‘Lucifer’ Recap: “Boo Normal” Bonus Episode Reveals a New Member of Lucifer’s Family

Lucifer Season 3 Bonus Episode Boo Normal Recap
Kevin Alejandro and Tom Ellis in ‘Lucifer’ (Photo Credit: Fox)

Although Fox opted not to renew Lucifer for a fourth season, after fans launched the #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer campaigns on Twitter the network decided to air two episodes that had already been filmed for season four. The two “bonus” episodes aired back-to-back on Monday, May 28, 2018, with the first episode – “Boo Normal” – set after the events of the season three finale.

Ella (Aimee Garcia) is in an awesome mood as the episode begins. She arrives at a crime scene, super bubbly, and assures Dr. Beth, the victim, they’ll figure out what happened to her. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) steals her camera to take a few pics of his privates, and then Ella’s mood changes a bit when she receives a call from her family saying they want her to move back home. Chloe (Lauren German) wants to be supportive, but Lucifer absolutely doesn’t want her to leave.

Ella explains the victim used a bookend to hit Beth causing her to hit her head on a table and die. Plus, there’s a weird chunk of hair under her nails. Chloe knows the next young patient, Beckett, called in the murder so she wants to interview her.

Dan (Kevin Alejandro) has Beckett and is taking her to the station. She’s just a kid and is pretty emotional. Chloe wants Dan to ask if she tried to wipe up any blood, but Beckett doesn’t think she did. She does, however, want a Slurpee.

Ella finds a little blood on a closet door. Inside is a little boy named Felix who might have seen the murder. However, it turns out Felix can’t really communicate with strangers. That’s why he was seeing Dr. Beth.

Ella’s able to break through and he tells her he didn’t see who killed Beth. He had an appointment earlier that day and left his violin behind. He was only in the office because he wanted to pick up his instrument.

Ray-Ray (Charlyne Yi), an old friend of Ella’s, shows up unexpectedly. They had agreed years ago not to see each other, and Ella’s not happy to see her. Chloe interrupts Ella’s conversation with Ray-Ray, believing Ella’s talking to herself. It turns out Ray-Ray is a ghost!

Ella does a horrible job explaining why she was speaking out loud even though no one was in the room. She changes the subject to announce the mysterious clump was made of synthetic fur. Chloe wants to head out to see if she can find something that matches it back at Beth’s.

After Chloe leaves the room, Ella and Ray-Ray have an argument about ghosts and seeing things that aren’t there. Ella says they can’t be friends, but Ray-Ray explains she’s there to help with work stuff. Ella reluctantly agrees to bring her along to investigate the murder.

At Lux, Dan reveals Beckett ran away with his phone while he was transporting her to the police station. He’s desperate to find her and that’s the only reason he’s turning to Lucifer for help.

Chloe doesn’t know it, but Ray-Ray is with them as they look around Beth’s house. Ella finds a furry suit made of fake fur in the closet, and Ray-Ray reminds her she used to be into that. Ella corrects her and says she was into cosplay.

They determine Beth was wearing the costume before she died. Chloe finds a message on the answering machine from some woman, and apparently they were arguing over a guy named Wes.

Chloe dons the costume and attends the furry convention. Out in the van, Ella wants Ray-Ray to ask Beth if she can describe Wes. Ray-Ray says it’s a ghost rule no-no, but she acts like she’s trying anyway after Ella persists. Ray-Ray then says she can’t contact Beth because there’s something blocking the signal, and then finally has to admit she’s there because she has personal, unfinished business.

Ella promises to work with her until they solve Beth’s case, if it will help her cross over.

Inside the convention, Chloe gets tackled while asking about Wes. She fights another fox, and they slam each other around. Finally, Chloe takes off her head and places the other fox under arrest.

Back at the station, it turns out Wesley is the fox character’s name – not a guy. Beth denied stealing the character and the original Wesley decided Beth was just into conflict. She has a good alibi since she was at the convention teaching how to build a fursona’s backstory. Ella can’t verify that’s an actual thing, calling herself “normal.” Ray-Ray gives her a thumbs down and says, “Boo normal!”

Lucifer and Dan track Dan’s phone to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Lucifer’s impressed by modern technology and not impressed that Dan doesn’t like amusement parks. It turns out Dan threw up on a roller coaster when he was 12. And, of course, Beckett’s on a huge roller coaster.

Dan tries to grab Beckett but she slips away from him, leaving poor Dan to scream by himself on the roller coaster.

Ella and Ray-Ray return to the crime scene, and Ella finally figures out Ray-Ray doesn’t care about this murder case. Ray-Ray confesses she’s there to check up on Ella and doesn’t want her to move back to Detroit. She believes it’s a terrible idea because Ella’s brothers are leeches. The LA people treat her much better and Ray-Ray thinks she deserves people who look out for her. But, Ella reminds her the LA people don’t know she sees Ray-Ray.

Lucifer Bonus Episode Boo Normal Recap
Aimee Garcia in the “Boo Normal” bonus episode of ‘Lucifer’ (Photo Credit: FOX)

As they’re talking, the front door of Beth’s house begins to open. They hide in a closet as a person in a black mask and hoodie rifles through the desk. He hears Ella in the closet and opens its door. Ella momentarily blinds him with a flashlight and then uses a broom to fight him off. When he runs away, Ella’s pleased she got his fingerprints.

Over at Six Flags, Lucifer spends $200 for T-shirts and hats with Dan’s screaming face on them to pass out at the station. While Lucifer’s gloating, they discover Beckett stole Lucifer’s phone, his car keys, and Dan’s badge before escaping again.

Unfortunately, the fingerprints were smudged on the broom. But, Chloe has surveillance footage that shows a car speeding away after Ella’s fight. The fleeing car has a Rancho Middle School sticker, and they figure out the chalk on the broom could be from a teacher. Also, it could be from a violin bow and Felix plays the violin and left it in Beth’s office.

They pull in the music teacher and he admits to fighting with Ella in Beth’s office. He claims he was only there to retrieve a check for $5,000. He gave it to Beth to try to bribe her into not recommending Felix take private lessons and instead stay in his class at school. Chloe thinks that sounds like a motive, but the teacher has an alibi.

When Chloe brings up Beckett’s name, the teacher says Beckett’s a nightmare. Chloe calls Dan and he’s still not admitting he lost Beckett. As Dan and Lucifer argue about losing her in the parking lot, Lucifer decides it’s time to call in Maze (Lesley Ann-Brandt). She arrives and promptly asks, “What did you two idiots do now?”

They explain they lost a 14-year-old girl and all Maze can do is laugh. She finally agrees to help them only because she wants to meet Beckett.

It turns out Beckett is at Lux trying to order drinks. Maze tracks her there and although Lucifer would like her to be tortured, Dan takes charge of the delinquent. He informs her she’s a murder suspect, but she claims she didn’t see anything. She only said she did to get out of class. Dan convinces her to tell the truth and she reveals her tears at the crime scene were from the perfume at Beth’s place. She reeked of freesia which Beckett’s allergic to.

Ella’s still jumpy at the station, and when Chloe asks what’s up she lies and says she’s thinking of starting a new geeky hobby. Chloe gets serious and tells her she really wants her to stay in LA and that they’ll all miss her.

Chloe, Ella, and Ray-Ray head over to talk to their next suspect. Ella hangs back in the car and Ray-Ray has figured out Ella thinks her friends won’t accept her because she talks to dead people. Ella confesses she doesn’t want them to look at her with pity in their eyes.

As they’re talking in the car, Ella sees a construction dumpster at the neighbor’s house.

Chloe visits Felix’s mom and she’s wearing freesia. They talk about Felix’s commitment to the violin and Chloe wonders why he would have left it behind at Beth’s place. Felix’s mom says he wouldn’t have and she also corrects Chloe when Chloe suggests Beth told Felix he should be homeschooled and take private lessons. That’s not what Felix’s dad, Anthony, said Beth suggested.

Ella goes through the dumpster looking for the murder weapon. And voila! – the bookend is there, complete with dried blood. As she’s celebrating, Ella’s attacked by Felix’s dad. He tries to hit her with a metal bat but she fights him off. Chloe shows up just in time and Anthonyt admits he sent Felix to Beth so that she’d make him be more social. He didn’t want his son to play the violin anymore; he wanted him to do other things. He’s placed under arrest for Beth’s murder.

As they’re wrapping up the scene, Ella blurts out to Chloe that she sees a ghost. She tells her about Ray-Ray and their history together. Ella was eight when she got in a really bad car wreck and she’s been seeing Ray-Ray ever since. She thought she was an imaginary friend, and Ray-Ray finally corrected her that she’s a ghost. Chloe listens and when Ella asks, Chloe says she does not think Ella’s crazy. She even adds that she’s seen crazier things. (I don’t know what number this episode was intended to be in season four, but Chloe seems fine with her Devil partner.) Chloe assures Ella nothing she says will ever change her opinion about her. Ella declares she’s never moving back to Detroit.

Ray-Ray yells, “Told ya!” Since the case is closed, Ray-Ray is ready to leave but Ella has a question. She wants to know if Ray-Ray is really there as her ghost guardian angel, and Ray-Ray admits she has her back. Ella is okay with her checking in occasionally, but she can’t spy on her in the shower ever again. Ray-Ray leaves, saying, “Smell you later, Lopez.”

Back at the station, Lucifer hangs a large banner featuring the photo of Dan screaming on the roller coaster. Ella laughs at Lucifer’s new poster and then heads off, tossing out, “Smell you later, Lucifer.” Lucifer’s momentarily stunned and then asks why she’s using that turn of phrase. Ella says it’s something her friend Ray-Ray says.

Lucifer returns home and looks around his apartment. He calls out and tells Ray-Ray to show herself. It turns out Ray-Ray is Azrael, Lucifer’s sister. Azrael spreads her wings and Lucifer refuses to call her by her nickname because she abandoned him. She claims she didn’t abandon him and she’s just been busy being the Angel of Death. She’s sorry she never reached out to him when God kicked him down to Hell. She claims the whole family was rocked when he was kicked out, and says he’s her favorite big brother. They used to punk Amenadiel together, and she really misses him just letting her say whatever is on her mind. However, she reminds him he did start a rebellion.

Lucifer wants to know why Ella knows about her and Ray-Ray explains she showed up to take her, but it was a false alarm. After meeting Ella, she just didn’t want to leave. She really likes her and likes checking up on her. She told Ella she was a ghost because it’s weird if people talk to invisible angels. She then learned humans talking to ghosts was also considered weird. So, she sent Ella to LA to be with Lucifer.

Lucifer’s pissed, comparing that action to his dad sending him Chloe. However, Ray-Ray says she did it for Ella. She wanted Lucifer to be with Ella so that two of her favorite people could be together. Azrael leaves before Lucifer can ask any more questions.

Back at the police station, Lucifer visits Ella while she’s looking in a microscope. He’s happy she’ll be staying in LA. Ella starts going off about DNA on wood versus synthetic wood, and Lucifer patiently listens to her lengthy story. Azrael watches them and smiles before turning to leave.

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