‘Lucifer’ Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: “All About Eve”

Lucifer Season 4 Episode 4
Tom Ellis and Inbar Lavi in ‘Lucifer’ season 4 (Photo Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix)

Her partnership with Lucifer’s over, according to Chloe, as season four episode four of Netflix’s Lucifer begins. Dan’s fine with that as long as Chloe’s okay, which she claims to be.

This episode’s murder involves a jewelry designer named Pablo Silva who was strangled after exiting a private plane. There are pistachio shells under the body but none on board. However, there’s a wide variety of drugs on the plane. Ella (Aimee Garcia) warns to keep Luci away from the evidence and then realizes he’s not around. Chloe (Lauren German) confirms Luci won’t be working with them anymore.

Apparently, Pablo was transporting a super expensive necklace which has now gone missing. Pablo’s business partner, Toby Golden (Chris McGarry), explains he was going to meet Pablo after receiving a frantic voice mail from him. The jewelry designer was mixed up with dangerous dudes (in the background of the call speaking Arabic) who wanted the necklace. Toby had no idea Pablo was in trouble until he listened to the phone call.

Dan (Kevin Alejandro) remembers a guy named Turkish Pete who speaks Arabic and likes pistachios. Case solved. Episode over, right? Nope.

Dan takes off to do some investigating while Ella demands the deets on Chloe’s split with Lucifer. Chloe doesn’t think their issues can be resolved, but she’s sure Luci’s handling it all just fine.

He’s not.

A disheveled Luci enters his club, hairy messy and robe open. He grabs a few bottles and the bartender thinks he should stay and hang out, indicating the gorgeous woman who showed up at the end of episode three.

She’s dancing with abandoned enthusiasm and Luci looks mesmerized as he approaches the packed dance floor.

Dressed in white and barefoot, the woman’s glistening from sweat and obviously enjoying the music. Lucifer immediately recognizes her as Eve (Inbar Lavi). Yes, that Eve!

The two head upstairs to his place where they can talk in private. She found a way out of Heaven and came straight to LA, even though that’s not supposed to be possible. Adam, on the other hand, is still in Heaven where everyone is so happy. (Eve says happy like it’s a nasty word.)

Eve confesses something’s been missing and she reminds Luci she never chose Adam. They got along but he didn’t love the real her. Plus, paradise is just too predictable. Eve decided to take in all the stories she could from every human she met in Heaven. She realized what she truly desires is excitement and thrills.

Eve came to Earth to party and see her ex, Lucifer. However, Luci’s not ready for a hook-up and books her a room at his friend’s prestigious hotel.

After helping her into an Uber (or Lyft, whatever), he realizes the guy behind the wheel isn’t the right driver. The driver demands the necklace and Luci immediately declares he’s cancelling the ride. (No five star rating for this imposter!) The guy fires, hitting Luci square in the face. Eve panics and the driver takes off.

She’s amazed to see Luci sit up with no noticeable wound. Luci realizes Eve hasn’t been completely forthcoming about what she’s been up to. (You think?!)

Back in his apartment, Luci demands to know what’s going on. Eve explains Pablo gave her a ride on his jet and was showing off the expensive necklace he made for an Arab guy. With Luci’s prompting, she remembers it was meant for Bashir Al-Fassad. Luci knows Bashir is dangerous and he’ll stop at nothing to get the necklace back. But, Eve doesn’t have the necklace.

Catching up with Linda (Rachael Harris), Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Amenadiel (DB Woodside) hover over her as her doctor checks on the baby. Maze reacts violently when the doctor tries to spread the ultra-sound gel over Linda’s belly and Linda has to calm her down.

Maze, now under control, watches the monitor and tells Linda, “Better luck next time,” when the doctor declares it’s a boy. Amenadiel wonders if there’s a second or third protrusion – a question the doctor’s likely never been asked before. When he explains he was looking for the wings, the doctor laughs when Linda covers for the papa-to-be and says everyone likes to think of their babies as angels.

Back with Chloe and Dan, Chloe’s busy trying to convince herself she’s better off without Luci as partner. (Boo!) Dan doesn’t need any convincing.

Bashir welcomes them to his home and Chloe cuts right to the chase, asking about Pablo. One of Bashir’s men – the same guy who shot Luci in the face – blurts out that Pablo was alive when they left him. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Dan grabs pistachios away from Turkish Pete and Chloe whispers to him to relax. She thought he would be calmer than Lucifer. Bashir hears the comment and says he loves Lucifer (who doesn’t?) and realizes Chloe’s the partner Luci “gushes” about. Chloe assumes he owes Luci a favor and she’s collecting.

Bashir admits he knows Pablo and that Pablo was in debt to him. Bashir agreed to call the debt paid in exchange for the one-of-a-kind necklace. However, Pablo lost the necklace.

Bashir and his men roughed him up but left him alive. Bashir even has a video from Pablo on the plane and it confirms Pablo was on his way with the necklace. The video features two women (one is Eve) partying with Pablo during the flight.

Lucifer and Eve show up at Bashir’s just as Chloe and Dan are leaving, and the Devil and his ex hide in the bushes until they’re gone.

Eve’s thrilled about the prospect of Luci bashing Bashir in the balls – she’s always wanted to bash a guy in his privates – but Luci doesn’t think any bashing will take place today. (Eve’s enthusiasm and energy level is through the roof! She’s quite the perky little thing.)

Bashir’s happy to see Luci and explains Chloe was there asking about Pablo’s death. Eve claims she had nothing to do with the missing necklace and didn’t even know Pablo was dead. The dude who shot Luci in the face walks up with a drink for his uncle, Bashir, shocked to see Lucifer walking around with no visible wound. The dude, whose name is George, is scolded by Bashir for shooting someone without his permission.

Bashir realizes Eve is the woman from the plane. Luci offers to wipe Bashir’s debt to him clean if he leaves Eve alone. Unfortunately, that debt’s already been paid thanks to Chloe arriving first. Luci offers to pay Bashir for the necklace, but he won’t go for it. The necklace was supposed to be a gift for his wife.

Eve totally confuses Bashir when she explains her history with Luci, dating back to the Garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit. She says it wasn’t an apple but more like a…very…large…banana. Luci grins and agrees.

Luci offers a new deal: Bashir will leave Eve alone and Luci will find the necklace.

Linda arrives home with Amenadiel and he’s ecstatic about raising a son, teaching him to fight and to fly. He even comes up with a name for the baby: Aminidiel. Get it? A “mini” diel. He thinks his child will be a baby warrior angel.

Linda’s been staring at the ceiling fan since the minute she arrived home. The idea of a flying baby is freaking her out. Her house isn’t ready for a baby who flies. She wonders how they’ll keep an angel baby safe and Amenadiel admits no one has ever seen a baby angel before. This is uncharted territory!

Angels appeared fully formed so Linda’s baby is a first in all of human and angel history. Amenadiel is thrilled but Linda’s terrified because no one knows what to expect.

Back at Luci’s, Eve cleans up while Luci asks if she has any idea where the necklace might be. He promises not to let anything happen to her as they work through possible scenarios of the necklace’s location. She remembers there was another girl on board the plane. Her name was Odessa and she liked to flirt and giggle. She also tried on the necklace.

Eve recalls Odessa had a friend named Dalton and she spent time at his place. Luci corrects her saying Dalton’s Place is a bar. Off they go to find Odessa.

Meanwhile, over at the station the investigation is also narrowing its focus to Odessa. She’s a con artist who meets guys in bars, goes home with them, and then rips them off. She likes to hang out at bars and the list of her common haunts is lengthy.

Lucifer Season 4 Episode 4
Tom Ellis in ‘Lucifer’ season 4 episode 4 (Photo by John P. Fleenor/Netflix)

Luci and Eve arrive at Dalton’s Place and spot Odessa right off the bat. She flirts with Luci and then says hi to Eve who she recognizes from the plane. They ask her to hand over the necklace, but Odessa calls in backup (a bunch of rough-looking dudes in the bar). Eve’s super excited she might get to participate in her first bar fight and check ball bashing off her bucket list.

As Luci backs a guy off by flashing his Devil eyes, another dude roughly grabs Eve. She jerks away and Luci launches the guy onto a chair. The taser dude attacks again but it has no effect on the Devil. It does, however, knock out another guy after Luci redirects its aim. Luci turns the weapon on his attacker, knocking him out also.

More guys jump into the fight, one of whom is armed with a knife. Luci, of course, doesn’t break a sweat as he tosses each attacker aside. Eve, who’s absolutely gleeful about this turn of events, picks up a bottle and smashes another combatant over the head. He’s hurt but not badly and he turns to punch her. Stupid idea as a waitress steps in and knocks him out before high-fiving Eve.

A full-on brawl has taken over the bar. Eve can’t take her eyes off Lucifer as he uses anything at hand, including a pool rack, to take down any and all comers. He’s doing fantastic until Chloe arrives which means he’s vulnerable. A pool stick skewers his shoulder.

Chloe got the call about a bar fight connected to her case. Luci isn’t happy to see her and refuses to say why he’s in the bar. In fact, he barely looks at Chloe as he walks out of the bar.

Dan grabs Odessa for questioning as Eve chases Luci out of the bar. Eve realizes Luci and Chloe used to be an item, and she wonders why the pool stick hurt him. He promises he’ll explain later.

Chloe and Dan question Odessa at the station, and Chloe’s first question is how she knows Lucifer. Odessa says she just met him and then spills the beans about the necklace. She was on board the plane to steal the necklace but didn’t kill Pablo. She turned over the necklace to the independent broker who hired her. She doesn’t know his name but does know where to find him, if they agree not to charge her for stealing the necklace.

Odessa explains there’s a black-market jewelry auction the following night. The necklace will be put up for sale there and because Pablo’s dead, it will sell for twice as much.

Chloe returns home and Maze is there. They’ve been avoiding each other but now they’re ready to talk. Maze calls Chloe a backstabbing liar who plotted against Lucifer and kept her from Trixie. Chloe admits that’s true but wants Maze to think about how it feels to be the only human who knows Heaven and Hell are real.

Maze says Chloe’s weak and offers to move out. Chloe doesn’t object. As Maze is leaving, she tosses out the tidbit that Linda handled the truth much better than Chloe.

The news sends Chloe straight to Linda’s place. Linda admits she’s known for quite a while and Chloe opens up about running away for a month. Linda reveals she’s also seen Lucifer’s face and when Chloe asks how she handled that, and knowing Maze is a demon, Linda says it wasn’t easy. “None of it is. The Devil…demon…dating an angel…having his baby,” says Linda, ticking down the list.

Chloe’s stunned to learn Linda’s going to have an angel baby. Linda finally admits she’s freaking out because it’s hitting her all at once how dangerous her friends are and how dangerous the baby might be. “There’s a good chance it could come out with wings. Wings! Is that even safe for a human to deliver?! Should I have a C-section? Will insurance cover any of this?” asks Linda, definitely in full freak-out mode. (Rachael Harris is nailing this scene – not that she doesn’t usually do so!)

Chloe assures Linda if anyone can handle this, it’s her. Linda admits she didn’t run because despite all the bad, there’s a lot of good. She and Maze are best friends and Lucifer’s the most fascinating patient. Plus, now there’s a baby to look forward to. She can’t wait to meet her son.

Chloe calls her relationship with Lucifer complicated. Linda suggests it all boils down to whether Chloe wants Luci in her life or not.

Eve shows up at the station and offers to help Chloe with the investigation. Chloe questions Eve on her involvement and Eve, who knows darn well what’s up, mentions the name Bashir to be helpful. She doesn’t know anyone who wanted to hurt Pablo.

Eve tells Chloe she seems kind, smart, and a little sad. Chloe wonders what Eve’s talking about and Eve assures her there’s someone for everyone.

Lucifer’s lurking around as Eve keeps Chloe busy.

Chloe finishes up and checks in with Ella. Immediately Ella acts guilty and Chloe spots two mugs, one of which is filled with whiskey. Ella assures her she wouldn’t drink on the job and then spills the beans that Luci stopped by with her favorite coffee. Chloe’s okay with that but not with the fact Ella told Luci about the jewelry action that very evening.

A tuxedoed Lucifer joins a stunning Eve for the auction. Their plan is to grab the necklace and take off before Chloe arrives. Lucifer heads backstage where the necklace has just been placed around a model’s neck. He’s introducing himself to the woman when she says, “Yes.” Yes, what? Yes, to anything. Luci’s pleased he’s still got it.

Luci and Eve toast to their success in grabbing the necklace and are about to leave when Chloe walks up. She’s dressed as a waitress and demands to know how Luci and Eve know each other. All Luci says is Eve’s his date.

Chloe reminds him she needs the necklace to catch a killer, but Luci pretends not to care. Chloe asks for help and Luci says he will, if she lets them leave with the necklace. Chloe can’t promise that, but Eve convinces Lucifer to stay anyway.

Eve takes to the runway wearing the necklace as the bidding begins. Luci’s bidding, using the 69 auction paddle of course, and the bidding reaches $4 million. Luci takes matters into his own hands and bids $10 million to end the auction.

Chloe and Lucifer walk over to meet the necklace’s owner who…surprise!…is Turkish Pete. Turkish Pete hired Odessa to steal the necklace from Pablo, but he’s not the killer. Pete’s alibi checks out. However, Pete reveals Pablo was constantly getting bailed out by his business partner, Toby Golden. A lightbulb goes off and Chloe remembers the partner claimed not to know about Pablo’s problems.

While they’re talking, Eve’s backstage admiring the necklace in the mirror… Cue Pablo’s business partner.

Toby holds a gun to Eve’s head, forcing her to hand over the necklace. She screams for Lucifer and he and Chloe immediately react. Toby’s still got the gun to Eve’s head and Chloe tries to talk him down, saying she understands he’s always the reasonable one who had to clean up his partner’s messes. Toby says Pablo wasted their money, but everyone thought he was the fun one. He killed Pablo after discovering the necklace was missing.

The stand-off ends when Luci tells Eve she can do that thing she always wanted to do. She smacks Toby in his balls and Luci rushes in to toss Toby on the ground. Dan and the other cops arrive to place Toby under arrest as Lucifer asks for the necklace. Dan refuses to give it to him and so does Chloe, despite the fact Eve needs it to stay safe.

Back to the soon-to-be-mama, Linda’s place is now flying baby safe. There’s bubble wrap around the ceiling fan and around any corners or spots the baby may hurt himself. They’ve just completed the work when Maze arrives, luggage in tow. She’s moved out of Chloe’s and moving into somewhere she’s wanted – Linda’s place.

“Auntie Maze is here to help with the baby, whether you like it or not,” declares a very determined demon. Linda says she does like it and Maze has the greenlight to move in.

Ella thinks Chloe’s giving her the silent treatment at the station, but actually Chloe’s just thinking about Lucifer. She admits she gets so angry at him and can’t accept everything about him, but she misses him. “I’d rather have him in my life than not,” confesses Chloe.

Luci’s back home and pissed they were cheated out of the necklace. Eve suggests they steal it back from the cops and that they should celebrate. As she gets up to grab champagne, the necklace falls out of her purse. Luci’s confused and Eve reminds him that after they found the necklace, he said they would go their separate ways. She didn’t want that. She also admits she came back to Earth to be with him, like old times.

That period thousands of years ago was the best time of Eve’s life. Luci apologizes, telling her she’s made a mistake. Eve knows it’s because of Chloe, but also realizes Chloe doesn’t accept him for who he is. Eve claims she wouldn’t do that, and Luci says she doesn’t know him for who he really is. She asks he show himself and he does. Eve gently takes his face in her hands and calls him amazing. They kiss and are still holding each other when Chloe arrives at Lux and sees them together. She retreats without saying a word.

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