‘Lucifer’ Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Vegas With Some Radish

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 6
Aimee Garcia and Tom Ellis in ‘Lucifer’ season 3 episode 6 (Photo by Michael Courtney / FOX)

A horribly out of tune chorus of “Happy Birthday” kicks off Fox’s Lucifer season three episode six. It’s Chloe’s birthday and as she’s about to blow out her candles at the station, a massive fake cake with a male stripper arrives to pretty much everyone’s dismay.

Chloe (Lauren German) keeps protesting as the fake officer strips. Dan (Kevin Alejandro) and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) point the finger at each other, and yet it turns out this one’s all Ella’s doing. “Packages” are discussed as Ella (Aimee Garcia) eggs Chloe on, slapping the stripper’s butt.

Lucifer’s enjoyment is put on hold when he gets a call from the Las Vegas police notifying him his ex-wife, Candy, is missing. He asks to be contacted if they hear anything. Ella asks if he’s okay and after finding out about Candy, she gives him an unexpected hug. He admits he thought he’d taken care of Candy’s problem, but apparently not.

Ella wants to stop the birthday entertainment, but Lucifer doesn’t want to worry everyone. Instead, he’ll head to Vegas to see what’s up. Ella says she’d go, but she has a “thing” with Vegas. She acts all reluctant to go even though she was never invited, and then says she’ll do it as if he twisted her arm. She has a few days off, so she’s prepared for a Vegas trip.

Lucifer and Ella head out, leaving a disappointed Chloe behind on her birthday.

The sexy Devil and his sidekick arrive in Sin City and she describes herself as not a fan of the city but more like “a tiny, helpless space capsule being sucked into a deadly black hole.” Chloe keeps calling Lucifer and he ignores it, not wanting to ruin her birthday.

They head up to Candy’s room and there’s a dead blonde on the floor. The active crime scene has blood all around the body, and Lucifer figures out the murder victim isn’t his ex-wife because Candy has huge feet. The dead woman has normal feet.

The detective in charge, Detective Jay Wong (Jack Yang), introduces himself to Lucifer and wonders why Lucifer isn’t upset. Ella tries to stop Lucifer from saying the woman isn’t Candy. Ella examines the body, declaring she and Lucifer can’t be suspects because the body has been deceased since way before they got there.

Ella takes Lucifer aside and he misinterprets her Pig Latin for awful German, saying he knows the language well because Hitler was a talker/screamer. Ella thinks they shouldn’t say that’s not Candy because the killer might learn that and track down the real Candy to finish the job.

Chloe pays a visit to Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) and asks if she’s heard from Lucifer. She can’t find him and he won’t answer her calls. Chloe’s obviously upset, and Dr. Linda finally convinces her to sit down and talk about it. Chloe’s confused and rambling, and keeps bringing up the fact it’s her birthday. Dr. Linda understands since birthdays can be emotional and volunteers to help her find Lucifer.

Lucifer and Ella decide the next step is to find the killer before the killer finds out that wasn’t Candy. Ella asks if there’s someone who wants her dead and Lucifer has a flashback to Candy singing on stage in a gorgeous red dress. Lucifer had been in a drunken state, drowning his sorrows in alcohol. As she was singing, Candy rubbed up against Lucifer at the bar. He soon learned she stole his wallet and ring, and he became completely infatuated.

Lucifer remembers tracking her down and watching her pay money to a local loan shark named Louie Pagliani.

Back to current events, Lucifer’s sure he already dealt with Louie but thinks they should check up on him, just in case. Ella picks the lock on his front door and Lucifer’s immediately struck by how gaudy Louie’s house is. Ella, however, is more interested in Louie’s dead body on the floor.

Louie’s dead body is cradling a gun, but Ella points out the blood splatter makes no sense. He didn’t kill himself and the murder was staged. They find a pink hair on Louie’s body, and Lucifer believes it’s Candy’s but doesn’t think she would kill anyone.

Lucifer and Ella find a painting of Louie and his wife, and Louie’s groin has been destroyed. They deduce Louie’s wife thought he was having an affair with Candy and tried to kill her. Lucifer grabs Louie’s phone and calls his wife, but Ella grabs it away before he can talk. Ella disguises her voice and says she has the sexy bust of Caesar they ordered and wants to know where to deliver it. The woman claims she didn’t order a bust of Caesar and Ella hears casino games in the background, apologizes, and hangs up. Ella heard the Guido’s Rainbow Slot Machine and knows that’s a vintage machine and only one casino has it, The Moonbeam.

Chloe and Dr. Linda arrive at Lucifer’s place and one of his overnight bags is missing. Chloe decides they should go out and celebrate her birthday, but then Linda has a better idea. They’ll hang out at Lucifer’s place and drink his top shelf alcohol. Plus, the place has a fabulous view of the sunset.

Chloe and Linda get their drink on, and Chloe busts out her best Tom Cruise in Risky Business moves. As Chloe’s lip-synching into a bottle, Linda spots an edition of Hamlet. She opens it to find it’s autographed to Lucifer from William Shakespeare.

Chloe does a lousy Lucifer imitation and then they decide to check out his sock drawer. Lucifer rings up Linda at that moment, letting her know he’s in Vegas and has to miss their appointment. As they’re talking, Ella rides the escalator down to meet him and she’s dressed to kill. He’s still on the phone with Linda when he says, “Don’t you look ravishing,” to Ella.

After they hang up and Linda lies and tells Chloe Lucifer said something about radishes.

Ella looks stunning and has busted out the bling. Off they go to find a killer while back in LA at his place, Chloe has figured out he said ravishing, not radishes. Now she’s even more upset because he’s in Vegas with someone ravishing on her birthday.

Chloe attempts to tell Linda she and Lucifer are just partners – there isn’t any romance going on. Linda thinks she hasn’t dealt with her emotions. Chloe looks for her pants and knocks a painting off the wall, uncovering a safe.

Ella and Lucifer find Louie’s wife, Roxie Pagliani (Lauren Holly), and it turns out she’s a pit boss. The extremely attractive pair get into a discussion about whether to play poker or Blackjack, with Ella reminding him he said he doesn’t lie and therefore can’t play poker because that requires bluffing. Lucifer, however, believes lying and bluffing are two totally different things.

Since Roxie’s working the Blackjack tables, Ella steers Lucifer to a seat. He’s on a winning streak and gathering a crowd. Lucifer’s betting lots of money with Ella’s help and they’re raking it in. Lucifer’s distracted by a pretty woman, and Ella all but shoves him out of his chair and takes over his bets. As Ella’s betting, security personnel arrive and take she and Lucifer away.

Ella and Lucifer have their pictures taken and are patted down before Roxie arrives. She scans their photos using facial recognition and it turns out Ella has a quite a history of counting cards in casinos. Lucifer’s impressed. Roxie threatens to call the LAPD and Ella’s fine with that, as long as she also tells them about her own crimes. They accuse her of killing Louie and who she thought was his mistress, and it turns out Roxie has no idea her husband’s dead.

Roxie knew her husband would eventually be killed but she claims she didn’t do it. Lucifer does his “what do you want” mind trick and she admits she wants the pro golfer on table four. She’s been doing triple shifts just to get a hole in one from this guy.

Back at Lucifer’s place, Chloe and Linda try out all sorts of combinations but the safe isn’t opening. 666, 8008, etc…nothing works. Chloe fibs and says she thinks Lucifer needs help, and Linda suggests maybe “radish” is code for help.

It turns out Chloe and Linda are so obsessed with opening the safe, they’ve even called in Dan to help. He’s got a drill!

Ella and Lucifer are roughly escorted out of Moonbeam Casino. She says counting cards is a coping mechanism to quiet the voices. (Ella must have an amazing backstory!) She doesn’t want to elaborate and turns the tables, saying he’s avoiding Chloe. He claims he’s just protecting Chloe. The subject finally returns to what they’re in Vegas for: to find Candy.

Ella wants to know how they ended up married and Lucifer has a flashback to meeting Candy after she robbed him. He waited for her at her apartment and then took his ring back, telling her she could keep the cash. She fake-cried, asked him not to call the cops, and then went through this whole story about how her dead father owned the club she was singing at but he owed money to Louie. Louie the loan shark needed $300,000 or he’d take the club.

Lucifer applauded her performance, but recognized the crying as fake. However, the story was actually real; the waterworks were not. She did need the money, but she felt bad about stealing from him because it was obvious he had his own problems. Lucifer confessed his problems while they ate ice cream and drank wine, and she was very supportive. He gave her vague details about his dad and lots of details about his relationship with Chloe, which she labeled unrequited love. Lucifer tried to explain it wasn’t unrequited, it was just that Chloe had no control over those feelings.

Candy said she’s just a singer forced to do things to get her dad’s club back, and she didn’t want to be a con woman. She swore she doesn’t lie; she bluffs. Lucifer then had the brilliant idea that he’d pay her debts if she masqueraded as his bimbo wife.

Ella follows Lucifer’s thinking, summing it up as he fake married Candy to avoid Chloe even though he cared about Chloe.

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 6
Lindsay Gort, Tom Ellis and Aimee Garcia in ‘Lucifer’ (Photo by Michael Courtney / FOX)

As they’re talking outside the casino, a woman rushes up and Lucifer recognizes the cocktail waitress from the casino. Turns out it’s Candy in a brunette wig and she warns him he’s about to ruin everything. Candy tells Lucifer the casino’s where her killer works. She also assumed Roxie was the killer, but Lucifer confirms Roxie isn’t the murderer. Candy reveals her friend Ally is the one who was murdered in her apartment.

It turns out Candy still believes Roxie did it because the killer wanted her dad’s club. The only thing missing from her apartment after the murder was the pocket deed to her dad’s club. Whoever possesses the deed, owns the club. The deed had been used as collateral when her father owed Louie and when Candy went to confront him, he was already dead.

Still, Roxie’s ruled out because she was working overtime to land the golfer. Lucifer figures out they’re still technically married so if Candy’s dead, the club goes to him. It doesn’t matter who has the deed. That means Lucifer is the killer’s next target.

Instead of hiding, Lucifer does the very Lucifer-ish thing and performs on stage at the club. Playing the piano, singing, and surrounded by dancers, Lucifer MC’s the show and declares himself the new owner. He breaks out into “Luck Be a Lady Tonight” while Ella takes a turn as a high-kicking showgirl. (Love having Tom Ellis once again singing on Lucifer!)

Candy watches from the audience for any suspicious activity.

Night’s fallen and Chloe, Linda, and Dan are no closer to opening the safe than when they started. All they’ve done is make a giant hole in the wall by the safe. Chloe decides this is all nuts and pointless. She also admits that even if they get into the safe, there are things about Lucifer she’ll never understand. Chloe once again expresses her disappointment in Lucifer leaving on her birthday and Linda reminds her Lucifer’s a “non-traditional guy.”

Chloe’s upset she sounds jealous. She tears up, saying Lucifer’s just her friend. Dan returns with spackling and they toast to the weirdest birthday party ever.

Lucifer’s off the stage and the bar’s deserted when the bartender draws a gun. Hand shaking, he declares the place is his. As Lucifer talks and advances toward him, Judd the bartender begins shooting. He shoots Lucifer three times, but nothing happens. Judd can’t believe Lucifer’s fine and he also can’t believe it when he sees Candy on the stage. He thought he killed her, and Lucifer says since he’s the Devil maybe that means Candy’s haunting her killer. Judd admits he was in debt from gambling and that the club isn’t worth anything but the land is. He wanted Candy’s dad to sell the place but he wouldn’t. Judd admits to shooting Candy in the back of the head, and he begins firing once again at the mirrors on stage with Candy’s image.

Ella shoots Judd in the leg and Lucifer compliments her aim.

Judd’s being taken away by Detective Wong when Candy tells Lucifer thank you. He has to get back to LA, so he can’t stick around for a drink. Candy wonders what’s up with Chloe and tells him to get home to her.

Lucifer arrives at home to find his place is a mess. Drink glasses are everywhere, and Linda and Dan are passed out. He’s about to pour himself a drink when he spots Chloe. He wonders what they’re all doing there. He reveals the truth about where he was to Chloe, believing she’s also passed out. She’s not, but she’s facing away from him so he doesn’t realize she’s awake. He admits he bluffed but now he thinks bluffing is the same is lying, and he doesn’t want to lie – especially not to Chloe. He places his hand on her back and then looks up at his safe. It’s not open and as he rubs the hole in the wall next to it, Chloe pretends she’s just waking up.

He tells Chloe she has perfect timing as he opens the safe. Inside is a box and it’s a surprise gift for her birthday! Chloe’s stunned and happy, and she thanks him before she even opens it. It’s a beautiful necklace made out of the bullet she shot him with early in their partnership. “I thought since I’d never likely penetrate you, I’d commemorate the one time you penetrated me,” says Lucifer. Chloe busts out laughing.

He tells her happy birthday and they hug. Awww!

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