‘Lucifer’ Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: “Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno”

Lucifer Season 4 Episode 2
D.B. Woodside and Tom Ellis in ‘Lucifer’ season 4 (Photo by John P. Fleenor/Netflix)

Netflix’s Lucifer season four episode two opens with a flashback to how Chloe (Lauren German) really spent her vacation after being exposed to Lucifer’s devil face. Chloe turned to the Church for help in coming to terms with what she’d learned, pouring through books on religion and the Devil. The pages reminded her of incidents from her recent past involving Lucifer interacting with criminals.

It’s during this research that she meets Father Kinley (Outlander‘s Graham McTavish). When he explains he works for a division of the church called the International Association of Exorcists, Chloe’s pretty sure she’s come to the right place for answers. They specialize in working with people who are possessed or believe they’re the Devil. Lucifer Morningstar’s been on their radar for seven years and they’ve figured out he’s the real deal.

Father Kinley reveals that although he can’t help Chloe, she can help the Church. It’s dangerous to have Lucifer on earth as “death and destruction” follow him.

Flash-forward to current events and Ella (Aimee Garcia) super pleased with Margaret the chicken’s first egg. Margaret is apparently Ella’s new distraction since she has her Sundays free. Bob the turtle was also a distraction, but unfortunately he had to hit the road as he wasn’t a fan of the ruler of the roost, Margaret.

The chicken and turtle stories are interrupted with news of a new murder to investigate.

Meanwhile, a shirtless Luci (Tom Ellis) gets a visit from Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) who announces he’s not returning to Heaven. Earth is his new home and as he’s about to explain why, Luci cuts him off. Turning to his favorite subject – himself – Lucifer needs his bro’s help on selecting a dress shirt. Of course, the dashing Devil opts for the one Amenadiel did not choose.

Amenadiel realizes his brother’s still having problems with Chloe. Luci explains he shared “a moment” with Chloe, and Amenadiel can’t help himself…he laughs. Now Luci’s confused about whether they should just pretend that never happened. Amenadiel suggests Luci seize the day and get out there with humans. “I say put up your sign, ‘Open for business: humanity come on in,’” says the overly optimistic Amenadiel.

Luci, confused, can’t figure out what Amenadiel’s suggesting. Cutting to the chase, Amenadiel tells Luci to ask Chloe out.

Shortly thereafter Luci is like a giddy schoolboy at Chloe’s side during the investigation. He uses mosquitoes to segue into a conversation about food and is about to ask her out when they arrive at Ella photographing the dead body.

Ella’s completely fangirling over the fact their murder victim is on a reality show and the murder took place on the set. Luci again turns the conversation to eating out, but Chloe does her usual act of ignoring Luci’s random conversations while at a crime scene.

The victim was a school teacher named Melinda competing on The Cabin, and it just so happens Ella’s been binge-watching 27 seasons of the series. Melinda, a fan favorite, was apparently hit on the head with something hard.

Unfortunately, the show’s cameras didn’t catch the attack, according to the executive producer. Chloe puts the show on hold and Ella jumps at the chance to watch all of the unaired footage.

Finally alone, Lucifer formally asks Chloe out to dinner. She says yes without hesitation.

A flashback reveals Father Kinley handing Chloe something which will send the Devil back to Hell. She’s reluctant to take it, but Father Kinley assures her she’s the only one who can do the job.

Back at the station, Chloe catches Dan (Kevin Alejandro) in the act of switching desks. He’s doing so to get away from Luci because of Luci’s involvement in Charlotte’s death. Dan is done with Luci and his secrets. Which leads to another flashback of Father Kinley showing Lucifer’s previous visits among humans led to all sorts of disasters including the Chicago fire and the rise of Nazi Germany. Chloe doesn’t want to believe all of the evil from the past was caused by Luci, although she does admit he killed Marcus Pierce.

“He is the Devil and he’s not supposed to be here,” says Father Kinley. He offers Chloe the vial again and this time she accepts it.

Ella’s having a fantastic time with this reality TV show murder. She found the totem that keeps contestants safe in Melinda’s pocket, but it was another competitor, Judd, who located it during the game. How did it wind up in Melinda’s pocket? Maybe Judd killed her because she stole it. There’s even footage of him acting like he’s violently hitting Melinda over the head.

While the important murder discussion’s going on, Luci’s busy planning their date. He attempts to get Chloe’s input on swimming with sharks or jelly wrestling and she puts him off…again.

Chloe believes Judd’s the killer since if it walks like a duck, it is a duck. She and Luci head out to arrest Judd.

They make it to the set and Chloe immediately accuses Judd of killing Melinda. Luci, for once, is the voice of reason while Chloe is all about jumping to conclusions. A camera man interrupts and Chloe sends him away, reminding him it’s an active crime scene.

Judd explains his bad boy personality is all an act and he’s just doing it to win the game. He’s playing the villain because that’s what it takes. He also admits Melinda was the most competitive in the game and she was crafty. Plus, she had a secret alliance.

Catching back up with L+M=BFFs…Dr. Linda’s definitely going through some bizarre phase. She thinks Maze invited her over to Luci’s to spar or learn to throw knives. She jogs in place and takes a few practice swings as they discuss Maze and Chloe’s relationship. Linda suggests Maze not take things personally since it’s pretty scary for a human to learn there really are angels and demons, and that the Devil is walking the Earth.

Linda finally works herself up so much that she passes out.

Chloe and Luci interview the cast members (each of whom represents a perfect reality TV stereotype) on the set and none seem to know anything. Fruitless interrogations complete, the conversation turns to history, religion, and the Devil. Chloe only semi-jokingly asks if Luci bites the heads off children.

“No, of course not. I detest the little creatures and I’d certainly never put one in my mouth,” says Luci, not joking. Duh.

Luci’s happy to answer any of Chloe’s questions. She wonders if he keeps track of his kills and Luci confirms Pierce was the first human he killed. But he also reminds Chloe that Pierce was actually Cain. She also wants to know what Hell’s like and if he enjoys torturing people. Dead serious and obviously hurt she’d believe that could be true, Luci says it was a job he was forced to do.

Chloe decides much of what she read was just dumb stereotypes.

Back at Lux, Maze is worried about Linda. She’s concerned about Linda’s hyperactivity followed by fainting and examines Linda carefully. Unfortunately, the medical book Maze is referencing is from the 14th century.

Luci shows up at the police station with a gorgeous red gown for Chloe. Ella’s beside herself with glee, and they discuss whether it’s a Pretty Woman or Indecent Proposal gesture. Luci’s planned a helicopter ride to San Francisco followed by the opera. But, he’s nervous. He knows Chloe’s acting weird and thinks she’s hiding something. Ella thinks Chloe’s just anxious about their big date.

However, Chloe’s actually anxious about the vial from Father Kinley. She watches Luci and Ella, and then asks if they can postpone their date until the case is solved. Ella’s just as bummed by this development as Luci.

Chloe meets up with Father Kinley to admit she’s stalling. She’s definitely having second thoughts and doesn’t want to believe everything Father Kinley claims Luci’s responsible for. He thinks every positive aspect of Luci is just an act. The Devil cares for no one but himself, per Kinley. But Chloe’s certain Luci never lies.

The next morning at the station Luci brings in donuts for the squad and coffees for Ella and Chloe. Ella’s all aglow because she and her mom subbed in for Luci and Chloe on the trip to San Fran. (They don’t let Chloe in on what was planned.)

Luci’s super excited about solving the case so they can go on their date, and Chloe confirms she’s not backing out. They edge closer to the killer when Ella describes what was in Melinda’s stomach – the ingredients of Hungarian Rum Balls.

Amenadiel’s ready to do human things and Dan is the one he picks as his plus one. However, Dan’s just not into having any fun at all so he turns down Amenadiel’s offer of an improv night or sporting event.

Not ready to give up on finding something fun to do, Amenadiel tries to make conversation with a stranger at a coffee shop. She’s busy on her computer and doesn’t even reply when he asks what she’s writing. (Fun cameo by writer/executive producer Ildy Modrovich!)

Nothing’s going his way (a homeless person steals his wallet) and so he pours his heart out to a Hispanic stranger. No advice is forthcoming and Amenadiel remains confused.

Luci and Chloe return to the set to hunt down Hungarian Rum Balls. Obsessed with closing the case, Luci tries to put the executive producer in handcuffs after they discover the Rum Balls on the craft services table. The executive producer confesses he gave Melinda his balls and asked for a favor. Since she was the fan favorite, he wanted her to help increase the show’s sagging ratings.

Luci’s had enough of all this and demands the guy confess so he can go on his date. Chloe insults him by saying he does only think about himself, and Luci is so hurt by that he takes off, promising to give her some space.

The executive producer shows Chloe tape of Melinda kissing Kylie, another female contestant. They were into each other, but the tape wasn’t shown to Chloe before because it was shot in the bathroom. (A real no-no.) They look at the monitors to find out where Kylie is now and discover she’s damaging a gas line outside one of the cabins. Luci’s inside that cabin as Kylie tosses in a lighter. The building explodes but Luci emerges unscathed through the flames.

Chloe watches in frightened amazement and then races to make sure he’s okay. She stumbles over her words as he tells her he’s used to living in a fiery pit. Kylie runs up, apologizing for not knowing someone was inside. She just needed to burn it all down.

Kylie confesses she was jealous and upset over something Melinda did and pushed her into the lagoon. She hit her head and died, but it was an accident. Case closed.

Luci tells Chloe it’s okay if she doesn’t want to go on a date. She assures him she does and will meet him at Lux that night.

Cut to Dr. Linda receiving a shocking call from her doctor…

7pm arrives and Luci has candles and roses ready for their date. Chloe shows up and Luci’s even made grilled cheese – her favorite – for dinner. He confesses he’s happy there aren’t any more secrets and says he’ll answer any of her questions. He reminds her he’s always been honest and will continue to be.

When Luci leaves the room to put on some bad ‘90s jams, Chloe prepares to pour the vial’s contents into his drink. The music comes on so loud it startles her, and she spills the contents of his glass. He cuts himself on the broken glass and Chloe doesn’t understand why he’s bleeding.

How can Lucifer emerge unscathed from a fire but bleed from a little scratch? Plus, he was injured when she shot him – something she feels horrible about. She wonders if he wasn’t really injured and was simply trying to make her feel bad or make her care about him more. “How is it that sometimes you don’t get hurt and then other times you do? What is the difference?” asks the detective, overcome with emotion.

“You are, detective,” replies Luci. He admits he doesn’t know why he’s only vulnerable when he’s close to her but it’s the truth.

Ella texts, at the most inopportune moment, with an update on their case. Kylie wasn’t the killer. Something with a right angle hit Melinda three times. Chloe figures out a possible murder weapon and rushes off, telling Lucifer she’s doing this alone.

Chloe returns to the set and asks to look at the camera man’s equipment. She finds the item that could have been used and the camera man arms himself with an axe. Chloe pulls her gun and it’s a stand-off. The camera man admits he made Melinda into America’s sweetheart and they were going to split the money if she won. But then Melinda hooked up with Kylie and broke their arrangement. He killed her after her argument with Kylie.

The camera man launches the axe at Chloe, but Luci’s been creeping around outside watching the action and leaps in front of his partner. Chloe fires and hits the camera man in the knee and the axe winds up going through Luci’s jacket. Chloe can’t believe he tried to save her again. She holds the axe up to his chest and asks if she could kill him if she pushed it into his body. It would. (Chloe is so slow at catching on to anything involving Lucifer!)

Chloe realizes that even though it might have killed him, Lucifer jumped in front of the axe to save her. “Yes, and I would do it again and again. Don’t you know that, detective?” asks Lucifer.

Hours later Amenadiel’s drinking away his pain at Lux when Dr. Linda arrives with news. She’s pregnant!

The following day Chloe meets with Father Kinley and confesses she’s decided not to help him or the Church. She refuses to hurt Lucifer. Father Kinley’s disappointed and reminds her all she has to do is give Lucifer the sedative and then he’ll perform the exorcism. He acknowledges they can’t do it without her and admits to knowing she makes Lucifer vulnerable. But Chloe’s certain Lucifer’s changed.

Back at Lux Lucifer’s at the piano again when he receives a text from Chloe, apologizing. Father Kinley shows up at Luci’s saying he has something important to tell him about Chloe Decker.

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