‘Lucifer’ Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: “O, Ye of Little Faith, Father”

Lucifer Season 4 Episode 3
Kevin Alejandro, Aimee Garcia and Lauren German in season 4 (Photo Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix)

Netflix’s Lucifer season four episode three picks up with Father Kinley (Graham McTavish) paying an unexpected visit to Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis). He introduces himself as a Vatican investigator and lies when he tells Luci he doesn’t believe he’s the actual Devil. He places the blame completely on Chloe’s shoulders, explaining he’s shown up at Lux to warn Lucifer he may be in danger. Chloe turned to the Church to “send the Devil back to Hell.”

Father Kinley confirms what Luci suspected: Chloe is having a difficult time accepting his true identity.

Ella (Aimee Garcia) shows up at work, hungover from too much Tequila. She’s been skipping church and explains to Chloe she and God are on a break.

Dan (Kevin Alejandro) is in a pissy mood but this time with good reason. Lucifer’s posted Chewbacca Voice Contest flyers all over the precinct with Dan’s phone number. Dan’s completely fed up with Luci but Chloe defends him, saying he’s trying to be better (in his own way).

Over at Lux, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) is looking forlorn at the bar but Luci’s sure his own troubles are much worse than his bro’s. They’re not. Amenadiel blurts out that Linda’s pregnant, and they both wonder how an angel impregnated a mortal. Amenadiel thinks Linda might be an angel, but Luci figures out that when Amenadiel lost his wings, he was just as human as Linda.

Lucifer shows up at work and Chloe (Lauren German) is trying to rehabilitate his image. She suggests he stop drinking while they’re working on cases. He drops a little Devil trivia: he only drinks because he likes the taste and not to get drunk because normal amounts of alcohol don’t affect him.

Their new case is the murder of rocket scientist Susan Ochoa. She has a knife in the back and Luci quips, “A bit on the nose.” Ella puts Luci on edge when she says, “It’s always the ones you least suspect, the ones you trust the most that hurt you. They wait until your guard is down and then wham!”

Chloe and Luci interrogate Susan’s friend, Oscar, who’s in town from El Salvador. Both Susan and Oscar were in a gang and they met when he helped her change her life. He asks Luci to promise he’ll punish whoever killed his friend.

Lucifer finally gets what’s been eating at him off his chest. He assures Chloe if she needs to talk to someone about him, that’s totally fine. She claims not to have told anyone about him, and of course Luci knows that’s a lie. (The look on Luci’s face as he realizes Chloe’s false is devastating.)

Luci immediately heads over to Dr. Linda’s, booting out her current patient because his needs ALWAYS come first. He needs help figuring out what to do with Chloe now that he knows she’s betrayed him. When he reveals Chloe might be plotting to send him to Hell, Linda (Rachael Harris) wants all the details. Linda warns him to talk to Chloe because if he falsely accuses her, it will end their relationship.

Back at the station, Chloe and Dan discuss Charlotte’s murder, God, and flowers. The flowers found at the crime scene are rare and only a few markets sell them. Only one sold a bouquet the night of the murder. The receipt shows millionaire/tech genius Anders Brody, owner of Brody Aerospace, bought the flowers. He’s the murder victim’s boss.

Chloe and Lucifer show up at Anders’ charity regatta and Luci, for once, doesn’t jump at the opportunity to make a penis joke when it’s served up. Chloe wonders if Luci’s ever donated to charity and he says he’s put several women named Charity through college. (There’s the Luci we know and love!)

Luci uses every opening in the conversation to hint at Chloe’s betrayal, but she doesn’t bite.

Luci confronts Anders and he lies and says he doesn’t even know her. When Chloe reveals they’re aware of his flower purchase, Anders attempts to make a break for it. Luci grabs him, ties a rope around his neck and sets the attached boat free. As it floats out of the dock, the rope tightens. Rather than die of strangulation, Anders comes clean and admits he betrayed Susan.

Back at Linda’s office, Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is nearly orgasmic as she asks if human babies “erupt from their mother’s body’s in a ceremony of blood and pain.” Maze then reveals torture by birth was a favorite down in Hell. She has tons of questions but Linda’s not ready for this discussion. A gleeful demon asking baby questions is a little too much for even Linda to take.

Lucifer Season 4 Tom Ellis
Tom Ellis and Lauren German in ‘Lucifer’ season 4 (Photo Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix)

Over at the station, Luci suggests it was probably pretty freeing for Anders to come clean. A call from Ella interrupts what could have been a lengthy conversation about betrayals. It turns out Anders didn’t kill Susan. Another victim’s been found with a knife in his back.

David Ramirez, a mechanic, is their new victim. He was also in the same gang as Susan when they were younger. Chloe believes the killer might be someone from their past, but she doesn’t have any idea what the motive could be.

This particular gang is now a major player in the LA drug market. Dan becomes frustrated when Chloe reminds him they need a warrant before they can visit the gang’s leader.

Anders has been released from custody, but Luci’s not done with him. He demands to know what Anders meant when he said he betrayed Susan and uses his Devil mind trick to get Anders to confess he wanted forgiveness. When he learned about Susan’s past, he demoted her. But then he looked through her record and discovered how much she’d changed and that she was a model employee. Anders arrived at her house to apologize but she was already dead.

Confessing what happen is freeing. Anders gives Luci a bear hug…talk about your uncomfortable moments! Chloe’s impressed that Luci displayed empathy. (She’s annoyingly into changing Lucifer this episode. Leave our sexy Devil alone to be his irresistible self!)

Their night’s free, so Chloe suggests they meet up later.

Amenadiel’s the next celestial being to visit Dr. Linda. He’s loaded down with bags of baby stuff and wants to be there for her. He has Dr. Spock’s book as well as one that will show the baby everyone poops. (Hearing D.B. Woodside say “poop” is pretty much the cutest thing ever.)

Amenadiel’s well-meaning but Linda stops him and says it’s too soon. She doesn’t want to pressure him into helping out and thinks she can raise the baby on her own. She’s used to being independent.

Maze is all about the baby right now, too, and she’s got a selection of knives with cute little handles that might be the perfect gift. Trixie’s at the police station helping her select the best knife when Dan barges into the office. He reminds Maze Trixie isn’t allowed to play with knives.

“Relax, Dan. These knives aren’t for Trixie. They’re for a baby,” says Maze. Dan lays down the law and says Trixie isn’t allowed to be around any more knives. As she exits the office, Maze slips her one on the sly.

Maze wonders why Dan’s in such a rotten mood and he confesses he’s frustrated with the inability to stop a killer because they have to wait for a warrant. Maze, never one to let the law get in her way, thinks they shouldn’t wait.

Lucifer rings up Father Kinley for a meet-up at the church. Luci tells the priest he’s wrong and that Chloe would never betray him. Father Kinley asks if Luci has seen Chloe with a vial. In it’s something that can banish the Devil from earth and trap him in Hell. Father Kinley lies and says it was another priest who told Chloe about the secret ceremony that could send the Devil away forever.

Father Kinley informs Lucifer the poison in the vial could kill a normal man. He warns Luci to be careful.

When Lucifer exits the church, another priest joins Father Kinley. Kinley tells him the trap is set and “everything will come together soon.”

That evening Chloe leads Lucifer down a dark street. He gets a little nervous when she says what they’re about to do might be painful for him. She asks him to forgive her and he hangs back, growing increasingly anxious as she walks on ahead.

Dan shows up at the gang’s headquarters with his badge on his belt. He asks what they know about Susan Ochoa and David Ramirez, warning them he knows they’re involved. He gets into a fistfight with a few of the members and a gun’s put to his head. Maze jumps into the action, leaping down from upstairs and immediately mixing it up. Dan and Maze take down a dozen or so gang members but then an even larger group arrives.

Chloe’s big plan is to have them volunteer at a soup kitchen. Nope, no way, not gonna happen… Lucifer is not going to serve people and thinks Chloe misunderstands the definition of a fun date. Lucifer’s had enough of Chloe’s weird behavior (asking him to drink less, act nice, and be charitable) and reveals he knows she’ been lying. She claims she hasn’t been, and he demands her purse. He looks through it and finds the vial.

Chloe acts innocent and says it’s just perfume. But when Luci’s about to drink it, she makes him stop. Luci reveals he’s aware she met with Father Kinley. Unfortunately, they can’t continue this conversation because Dan calls with the news he knows the killer’s identity and he’s about to skip town.

Dan’s still on an adrenaline high after their fight with the gang. He thanks Maze and she assures him he can call her anytime he wants to beat someone up. She’s happy the darker Dan’s back.

Chloe and Luci drive in silence until Dan calls again and texts a photo of the killer. It’s Oscar, Susan’s drug counselor. The head of the gang named Oscar as the killer.

They arrive at Oscar’s place and Luci locks Chloe out after busting through the front door. He’s in a vengeful mood when he finds Oscar calmly sitting in a chair in the middle of the living room. Luci demands to why he killed Susan and David, reminding him they trusted him with their darkest truths. Lucifer slams him into the wall as Oscar says he’d do it again.

Lucifer tosses him across the room and Oscar seems strangely fine with facing Luci’s wrath. He invites Lucifer to show his true self, which catches Luci off guard. Oscar says David and Susan had reverted to their old ways and calls them trash. Lucifer grabs him by the shoulders, forcing him to his knees as Oscar asks him to show him what he’s got. “Show us who you really are,” says Oscar, which causes Lucifer to pause.

Luci lets Oscar go, unsure of why Oscar wants to be punished. Chloe finally makes her way into the living room as Oscar says he’s failed and asks for God’s forgiveness. Luci notices Oscar glancing toward a mirror as he’s asking for forgiveness.

Oscar impales himself on the broken chair and dies.

The forensics team arrives to go over the crime scene and Ella thinks Oscar must have been terrified of something to kill himself with a stake through the neck. Lucifer and Chloe talk privately, and he’s convinced something else was going on. He reveals Oscar knew about his true face and he remembers Oscar saying show “us” your face.

Lucifer throws a gold pitcher through the mirror, revealing a hidden room.

It turns out the Catholic Church owns the house. Luci and Chloe figure out Father Kinley arranged everything and was trying to get proof of Lucifer’s true identity. Chloe rambles on about needing to explain and that he’s in danger, but Lucifer angrily stalks away.

Father Kinley and the other priest return to the church and Father Kinley remains convinced Lucifer Morningstar is the Devil. He set everything up perfectly, but it didn’t work. Chloe arrives and tells the other priest Father Kinley knew Oscar and used him. Father Kinley admits Oscar was a true believer and willing to do whatever it took to battle evil. Oscar killed two people just to get Lucifer to reveal his identity.

Chloe realizes Father Kinley’s acting without the Church’s blessings or knowledge. She places him under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder. He claims she doesn’t have proof, but Chloe doesn’t back down. Fortunately, the other priest says he’ll testify against Father Kinley.

Linda’s in the doctor’s crowded waiting room when Amenadiel arrives. He says he wants to be there for her and the baby and whips out an engagement ring. In a booming voice he asks her to marry him, but Linda quietly says no. She calls him amazing and heroic but believes he’s there for the wrong reasons. He asks what she needs, and she says, “I think I just need someone to hold my hand and tell me everything’s going to be okay.” He promises it will be.

Case closed and work done for the day, Lucifer’s at home, alone, when Chloe shows up. She tells him about Father Kinley’s arrest and a devastated Luci says he doesn’t care about that. He only cares that she was trying to hurt him. (Tom Ellis is nailing an injured Lucifer.)

Chloe explains she had to leave and process things after seeing his face. She went to Rome, Father Kinley found her, and she didn’t know what he was up to. She admits she lied and that for just a moment she was helping to send him back to Hell. Heartbroken, Luci asks how she could do that. Chloe, overcome with emotion, admits it’s because she’s terrified.

She tries to get Lucifer to understand that every story has the Devil as the embodiment of evil. She also confesses that as Chloe Decker – a nobody – she doesn’t know how she’s supposed to deal with that.

Lucifer can only shake his head and turn away without responding. (I’m not crying; you’re crying!)

Chloe continues, reminding him she came back. She really saw him and remembers how he made her feel. She knows he’s not that guy or if he is, he can change. Lucifer turns to her but with his Devil face and asks if she can accept him like that. Chloe looks away and says she wants to and will try. Tears in her eyes, she admits she doesn’t know.

Lucifer, also with tears in his eyes, replies, “Then I have my answer.”

Father Kinley is visited in jail by his fellow priest. Kinley’s obsessed with the prophesy that states when the Devil finds his first love, evil shall be released. Although he’s temporarily failed, he hopes pushing Chloe and Lucifer apart will stop the prophesy.

The episode ends back at Lux with a lovely lady walking through the crowd. She sits at the bar, asks for an appletini, and then glances at the crowd with a satisfied smile on her face.

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