.” He asks what they desire and the answers range from getting rich, being an Instagram model, and playing video games to getting high.

Lucifer believes they want to get back to being their true selves and so he provides them with a lesson on how to deal drugs the right way, complete with diagrams. He’s even willing to arrange internships with drug dealers to help out this group of delinquents. One girl speaks up telling the group to screw Lucifer’s instructions, you only need irrigation and a south-facing slope to be your own drug dealing CEO. With that, she takes him outside and reveals the ranch is a front for growing drugs.

The kids work with the plants in a huge barn as Lucifer rides in on a horse, smoking a cigar. He has them repeat “don’t get high on your own supply” and “snitches end up in ditches.” He almost has them say “hugs, not drugs” but then corrects the saying to, “drugs, not hugs.”

Chloe arrives, completely flabbergasted with her partner. She demands to know what’s going on and also where he got a horse. Lucifer’s answer to that one is, “What horse?” He sends the horse away and then is not in the least bit apologetic about what he’s been up to. He calls it a valuable teaching moment and corrects her when she says he’s teaching the kids to grow drugs. He’s actually teaching them to sell drugs, says the incredibly pleased-with-himself Devil.

Chloe reveals Emily’s files indicated the resident running their own weed operation was the person she was trying to kick out of the program. Lucifer happily introduces Carly, saying she’s the resident in charge. Carly doesn’t want to answer Chloe’s questions without her lawyer, and Lucifer’s proud of her for remembering that bit of advice he dispensed.

It turns out Dan’s friend in trouble is Amenadiel who’s currently behind bars. The agreeable lady at the bar was a prostitute and Amenadiel had no idea what to do when she demanded money after they had sex, or what to do when her “cousin” showed up also demanding money. They got into a fight because Amenadiel had no idea she was a call girl or that her cousin was, as Dan informs him, her pimp.

Dan pulls some strings and gets Amenadiel released. He promises he didn’t – and won’t – tell Lucifer.

Back at the station, Lucifer munches on chips while resting his feet on Chloe’s desk as Chloe goes over the case with Marcus. She tells him about Carly and her lengthy rap, and Chloe’s convinced Carly did it because Emily was going to expel her. Marcus asks Lucifer what he thinks, and Chloe says Lucifer’s not in the right state of mind to be helpful. To prove Chloe’s point, Lucifer is much more interested in the bizarre mix of chips dipped in chocolate, calling the results amazing.

Marcus thinks Lucifer’s wise and that Chloe should think outside the box. Just then Carly walks up with her dad and says she wants to talk.

Carly claims to have been enlightened by the Firehawk Path. She reveals she witnessed Tyson burying something by the sundial the night of the murder. Her dad provides evidence that Carly was video chatting with her boyfriend during the time of the murder. That took place in a shared room, and he suggests they dig up whatever is by the sundial.

That evening, Chloe and Ella dig up the ground with Lucifer there to not lend any support whatsoever. Chloe wants to know what Marcus’ deal is, and Ella still thinks there’s a crazy vibe between the two. Lucifer walks up and adds his two cents, saying Marcus is a smart guy. Ella also believes Chloe got it all wrong, Marcus is a good dude. Ella tells them Marcus handed her the cream and the sugar for her coffee which means he paid attention to how she likes it. She suggests Chloe pay attention to Marcus’ actions, not his words.

They finally discover what was buried and it’s Tyson’s pruning saw. Lucifer’s ecstatic with the news, since it proves him right.

Tyson’s brought in and Marcus walks through what they know about the murder. Lucifer’s still gloating about being right that people don’t reform when Chloe has an epiphany. If people don’t reform, how did Carly – the worst kid in the program who was on the verge of getting booted out – earn the highly coveted privilege of being able to get on the computer and video chat? Lucifer thinks it might have been sexual favors, but now Chloe thinks Jerry Blackcrow might be involved in the murder.

Lucifer isn’t available to accompany Chloe to the ranch because he’s going to spend time with Lexy. Marcus tells Lucifer that’s fine as he’s going to ride along with Chloe this time.

Back at Lux, Amenadiel tells Dan his dad is trying to teach him a lesson about Lucifer but he can’t figure it out. Dan says it sounds complicated, and Amenadiel says that’s why he’s walking a mile in Lucifer’s shoes to try to understand him. Dan runs down the list of what Lucifer’s all about – hot girls, lots of cash, doing whatever he pleases – and Amenadiel thinks that’s a terrible, lonely existence. Amenadiel thanks him for bailing him out and Dan says everyone needs someone to have their backs occasionally. Amenadiel agrees.

Chloe and Marcus walk through the ranch at night, and Chloe lists the ways Marcus has shut her down or acted like he didn’t trust her. Chloe, rightfully so, declares herself a badass. Marcus laughs and tells her the union rep job is for has-beens and she’s one of his best detectives. He only came with her to the ranch because he wanted to see her in action.

As they’re talking, Jerry Blackcrow fires at them from the front porch. Marcus pushes Chloe out of the way and is shot. He goes down and Chloe returns fire, missing Jerry as he runs back in the house. She hears a truck start up and Jerry drives off as she calls in Marcus has been shot.

Marcus is taken away by ambulance as Lucifer arrives to check on Chloe. Chloe tells him Marcus saved her life and Lucifer realizes Jerry was an ex-con so it all makes sense since there’s no such thing as transformation. Chloe’s too worried about Marcus to listen.

Dan’s there too and Lucifer wants to know if they’ve located Jerry. They haven’t, and Dan says Chloe’s fine and just lucky Marcus was with her.

Lucifer feels bad he wasn’t with Chloe and when he hears Dan telling the officers to check ATM cameras, Lucifer thinks Jerry might have a stash of money somewhere.

Jerry is pulling up a bag of cash at the docks when Lucifer arrives. Seems Carly had told Lucifer they used her dad’s beach condo as a stash house and that’s how he tracked him. Jerry is Carly’s partner, and Lucifer wants Jerry to admit Firehawk Ranch was all a scam and that people don’t change. Jerry’s still kneeling down by the bag, back turned to Lucifer as he says he tried to warn Emily but she wouldn’t listen. He reaches for the shotgun and then turns and points it at Lucifer. However, Lucifer’s way too fast and has already moved. He grabs Jerry by the neck, tells him his punishment will be way worse than jail, and tosses him across the dock. Lucifer looks furious as he punches Jerry repeatedly in the face. He only stops when Amenadiel arrives and tells him to. Lucifer believes that once you’re evil, you’re always evil but Amenadiel shocks him by saying, “No, Lucifer. You’re not evil. You’re the Devil – you punish evil. Your words.”

Chloe visits Marcus in the hospital, thanking him for saving her life. He says she saved his so they’re even. She wonders if he’s been injured on the job before and he admits to a few scrapes, but death has never seemed so real before. She remembers when she was shot and that she was freaked out. She realized life is so short and you have to live it while you can.

Chloe lets Marcus know Jerry turned up half-beaten and hog-tied in Malibu, and Marcus calls her his best detective and she smiles. He also tells her she’s special and he understands why Lucifer is so affected by her. Dan chooses that moment to visit Marcus, and Dan thanks him for putting him up for the union rep position.

Back at Lux, Lucifer and Amenadiel toast to not killing Jerry. Amenadiel thinks their dad wanted him there to stop Lucifer, but Lucifer thinks he hasn’t changed. “Wings, no wings, unable to show my true face…it doesn’t matter. I’m exactly who I always was – a punisher. And for reminding me of that, I salute you.”

Amenadiel doesn’t think Lucifer was trying to punish Jerry today; he was trying to punish himself for not being there for Chloe. Amenadiel knows Lucifer cares about her deeply which means Lucifer has changed from the old Lord of Hell. He also says he’s figured out dad wants him to just be there for Lucifer now that he’s evolving.

Lucifer sits at the piano, recalling a masochist he used to torture in Hell. He missed one day of torture and the next day Lucifer found him crying and begging his “king” to never forget him again. He even promised to be good. Lucifer realized he was full of self-loathing and that any attention Lucifer paid to him gave meaning to his existence. Lucifer says Amenadiel reminds him of that man. He thinks Amenadiel has changed and is a disgraced failure using him to remind him of a time when he once mattered. But, Amenadiel knows why Lucifer is saying that. He will still be there for his brother.

When Amenadiel leaves, Lucifer hurls his drink at the mirror behind his bar, clearly moved by their talk.

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