‘Lucifer’ Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: “Everything’s Okay”

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After a massive #SaveLucifer social media campaign, Netflix breathed new life into Lucifer following its demise by Fox. Yes, Lucifans did have to patiently wait for a year for the fourth season, but thanks to the streaming service the Devil and his friends are back with more witty clips and sexy shenanigans.

Lucifer season three ended with Chloe finally understanding her partner, Lucifer Morningstar, is the Lucifer Morningstar. He only told her this every single day, but the detective refused to believe what was staring her in the face. Season four picks up a couple of months after the season three finale, with Lucifer unsure how Chloe is handling this shift in their professional and personal relationships.

All 10 episodes of season four were released for binging on May 8, 2019.

Recap of Season 4 Episode 1 “Everything’s Okay”

Thank you Lucifer writers for starting off season four with Tom Ellis at the piano! The sexy Devil’s pouring his heart out – and depressing his Lux customers – by singing “Creep” by Radiohead. Rapid shifts in Lucifer’s attire clue us in to the fact he’s tinkling the ivories every night with this song.

Luci seems to feel the title describes him to a T. Poor Luci! The Devil’s having a devil of a time in the aftermath of showing Detective Chloe Decker his true face.

Someone in the club finally puts an end to “Creep” by holding a gun to Lucifer’s not as neatly coiffed as usual head. It turns out the gunman and his partners aren’t music critics, they’re out for revenge. The gunman’s the thief Lucifer left in the desert and he’s not at all pleased to have been set out to wander in the heat without his stolen Brinks truck.

When Lucifer bends his gun like it’s made of butter, lifts him a foot off the floor, and flashes his red eyes, the gunman decides maybe he didn’t hallucinate Lucifer’s angel wings. His fellow masked gunmen fire but of course the bullets don’t faze Luci. He’s too busy wondering if Chloe felt the terror this gunman’s feeling right now when she realized who he is. He works out his issues while informing the robbers (and thus the audience) that Chloe’s been gone on vacation for a month. She left after seeing his face and they’ve yet to discuss how she feels.

Lucifer continues working out his own problems by loading the gunman up with gold bars and stacks of cash. When he whips off his pants and shows off his buttocks (thanks to Netflix, again, for picking up this series), the gunman’s had more than enough.

Maze (we’ve really missed Lesley-Ann Brandt and her wicked humor) shows up as the gunman scurries away. She wonders if Luci’s holding a grudge since she tried to kill him, but he’s over that. She also wonders if he wants her to track down Chloe, and Luci suggests she has an ulterior motive for wanting to find the detective: she wants to apologize to Trixie.

Lucifer admits he’s reached the point where he wonders if Chloe will ever return.

Cleaned up and presentable once more, Luci shows up at a crime scene and is immediately told to go home by Detective Douche/Dan (Kevin Alejandro) who’s in a lovely – and by that I mean completely pissed off – mood. Luci reminds Dan he has no authority over him and pushes his way in, as Lucifer’s wont to do.

Ella (Aimee Garcia) suggests Dan’s mood is rotten because he’s still mourning Charlotte. Lucifer, as always, makes it about himself, declaring he’s not going to be a scapegoat for what he believes is not his fault.

Ella’s also not quite herself and the reason why turns out to be she’s still on the outs with God. When Ella asks if Luci wants the details on the crime scene, Lucifer admits he’s done with the consulting work. Of course, that’s when Chloe (Lauren German) shows up unexpectedly acting as if nothing’s wrong. She makes eye contact with Luci but really only engages in conversation with Ella who’s going over the evidence. Their victim is a beekeeper named Bob who was killed by a honey scraper.

Chloe interviews Bob’s wife and she claims no one wanted to hurt him. As they talk, Luci hovers over Chloe and stares at her as if she’s lost every last one of her marbles. Chloe’s forced to break off her questioning to speak with her partner.

Chloe claims to be okay and her vacation in Europe gave her time to come to terms with what she saw. Chloe, who for three seasons displayed an annoying lack of detective skills when it came to Lucifer, admits he’s always told her the truth. “I think deep down I always knew,” she says. She also assures Luci, while wearing a super fake smile that never reaches her eyes, she just wants to get back to work.

Lucifer’s reply once she walks away: “What the f……?!” It’s Netflix but apparently they’ll be keeping the show PG language-wise as the Lucifer theme plays over the F-word. A tease of R but that line’s not crossed yet.

Lucifer pays a visit to everyone’s favorite therapist, Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris). He’s decided Chloe is in denial and that’s why she’s not reacting to his true self. When Linda asks what he wanted to happen, Lucifer gets all defensive. She believes he wanted Chloe’s rejection because he refuses to talk about his Devil face. He blows that off, saying it’s back because he killed a human for the first time.

The ever-intuitive doctor knows that’s his father’s rule, not Luci’s. He’s now self-actualized and is likely punishing himself by bringing forth his Devil face. She wonders if he’s punishing himself for enjoying killing a human and that’s why he sees himself as evil.

Luci continues to be one of the worst patients ever, refusing to accept Linda’s theory. She asks him to consider Chloe’s actually fine with him, but Lucifer’s taking the glass half empty approach to Chloe’s reaction.

“So you’re saying I should just act as if everything is as she claims and slowly poke at her denial and find a way to pop the bubble?” asks Lucifer, not listening to anything Linda’s saying. (Dr. Linda continues to have the patience of a saint.)

Lucifer shows up at the police station and delivers an “I am the Devil blah blah blah” speech to Ella. She can’t keep a straight face and doesn’t understand how he stays in character. Lucifer adds that Amenadiel’s an angel and Ella replies, “Does he have wings?” Lucifer responds truthfully but Ella thinks he’s just a barrel of laughs.

Chloe, on the other hand, looks ready to send him off to a solitary, padded cell. Lucifer wonders why Ella won’t accept he’s telling the truth and Chloe finally has enough, squashing the conversation before Lucifer does something to prove he’s telling the truth.

Back to the case… Dead beekeeper Bob couldn’t have been killed by his own scraper because it had another company’s honey on it. Maybe a rival wanted to destroy Bob’s hive and wound up killing him.

Chloe and Lucifer head off to find Bob’s competition at a farmer’s market. Luci’s all giddy about the fact Chloe’s now in on the joke and can watch the other humans “twist themselves into pretzels” trying to figure out what he’s telling them. Chloe thinks it’s a bit mean since the humans are left trying to figure out Lucifer’s metaphors because no one would truly believe he’s literally the Devil walking the earth.

Luci gets in the same dig I did earlier in this recap, pointing out she’s just smarting from not figuring out he was always telling the truth about his identity.

Chloe finds the Pure Honey stall and it’s possible they were pissed about another honey company showing up on their turf. Lucifer’s ready to get his mojo on, asking Chloe if since now she knows the truth, she wants to really watch him in action. She does.

Luci asks Glenn, the Pure Honey owner, what he really wants. He admits he wants Bob to die because he’s terrified of him. Glenn didn’t realize Bob’s truly dead, but he’s happy now because he can relax. He confesses he destroyed Bob’s beehive but he didn’t kill him. However, Bob did show up at Glenn’s door a few hours after the beehive was destroyed. He beat Glenn with a bag of doorknobs, sending Glenn off to the hospital.

Chloe and Lucifer walk through the farmer’s market discussing what they’ve just learned, and Chloe realizes they’re being followed by a guy with a gun. Lucifer offers to show off his devilish strength, but Chloe believes it’s easier if she just shows the guy her gun. Lucifer’s disappointed he doesn’t get to learn just how far he can toss a human, and Chloe – surprisingly – gives in.

Lucifer holds the guy by the throat up against the wall. Chloe demands he stop once she spots the badge on the stranger’s belt. It turns out Bob was in witness protection, according to U.S. Marshal Luke Reynolds (Sasha Roiz). (Roiz is no stranger to the world of supernatural creatures after six seasons on Grimm.)

Luke was in charge of watching over Bob who, as it turns out, had the nickname Bob the Knob. (Insert inappropriate Lucifer chuckle here.) Bob was a mob enforcer who used a bag of doorknobs to beat people. His murder could have been a hit placed on him by the mob since members of the Paradiso mob are in town and they could have done the job. However, there’s no way they’ll talk to the cops.

Luke doesn’t understand when Lucifer says they might, given that Chloe has the Devil at her side. Chloe decides it might actually be fun being in the know.

Investigation done for the day, Chloe heads home and is surprised to see Maze in her living room. Maze has handcuffed herself so Chloe won’t be scared. It’s a good faith gesture, according to the demon. Maze swears she would never hurt Chloe and Chloe is sure she’s telling the truth. The moment of good faith is broken when Maze easily breaks the handcuffs, admitting they were on just to make Chloe feel comfortable.

Poor Auntie Maze is disappointed to learn Trixie is at Dan’s place. She’s heartbroken to learn Trixie’s still upset with her and needs more time.

Luci also returns home to discover he’s not alone. Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), wings spread in all their glory, wants to make sure Luci knows angels have control over themselves. He’s also there to gloat and drink with his bro. They both agree Charlotte deserved a first-class ticket to Heaven, and Lucifer compliments his brother for flying her straight to the Silver City.

Luci’s happy for his sibling since now he can return to the Silver City, something he’s been wanting since he came down to earth. But, Luci’s also a bit confused as to why Amenadiel didn’t just stay in Heaven when he delivered Charlotte.

Luci reveals Chloe knows the truth now. Amenadiel can’t believe Chloe’s fine with it and volunteers to stay and make sure everything’s okay. Luci assures Amenadiel it is and that he can go back to where he belongs.

Lucifer Season 4 Tom Ellis
Tom Ellis and Lauren German in season 4 (Photo Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix)

Chloe and Lucifer continue the hunt for Bob the Knob’s killer, showing up at a ritzy outdoor party to interrogate Frank the Pool Boy. Frank claims it’s just a coincidence he’s in LA and hasn’t seen Bob since he testified. Luci, using actual detective skills, figures out he’s lying because there’s a jar of Bob’s honey on the table.

Frank confesses they found out Bob was in LA, but he claims not to harbor any ill feelings toward the guy who put his uncle away for 50 years. Apparently, everyone hated the uncle anyway. And it turns out they’re in LA to warn Bob that someone squealed on him and revealed his whereabouts to the mob.

It’s not exactly a dead end but close to it. As they’re walking and talking, Lucifer places his hand on Chloe’s shoulder. She jerks away and lets out a gasp as if touched by someone who scares her to death. She blows it off, saying she was startled but Lucifer’s obviously confused by her reaction.

Back at the station, Chloe informs U.S. Marshal Luke Reynolds that Frank the Pool Boy’s alibi checked out. Luke’s sure it was the mob who killed Bob, and Chloe wonders if Bob’s wife, Lenore, knew about his past. Luke isn’t sure because he’s never met her. Plus, Bob was supposed to keep it a secret.

Chloe puts two and two together and figures out Lenore did know because Frank acted like he knew her. If that’s true, then she may have read the note.

Although Dan and Lucifer aren’t best buddies at this particular moment in time, Lucifer turns to Dan to learn why a woman would recoil at a man’s touch. He’s certain Dan knows from personal experience. Dan doesn’t want to play Lucifer’s game anymore, saying they’re no longer friends. However, he decides to Lucifer’s question.

“It means that they hate you. That they want you as far away from them as possible because your very touch makes them recoil in disgust,” says Dan. Lucifer’s shocked, realizing he was right and Chloe was lying about accepting his Devil face.

Lucifer turns to Dr. Linda for help, again, because Chloe’s in denial. Linda gives him a suggestion which he twists into Chloe projecting her issues on the case, which means he needs to use the case to help her understand her feelings. “And in so doing understand your own feelings as well,” adds Linda. Lucifer brushes off that suggestion.

With Lucifer off visiting Dr. Linda, Chloe partners up with Dan to talk to Lenore. She apologizes for not being there for him when he was dealing with the loss of Charlotte. She offers to cover if he needs some time off, but Dan thinks work is the best therapy right now.

Dan and Chloe find Lenore’s front door cracked open. There’s no one inside when they enter. A team’s called out to go over the place, and Dan reports the neighbors saw her leave alone, in a hurry and carrying a gym bag.

Maybe she wrote the note and then killed her husband. Lucifer pops in, asking if maybe the truth about Bob drove her away. Luci suggests she might have felt horror or disgust, and Chloe knows he’s talking about their situation. Chloe decides to go with it, saying Lenore might have felt confused, betrayed, or scared.

Chloe then returns to the case, asking what Lenore took in the bag. Just your normal toiletries says Ella, plus her wedding album. That’s a weird thing to pack if you murdered your husband.

Dan reveals the footage from the farmer’s market shows Frank the Pool Boy did visit the stall once, and Marshal Luke Reynolds visited it a couple of times. Once he even spoke to Lenore, which contradicts what Luke told Chloe.

Meanwhile, Maze turns to Dr. Linda – her BFF – to figure out what to do about reconnecting with Trixie. Linda’s acting bizarre, pacing the floor like a caged animal. However, she’s in a good mood and has tons of energy. In fact, she thinks a little fight time with Maze might be just what they need. Linda punches Maze in the face just as Amenadiel walks in. He wrongly assumes they’re fighting over him and just as quickly realizes that’s not true.

Amenadiel truly needs his own session as he’s confused about why he didn’t remain in the Silver City. It felt different this time – not like home. Maze says it felt different because this is his home.

At the station, Ella and Chloe try and trace Luke’s phone while Lucifer snacks away on honey. Dan’s learned that two of the ex-cons Luke was protecting have died in the last few years. Luke apparently lets enemies know where the people in his charge in witness protection are hiding. This time he must have done his own killing and Lenore probably ran because Luke told her she was in danger.

They finally get a hit on Luke’s phone and track him to pool at a recreation center. He’s copying Frank the Pool Boy’s MO to frame him, and Lucifer and Chloe arrive as he’s about to shoot Lenore and leave her in the pool.

Luke swears he’s not the bad guy; the criminals in witness protection deserved what they got. Lenore’s not an innocent since she forgave Bob when she learned about his past. Lucifer warns him it’s not his job to punish people, it’s his. Luke gets off a shot that goes through Lucifer’s hand. (Remember, he can be injured if he’s near Chloe.)

Chloe rescues Lenore from the pool and Lucifer follows Luke into the parking lot. When Luke attempts to drive away, Luci grabs the rear of the car and keeps it from leaving. Luke yells, “Jesus!” in surprise and Luci quips back, “Not quite.”

Lucifer rushes off as Chloe arrests Luke.

Over at the station, Maze drops off a bad guy and sees Trixie waiting at a desk. She apologizes to Trixie and Trixie rushes into her arms. “I know, dummy,” says Trixie. They hug some more as Maze realizes it was Chloe keeping them apart.

Amenadiel also shows up at the station to have a chat with Dan. He wonders why Dan lives in LA and Dan says it’s the food, the ocean, and the people he’s met that he cares about. Amenadiel admits it’s now his home, too, and he’s going to stay.

“She’s in Heaven, Dan,” says Amenadiel. Dan can barely keep it together as he tells Amenadiel not to say that. Amenadiel commands Dan to look at him and says it again, this time while his palm is resting on Dan’s chest. Dan believes him and lets out a deep breath before hugging Amenadiel. “Somehow I believe you,” he says, shoulders finally relaxed and with tears in his eyes.

Luci’s back at his place in a rotten mood. He’s at the piano when Chloe shows up, smiling. She takes a seat next to him and wants to talk about what she saw. Luci’s emotional as he says his monster side is not all that he is. (Chloe had better realize that after everything he’s done for her!)

Luci doesn’t believe it’s fair for him to just expect her to accept it. “What I saw was my partner,” says Chloe, taking hold of his hand. Lucifer can’t believe it because if Chloe can accept him, that’s all that matters.

Chloe is not telling the truth. I repeat…Chloe is not telling the truth. Later that night she enters a church, sits in a pew, and sobs. Father Kinley (Graham McTavish) sits next to her and reminds her she knew it would be difficult. But, it’s the best thing for everyone on earth.

The episode ends with Father Kinley asking if she’s ready for the next step.

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