‘Lucifer’ Season 3 Episode 18 Recap: The Last Heartbreak

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 18 Recap
Tom Welling and Tom Ellis in ‘Lucifer’ season 3 episode 18 (Photo by Ray Mickshaw / FOX)

Fox’s Lucifer season three episode 18 begins with a flashback to Los Angeles in 1958. Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling), a homicide detective even way back then, thumbs through murder photos in a bar. He’s on the case of the Broken Hearts Killer, a nickname which he detests. Unfortunately, the name sticks.

Flash-forward to 2018 and Pierce reads about the Broken Hearts Killer while at his desk. Chloe (Lauren German) arrives to discuss the concert they just took in and the two are all smiles and flirty.

Lucifer and Ella (Aimee Garcia) debate whether there’s chemistry between Chloe and Pierce as they spy on them from outside Pierce’s office. Ella knows Lucifer’s worried that Pierce will intrude on his time with Chloe and assures him what he and Chloe have is on a different level.

Pierce asks Chloe out to dinner and she gets tongue-tied and can’t reply. Dan (Kevin Alejandro) interrupts but then tries to excuse himself when he figures out something’s going on. Chloe says it’s nothing, and Dan tells her about a new double murder case.

Amenadiel (DB Woodside) goes off on a rant, wondering what it is his father wants of him. The poor waitress at the coffee shop doesn’t understand what’s going on and decides on her own what he needs to drink. He then spots Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) walking by and follows her out of the shop. Amenadiel confuses her by calling her mom and talking about how Lucifer used the flaming sword to send her to a different universe. Charlotte tries to get him to explain the flaming sword comment, but Amenadiel flees the conversation.

As they arrive at the crime scene, Lucifer brags he hasn’t asked Chloe about her date with Pierce. Lucifer tells her Ella thinks they had sex but Dr. Linda thinks they just went to a concert, and Chloe’s shocked how many people he talked to about her social life. Pierce arrives at the scene and interrupts their conversation, declaring this murder is a “different kind of case.”

Lucifer doesn’t want Pierce involved and he’s okay with that. He stands to the side as Ella explains the victims had their chests crushed. The killer was sending a message they didn’t like this particular relationship. Pierce asks from the sidelines which one was married. He recalls in the ‘50s the Broken Hearts Killer made his cheating victims swallow their wedding rings. The Broken Hearts Killer just died in prison and Pierce thinks this is a copycat.

Chloe figures out the male victim, Robbie, was married but Rachel was single.

Dan brings Trixie home and there are strangers passed out all over Chloe’s apartment. Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) finally wakes up and Dan yells at her for letting a drunk rocker sleep in Trixie’s bed. Dan wonders if she’s going through something and she replies, “Other than the band…no.”

Maze reminds Dan they killed a guy together, so he doesn’t need to talk to Chloe about this situation.

Pierce intends to join Chloe and Lucifer in the interrogation room. Lucifer reminds him he and the detective are a team and warns Pierce there’s only room for one immortal in that relationship. However, Pierce attends anyway since he’s interested in both the killings…and Chloe.

Emma, the dead man’s wife, has a history of attacking her husband. She learned Robbie was cheating on her and lost her mind. However, she claims she didn’t kill him and is clearly upset about the murder photos. She says the divorce was amicable and she didn’t want to harm Rachel. Lucifer can’t believe anyone would accept an interloper.

After the interrogation, Pierce is sure Emma was telling the truth because she didn’t recognize the name of the Broken Hearts Killer. Just then, news comes about another copycat murder. Lucifer seethes with anger that Pierce is now part of his team. “And I normally love threesomes,” he quips through gritted teeth.

The copycat killer’s new victims (Mary and Dennis) were found dead in a motel room bed. The killer crushed their chests, and it turns out Mary was also married. Ella describes the killer as a total pro, and Lucifer wonders what Pierce has to say about how to find the killer. Pierce explains the LAPD just lucked onto the Broken Hearts Killer.

In a flashback, Pierce is at the bar looking lat a photo that resembles the most recent crime scene in 2018. The waitress, Kay (Fiona Gubelmann), joins him at his table and says she understands why he chooses to work in the bar, guessing he doesn’t want to be alone but doesn’t feel like he deserves any company. Pierce reveals he’s working on the Broken Hearts Killer case. Kay looks at a photo and says it’s crazy how people go to any lengths to make things perfect. Maybe it’s the same with the Broken Hearts Killer.

Back to current events and Pierce shows Chloe and Lucifer footage from the motel from days before the murder. The video reveals Neil Berger was snapping photos outside the motel days prior, and the APB shows he’s in front of the original killer’s house right now.

Amenadiel visits Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) to let her know Charlotte Richards is back. He assures her she has nothing to worry about, but quickly realizes Dr. Linda already knows this. She confesses she’s treating Charlotte and she didn’t realize Amenadiel didn’t know Charlotte was alive. Amenadiel tells Dr. Linda that Charlotte deserves to know the truth. Linda doesn’t agree because she’s fragile and it would screw her up.

Neil argues with the current owner of the Broken Hearts Killer’s house as he snaps photos. Chloe, Lucifer, and Pierce arrive and it turns out Neil is the head of the Broken Hearts Tour and is a BHK expert.

Neil takes them on the tour using Segways. With rain ponchos and helmets on, they cruise through past Broken Heart Killer crime scenes. Lucifer is impatient, but Pierce thinks Neil will incriminate himself.

Neil shares his belief that it was only a matter of time until someone picked up where the original Broken Hearts Killer left off. He then provides details on the new murders that no one outside of the killer and the cops should know. Chloe places Neil under arrest.

Pierce spots the old bar he used to hang out in and heads to his old table. He’s shocked to see the same waitress still works there and that she hasn’t aged. It turns out the waitress, Maddie, is Kay’s granddaughter and he lets her know he knew her grandmother back in the day. They shake hands and he tells her he used to come in there when he was working on cases. Her grandfather is Pierce’s old partner – the cop who solved the Broken Hearts Killer case. She lets Pierce in on the secret that her grandfather never figured out how BHK chose his victims. Maddie says her grandfather kept working on it up until his death six years ago.

Back at the station, Lucifer’s happy the case is closed and wants to find a new case that’s just for he and Chloe. Chloe impatiently tells her partner it’s not closed; they still have to interview Neil.

Neil can’t believe they think he’s the killer, and he’s thrilled he’s part of the investigation. It turns out an officer has been providing him with crime scene photos and that’s how he knew things he shouldn’t have known.

Dan’s at Maze’s place and he’s pissed. Trixie gave her teacher pot brownies, and Maze thinks that’s funny. He reminds her the one red line she can’t cross has to do with Trixie’s welfare, demanding she stop pulling these crazy stunts. Maze replies in anger, declaring she’s moving out. She knows they don’t want her around. She adds, “I’m sick of your goodie two shoes ex-wife and that stupid little brat of yours anyway.” Trixie has been standing at the door and runs away, crying. Dan chases after her.

Chloe calls Pierce at the bar to inform him Neil isn’t the killer. Pierce asks Maddie for her grandfather’s files and she agrees to let him take a look.

Lucifer’s frustrated Pierce has a lead and Chloe asks what his problem is. Lucifer admits he doesn’t like having Pierce as a third-wheel and Chloe, pissed off, snaps at Lucifer and tells him she’ll go see Pierce without him, adding there’s no time to make this case all about him.

Another flashback reveals Pierce and Kay toasting to the capture of the Broken Hearts Killer. She asks if they can go on a real date now, but he turns her down. He informs her he’s leaving the state because it’s time to move on. She begins crying and admits she thought she had broken through to him. She tells him he needs to open up or no one will ever love him. After she leaves, he whispers, “I know.”

Chloe goes through the old paperwork with Pierce and it turns out a call-in radio show was the one connection between all the old victims. If the copycat is following BHK’s MO, then he’s listening to a radio show, too.

Ella knows just which one: Chance’s Chocolates. She’s obsessed with the show and it’s all about cheating spouses. She explains how the show works and Chloe realizes the new murder victims are connected to the show. But, the only way the killer would know the addresses of the victims would be if he or she works at the radio station.

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 18 Recap
Tom Ellis in ‘Lucifer’ season 3 episode 18 (Photo by Ray Mickshaw / FOX)

Pierce volunteers he and Chloe to act like a couple to lure the killer. Lucifer’s not happy and tries to excuse himself, but Ella tells him he needs to act like the jilted lover.

At the radio station, the talk show host gets on Lucifer’s nerves. As they’re talking, an intern arrives with the show’s host’s lunch. The host treats the intern like crap and throws the sandwich.

Lucifer explains his work partner is cheating on him with their boss.

The host calls Chloe and promises her a free box of chocolates to be delivered to her special someone. She says the timing’s great because they’re having a date night tonight. She describes Marcus as handsome and brave, and says they care about the same things including helping other people. She calls him a good person, and the host promises to deliver the candy that evening to Marcus.

That night, Chloe heads to Marcus’ place to wait for the killer. It turns out Marcus has a huge rock collection and explains he’s taken a rock from every place he’s visited. He then shows off his amazing view.

Meanwhile, Dan and Lucifer man the surveillance van waiting for the candy delivery. Lucifer asks Dan how he moved on from Chloe and Dan admits he was jealous of Lucifer initially. But, he realized Lucifer had nothing to do with why his relationship with Chloe ended. After coming to that realization, he was able to move on.

Pierce serves Chloe her favorite meal and she thinks maybe they shouldn’t do this since they work together. He reminds her she asked him out first. Although Chloe really likes him, she doesn’t think he’ll be able to let her in which is what she needs.

Outside, Dan and Lucifer stop the suspected killer who’s the intern from the station. Dan handcuffs him but he claims he’s only there to film the angry ex busting in on their spouse. He wants to be a producer, but for now he posts the videos unedited on his website. Dan figures out the killer could get the addresses from the videos and could be anyone.

While Dan and Lucifer are out front, the killer is inserting gas into a window in Pierce’s house.

Chloe and Pierce enjoy their meal, unaware of the gas. Chloe apologizes for saying what she thinks before dinner. Marcus claims he doesn’t want the walls up anymore and wants to let her in. She begins getting sick and passes out, and then Marcus follows, hitting the floor.

The killer enters the house with a sledgehammer and places Chloe on the floor next to Pierce. He picks up the hammer and is about to swing when Lucifer stops him. It turns out the killer is the person who bought the Broken Hearts Killer’s house. He claims he hurt Chloe and Pierce for Lucifer. He then reveals he found Hoffman’s journals in the house’s attic and he understands how hard it is to lose someone. He and the BHK wanted to show the world you just can’t leave people.

Lucifer realizes he can’t decide who Chloe gets to be with. Lucifer knocks out the killer and helps Chloe while Dan checks on Pierce.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel’s back at the coffee shop, hiding his face from Charlotte as she walks by. She confronts Amenadiel and tells him she knows he’s following her. She wants to know about the crazy stuff he said earlier, explaining that it’s so hard not knowing what she did. Amenadiel tells her she was his mom and asks her to sit down. “There is so much to explain,” he says, gently.

Chloe arrives home to find Olga watching Trixie since Maze moved out. Seconds after Olga leaves, Lucifer knocks and he’s there to explain why he’s been acting weird. Chloe understands that he’s insecure and Lucifer admits he was insecure about Pierce moving in on their partnership but now he realizes there’s enough room in her life for all sorts of relationships. She offers coffee but he’s off to a bachelorette party at Lux.

After he leaves, she calls Pierce for a date.

Maddie takes a seat at the table with Pierce, and he tells her he’s going to go for it. He then confesses Chloe is the key to finally getting what he’s always wanted.

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